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ASTRO BOY ["Shonen" version]


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  • "Astro Boy" is a science fiction Manga featuring a humanoid robot named Atom, who is depicted as a boy with miraculous strength of 100,000 horsepower. The setting is a future society in the 21st century.
    Dr. Tenma, Director General of Japan's Science Ministry, and his team create a robot on April 7, 2003, making full use of state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Tenma has lost his only son Tobio in a car accident, so he decides to make a robot that looks exactly like Tobio.
    Dr. Tenma at first loves the robot as if it was his real child, but he becomes increasingly angry when the robot doesn't grow at all. Then one day, Dr. Tenma sells the poor robot to a circus troupe whose major attraction is a robot show.
    The robot is named Atom and is forced to perform at the circus. But fortunately, Dr. Ochanomizu, who succeeds Dr. Tenma to head the Science Ministry, frees Atom. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ochanomizu, robots are given human rights and liberated at last.
    Atom starts a new life in the suburbs with his parents, both of whom are also robots made by Dr. Ochanomizu. He attends a nearby elementary school and gets involved in many incidents, courageously fighting against evils to save the world. He beats his enemies with his 100,000 horsepower strength.

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  • From April 1952 to March 1968
    Appeared serially in "Shonen" (Kobunsha Publishers, Ltd.)

    "Astro Boy" originated with Tezuka Osamu's previous work, "Captain Atom," which was serialized in the Manga magazine, "Shonen" from April 1951 to March 1952. The boy-like robot Atom is just one of the characters in "Captain Atom," but in "Astro Boy" he is the main character. "Astro Boy" became extremely popular, and in fact is Tezuka Osamu's most famous work. In 1963, the animated program "Astro Boy" made its debut on TV as the first commercial animated TV program in Japan, produced by Tezuka's Mushi Production. The 30-minute program was aired weekly, receiving high public and critical acclaim, and led to Japan's first TV animation craze.


  • 1. Astro Boy's Parents (originally untitled)      April 1952

    Astro Boy, a humanoid robot, begins to attend an elementary school for human children. But as he does not have parents, there is nobody for him to show the good grades given by his teacher. Knowing that Astro Boy is feeling lonely, Dr. Ochanomizu makes robot parents for him. The newly born parents do not know anything about the world, however, so they also start attending the elementary school with Astro Boy.

    2. Gaseous Beings      May 1952 to October 1952

    Tamao, a classmate of Astro Boy, suddenly turns into a boy who steals without feeling guilty. On examination of Tamao's body, Dr. Ochanomizu finds a gaseous organism clinging to it. As it turns out, gaseous beings have come down from the stratosphere to take over the ground. Becoming parasites on human bodies, the gaseous beings are manipulating people to leak poison into reservoirs of drinking water. Trying to keep water from coming out of the reservoirs, Astro Boy stops the flow into water pipes. As people are not aware of his intention, however, they attempt to destroy Astro Boy with a bomb.

    3. Frankenstein      November 1952 to April 1953

    While people are neglecting the management of a robot-manufacturing factory, a monstrous robot called Frankenstein comes into being. Frankenstein goes on a rampage through the town, and the scene instigates robots, who have been tyrannized by humans, to launch a coup d'etat. Astro Boy ventures into the headquarters of the robots organizing the coup d'etat, in an effort to rescue Tamao who has been kidnapped by Frankenstein, but Astro Boy is threatened instead and is ordered to obey them. In the meantime, humans turn more and more against the robots. Astro Boy stands up to fight for the honor of the robots.

    4. Red Cat      May 1953 to November 1953

    Professor Y is very angry to see the nature of Musashino being destroyed. Under the name of "Red Cat," he tries to block the development of the district. As the development cannot be stopped, however, Professor Y turns to his last resort: he starts to destroy the town by manipulating all the dogs and cats in town, and even elephants and birds in the zoo. Dr. Ochanomizu, who is a friend of Professor Y from their childhood, knows painfully well how his friend loves Musashino. But he also knows that the conduct of Professor Y is not something to be allowed.

    5. Sea Serpent Island (Original title: Astro Boy Goes Along the Equator)      August 1953 (Supplement)

    Astro Boy goes swimming in the sea with Tamao where they find a number of bottles containing letters that have drifted to the shore. They see that a captive has written the letters in a call for help. As Astro Boy cannot forget about the letters, he sneaks out of his house in the middle of the night to fly to the southern sea, searching for the island called Pochom-pochom Island that is mentioned in the letters. There he finds a lot of people being forced to do labor in a factory on the ocean floor where their ship has been pulled down by sea serpent robots. Among the captives, there is a girl named Rumiko, who it turns out has written the letters.

    6. Flying Skyscraper      December 1953

    "Flying Skyscraper," a large-scale passenger plane capable of accommodating 300 people, is about to take off. Among the passengers, there are Astro Boy and Dr. Ochanomizu, who have been invited to the United States. But all the members of the crew have been replaced by a group of villains before the takeoff. Flying Skyscraper is headed to Island B, where a nuclear test is scheduled. Having lost his ticket, Astro Boy, who could otherwise stop the conspiracy, is put in storage with his batteries having been removed.

    7. Adventure on Mars (Original title: The Leader of the Mars Expedition)      January 1954

    Introduction:Astro Boy is invited to the United States by Dr. Moss, who wants him to be the leader of a Mars expedition. Although Astro Boy accepts the mission, many difficulties lie ahead of him: some members of the team are harboring ill feeling about their leader being a robot; a stowaway is found, etc. When they finally arrive on Mars, they are attacked by a party of robots led by Colonel Rencone, who is a survivor of the first expedition.

