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Astro Boy(1963)


  • This is one of Tezuka Osamu's monumental works that brought an epic-making change in the history of Japanese animation. This first animated TV series in Japan formed the basis for a long lasting and flourishing culture of Japanese animation. At the same time, the success of "Astro Boy" also clarified for television stations the fact that animation could make money even with tight budgets, which in turn produced a negative situation in which animators were constantly forced to work too hard with low wages. In those days, no sponsor would show any interest in "animated series" unless you were willing to "produce your work within a tight budget."

    The boy robot of the story, with 100,000 horsepower, beats villains using his seven powers. He caused a great sensation among children at that time.




  • Original Story and Executive Director: Tezuka Osamu
    Original pictures: Sakamoto Yusaku, Sugii Gizaburo, Ishii Motoaki, Yamamoto Shigeru, Seyama Yoshifumi, Kitano Hideaki, Aoki Shigeru, Okasako Tsunehiro, Tanaka Eiji, Akahori Kanji and others
    Motion pictures: Nakamura Kazuko, Yamamoto Shigeru, Hayashi Shigeyuki and others
    Animation Director: Uchino Sumio
    Literature: Ishizu Arashi
    Art: Matsumoto Tsuyoshi, Yatsumura Hiroya, Owaki Shoko, Bando Katsumi and others
    Trace: Shirakawa Seiko, Shindo Yaeko, Sugii Masako, Ouchi Mitsuko and others
    Coloring: Matsumoto Futaba, Tsuruta Toshiko, Ishii Maya and others
    Camera: Sakura Noriyuki, Hirokawa Kazuyuki Haraya Tateo, Sudo Shozo, Kusakabe Mitsuo, Kumagai, Shimizu Tatsumasa, Oiwa Hisatake, Yamaura Eiji, Misawa Katsuji
    Editing: Furukawa Masashi, Yamashita Minami and others
    Managers: Kawabata Eichi, Sudo Shozo, Takahashi Kenichi, Ishizu Arashi, Uenashi Kazuya, Suzuki Yoshitake, Kataoka Tadami, Shibayama Tatsuo, Mori Masa, Tomino Yoshiyuki, Kurokawa Keijiro Takahashi Ryosuke and others
    Animation Manager: Aketagawa Susumu, Kishimoto Yoshinari, Wakao Hiroshi, Suwa Takeo and others
    Technical Manager: Tashiro Atsumi and others
    Data: Nomura Yoshihiro, Iizuka Masao
    Music: Takai Tatsuo
    Music Director: Ono Matsuo

    Theme Song:
    "Astro Boy" Lyrics by Tanigawa Shuntaro, music by Takai Tatsuo and vocals by Kami-Takada Boys' Choir

    Astro Boy: Shimizu Mari(97-106 episodes: Tagami Kazue)
    Dr. Ochanomizu: Katsuta Hisashi
    Uran: Mizugaki Yoko(Muto Reiko, Yoshikawa Kazuko)
    Cobalt: Komiyama Kiyoshi
    Higeoyaji: Yajima Kazuaki(Wada Fumio)
    Dr. Tenma: Yokomori Hisashi
    Police Inspector Nakamura: Sakamoto Shinpei
    Police Inspector Tawashi: Kanemoto Shingo(Chiba Koichi)


  • (C)Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / Mushi Production

    Broadcast via Fuji TV network / 24 minutes / Monochrome / 193 episodes
    Mushi Production / January 1, 1963 - December 31, 1963, Tuesdays 6:15 - 7:45, January 4, 1964 - December 31, 1966, Saturdays 7:00 - 7:30 PM

    Special Award at the 2nd Television Reporters Conference in 1964
    The Ministry of Health and Welfare Award in 1965
    The Galaxy Award at the 4th Broadcast Critics' Discussion in 1967


  • 1st Episode: The Birth of Astro Boy
    Publish:January 1, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Tenma, Director General of the Science Ministry, loses his dearest son Tobio in an accident, so he decides to create the robot Astro Boy, who looks like Tobio, using the best of the Science Ministry's technology.

    2nd Episode: Frankenstein
    Publish:January 8, 1963
    Introduction:Franken, who has been classified as an inferior product at the robot factory, harbors a violent hatred for humans. As a result, humans begin to say, "We cannot trust robots," and even start to persecute the good robots.

    3rd Episode: Adventure on Mars
    Publish:January 15, 1963
    Introduction:Astro Boy is appointed leader of an exploration to Mars. Lieutenant Cap, who has to work for Astro Boy, however, rises in revolt against Astro Boy because he does not like the idea of robots ordering humans around.

    4th Episode: Guernica
    Publish:January 22, 1963
    Introduction:Many cities fall one after another due to a huge group of monsters called "Guernica." Astro Boy fights against Guernica to save the people.

