This is a fantasy in which Princess Sapphire, who has the mind of both a boy and a girl, is the main character "Princess Knight."
Because of a trick played by an angel named Tink, Sapphire was born with both a boy's mind and a girl's mind.
Moreover, when she was born, it had already been determined that she would be raised as a prince to accede to the throne.
The Duke of Duralumin, however, wants his own son to accede to the throne, and makes all sorts of evil attempts to prove that Sapphire is indeed a girl.


January 1953 to January 1956
Appeared serially in "Shojo Club" (Kodansha Ltd.)

This was the very first Manga in Japan for girls, and it was the realization of a long-held dream for Tezuka Osamu. His childhood spent in Takarazuka, and the atmosphere of the Takarazuka Revue that he experienced there, are incorporated into his Manga for girls. This work also had a great influence on Manga for girls appearing subsequently.
A hallmark of Tezuka Osamu's that should be mentioned here is the technique he used for drawing the eyes: he draws a glittering star in each pupil.
The setup of 3 pages in 3 colors, and 4 pages in 2 colors, was well received. This kind of coloring and layout was greatly influenced by a movie entitled "The Tales of Hoffmann" which was released in Japan in 1952.
"Princess Knight" was remade three times after the first release.
The first remake was a follow-up to the "Shojo Club" version, and it was run in the magazine "Nakayoshi" beginning in 1958. The title of this serialization was changed to "Twin Knight" for publication in book form.
The second remake was a rewriting of the "Shojo Club" version, and it was run in "Nakayoshi" beginning in 1963. In this version, Mrs. Hell takes over the role of Mephisto, and the story took a different course of development halfway through.
The third remake was a science fiction story originally written by Tezuka Osamu, with drawings by Kitano Hideaki. It was serialized in the magazine "Shojo Friend" in 1967 concurrently with its broadcast on television as animation.