    8. Cobalt      June 1954 to September 1954

    A jet plane loaded with a timed hydrogen bomb crashes into the sea near Japan. Astro Boy is requested to collect the wreck, but he runs away from home because he feels overburdened that people rely on him every time any kind of trouble occurs. Dr. Ochanomizu is obliged to expedite the manufacturing of a robot named Cobalt, who is to be Astro Boy's brother. Cobalt turns out to be less good with his hands, however, so it is impossible for him to conduct complex work like removing a time bomb. When Dr. Ochanomizu has the new robot use his Omega radar to find Astro Boy, it turns out that Astro Boy has already been searching for the hydrogen bomb on the bottom of the sea. But the explosion time is approaching moment by moment.

    9. Adventure of a Coral Reef      August 15, 1954 Appeared in Summer special edition

    Being a robot, Astro Boy has no fears. He asks Dr. Ochanomizu to install in his body a heart that can know fear just for two days. Unfortunately, however, right after the installation, Astro Boy receives a request to investigate a phantom ship. Although he is very scared, Astro Boy heads for the equator for the investigation, and finds the phantom ship in question. As he examines the ship, he comes to know that the ship has been adrift with poor animals that were used as guinea pigs in a hydrogen bomb experiment. Furthermore, knowing that other animals are in danger of being used in another experiment, Astro Boy intends to go and save them, but he is too scared to go. At that moment, however, the two-day time limit has passed, and Astro Boy is filled with courage once again.

    10. Fuhrer ZZZ      September 1954 to December 1954

    A man who calls himself Fuhrer ZZZ (triple Z) sprays poisonous gas at VIPs around the world one after another, paralyzing their brains. He also attempts to attack Robert, a son of President Lyon visiting Japan. The boy is saved by Astro Boy, who happens to be there. Suspicious about his father's behavior, Robert slips into his father's airplane, but gets caught instantly. Robert discovers that his father is heading for Fuhrer ZZZ's secret base. President Lyon has agreed to join hands with Fuhrer ZZZ. In the meantime, Astro Boy also sneaks into the hideout to watch what is going on there. Soon the surprising relationship between President Lyon and Fuhrer ZZZ is disclosed.
    Guest Robert / Rock Home

    11. Lightning Man      January 1955 (Supplement)

    Skunk Kusai, a vicious man, steals transparent "robot lightning." The lightning, which does not know good from evil yet, commits one crime after another under Skunk Kusai, taking advantage of its own transparent body. Astro Boy tries to teach the lightning the difference between right and wrong. While he is tarring the surface of the lightning, however, it gets away. Skunk Kusai hands a bomb to the lightning that has just come back to him, ordering it to throw a bomb into the laboratory of Dr. Ochanomizu. Although Astro Boy takes pains to dissuade the lightning, it will not listen to him.
    Guest Skunk Kusai / Skunk Kusai    Scrap Iron / Ham Egg

    12. Guernica      January 15, 1955 Appeared in New Year special edition

    In an effort to prevent a food crisis, a scientist has created a huge snail, which he names Guernica. Unexpectedly, however, the snail becomes ferocious, and starts assaulting people. It goes on a rampage, destroying the town, and when people feel desperate without any means to protect themselves, Astro Boy hits on a secret solution.

    13. Rejuvenating Gas (Original title: A Living Meteorite)      February 1955 to September 1955

    It is discovered that a meteorite, which has fallen in Komagatake of Minami Alps, contains gas that rejuvenates living things. In their conspiracy to steal the gas, a group of villains contrive to destroy both Astro Boy and his brother Cobalt, who would get in the way of their plan, by making the two robots fight against each other. Falling for their tricks, Astro Boy and Cobalt fight in "Robotting," a wrestling bout between robots, and come to pieces when they hit each other at the same time. When the villains are relieved that no obstacles to their plan now exist, however, an enigmatic boy wearing a mask appears before them.

    14. The Frozen Man (Original title: Enigmatic Frozen Man)      July 1955

    Astro Boy is requested to assist in an excavation of the Maya ruins, and comes to Mexico. However, at the entrance of the pyramid, which is the object of their excavation, a sphinx-shaped robot and a crab-shaped robot are guarding the tomb of the kings. Having knocked them down, Astro Boy and his company go into the pyramid where they find a scientist hibernating artificially in a freezing device. It turns out that the sphinx robot and the crab robot have been made to protect the scientist.
    Guest Monsieur Ampere / Monsieur Ampere    The younger brother of Dr. Don Perez Prado / Duke of Red    Dr. Don Perez Prado / Duke of Red    Acetylene Lamp / Acetylene Lamp

    15. The Yellow Horse (Original title: Satellite W47)      October 1955 to February 1956

    A drug called "Yellow Horse" suddenly prevails around the world. At a request of the police, Astro Boy disguises himself as a human boy to sneak into the hideout of Maboroshi Club, a smuggling ring. Thanks to the information sent by Astro Boy via radio contact with the police, the members of the smuggling ring get arrested one after another. However, the leader, who is the most wanted, cannot be caught easily. As it turns out, the leader has his base in a satellite floating in space. Astro Boy is quick to venture into the satellite, where he finds Dr. Ochanomizu has been captured and injected with Yellow Horse and that he is now addicted to the drug.

    16. Duel on the Alps      January 1956

    Astro Boy wishes to have a human heart that appreciates the beauty of music and flowers, and he asks Dr. Ochanomizu to install one in his body. But the heart makes him fearful as well as appreciative of beautiful things. Seeing that Astro Boy has become a coward, a villain tries to topple him by kidnapping his parents. In front of a monstrous robot, Astro Boy gets frightened and cannot move. Then Kenichi and Shibugaki, classmates of Astro Boy, come to rescue him.