    5th Episode: Sphinx
    Publish:January 29, 1963
    Introduction:Astro Boy is captured by a gang of thieves looking for treasures hidden in a Pyramid, and he tries to destroy the beast of the god Sphinx, which has a lion's body and the face of a beauty.

    6th Episode: Lightning Man
    Publish:February 5, 1963
    Introduction:Skunk steals the invisible robot Denko that was made of paper glass, and releases prisoners from jail. He wants to use Denko in order to build an empire of gangs...

    7th Episode: Captain Atom
    Publish:February 12, 1963
    Introduction:A swarm of aliens who look exactly like specific earthlings such as Dr. Ochanomizu and Higeoyaji immigrate to the Earth from a planet very similar to ours. However, a food shortage occurs, and humans begin to attack the aliens with cell-reducing fluid.

    8th Episode: Ghost Manufacturing Machine
    Publish:February 19, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Ochanomizu is taken away to the country Gorgonia, where he finds the Dictator Hillar's plot to conquer the world with a cloning machine, which is also a ghost-manufacturing machine that can make endless copies of any objects.

    9th Episode: Black Looks
    Publish:February 26, 1963
    Introduction:A group called Black Looks sets out to exterminate robots, and they attack in succession. Astro Boy begins to fight against them.

    10th Episode: The Fool Ivan
    Publish:March 5, 1963
    Introduction:Astro Boy lands on an unknown planet, where he finds the tomb of a female leader of an expedition and a stupid but faithful robot Ivan that guards the tomb.

    11th Episode: Time Machine
    Publish:March 12, 1963
    Introduction:A boy who comes from the future is looking for his father, who has gone to capture ancient creatures and has never come back. So Astro Boy and the boy depart for the ancient world in search of the boy's father.

    12th Episode: Cruciform Island
    Publish:March 19, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Serizawa is an escaped convict trying to steal the underground resources of Cross Island by using the robot Puke that can transform itself into anything. He is planning to run away on a rocket. Astro Boy follows the man to Cross Island.

    13th Episode: The Eyes of Christ
    Publish:March 26, 1963
    Introduction:A priest has marked one of the eyes of Jesus in the church before he dies. This seems to be a clue to the identity of a gang that had broken into the church. Now the same gang starts to go after Higeoyaji, who has discovered the gang's secret.

    14th Episode: The Artificial Sun
    Publish:April 2, 1963
    Introduction:Suddenly an artificial sun appears. It is a threat to the world from the gang Kaito Kinsankaku. Astro Boy sets out to destroy the gang, together with detective Sherlock Homespan.

    15th Episode: Plant People
    Publish:April 9, 1963
    Introduction:A flying disk from Planet Alfee is busily collecting water from the Earth. Astro Boy learns that they are collecting water for their hometown because it suffers a water shortage. Planet Alfee, however, had already been ruined...

    16th Episode: The Vehicle, White Planet
    Publish:April 16, 1963
    Introduction:The vehicle "White Planet" participates in the Round-the-world Grand Prix, but a gang breaks it to prevent it from winning. So Dr. Ochanomizu offers to load White Planet with Astro Boy's artificial intelligence.

    17th Episode: Robot Land
    Publish:April 23, 1963
    Introduction:"Robot Land" is a theme park where robots dressed as the main characters of children's books entertain children. In its underground factory, however, slave robots are forced to make weapons.

    18th Episode: Gadem
    Publish:April 30, 1963
    Introduction:A gang tries to smuggle the robot Gadem, which begins to act violently in a passenger boat. Then Astro Boy, who happens to be on the boat, tries to stop them.

    19th Episode: Astro Boy vs. Garon
    Publish:May 7, 1963
    Introduction:The robot Garon, who re-models planets, is transported to Earth by mistake, and humans consider attacking it with nuclear weapons. Astro Boy, however, takes to other means to face Garon.

    20th Episode: Gaseous Beings
    Publish:May 14, 1963
    Introduction:A "gas man" enters into Dr. Ishizu's body in space, and comes back to the Earth. Then a number of gasmen enter into human bodies, and begin to act violently. Astro Boy challenges these invisible cosmic creatures to a fight.

    21th Episode: SatelliteR-45
    Publish:May 21, 1963
    Introduction:A member of the cosmic patrol is struggling against gangs. When Astro Boy comes to help him, however, he says that he does not need any help from a robot. He does not know that he is also a robot.

    22tn Episode: Sea Serpent Island
    Publish:May 28, 1963
    Introduction:Astro Boy heads for Sea Serpent Island to rescue the girl Anna, who has been captured, but he is also caught. Moreover, Astro Boy's body begins to rust because the island is rich in salt...

