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Japan Overseas

[13 years]

Off to middle schoolGraduates from elementary school, enters Kitano Middle School and joins the art club as well as the geography and history clubs. He is watched over suspiciously by his teachers, who were of military training, for drawing comics. The art teacher Okajima Yoshiro, however, often defends Tezuka Osamu. He becomes engrossed in insect collecting and drawing comics, including about insects such as "A Record of the Insect Battle Front" and "Stories of Insects' Lives". He also draws a comic entitled "The Story of the Detective Mamar".


[14 years]

Tezuka Osamu and his classmates establish an animal lovers' club.

July 31
Publishes the bulletin "The World of Animals 1" for the animal lovers' club. Tezuka Osamu starts to issue a large notebook-sized illustrated quiz book entitled "A Midget Bag of Wisdom", which is published until the following year (the last issue was No. 18).


[15 years]

January 15
Publishes the first volume of "A Color Picture Book of Beetles."

March 1
Publishes "The World of Animals 2."

Draws "The Old Man Detective" using a pen and ink for the first time with "Higeoyaji" as the main character.

April 15
Publishes the second volume of "A Color Picture Book of Beetles."

Publishes "The World of Animals 3"

Publishes "The Story of the Old Man Detective: The Baritone Factory Incident"

August 12
Forms an unofficial group called the Rikuryo Insect Study Society.

Forms an unofficial group called the Rikuryo Insect Study Society.

September 18
Issues the bulletin "The World of Insects 1" for the Rikuryo Insect Study Society

October 3
Issues "The World of Insects 2."

Draws the comic "A Record of the Southern Battle Front by Higeoyaji."

November 20
Issues "The World of Insects 3."

December 20
Issues "The World of Insects 4." Engages in information exchange and other activities with his friends using a Notebook of Insects, which is published by Hankyu Department Store.


[16 years]

March 31
Publishes a collection of essays entitled "Essay in Idleness of Insects."

March 31
Publishes "A Revised and Enlarged Color Picture Book on Hydrozoans" originally put out on May 31, 1943.

March 31
Issues "The World of Insects 8."

April 1
Issues "The World of Insects 9."

May 1
Issues "The World of Insects 10."

May 31
Publishes "A Color Picture Book on Comb Jellies."

June 1
Issues "The World of Insects 11."

Joins the Ichiriyama Health Training Center in Nigawa but soon leaves after contracting dermatophytosis on his arms.

Works at an Osaka Asbestos factory located along Yodo river as part of his labor service.
Publishes a collection of essays entitled "Research Records and Miscellanies: Butterflies in Spring."


[17 years]

March 28
Graduates from Kitano Middle School.

April 12
Sees the film "Momotaro: A Divine Soldier of the Sea" in Osaka.

Draws a war comic entitled "Until the Day of Victory", featuring a full array of comic characters of settings in Japan and the United States

Draws a comic entitled "The Ghost Man" using a round pen and Indian ink

July 1
Tezuka Osamu, the medical studentAdmitted to the medical department of Osaka University. Draws a comic with a realistic narrative touch entitled "The Old Man's Treasure Island", which later becomes known as a draft of "West Rush."


[18 years]

January 1
Manga artist, Tezuka Osamu"Diary of Ma-chan", the comic strip that marked his debut as a Manga artist, is first serialized in the Mainichi School Children's Newspaper.

May 15
The medical department of Osaka University holds a culture festival, where Tezuka Osamu plays piano solos. This festival leads to the formation of a student theater company, "Gakuyuza", and Tezuka Osamu joins the company.

June 15
Makes his stage debut in a performance of "The Death of Domomata."

August 20
Attends regular meetings of the Kansai manga artist club, at which he is asked by Sakai Shichima to draw manga in book form.

October 30-31
"Gakuyuza" gives its first performance, "The Crown of Life" (written by Yamamoto Yuzo) in which Tezuka Osamu plays the role of an old man named Sugimoto Ehei. Draws his first version of "Lost World."


[19 years]

February 30
Publishes a long comic entitled "New Treasure Island", based on the story by Sakai Shichima; the manga went through several editions with 400,000 copies sold

April 29
Appears in a performance of "Marriage Proposal" given at the Asahi Hall during Osaka University's cultural festival.

May 3-6
Appears in the second performance of "Gakuyuza", "Men in White" by Sydney Kingsley; in this drama, he plays the part of a small, chubby intern nicknamed Shorty, who creates a comic scene with a tall, gawky intern called Pete.

Travels to Tokyo bringing a copy of "New Treasure Island" with him, and calls on Niizeki Kennosuke and Shimada Keizo for their evaluation.

November 1-3
Appears in the company's fourth performance, "The Good Hope" by Herman Heijermans; in this drama, he takes the part of a drunken ship carpenter named Simon.

November 4
Plays a piano solo at a medical department-sponsored get-together, and wins the first prize in the category of individual participants.

November 27-28
Appears in the performance, "Crime and Punishment"; here, Tezuka Osamu plays the role of Dimitri, a painter. (This is the last performance for "Gakuyuza.")