    17. Atlas      March 1956 to July 1956

    Dr. Rum is an Indio who bears a grudge against white men because his mother was killed by them. Seeking revenge, he makes a robot called Atlas in which he incorporates the "Omega Factor." Omega Factor is a device that fits the robot with an evil mind. As Astro Boy tries to stop his plan, however, Dr. Rum catches him, and then puts a head, which looks exactly like that of Astro Boy, on the body of Atlas, to make it to go on a rampage. But Atlas, with Omega Factor incorporated in it, stops listening even to the orders of Dr. Rum.

    18. Test Pilot      September 1956

    One night, a time machine from the 22nd century makes an emergency landing on the premises of Dr. Ochanomizu. A scientist aboard says that his machine has stopped in the 21st century during testing. Soon he restarts the machine, and takes Astro Boy and Dr. Ochanomizu to the world of 100 million B.C., to a prehistoric time inhabited by dinosaurs.

    19. Midoro Swamp (Original title: the Case of Midoro Swamp)      August1956 to November 1956

    A rumor spreads that monsters live in the swamp of Midoro. In an investigation of the swamp, Astro Boy finds intelligent dinosaurs breeding there. As it turns out, these dinosaurs have stowed away on a time machine from a prehistoric time. In contact with a poisonous liquid that the dinosaurs spit out, humans become obedient to the orders of the monsters. In an effort to kill all the dinosaurs, Astro Boy catches one, and brings it to Dr. Ochanomizu to have him discover the secret of its poison. In the meantime, other dinosaurs attack with a gigantic robot that they have ordered humans to make.

    20. The Robot Bombs (Original title: The Man from XXXX)      December 1956 to August 1957

    Robot bombs abandoned on the bottom of the sea long ago begin to move by themselves, breeding to the extent that a kingdom is created. The robot bombs are planning to move out of the sea to the land after conquering the humans. Kidnapped by the robot bombs, Astro Boy and Tamao are taken to the bottom of the sea. Astro Boy successfully persuades the robot bombs into making peace with the humans. In the meantime, however, Mason, an evil man, is conspiring to abuse the robot bombs.
    Guest Mason / Mason

    21. Ghost-manufacturing Machine      January 1957

    In the Gorgonia Union where Prime Minister Hitorin has established a dictatorship, a ghost-manufacturing machine is being developed. The machine is to function to synthesize molecules in the air to make exact copies of the bodies of living things. As Hitorin thinks Dr. Ochanomizu's knowledge is necessary to complete the machine, he kidnaps and takes him to Gorgonia Union. In order to rescue Dr. Ochanomizu, Astro Boy breaks the robot codes, and slips secretly out of Japan to fly to Gorgonia. There he gets acquainted with a robot named Platinum who is leading a resistance movement against the policy of Hitorin. Astro Boy learns that Dr. Pavlos, whom Hitorin has ordered to develop the ghost-manufacturing machine, has made Platinum.

    22. Black Looks      September 1957

    A group of robbers whose victims are only rich robots appear. The leader of the group calls himself Black Looks, and his identity remains unknown. Searching for Black Looks, Astro Boy and Higeoyaji go to Mt. Aurora near the South Pole where they find robots suffering under blatant discrimination by humans. Astro Boy learns that Black Looks has a grudge against robots because they have killed his mother. Beyond that fact, however, is another truth that even Black Looks does not know of is disclosed.

    23. Alien's Ball (Original title: Plankton Eroth Family)      October 1957

    Kenichi, a classmate of Astro Boy, immigrates to Brazil in South America. When Kenichi and his family arrive, however, they find that the pioneers' village has been completely destroyed. Kenichi finds a strange ball there, and brings it back to Japan. As it turns out, the ball is actually a signal ball of aliens called the Eroth family, who have been planning to come to the Earth to eat it up. Having received a signal from the ball, the main forces of the Eroth family arrives on the Earth. They eat anything whatsoever, but do they have any weaknesses?

    24. Typhoon of Iron      December 1957

    A super powerful typhoon hits Japan, raging and swallowing iron lumps. As it turns out, the typhoon has been caused by a satellite that has fallen from space. All efforts to stop the typhoon prove to be in vain when Astro Boy hits on an idea to blow it away by making Mt. Mihara explode.

    25. Cruciform Island (Original title: Cruciform Continent)      January 1958 to April 1958

    Dr. Tozawa, who has been in jail as a penalty for embezzling public money belonging to the Science Ministry, escapes and goes to Cruciform Island where industry consists of mining of uranium and gold. Many robots live on the island, and among the students at the robot school, there is one named Pook, which has been left incomplete by Dr. Tozawa. Dr. Tozawa breaks up Astro Boy's body, removing the parts needed to complete Pook. Pook is a robot that is capable of transforming itself into various figures such as lions and birds. Then a villain named Kinsankaku appears, conspiring to commit crimes using Pook.
    Guest Acetylene Lamp / Acetylene Lamp    Shikakushimen / Ham Egg    Kinsankaku / Kinsankaku

    26. The Tenma Race      May 1958 to July 1958

    Don Kuritaro, a boy with Herculean strength, transfers from a school in Hokkaido to Ochanomizu Elementary School. From the first day of his attendance at the new school, a rumor begins to spread that a shining horse has been seen in the town. As it turns out, the horse is an alien who has followed Kuritaro from Hokkaido. The name of the alien is Nu, and he belongs to the Tenma race. The home of the Tenma race is Pegasus, but they have been on the Earth since ancient times, and they used to be friends of humans. Nowadays, however, they contact only a limited number of children. In the meantime, a group of villains are conspiring to cash in on the Tenma race. In cooperation with some children, Astro Boy decides to shelter Nu in his house.