    23th Episode: The Mutant
    Publish:June 4, 1963
    Introduction:A mysterious murder case occurs. Astro Boy happens to be on the scene and is arrested as a suspect. The real culprit, however, is a mutant created by X party, which plans to conquer the world.

    24th Episode: The Submarine Kingdom
    Publish:June 11, 1963
    Introduction:Why don't we destroy humans and build a kingdom only of robots? Disposable bomb robots for a submarine kingdom make this suggestion to Astro Boy.

    25th Episode: The Deep-underground Tank
    Publish:June 18, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Jordan runs away from a president who plans to conquer the world. Astro Boy gets on a deep-underground tank with him to fight against the president. But they lose control of the tank and it begins to head toward a volcano.

    26th Episode: Atlas
    Publish:June 25, 1963
    Rendition:Hayashi Shigeyuki
    Introduction:Atlas has the same kind of power as Astro Boy, but he has an evil heart. For Astro Boy, the fight with Atlas means fighting with his own dark side.

    27th Episode: Planet Pearl
    Publish:July 2, 1963
    Introduction:To build a submarine dam, bombs for construction work are set up in a place where inhabitants of Planet Pearl have been living secretly. When Astro Boy finds that out, he plays a major part in rescuing their community under the sea.

    28th Episode: Mad Machine
    Publish:July 9, 1963
    Introduction:Mad Machine causes all machines to go wrong and malfunction. The machine goes out of control, and the city is thrown into chaos. Because Astro Boy is also a machine, he begins to malfunction...

    29th Episode: The Memorable Day
    Publish:July 16, 1963
    Introduction:When Astro Boy gets inside the unfinished time machine in Jiro's room, he hears the voice of Jiro, who is supposed to be dead. Jiro might have traveled to another time and perhaps is having trouble coming back.

    30th Episode: Fuhrer ZZZ
    Publish:July 23, 1963
    Introduction:The President of ZZZ Gang is so eager to conquer the world that he even kills his twin brother. So Astro Boy stands up to destroy his ambition.

    31th Episode: The Black Cosmic Ray
    Publish:July 30, 1963
    Introduction:A monster appears in the city, and it turns out to be Dr. Dorian, who has been exiled to Mars. He turns into a monster because he cannot get cosmic X rays on the Earth.

    32th Episode: Hot Dog Corps
    Publish:August 6, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Ponkotsu implants dogs with robot brains. Then the dogs form the "Hot Dog Army" to take on the humans.

    33th Episode: Two Magicians
    Publish:August 13, 1963
    Introduction:A man takes on the police with a robot thief. Then a gifted magician is suspected of theft, so he and Astro Boy go against the robot thief together.

    34th Episode: Midoro Marsh
    Publish:August 20, 1963

    35th Episode: The Human Farm
    Publish:August 27, 1963
    Introduction:Astro Boy sets out on a rocket to rescue people who have been kidnapped for use as livestock on a planet that looks like the Earth.

    36th Episode: The Religion of Pui Pui
    Publish:September 3, 1963
    Introduction:The religious group "Pui Pui" is looking for a wonder drug that will give them immortality. Then Dr. Tatsuji, who has succeeded in developing such a drug, is taken away by the religious group. So Astro Boy fights them to ensure the peaceful use of the drug.

    37th Episode: Uran
    Publish:September 10, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Ochanomizu gives Astro Boy a younger sister as a birthday present. This younger sister Uran is a very cute girl, but she is such a tomboy that Astro Boy is kept terribly busy settling the confusion she causes.

    38th Episode: The Disturbed Small Planet
    Publish:September 17, 1963
    Introduction:The small planet Mezusa goes out of its orbit and heads straight to the Earth. To save the Earth from a collision with the planet, Astro Boy heads for the planet with a convict who is a bomb professional.

    39th Episode: Red Cat
    Publish:September 24, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Shisoku despairs of human beings that continue the ongoing destruction of nature, and makes animals attack cities in his machine that hypnotizes with ultra short waves.

    40th Episode: Neo Caesar
    Publish:October 1, 1963
    Introduction:A man named Caesar dreams of rebuilding the Roman Empire with robots under his control. However, he is destined to follow the same path that as that of Julius Caesar.

    41th Episode: X Bomb
    Publish:October 8, 1963
    Introduction:X Bomb, which is capable of turning any substance to water, drops into the Pacific Ocean. There are fifty hours left till the explosion. Astro Boy goes to recollect it, but learns that Uran, who has followed him, has been swallowed along with the bomb by a whale.

    42th Episode: The Yellow Horse
    Publish:October 15, 1963
    Introduction:Astro Boy gets into a satellite owned by the drug smuggling organization "Yellow Horse." There, the members of the organization are secretly creating missiles for use in war.

