• 1950 [22 years]


    Meets Kato Kenichi by chance when visiting the publishing house Gakudo Sha. This meeting led Tezuka Osamu to publish "The Jungle Emperor" in "Manga Shonen" magazine in serial form.

    The composite picture of Tezuka and Leo of The Jungle Emperor appearing at the top of the magazine, Manga Shonen

  • 1951 [23 years]

    • January 25

      Baba Noboru, Ota Jiro, Furusawa Hideo, Yamane Kazumi, Fukui Eiichi, Irie Shigeru, and Negishi Komichi join forces to form the Tokyo Children Manga Association (Jiman Nagaya) with Shimada Keizo as its leader. Tezuka Osamu joins the group.

    • March 24

      Graduates from the medical department of Osaka University.

  • 1952 [24 years]

    July 16

    Passes the national examination for medical practitioners.
    Moves to Tokyo, where he lives on the second floor of a grocer's store at Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku.

  • 1953 [25 years]

    Moves to an apartment called Tokiwaso in Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

  • 1954 [26 years]

    • March

      Earns an annual income of 2.17 million yen, which makes him the top earner in the painter category.

    • April

      Featured as an "unknown" who earned 2 million yen in the April 11 issue of "Shukan Asahi" magazine.

    • October

      Tezuka Osamu loved music (1954/Zoshigaya, Tokyo)
      At Namiki House. A high-spirited Tezuka Osamu in his clean new home.
      He was a talented accordion and piano player and played both instruments regularly.

      Moves to an apartment called Namiki House Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

  • 1955 [27 years]

    • April 4

      Radio Tokyo begins to broadcast the serial drama, "Princess Knight." The program is aired through September 26.

      On the radio (1955/Tokyo, location unknown)
      The voice artists for the radio drama production of 'Princess Knight'. Tezuka Osamu is standing at far left.

    • October 5

      Appears on a TV program for the first time.

    • November 10

      The Tezuka Osamu Friendship Club launches the bulletin "Insect News."

  • 1957 [29 years]

    • April

      Moves to Yoyogi-hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    • April 13

      Tokyo Television begins broadcast of the puppet play "Mighty Atom". The program is aired through September 28.

    • November 24

      Appears in the TV program "The Person Everybody Wants to Meet."

    • December 26

      The Tokyo Children Manga Association holds a year-end get-together, in which Tezuka Osamu disguises himself as a gypsy for a costume contest.

  • 1958 [30 years]

    • March 5

      Wins the Third Shogakukan Manga Award for his "Little Biiko" and "Manga Seminar on Biology."

    • April 29

      Participates in the Children's Manga Festival held under the sponsorship of the Tokyo Children Manga Association. Tezuka Osamu becomes a contract employee at Toei Animation, where he writes the draft scenario for and directs "ALAKAZAN THE GREAT", the first animation he workss on. He also receives the Publication Artists Association Award for his oil paintings.

  • 1959 [31 years]

    • March 7

      "Mighty Atom" is dramatized to mark the inauguration of Fuji Network System (FNS). Produced by Matsuzaki Production, the program airs through May 28, 1960.

    • October 4

      Marriage (October 4, 1959/Hankyu Takarazuka Hotel)
      Tezuka Osamu married Okada Etsuko.

      Marries Okada Etsuko.