    27. Mad Machine      August 1958 to September 1958

    As a result of a proposal by Mr. Colt, a robot and Diet member, a special " Robot day" has been established. This is a holiday of robots when all of them can have a day off. But people who are not pleased with the holiday buy something called a "Mad Machine" from Dr. Fooler. Mad Machine is a device designed to make all kinds of machines go out of order with electromagnetic waves. Once in a while, however, the device stops working just for three minutes. Dr. Ochanomizu orders Astro Boy to destroy Mad Machine during the interval.
    Guest Dr. Fooler / Dr. Fooler

    28. Count Bat (Original title: Count Mummy)      September 1958 to January 1959

    Dr. Pedan fails in his attempt to conduct an experiment of an antiproton explosion at the ends of the universe and loses his life. His body drifts into space, but aliens from a planet called Buzubuzu resuscitate him, and Dr. Pedan comes back to the Earth alive. On his return, he kidnaps Tamao and other kids, and Astro Boy's feet are melted into a chemical liquid so that he cannot move. Sympathizing with Astro Boy, Dr. Fooler makes a "mini Astro Boy" that Astro Boy can control freely at his will. As an ulterior motive to such kindness, however, Dr. Fooler has secretly promised to cooperate with Dr. Pedan in exchange for 100 million yen.
    Guest Dr. Fooler / Dr. Fooler

    29. The Eyes of Christ (Original title: Seven Silhouettes)      January 1959

    Seven burglars break into a church, killing the priest. The only clue for solving the crime is the enigmatic symbol the perpetrators have engraved on the eyes of the Christ statue. Inferring from the symbol, Higeoyaji identifies a factory. When he sneaks into it, he discovers the villains are gathered there as expected. They have been secretly manufacturing killer robots.
    Guest the priest / Duke of Red

    30. The Fool Ivan (Original title: Secret behind the Moon)      February 1959 to March 1959

    Astro Boy and five other passengers escape in a lifeboat from a wrecked space rocket, making an emergency landing on the moon. First it seems to be a place of death, but with the sunrise, the frozen air melts and the place becomes livable for humans. They find a decayed rocket from the USSR that was in an accident far in the past, and there is an old-style robot called Ivan. The robot has been guarding the rocket all alone since his master, Commander Minya, died.
    Guest One of the passengers on the lifeboat / Rock Home

    31. The Secret of the Egyptian Conspirators      April 1959 to August 1959

    A Queen who claims to be a reincarnation of Cleopatra appears in Egypt. But she is actually a robot made by Dr. Baribary of the Egyptian conspirators' group. Cleopatra comes all the way to Japan in order to get back a certain necklace, which is the proof of the right to the throne, because it has been handed to Astro Boy accidentally. A stone statue robot, which is a subordinate of Cleopatra, breaks off Astro Boy's arms, driving him into a bad state. Then an enigmatic scientist with his face hidden with a hat comes to save Astro Boy, calling him "my Astro Boy." Who is the scientist?

    32. Gadem      August 1959 to September 1959

    A gigantic centipede-shaped robot assaults a luxury liner, on which Astro Boy happens to be a passenger, robbing the passengers of money and other articles. When the crew hurry to the scene of the crime, however, they find the centipede robot has vanished like smoke. On the other hand, among the passengers are Mephisto, a merchant of death who sells robots to villains, and 47 suspicious men. Do they have something to do with the centipede robot?

    33. Satellite SOS (Original title: Asteroid SOS)      August 1959 Appeared in summer special edition

    Introduction:Genchin, a classmate of Astro Boy, is depressed because Shibugaki and other kids make fun of him because his father is a signalman of the Satellite No.110, which is a lighthouse in space. Then a man approaches Genchin, talking to him kindly. As it turns out, the man is a member of a smuggling ring conspiring to take over the Satellite No.110 to make it their base for smuggling. Learning of their conspiracy, Astro Boy rescues Genchin, heads for the Satellite No.110 and defeats the villains. In the meantime, however, a group of asteroids are approaching the space route. Unless emergency signals are sent right now, the spaceship on the route is going to be involved in a big accident. Genchin keeps sending signals on behalf of his injured father.

    34. Underground Armored Car (Original title: Mask of Jack-o.Lantern)      October 1959 to November 1959

    Someone shoots down a plane on which Higeoyaji is aboard, and he finds himself in the middle of a desert. An enigmatic man riding in an underground armored car saves him. The man was a subordinate of General Sabolski, who conspires to conquer the world, but learning that the armored car would be used for an evil purpose, he has stolen the car and run. Meanwhile, however, somebody sets a bomb on the car, and it gets stalled at a point 2,000 meter below the ground. Then Higeoyaji hits on an idea to ask Astro Boy for help using an Omega-sensing device that can call him.

    35. Artificial Sun Ball (Original title: Fire Jar Island)      December 12 to February 1960

    A fireball, which looks like the sun, attacks various places one after another in the northern Pacific. ICPO (Interpol: International Criminal Police Organization) invites Sherlock Homespun from the British military intelligence to ask him to investigate the incidents together with Astro Boy. But Homespun abhors robots. In the meantime, while Astro Boy is following the strange movements of Dr. Ochanomizu, he encounters the fireball in question on the sea, which turns out to be a huge artificial sun ball.

    36. Space Leopard      February 1960 to April 1960

    One day, snow that absorbs all kinds of energy suddenly falls from the sky. Astro Boy, whose energy is far stronger than that of the others, barely manages not to run out of his energy. In front of him, however, a monstrous leopard with six legs and an enigmatic man appear. As it turns out they are amoeba-like space creatures that can change their shapes freely. The creatures would suck up even Astro Boy's energy if he confronted them openly. In the meantime, a gigantic robot that has never been seen before appears to fight against the space leopard. The gigantic robot never collapses no matter how much its energy is sucked. What is the real identity of the robot?
    Guest Dr. Fooler / Dr. Fooler

    37. Transparent Giant      May 1960 to July 1960

    One day, a transparent monster comes out of a home 3D TV set, causing a great deal of confusion. The monster is actually the scientist Dr. Hanabusa. When he was conducting an experiment with his machine to transmit materials electrically, someone broke it, prohibiting Hanabusa from going back to his original body. Hanabusa was trying to transmit his own body to the place of Dr. Woods when the latter broke it because he was jealous of the machine's capacity. Hanabusa's body has got mixed up with a fish-and-rabbit-shaped robot, which he tried to transmit with his own body, becoming a monster devoid of reason.