    43th Episode: His Highness Dead Cross
    Publish:October 22, 1963
    Introduction:The robot president Rag is the target of an assassin. Then Astro Boy finds out that the culprit is Dead Cross, Rag's creator. He had created Rag to run in the presidential election, but when Rag gets elected, he begins to hold a grudge against Rag.

    44th Episode: The Egyptian Conspirators
    Publish:October 29, 1963
    Introduction:Uran is kidnapped. She is made a hostage in an operation to steal Cleopatra's necklace from Astro Boy. The gang of conspirators believes that whoever possesses the necklace can build the greatest empire in the world.

    45th Episode: Cleopatra's Necklace
    Publish:November 5, 1963
    Introduction:The gang of conspirators obtains the coveted necklace, and at last sets about conquering the world. However, Astro Boy stands in the way of their boss, Cleopatra.

    46th Episode: The Robot Spaceship
    Publish:November 12, 1963
    Introduction:The robot spaceship "Lever Robot" is stolen. Astro Boy is sent to retrieve it, but in the process has his energy stolen.

    47th Episode: The Cosmic Crab
    Publish:November 19, 1963
    Introduction:Ham egg exchanges a pig from the Earth for the huge crab that the alien Pork has. He is trying to make a lot of money by making a show of the creature in a circus...

    48th Episode: The Tenma Tribe
    Publish:November 26, 1963
    Introduction:Nuu, member of the Tenma Tribe, a rarely seen race of people, comes from the depths of the mountains of Mongolia. People rush to the city just to try and see Nuu, throwing the city into a big chaos. Moreover, a gang plots behind the scenes to capture Nuu.

    49th Episode: Transparent Giant
    Publish:December 3, 1963
    Introduction:Dr. Hanabusa develops an electrical transmitter for substances. No sooner does he get into the machine for testing than his rival scientist breaks the machine, which makes Dr. Hanabusa an invisible man. Astro Boy tries to save the doctor.

    50th Episode: Astro Boy Goes to the West
    Publish:December 10, 1963
    Introduction:To find Hekku, who had departed to the west in the past but has not returned yet, Astro Boy and Higeoyaji also travel back in time.

    51th Episode: The Little Elephant Pura
    Publish:December 17, 1963
    Introduction:The robot elephant Zora malfunctions and runs away into the jungle. There, Astro Boy is taking care of a little elephant Pura that has gotten separated from its fellows.

    52th Episode: The Snow Lion
    Publish:December 24, 1963
    Introduction:An old man who comes from Planet Regel to the Earth brings a snow lion with him. Then, aliens from Planet Regel start to spray cosmic snow that sucks up all energy... Astro Boy takes off for space to save the Earth, where cities have stopped functioning.

    53th Episode: Goodbye 1963
    Publish:December 31, 1963
    Introduction:It is New Year's Eve, 1963. Uran finds a picture while cleaning the house. With the picture as a clue, Astro Boy and Dr. Ochanomizu begin to piece together the past. This episode is a special edition that includes an introduction of "The making of the film of Astro Boy."

    54th Episode: Duel on the Alps
    Publish:January 4, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Tenma, who once dumped his "child" Astro Boy, wants him back and asks the gang Skunk for help. Skunk's group, the "Illusionary Club," succeeds in abducting Astro Boy and his family...

    55th Episode: Rejuvenating Gas
    Publish:January 18, 1964
    Introduction:The royal family of the palace satellite Yoranna gets what they are told is “rejuvenating gas" from earthlings. When it turns out to be just teargas, however, they launch an H-bomb missile toward the Earth in retaliation.

    56th Episode: Earth Defense Army
    Publish:January 25, 1964
    Introduction:Aliens planning to collect information about the Earth abduct Dr. Ochanomizu. Atom, on a mission to rescue the doctor, visits Earth Defense Base on the moon, but the aliens destroy the base.
    (In color)

    57th Episode: Robot School
    Publish:February 1, 1964
    Introduction:Humans can see the beauty of things and be impressed by them. In order to learn these feelings, called “heart," Atom, Uran and Lara start attending a robot school.

    58th Episode: The Thirteen Mysterious Statues of God
    Publish:February 8, 1964
    Introduction:Atom and Dr. Ochanomizu decipher ancient code of 200,000 years ago. Discovering that hidden hints in the thirteen statues of god in Western Island might lead them to the secrets of outer space, they head for the island.

    59th Episode: The Robot Buron X
    Publish:February 15, 1964
    Introduction:Gaston, who has stolen a blueprint of a robot from a UFO requests the Science Ministry to build the robot exactly as shown on the blueprint, without indicating its source. The completed robot Buron turns out to be a destructive weapon, and starts to destroy everything.

