• 1970 [42 years]

    • February 17

      Wins the Eighth Ofuji Noburo Award at the Mainichi Film Contest for "The Kindly Lion", produced by Tezuka Osamu.

    • March 15

      The Fujipan Robot Pavilion, produced by Tezuka Osamu, opens at the Japan World Exposition held in Osaka.
      The PR animated cartoon "Once Upon A Time" is presented at the Seiko Pavilion for the Japan World Exposition. Tezuka Osamu writes the draft scenario and detailed storyline, and produces the production.

    • March 21

      "The Kindly Lion" premiers at the Toho cinemas nationwide.

    • April 25

      Joins the "Space-Manga Festival" held by the Manga group at the Festival Plaza of the Japan World Exposition in Osaka

    • May 4

      Receives the 12th "Child Welfare and Culture Encouragement Award" for his animated cartoon "The Kindly Lion."

    • May 11

      Wins the first "Kodansha Publishing Culture Award" in the category of children's cartoons for "Phoenix."

    • June

      Becomes president of Mushi Pro Shoji.

    • July

      The PR animated cartoon "MISUKE IN THE LAND OF ICE", for which Tezuka Osamu wrote the draft scenario and detailed storyline and produced, is released.

    • August 6

      Joins the Yamagata Hanagasa Festival tour organized by the Manga Shudan group.

    • August 27

      The Fukuoka Prefecture Child Welfare Council designates the August 24 issue of the "Shukan Shonen Champion" magazine, which carried "Yaketpachi's Maria", as material harmful to children.

    • September 15

      The long animated film "Cleopatra" is released. Tezuka Osamu directs and writes the draft scenario and detailed storyline for the production (jointly with Yamamoto Eiichi).

    • October 9

      The documentary entitled "Everyone has his own history: Tezuka Osamu continues to draw the future" is broadcasted on the TV Tokyo.

  • 1971 [43 years]

    • February

      Shueisha establishes the "Tezuka Osamu Award" for its "Shukan Shonen Jump" magazine to identify and promote young and promising manga artist, and Tezuka Osamu became the chief judge for the award.

    • May 4

      Takes part in the Hakata Dontaku unit organized by the Manga group and holds an autograph session.

    • June

      Retires from the post of president of Mushi Production.

    • August

      The PR animated cartoon "MISUKE IN SOUTHERN", which Tezuka Osamu produced and for which he wrote the draft scenario and detailed storyline, is released.

    • August 3

      The "Tezuka Osamu Manga Exhibition" is held in Nagoya through August 8.

    • September 7

      Mushi Pro Shoji founds "Tezuka Osamu Magazine Leo."

    • October 3

      Asahi Broadcasting first broadcasts the "Marvelous Melmo", produced by Tezuka Productions. The first episode, "The Miracle Candies" is directed by Tezuka Osamu, and the program runs through March 26, 1972.

    • October 10

      "Marvelous Melmo Episode 2: Where Is Burako Going?", for which Tezuka Osamu storyboarded, is broadcasted.

  • 1972 [44 years]

    • April 1

      Asahi Broadcasting begins broadcast of "Triton of the Sea", produced by Animation Staff Room, and the program runs through September 30.

    • September 28

      Travels to Hokkaido for a sketching tour organized by the Manga Shudan group. The sketches made during the trip are displayed at the Hokkaido Product Fair in Tokyo from October 20 to 25.

  • 1973 [45 years]

    • March 11

      Travels to Okinawa to join the Charity Manga Festival sponsored by the Manga Shudan group.

    • March 17

      The "Tezuka Osamu Exhibition: The World of Supermen" takes place at Takarazuka Familyland until June 3. Tezuka Osamu provides a range of creative ideas to the organizers of the exhibition.

    • April 2

      The "Wansa-kun", produced by Mushi Production, is first broadcasted by Kasai Television. The program runs through September 24.

    • April 7

      "Microid S", produced by Toei Animation, is broadcasted by NET. Tezuka Osamu writes the draft scenario for the production, and the program runs through October 6.