    38. Miss Uran (Original title: 1/2 Person)      August 1960 to September 1960

    Feeling interested in Robotting, a kind of wrestling for robots, Astro Boy's sister Uran fights in one and wins unexpectedly. She has enjoyed the bout so much that she does not want to go to school any more. Then a scientist called Dr. Yukisugi appears in front of her, saying, "I will remodel your body so that you can go to school and engage in bouts at the same time." Although Astro Boy strongly objects to it, Uran sneaks out of the house in the middle of night to be remodeled by the scientist. The next day, however, Uran's body suddenly splits vertically into two, spurting bubbles out of the fissure. Surprisingly, the bubbles congeal to produce two identical bodies of Uran! However, there has been a crucial defect in this remodeling: when the body splits into two, its power is also divided into two. Without knowing about this, Uran takes on a huge robot as her opponent.
    Guest Master of Gameran the Robot / Acetylene Lamp

    39. Day to Remember      August 15, 1960 Appeared in summer special edition

    In 20th-century Japan, there was a custom called the "Bon Festival"by which to remember the deceased once a year. In the 21st century, however, the custom has come to be called the "Day to Remember," when the robots identical to the dead of the human world come to stay with their families for three days so that they can remember how they looked in life. After the three days the families let them flow away down the river.
    Higeoyaji asks Astro Boy to visit a house for the "Day to Remember" because the boy named Jiro of the family, who went missing a year ago, looked exactly like Astro Boy. Astro Boy finds a time machine in Jiro's room, and rides it to travel to the past. Back in the 20th century Astro Boy meets with the boy, who is identical to him.

    40. His Highness Dead Cross      September 1960 to December 1960

    Introduction:A robot has been elected president in the State of Gravia for the first time in the world. President Rug, the robot president, sends a messenger to Astro Boy in Japan, asking him to visit the State of Gravia. The truth is that Dead Cross, a secret society in the country, is conspiring to overthrow the government. Sensing the secret, a teacher at Astro Boy's school, whose name is Ban Shunsaku but who is popularly known as Higeoyaji, follows Astro Boy secretly to the State of Gravia. As soon as Higeoyaji arrives in the country, however, members of Dead Cross kidnap him. Why do they hate robots so much? Soon the surprising relationship between President Rug and Prince Dead Cross is disclosed.

    41. The Robot Buron X      January 1961 to March 1961

    Mr. Gaston, an explorer, digs up a vehicle of aliens in the hinterlands of Africa, and in it he finds a blueprint of a robot. On the request of Mr. Gaston, Dr. Ochanomizu joins forces with Japan's Precision Machine Agency in an all-out effort to manufacture the robot. The robot is named Buron X, and it is completed except that the head is not on the body yet. Sensing that the robot is going to be dangerous, Astro Boy pleads with Dr. Ochanomizu from the depths of his heart not to complete the robot. But nobody believes him, so Astro Boy steals the head of the robot, and hides it in a remote island out in the southern ocean. Then Dr. Gaston has the robot go and look for its own head.

    42. Plant Man (Original title: Aliens from the Planet Alsore 12)      January 15, 1961 Appeared in a New Year special edition

    On a night of a blizzard, a man comes to Astro Boy's house asking for shelter. The man is actually an alien who has come searching for water from the planet called Alsore 12. According to Dr. Ochanomizu, however, the planet has already exploded and does not exist anymore. Nevertheless the main force from the planet come to the Earth shortly after that, and a swarm of flying discs start to suck up the planet's water. As it turns out, they are all robots except one, and the robots are just faithfully carrying out the orders they received before leaving for the Earth.

    43. Hot Dog Corps      March 1961 to October 1961

    Someone kidnaps Higeoyaji's pet dog, Pero. As it turns out, the kidnapper is Anta Maria, who is the wife of a grand duke in the Soviet Union. Anta Maria is organizing Hot Dog Corps, ordering Dr. Poncotz to collect brilliant dogs from all over the world to be turned into cyborgs. As robots cannot commit crimes, Anta Maria conspires to manipulate the cyborg dogs to make them do what she wants. Pero has also been turned into Cyborg No.44 at the hands of Dr. Poncotz. But deep in the mind of Pero, who is now a cyborg dog, there still remain good memories of Higeoyaji. In the meantime, searching for Cyborg No.44, Astro Boy sneaks into the palace of Anta Maria, where he discovers the true objective of the Hot Dog Corps.

    44. Mystery Man of the Blast Furnace      August 15, 1961 Appeared in summer special edition

    Young men go missing one after another in the town. A young police detective is worried that his father might have been kidnapping them because he has witnessed his father throwing what looks like a young man's body into the blast furnace. The detective asks Astro Boy to judge if his father is a good man or a bad man because Astro Boy has the ability to tell good from evil. Hiding in the laboratory of the detective's father, Astro Boy investigates the truth. And what he finds out is...!!