    60th Episode: The Demon Bees
    Publish:February 22, 1964

    61th Episode: Space Parasites
    Publish:February 29, 1964
    Introduction:The last of the Nazis demand the government of the Earth to turn over the planet, threatening to shower it with space parasites. When the government refuses to surrender, a group of UFOs containing space parasites come swarming toward the Earth.

    62th Episode: The Phantom Ship
    Publish:March 7, 1964
    Introduction:Wishing to have a “heart" like a human, Atom has his body equipped with a heart that can feel fear. Soon after, a phantom ship appears over the Indian Ocean. Atom is sent to investigate it, but he is scared out of his wits.

    63th Episode: The Artificial Iceberg
    Publish:March 14, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Zulu places a bomb in an artificial iceberg and tries to trigger a flood. Discovering the plot, Atom sets out to prevent the explosion, but...

    64th Episode: Count Bat
    Publish:March 21, 1964
    Introduction:Tick and Tack get lost in the depths of the Unzen Mountain, and decide to stay for a night in a deserted house inhabited by a vampire. The vampire (Dr. Pedan) tries to turn Tick into a vampire, but Atom comes to rescue them.

    65th Episode: Brave Escapee
    Publish:March 28, 1964
    Introduction:A massive tidal wave breaks. Atom flies up to stop the wave, but crashes into the sea. Then an escapee robot Boggy saves the unconscious Atom.

    66th Episode: The Space Viking
    Publish:April 4, 1964
    Introduction:In order to rid the earth of space pirates, Atom destroys their mother ship. The pirates, however, are holding some hostages and demand that Atom withdraw. Atom is helpless.

    67th Episode: Heroes of the Night
    Publish:April 11, 1964
    Introduction:While playing in the toy section, Uran imbues some of the toys with artificial intelligence. Among these are some with evil hearts. Atom asks the good toys to help him stop the bad dolls from doing misdeeds.

    68th Episode: Rebellion of the Dinosaur People
    Publish:April 25, 1964
    Introduction:Atom is babysitting in an ancient amusement park when a dragon flies off with a small child in front of his. Then the dinosaurs demand food for ransom. So Atom...

    69th Episode: The Secret of the Clock Tower
    Publish:May 2, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Temp, who has completed his killing-beam machine, is planning to ruin the “Conference of Scientists." Discovering the plot, Atom takes on the doctor.

    70th Episode: Rafflesia
    Publish:May 9, 1964
    Introduction:Rafflesia, the largest flower on earth, is found to be in fact a plant man from outer space. This flower, which needs radioactivity to survive, is stronger than it looks, and even Atom is no match for it.

    71th Episode: The Last Day of Earth
    May 16, 1964
    Screenplay: Yamamoto Eichi
    Rendition: Yamamoto Eichi
    Introduction:“Red Star" is heading toward the Earth. Watching Atom struggle to save the Earth from a collision, Bem, a high-powered bomb robot, decides that the only way to save the Earth and Atom is to blow himself up.

    72th Episode: 7 Days of Drifting in Space
    Publish:May 23, 1964
    Introduction:Atom is chasing gangs who have run away by rocket. Then he finds them in a shelter station being attacked by aliens. He helps the gangs, but finds himself drifting in space with them after the station is destroyed.

    73th Episode: Big Titan
    Publish:June 6, 1964
    Introduction:The daughter of Dr. Putt, a descendant of the Mohican tribe, is kidnapped. When he sees Uran, who is a look-alike of his daughter, he takes Atom and his fellows for the kidnappers.

    74th Episode: Earth Expedition
    Publish:June 13, 1964
    Introduction:It is thought that a highly advanced civilization might exist underground. To test this hypothesis, Atom and Uran set out on an underground expedition. There they get attacked by underground men.

    75th Episode: Flying City
    Publish:June 20, 1964
    Introduction:In order to collect the hidden treasures of the Inca that are scattered around the world, the old man Kapack, who has the power to move things with his mind, asks Tondale for help. Tondale, however, plans to get all the gold to himself, and starts an attack on the world with a special machine that enhances mind power.

    76th Episode: The Monster Machine
    Publish:June 27, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Morse succeeds in corresponding with Planet Paranoia, which is more civilized than the Earth. With the help of Atom, the doctor assembles a mysterious box following the instructions on a blueprint sent from the planet, but...

    77th Episode: Cape Town Lullaby
    Publish:July 4, 1964
    Introduction:A boy named “Looks" is deeply attached to the robot that has brought him up. He loves the robot as if it were his mother. From the day the robot is destroyed by another robot, he begins to hate all robots. Then he forms an exclusive organization called “Black Looks," and starts to oppress robots...

    78th Episode: The World in Five Hundred Thousand Years
    Publish:July 11, 1964
    Introduction:Atom and his friends jump into the far future world by accident. There, they see the cruel Pepper tribe treating their enemy tribes as slaves.