    • June 27

      Appears in NHK General TV's program "A Cultural Outlook: The History of Animation in Japan."

    • August 22

      Mushi Pro Shoji goes bankrupt.

    • September 29

      Appears in the NHK General TV program "TV Discussion: How Do You Feel about the Manga Craze?"

    • November 1

      Mushi Production goes bankrupt. Tezuka Osamu is appointed the Government Pavilion's exhibition producer for the 1975 Okinawa International Ocean Exposition.

  • 1974 [46 years]

    • February 8

      The "30 Years of Tezuka Osamu" Exhibition is held at Ogikubo, Tokyo through February 17.

    • March

      Moves to Shimoigusa, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.

    • April 21

      "Shukan Shonen Magazine" publishes a color photo feature article entitled "A 30-year History of Tezuka Osamu."

    • May 5

      Appears in the NHK General TV program "Comedy on Stage."

    • May 31

      A celebration to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Tezuka Osamu's career as a Manga artist is held .

    • September 2

      The puppet play "Pururu-kun", for which Tezuka Osamu wrote the draft scenario, is first broadcasted by NHK Educational TV. The program runs through March 15, 1976.

  • 1975 [47 years]

    • January

      Becomes a member of the Society of Picture Books by Manga artist.

    • March 29

      The Mushi Production Masterpiece Film Festival is held at the Nippon Seinenkan hall in Yoyogi through April 6.

    • May 12

      Wins the Special Excellence Award, of the Fourth Japan Manga Association Award, for "Black Jack."

      Famous scenes of Black Jack

    • June 18

      Wins the 21st Bungei Shunju Manga Award for "Buddha" and "Idle Animal Essays."

  • 1976 [48 years]

    • February 27

      Appears in NHK General TV's program "Studio L: The Universe Is Shining Music."

    • May

      Tezuka Productions relocates to Takadanobaba.

    • June 19-25

      Travels to the United States. During the trip, Tezuka Osamu attends the opening of Sanrio's studios in Los Angeles.

    • September 17

      A copy of "New Treasure Island" is sold for 250,000 yen at an old-book sale fair.

    • September 21

      TV Tokyo broadcasts the program "Our Heroes: Tezuka Osamu vs. Nishikawa Katsumi."

    • September 26

      Appears in TBS's TV program "The Orchestra Has Come to Town."

  • 1977 [49 years]

    • February 3

      FNS starts broadcast of the "Jetter Mars" produced by Toei Animation, and the program runs through September 15. Tezuka Osamu writes the draft scenario for the production.

    • March 21

      NHK Radio 1 starts to broadcast "Phoenix: Dawn", and the program runs through March 28.

    • March 29

      NHK Radio 1 starts to broadcast "Phoenix: Future", and the program runs through April 2.

    • June 15

      Kodansha begins publication of "The Complete Manga Works of Tezuka Osamu" (300 volumes).

    • June 20-July 8

      Travels to Mexico, Peru, and Easter Island to collect materials for his works.

    • July 22

      Receives the first "Kodansha Manga Award" for "The Three-eyed One" and "Black Jack."

    • August 15

      Admitted to the Nippon Medical School hospital with acute hepatitis.

    • September 15

      The "World of Tezuka Osamu Exhibition" takes place at the KBS Laserium Center in Kyoto.

    • September 19

      Appears in NHK General TV's program "Let's Talk with This Person."

    • October 29

      The "Tezuka Osamu Exhibition: A Study of his Personality and Works" is held through November 2. Exhibition production is supervised by Ishigami Mitsutoshi.

    • October 31

      Appears in NTV's program "11 P.M.: Masterpieces - The Complete Manga Works of Tezuka Osamu."
      TBS Radio begins broadcast of episodes 1 to 20 of "Black Jack." The program is run through November 25.

    • November 26

      Toho makes a screen version of "Black Jack: The Storm of Spring" under the title "A Visitor Reflected in the Eyes."

    • December 26-31

      Travels to Los Angeles to see the movies "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

  • 1978 [50 years]

    • January 4

      NHK Radio 1 begins broadcast of "Phoenix: Karma", and the program runs through January 15.