    45. The Third Magician (Original title: Three Magicians)      October 1961 to January 1962

    Kinoo, a magician robot famous for his trick of going through walls, has been kidnapped by Akano Tanin, an evil magician. Akano Tanin has been committing crimes by using his tricks, and has kidnapped Kinoo to make him assist in his crimes. Astro Boy discovers the fact, and tries to rescue Kinoo in vain, and Kinoo is turned into a robot that commits crimes without any guilty conscience. With criticism of robots growing, Astro Boy tries desperately to talk Kinoo out of wrongdoing. Then another Kinoo, who is different from the one changed by Akano Tanin, appears before Astro Boy!

    46. Space Parasites      January 1962 to April 1962

    One day, personalities of people change all of a sudden, trees begin to move, and gigantic rats appear in town. All of these are the handiwork of space parasites. They live on animals and plants, taking over their bodies to control them. The parasites impose the condition that humans provide them with bodies of living things, such as rats, that people want to get rid of. But the humans turn down the condition, and choose to fight the parasites. Astro Boy leads the fight, but a swarm of spaceships with parasites in them are approaching the Earth.

    47. Robot Land (Original title: Monster in the Robot Land)      May 1962 to September 1962

    Dr. Hyde has built an amusement park called "Robot Land" on a small southern island. In Robot Land robots stage a variety of fairy tales and children's stories. But Princess Odette, a swan robot, runs away from the amusement park to call for Astro Boy's help. Robot Land is actually a hell for the robots. The Satan robot dominates all the other robots there, and those who disobey him are destroyed right away. Chasing Princess Odette, the Satan robot appears before Astro Boy.

    48. Astro Boy vs. Garon (Original title: Astro Boy vs. Satan)      October 1962 to February 1963

    Meteorites fall onto the Earth, and the pieces are put together to compose a gigantic robot. Astro Boy deciphers the letter attached to the robot, and finds that it has mistakenly fallen to the Earth on its way to be sent from one planet to another. He also learns that the robot, whose name is Garon, is designed to remake a planet. Awaken by a thunderbolt, Garon sets about remaking the Earth to make it the same as his native planet. He begins to melt rocks and change the constituents of the air. Even a hydrogen bomb is not effective enough to destroy Garon. But the Earth will become a planet of death if the robot keeps going this way. Then Astro Boy hits on a strategy to destroy Garon.
    Guest Dr. Amakawa / Duke of Red

    49. White Planet (Original title: Black Planet)      January 15, 1963 Appeared in New Year special edition

    White Planet is a famous robot car developed by the late father of Koichi, who was a car racer. The car has won an annual race on the equator in five consecutive years. Just before the equator race of this year, however, villains destroy White Planet. Koichi's sister, Mitsuko, suggests that her brother consult with Dr. Ochanomizu about repairing the car. Dr. Ochanomizu says that White Planet should be able to enter the race if it is loaded with Astro Boy's electronic brain. Thus Koichi enters the race with White Planet revived in this way. Again, however, the villains try to destroy the car when Astro Boy, whose electronic brain has been removed, comes to help Koichi.
    Guest Koichi / Rock Home

    50. The Demon Bees (Original title: Darma Palace)      March 1963 to June 1963

    An enigmatic country called the Empire of Super Genghis Khan exists under the ground of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The children of the country are taken away from their parents when they turn ten years old to work like worker ants for the emperor. In the meantime, a robot escapes from the country to Japan to ask Astro Boy for help. Astro Boy is quick to sneak into the Empire of Super Genghis Khan. The emperor has already discovered Astro Boy's entry the country, however, and Astro Boy is attacked by insect robots and gets captured in the emperor's Darma Palace.

    51. Robot Rocket      July 1963 to December 1963

    A robot spaceship has been developed and completed in Japan. It is composed of many parts that are individual robots independent of each other, and when all the parts are put together, a huge spaceship is formed. At Astro Boy's word of command, the robots all combine and take off together into space. But only the engine lever is unwilling to cooperate, and while it is flying away from the other parts, a spy from Bronze Republic snatches it away. Bronze Republic has also been trying to develop a weapon consisting of robots, and wants to know the secret of Japan's robot spaceship. Learning that the secret of the successful union of the robots lies in the command of Astro Boy, Dr. Popo of Bronze Republic plans this time to bring Astro Boy to the country.
    Guest Colonel Buscom / Mason

    52. The Devil's Balloon      December 1963 to February 1964

    One day, many balloon bombs, all of which look exactly like Astro Boy, come flying to the sky over Japan. As the balloon bombs harm people one after another, people develop hatred for Astro Boy. As it turns out, Skunk Kusai has made the bombs at the command of Daifuku Anko, a candidate for the post of Tokyo Governor, who hates robots. Although Daifuku succeeds to destroy Astro Boy once, Dr. Ochanomizu repairs him, and Astro Boy discovers a bomb-manufacturing plant built on the bottom of Tokyo Bay.
    Guest Skunk Kusai / Skunk Kusai

    53. The Last Day of Earth      March 1964 to June 1964

    A boy comes down to the Earth from space carrying a box like a refrigerator. His real identity is a bomb robot called Bem, which intelligent creatures on Nicolo Planet have made. The box that looks like a refrigerator is the bomb itself, and Bem has arms and legs and intelligence to control the bomb. Bem did not want to be used as a bomb, however, so he has escaped to the Earth. Astro Boy gives shelter to him, but the aliens from Nicolo Planet come asking Astro Boy to give the robot back to them.

    54. The Biggest Robot on Earth      June 1964 to January 1965

    Expelled from his country in the Middle East, King Saltan spends his own fortune on making Pluto, a robot with a million horsepower. In order to show that Pluto is truly the strongest robot on Earth, Saltan makes it fight against famous robots in the world, destroying them one after another, including Mont Blanc from Switzerland, North No.2 from Scotland, and Brand from Turkey. Gejicht, a German robot detective, acts against Pluto, but gets knocked down. Pluto also challenges Astro Boy in Japan. But Dr. Ochanomizu forbids Astro Boy to accept the challenge because he thinks that there is no way that he can win with only 100,000 horsepower. Stamping his feet in frustration, Astro Boy pleads with Dr. Tenma, who created him, to upgrade his energy to a million horsepower. But it would be very dangerous to give the small body of Astro Boy a million horsepower.