    79th Episode: Dr. Brain
    Publish:July 18, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Kanekura kills world famous brain surgeon Dr. Ibal, making it look like an accident. Since the incident, a strange robot named Friday follows him around. In truth, Dr. Ibal's brain waves are controlling the robot.

    80th Episode: Humanoid Bill
    Publish:July 25, 1964
    Introduction:Atom meets a strange creature in the wooded outskirts of Tokyo. It is a humanoid, a product of science. The humanoid named Bill does not know whether he is a creature or a machine.

    81th Episode: Dreaming Machine
    Publish:August 1, 1964
    Introduction:What kind of dreams do robots have? Atom participates in an experiment of a dream machine created by Dr. Poron, and becomes the first robot that dreams. In his dream, he turns into a human.

    82th Episode: The Robot Olympics
    Publish:August 15, 1964
    Introduction:Atom participates in the Olympic games for robots, where he finds a group of robots destroying other participants in a vicious act of sabotage designed to ensure that they win the games.

    83th Episode: The Strange Bird, Garuda
    Publish:August 22, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Raja, who believes in the Indian god of destruction Carley, creates a robot bird. Then it comes flying over Japan. The bird Garuda demands Atom as a sacrifice to Carley...

    84th Episode: The Dolphin Civilization
    Publish:August 29, 1964
    Introduction:Claiming to possess every inch of the ocean floor, Hall tries to build an autocratic submarine civilization. He starts to persecute the aboriginal Dolphin tribe. Atom stands up to preserve the peace on the ocean floor.

    85th Episode: The Demented Beltway
    Publish:September 5, 1964
    Introduction:One of the latest means of traffic the new city boasts, the Beltway, is almost complete. However, someone tries to obstruct its construction, setting the site aflame. Atom sets off to protect the Beltway.

    86th Episode: The Time Gun
    Publish:September 12, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Tempo is waiting for a chance to become the next director of the Science Ministry. With his time gun that can send its targets to the past, he sends the bothersome Atom and Dr. Ochanomizu to the middle Ages.

    87th Episode: Princess Kaguya (new)
    Publish:September 19, 1964
    Introduction:Atom exchanges messages with a star nymph, and sets out on an expedition to find the pure water the nymph needs. The star nymph is, in fact, a princess of the Planet Keios. She is trying to turn into a cocoon with pure water on a full-moon night in preparation for emergence.

    88th Episode: The Bacteria Corps
    Publish:September 26, 1964
    Introduction:The pilot of a rocket that has made an emergency landing is suffering from a strange disease. After they hear a voice from within the pilot's body, Atom and Higeoyaji are reduced to tiny figures, and get into the body. Inside, they see bacteria-sized aliens.

    89th Episode: Gomes' Ghost
    Publish:October 3, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Ochanomizu accepts a request to repair robots in the Scambo Empire. The robot he repairs, however, turns out to be the president of the Empire. The doctor's life is in danger, as he now knows the secret.

    90th Episode: The Robot Fortress
    Publish:October 10, 1964
    Introduction:A robot child has a fight with a human child, making the child cry. The humans become angry when they hear this, and a war breaks out between humans and robots.

    91th Episode: Garon's Counterattack
    Publish:October 24, 1964
    Introduction:Garon, a robot Atom has sent back to space, comes back. Seeing Atom struggle hard to fend off Garon, the Earth Robot Army stand together to attack Garon.

    92th Episode: Three Robot Knights
    Publish:October 31, 1964
    Introduction:In order to save patients suffering from space disease on Mars, a serum is sent to Mars from the Earth. All the transport ships carrying the serum, however, get destroyed on their way. Atom, together with the three robot knights, goes into space to protect the last of the serum.

    93th Episode: Cobalt
    Publish:November 7, 1964
    Introduction:There is a robot that has been dumped along with other junk during the cleaning of the warehouse in the Science Ministry. It is a prototype of Atom, made by Dr. Tenma, named Cobalt. When Cobalt wakes from sleep, he tries to go back to the Science Ministry, but...

    94th Episode: Angel in the Alps
    Publish:November 14, 1964
    Introduction:The construction of a dam near the Bering Strait is hampered by difficulties. Dr. Zeman's research is required to solve the problem. Atom goes to ask for help from the doctor who lives a secluded life in the depth of the Alps because of his hatred for civilization. Atom, however, finds the doctor being attacked by another robot that is after the research material.

    95th Episode: The Evil Punch Card
    Publish:November 21, 1964
    Introduction:A missile base is completely controlled by computer. Now, the computer is out of control, setting the stage for nuclear attack. In fact, this is a means of personal revenge by Dr. Yakoref, who has lost the competition for the design of the base. Atom starts to disassemble the computer, but...

