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UNICO ["Ririka" version <Magazine>]


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  • This is a fantasy work in which Unico, child of the unicorn featured in Greek myths, travels to many places and brings happiness to the people.
    In the story, the goddess of beauty, Venus, is an extremely jealous character, and envies the human girl Psche, who is more beautiful and more popular than she is.
    Discovering that the secret of Psche's beauty of Psche is Unico, a young unicorn she has that can exhibit magical power, Venus orders Zephyrus, the nymph of the western wind, to carry Unico to a remote land and abandon him there.
    Though he feels sorry for Unico, Zephyrus cannot refuse Venus' command, and takes him away, traveling beyond all barriers of time: Zephyrus takes the child to an Indian world, a castle in the medieval Europe, a forest in Europe in modern times, a fairyland, Imperial Russia, among other exotic places and time periods.
    As Unico travels from place to place, he loses his memories of the previous place and time as he moves on to the next.

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  • "Ririka" version
    November 1976 to March 1979
    Appeared Serially in "Ririka" (Sanrio)

    "Unico" was run in the girls' magazine "Ririka," published by Sanrio, which is famous for its character goods.
    As there was a plan to produce an overseas version of the work, "Ririka" was written from left to right and bound on the left side, which was an unusual style for magazines in Japan.
    "Unico" followed suit in this style, and when the work was brought to publication, all of its pages were fully colored and "bled" (a style in which drawings are stretched to the edge of the page irrespective of the outer frame), which was a very unique layout design.
    Tezuka Osamu adopted this method in "Future Man Chaos" later on.
    Sanrio was very interested in animation production at that time, and Tezuka Osamu apparently got the inspiration for the character of Unico when he visited Sanrio's Los Angeles Studio.


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