    55. The Bad Men's Robot (Originally untitled)      August 1964 Appeared in the first issue of "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    Villains who have been defeated by Astro Boy over and over get together to make a robot with the seven capabilities copied from Astro Boy. The robot flies with a jet engine, has eyes with searchlights and ears with hearing ability 1,000 times superior to humans, and is loaded with a machine gun on the hips. Further, it has 200,000 horsepower. Feeling confident that their robot can defeat Astro Boy, the villains set a decoy to lure him out of the Earth to space and offer him a challenge. But there is one difference between Astro Boy and the villains' robot that the villains are not aware of.

    56. The Robot Who Lied      September 1964 Appeared in "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    This is about a robot boy who always tells lies to confuse the world. At their wits' end, the police ask Astro Boy to investigate the robot. Following him, Astro Boy locates his house, where he finds a young man taking care of his ill mother. Astro Boy learns that it is the young man who has made the robot, and the young man confides a surprising reason for his actions in Astro Boy.

    57. The Grafted Brain (Original title: Iji)      October 1964 Appeared in "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    Iji, a classmate of Astro Boy, is jealous of Astro Boy because he is always at the top in the class, obliging him to be the second, and he begs his mother to do something about it. His overprotective mother asks a villain to replace Astro Boy's electronic brain with a new one. With a new brain that has not accumulated any knowledge yet, Astro Boy's grades drop considerably. As Iji's mother does not pay enough money to the villain, however, he kidnaps Iji.

    58. Time Machine (Originally untitled)      November 1964 Appeared in "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    In order to test the time machine Dr. Ochanomizu has made, Astro Boy goes back to the past in the machine. Having visited several periods of history, he goes to the year 2001 right before Tobio, Dr. Tenma's son, is involved in a car accident. Astro Boy sees that Tobio is about to be run over by a large truck and, unable to overlook it, he saves Tobio from the accident. But Astro Boy is a robot Dr. Tenma has made as a substitute for his only son, Tobio, who died in an accident. It means that if Tobio had not died, Astro Boy would not have been created. Is the existence of Astro Boy to come to an end?

    59. Jungle Devil Boundary      December 1964 to February 1965

    60. Roboids      January 1965 to May 1965

    One day, "roboids," which are monstrous robots to kill humans easily, appear, secretly planning to conquer the world. Having learned about the conspiracy earlier than anybody else, Dr. Ochanomizu summons Astro Boy and four other brilliant robot spies to order them to ruin their plan. The robot spies fight against the roboids on even terms, but two of them get destroyed quickly. And a roboid disguised as Astro Boy's sister, Uran, is secretly approaching Astro Boy. Astro Boy narrowly escapes the danger narrowly, however, and ventures into the roboids' base built deep under the ground. What is their true identity?

    61. Robio and Robiet      May 1965 to September 1965

    The families of Yani Natta, a robot researcher, and Ijio Haruzo, a robot engineer, have been on bad terms for generations, and the robots that the two men make are also designed to hate each other. Although Dr. Ochanomizu criticizes their attitudes, the hostility between the two families becomes worse and worse. In the meantime, however, Robio, a robot son of Ijio, and Robiet, a robot daughter of Yani, fall in love with each other. Getting furious about Robio, who has come to meet Robiet secretly, Chibolt, Robiet's brother, tries to destroy Robio. Trying to stop Chibolt, Astro Boy fights with him, and both of them get injured. Hurting each other meaninglessly like this, Chibolt comes to wonder why he needs to hate other robots.

    62. Astro Boy Stolen      June 1965 to September 1965 Appeared in "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    At the suggestion of Dr. Urifutatsu, a plan to make robots grow old by moving each electronic brain into a new body every ten years is considered. As an experiment for the plan, Astro Boy's electronic brain is set in an adult body for just three days. While Astro Boy is alive in the adult body, however, somebody steals his original body stored in a safe.

    63. The Blue Knight      October 1965 to March 1966

    One day, a robot called Blue Bon appears. He is quick to revolt against humans, and starts assaulting those who abuse robots and robots that side with humans. As he is wearing a blue suit of armor, people call him the "Blue Knight" out of fear. During a fight with the Blue Knight, Astro Boy obtains the sword his opponent has possessed. Upon examining the sword, it is found that there are two types of robots in relation to the sword: while some get exhausted by holding it; others are not affected by doing so. Deciding that those not affected are all "Blue Knight type" robots that tend to revolt against humans, Count Burg, who hates robots, orders the arrest and destruction of all such robots. Astro Boy's parents are also determined to be of the Blue Knight type, and they are sent to prison. Defying humans for the first time, Astro Boy escapes to Blue Knight together with his parents.

    64. Space Broadcast      December 1965 to January 1966 Appeared in "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    One day, robots, which are even supposed to have no dreams at night, start having hallucinations all at the same time. Among them there are even those who go on a rampage due to their hallucinations. The investigation discloses that something like a TV broadcast wave is being sent from space, and that the wave is affecting the electronic brains of robots. Without any effective solutions, people decide to temporarily remove the energy from all robots. Then an alien appears before Astro Boy, introducing himself as Nappa. Nappa says that he has come to collect the subscription fee for the space broadcasting. And the fee means half of the entire amount of oxygen on the Earth.