    96th Episode: Robot Future
    Publish:November 28, 1964
    Introduction:Dr. Akuta, who is after the gold ingot on Mars, controls a robot called “Future." The robot, however, becomes humble after hearing out Atom. Then Atom and Future pursue the doctor, who has run away with the gold ingot.

    97th Episode: Confrontation in Space
    Publish:December 5, 1964
    Introduction:Planet Hyper is the most civilized planet in the galactic system. Now it chooses a pair of a human and a robot each from both the Earth and Planet War to have them fight against each other, and decides to destroy the loser's planet. Atom and Ponkotsu Tetsu, the safebreaker, are chosen to represent the Earth.

    98th Episode: Zeo's Legacy
    Publish:December 12, 1964
    Introduction:A big robot is excavated from the construction site of a tunnel. It turns out to be a time capsule that was created to pass down information on a super ancient civilization of a million years ago to posterity.

    99th Episode: Little Columbus
    Publish:December 19, 1964
    Introduction:Colon-bu-bu, the explorer of the underground state of Chombo, heads for the ground hoping to see a new world. Then he meets Cobalt, and takes him underground as prisoner.

    100th Episode: The Robot House
    Publish:December 26, 1964
    Introduction:On Christmas night, Dr. Ochanomizu opens the will of his scientist friend who died 10 years before. It says that he has left an invention in Bururu Mountain. Atom and his friends happen to be on the mountain, and encounter a boy called Akio who lives alone there. They become friends, but...

    101th Episode: The Unmapped World
    Publish:January 2, 1965
    Introduction:The visiting Prince Dorian of the Camellia Kingdom disappears. Atom goes searching for him using the latest four-dimensional detection device, and finds the prince wandering in another world. That world is inhabited by people who have been spirited away from various time periods.

    102th Episode: Queen of the Devils' Place
    Publish:January 9, 1965
    Introduction:Uran is going to be in a movie. Her role is Tarzan. When she goes on location to the jungle, however, a mysterious woman takes her away. The woman is planning to make Uran, who is dressed as a boy, a prince of the demon's place-a place where nobody grows old.

    103th Episode: Stairs Leading into Space
    Publish:January 16, 1965
    Introduction:Humans are drawn toward a flight of stairs that suddenly appear one day, and they start to walk toward a spaceship hidden among the clouds. When there are no humans left on earth, the robots start to talk about taking over the planet.

    104th Episode: The Devil's Balloon
    Publish:January 23, 1965
    Introduction:A balloon in the shape of Atom appears over the city. Children love Atom so much that they begin to run after the balloon and disappear. Because such incidents frequently occur, Atom comes to be regarded as a fearful enemy of children.

    105th Episode: General Atom
    Publish:January 30, 1965
    Introduction:Atom is shot by a maser gun that ruins artificial intelligence. He loses all his memory, and is shot away into space.

    106th Episode: The Boy from Outer Space
    Publish:February 6, 1965
    Introduction:Ham Egg sees a UFO in the woods that seems to have made an emergency landing, and finds an alien child. He notices the child's super strength, and plans to win the child fame as a wrestler.

    107th Episode: Release of the Earth
    Publish:February 13, 1965
    Introduction:Atom is involved in an explosion during the construction of a dam. The impact sends him into a parallel world where Tobio, the son of Dr. Tenma, never died in an accident that killed him in our world. In other words, it is a world where Atom has not been born.

    108th Episode: Saturn Man
    Publish:February 20, 1965
    Introduction:Three scientists gain supernatural power on the surface of the moon. Then Dr. Arden- who has a grudge against Dr. Ochanomizu-stages an attack against him. In order to protect Dr. Ochanomizu, Atom fights fiercely against the scientists who have supernatural power.

    109th Episode: Phoenix
    Publish:February 27, 1965
    Introduction:Atom finds a big egg in a cave on a little island where he is playing with Uran. He asks Dr. Ochanomizu to identify the egg, but they are unsuccessful. So Atom goes back to the island, where he encounters a strange bird that lives there.

    110th Episode: Expedition on Mercury
    Publish:March 6, 1965
    Introduction:Atom is investigating a super thermal bomb that has fallen on earth. Then he heads for Mercury to find its launching site. On his way, however, Atom loses his sight in an accident, and gets involved in a power struggle with aliens on Mercury.

    111th Episode: Robot Polymer
    Publish:March 13, 1965
    Introduction:Claiming to be the strongest robot in the world, the huge conceited robot Polymer makes a raid on Atom's house. He tries to show that he is the strongest of all by defeating Atom, but...