    • January 30

      Episodes 21 to 30 of "Black Jack" are first broadcasted by TBS Radio, and the program runs through February 10.

    • February 19

      Becomes the first chairman of the newly established Japan Animation Association.

    • March 9

      Travels to the Hollywood as a reporter to film TV Asahi's program "The World Now." The program is broadcasted in four installments on April 16, 23, 30 and May 7.

      Osamu in Hollywood (March 1978/Hollywood, USA)
      Tezuka Osamu visited Hollywood to do a location shoot for the TV program World Now - the real Hollywood.
      He is standing in front of Paramount Studios.

    • April

      The Ministry of Health and Welfare forms a round-table discussion group on life and ethics, to which Tezuka Osamu is appointed.

    • April 24

      FM Tokyo broadcast two episodes of "S.F. Fancy Free−The Inflammation." "S.F. Fancy Free−Right Behind" and "S.F. Fancy Free−The Man with Asthma" on April 25 and 26, respectively.

    • July 31

      TBS Radio broadcasts episodes 31 to 35 of "Black Jack" through August 4.

    • August 19

      The Toho film "Phoenix: Dawn", directed by Ichikawa Kon, is released.

      Surrounded by top stars (February 14, 1978/Ginza, Tokyo)
      At the production release of the movie 'The Phoenix', which was held at the Imperial Hotel.
      From left: Tanaka Ken, Emori Toru, Ishizaka Koji, Wakayama Tomisaburo, Director Ichikawa Kon, Tezuka Osamu, Tanikawa Shuntaro, Takamine Mieko, and Koshino Junko.

    • August 27

      NTV broadcasts Japan's first two-hour-long special TV animated film "One million-year Trip: Bander Book", produced by Tezuka Productions under Tezuka Osamu's auspices. Tezuka Osamu writes the draft scenario, and storyboards and directs the production.

    • September 5-13

      Travels to Egypt with the "Phoenix Egypt Tour."

    • November

      Travels to Mt. Usu in Hokkaido.

    • December 5

      Leo's image is adopted as a symbol of professional baseball team the Seibu Lions.

    • December 15-22

      Travels to the United States December 2. During the trip, Tezuka Osamu visits the Walt Disney studios in Burbank, California and Walt Disney animation director Ward Kimball's home in Los Angeles. He also sees the movie "The Lord of the Rings."

  • 1979 [51 years]

    • January 1-2

      NHK FM broadcasts the stereophonic animated cartoon "Adachi-Gahara" in two installments as its special New Year program. In addition, the station airs "Collapse" on January 3 and 4 and "One Hundred Tales" on January 5 and 6.

    • February 21

      Appears in TV Asahi's program "Wednesday Special: Robots."

    • March 29

      Serves on the judging committee for the first Tokyo Video Festival, held under the auspices of Victor Company of Japan. Tezuka continues to serve on the committee in subsequent years.

    • April 15

      Attends the launch of the society for the protection of giant purple butterflies, which has been designated as the national butterfly.

    • April 30

      A meeting of Tezuka Osamu's fans is held to form the Tezuka Osamu Fan Club. At the meeting, a pilot film for "Unico" and other works are screened.

    • May 10

      Appears in NHK General TV program "My Autobiography."

    • June 29

      Receives the Second Iwaya Sazanami Bungei Award for his new developments for children's Manga and other accomplishments.

    • August 5-10

      Travels to the United States. During the trip, Tezuka Osamu visits NASA and Disney World in Florida.

    • August 26

      NTV broadcasts the special animated cartoon "Undersea Super Train: Marine Express" produced by Tezuka Productions. Tezuka Osamu writes the draft scenario, storyboards, and directs the production.

    • November 8

      The symphonic animated cartoon "Phoenix: Dawn", produced by Aoni Production, is presented.

    • November 15

      Nippon Broadcasting System aired "Don Dracula: The Vampire Hunter", and "Don Dracula: The Bloodsucking Train" on November 26.

    • November 18

      Appears in TBS's TV program "The Orchestra Has Come to Town: Tezuka Osamu Talks about Mozart."