    65. Jinmen Iwa (Human-face Rock)      February 1966 to March 1966 Appeared in "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    There is a huge rock, called "Human-face rock" for its likeness to human features, up on a hill by the village of Rokkamachi. A legend passed down in the village from ancient times has it that the village will be completely destroyed when the rock turns to the west. Noticing that the rock is turning slightly to the west, Astro Boy investigates and finds that Kinsankaku, a villain, is trying to dig out the ancient treasures under the rock. The rock has moved due to vibration caused by the explosion of the underground bedrock related the work that Kinsankaku has been doing, using a robot called Fireball Kid. Having finally turned to the west, the rock starts rolling down the hill toward the village of Rokkamachi.
    Guest Kinsankaku / Kinsankaku

    66. Resurrection of Astro Boy      March 1966 to May 1966

    As a result of a fight with Blue Knight, Astro Boy goes completely out of order. Despite his all-out effort to repair Astro Boy using all the resources of the Science Ministry, Dr. Ochanomizu finds it beyond his capability. His last resort is to ask Dr. Tenma, who made Astro Boy, to repair him. In exchange for the repair of Astro Boy, however, Dr. Tenma imposes the condition that Astro Boy's parents and brother and sister shall be taken apart. After consulting with Astro Boy's parents, Dr. Ochanomizu is obliged to accept the condition. But Dr. Tenma is actually conspiring to remake Astro Boy to be a robot who would disobey humans. The resurrected Astro Boy thus becomes a robot that doesn't even follow the orders of Dr. Tenma.

    67. Chi-tan      April 1966 to May 1966 Appeared in "Tetsuwan Atom Club"

    68. The Melanin Family      June 1966 to August 1966

    Remade at the hands of Dr. Tenma, Astro Boy has stopped obeying humans, and comes to Africa with his sister Uran, looking for a new world only for robots. There they meet a robot prince called Burubo of the Melanin family that has already established a kingdom of robots using humans as their slaves. Because of the mysterious cross-tucked in the chest of Uran, which she has found on their way, Burubo takes her for the Messiah, and invites her into his palace. Astro Boy, on the other hand, gets knocked down by Burubo, and goes motionless. He is saved, however, by an enigmatic robot that calls himself Spark. Spark knows everything about Astro Boy and the cross. As it turns out, Spark had intended to give the cross to Astro Boy, but Uran took the liberty of tucking it into her chest. What is the cross really for? And what on earth is Spark's objective?

    69. Moeba (Original title: A Boy from the Fourth Dimension)      September 1966 to December 1966

    While he is fighting with the Melanin family and Spark, Astro Boy becomes a boy with a sense of justice once again. In the middle of the desert on their way back home, Astro Boy and Dr. Tenma find a boy whose body is green. The name of the boy is Moeba. He is a magical boy with the supernatural power to conjure up the past when he is scared to death. In a sense, he is a living time machine. Astro Boy saves Moeba from a man called Damoresque, who has been using him as a slave. But Dr. Tenma is planning to use him in a conspiracy when they are back in Japan. The conspiracy is to sneak into the Science Ministry with Moeba, and make him conjure up April 7, 2003, the day on which Dr. Tenma completes Astro Boy. That is because he wants to regain Astro Boy as a newborn.

    70. Robot without a Face      January 1967 to February 1967

    Dam-dam is a robot designed for space development, working at the base on the moon. One day, his head goes missing in a spaceship accident. Insisting that somebody has stolen his head, Dam-dam runs away from the robot hospital. He snatches heads from robots one after another on the street to put them on his own body, and keeps doing so without being able to find the right one. Although Astro Boy tries to talk him out this, he refuses to listen. Then a robot named G No.12 appears with Dam-dam's head on his body. As it turns out, G No.12 is the strongest robot made by Skunk Kusai, a villain, with a head he has stolen from a robot merchant.
    Guest Skunk Kusai / Skunk Kusai

    71. A Crime Committed 100 million Years Ago      March 1967 to April 1967

    An alien comes to the Earth for the first time in 100 million years. This time he happens to witness five bad boys, who have just run away from the juvenile detention home on a rampage, riding on a tank robot they have hijacked. The alien gets shocked at the scene. The fact is that when he visited the Earth the last time 100 million years ago, he enabled the monkey to evolve into the human just as a practical joke. It means that the alien is the original creator of the mankind, and such conduct is considered to be a felony in the space codes. In fear that his crime be disclosed, he attempts to destroy mankind. But he gives one condition to Astro Boy, who is trying to stop his attempt: he will not wipe out mankind if the five delinquent boys become penitent within a year.

    72. The Treasures of Zolomon      May 1967 to December 1967

    Long ago, a boy called Kaneyama finds a jewel in the mountain. He grows up to become a millionaire. He believes that the "A Drop of Sirius," the jewel he found, had brought luck to him. Aiming for the jewel, however, a monster called Zolomon comes to attack Kaneyama. Kaneyama hires four robots including Astro Boy as his bodyguards. But Zolomon slips out like a mist despite their Herculean strength, and any attack against him proves in vain. Then Zolomon confides a surprising secret to Astro Boy: "A Drop of Sirius" is not really a jewel, but a planet like the Earth.

    73. The Man Who Returned from Mars      January 1968 to March 1968

    Judas Peter stole 200 million yen, killing 18 people on the Earth 18 years ago, and ran away to Mars. The vicious criminal comes back to the Earth for the first time in 18 years. As the statute of limitations has run out, however, he cannot be captured. The police cannot do anything but watch Judas who has shamelessly landed at the space airport. Furthermore, to make the situation worse, Judas has obtained on Mars a supernatural power to emit a strong electric current from his body. Astro Boy takes Judas to the sea of the North Pole where there are no humans around. During their fight on the ice, however, Astro Boy goes out of order and Judas gets wrecked. Straining what remains of his power, Judas emits electricity from his body to call out for help.