    112th Episode: Samson's Hair
    Publish:March 27, 1965
    Introduction:Dr. Ochanomizu succeeds in developing the robot Samson, who is activated by solar power. Samson, however, malfunctions and becomes violent when exposed to moonlight.

    113th Episode: “Back," the Country without Laughter
    Publish:April 3, 1965
    Introduction:A country called “Back" suddenly withdraws from the World Peace Union, and announces to its people a ban on invention and laughter. Atom and Dr. Ochanomizu visit the country to find out what is behind this closed-door dictatorial policy.

    114th Episode: Metro Monster
    Publish:April 10, 1965
    Introduction:A huge slug appears in a subway station yard, and begins to eat trains. Atom sets out to destroy it, but the slug proves to be a much tougher enemy as it appears in unexpected places.

    115th Episode: The Big Runaway Safe
    Publish:April 17, 1965
    Introduction:The machines in the Mint Bureau experience accumulated stress due to overwork. So they are given hands and legs so that they can rest for a day. Once the machines have known the freedom and joy of moving around, they begin to run away from work.

    116th Episode: The Biggest Robot on Earth (part one)
    Publish:April 24, 1965
    Screenplay: Tezuka Osamu
    Rendition: Shibayama Tatsuo
    Introduction:The strongest of all robots, Pluto, has electromagnetic horns that can destroy anything. Pluto destroys the world's most powerful robots one by one. Depicted here is Atom's hard struggle to challenge this mighty enemy.

    117th Episode: The Biggest Robot on Earth (part two)
    Publish:May 1, 1965
    Screenplay: Ishitsu Arashi
    Rendition: Uenashi Mitsuo
    Introduction:The strongest of all robots, Pluto, has electromagnetic horns that can destroy anything. Pluto destroys the world's most powerful robots one by one. Depicted here is Atom's hard struggle to challenge this mighty enemy.

    118th Episode: Robot Grabby
    Publish:May 8, 1965
    Introduction:A robot named Grabby is a 1/2 G fighter robot that has run away from a country called Nickrasia. Atom tries to help Grabby, who is too gentle to live as a weapon.

    119th Episode: The Flying Lens
    Publish:May 15, 1965
    Introduction:Planet M, shaped like a convex lens, is approaching the Earth. It reflects solar light toward the Earth, turning its surface into an incandescent hell. Humans, however, cannot cooperate in tackling this global issue because they all motivated by their own greed.

    120th Episode: Time Hunter
    Publish:May 22, 1965
    Introduction:(Remake of 11th episode “ Time Machine")

    121th Episode: Ganimate
    Publish:May 29, 1965
    Introduction:Atom and Dr. Ochanomizu wander into a space graveyard that lies outside every sphere of gravitation, drifting in space forever. Then an earthling named Bemski, who hates the Earth, rescues them, and...

    122th Episode: The Monster Mantler
    Publish:June 5, 1965
    Introduction:A big earthquake wipes out the city. Atom is buried under a collapsed building, but still manages to fight a huge monster that has appeared in the city. Unfortunately Atom has lost his seven powers during the earthquake.

    123th Episode: Captain Dog
    Publish:June 19, 1965
    Introduction:Higeoyaji's pet dog Pero has a diamond that it takes back from space. Then Dr. Fooler puts Pero's memory into the computer of Captain Dog, the robot dog, to make it find diamonds. Atom follows the robot-dog, which is heading for Mars.

    124th Episode: Parting Gift
    Publish:July 3, 1965
    Introduction:An alien who comes to the Earth as an ambassador of friendship leaves a present for Dr. Ochanomizu. It is a blueprint of a highly efficient robot. When he assembles it, it turns out to be a robot that can offer the best of services to humans. Dr. Ochanomizu is pleased, envisioning a more comfortable life for humans, however...

    125th Episode: Find the Bacteria
    Publish:July 10, 1965
    Introduction:A petri dish containing the bacteria of a dreadful infectious disease is lost by a simple mistake. In order to protect humans from the danger of biohazard, Atom flies off to the depths of the Himalayas following the trail of the bacteria.

    126th Episode: Roboids
    Publish:July 17, 1965
    Screenplay: Toriumi Jinzo
    Rendition: Takagi Atsushi
    Introduction:An army of Roboids that look like robots but are extremely close to creatures come to the Earth from the outer space. Dr. Ochanomizu sends all the robots on earth to fight off the Roboid Army, but the robots are destroyed one after another by the mighty foes.

    127th Episode: The Experimental Robot
    Publish:July 24, 1965
    Introduction:“Please help me," a robot pleads as runs into the house of Dr. Ochanomizu. He tells the doctor that in a country called Yumani, the science minister Mooshy is demolishing robots in an experiment. So Dr. Ochanomizu and Atom travel to the country, but...

    128th Episode: Treasures of the Inca Empire
    Publish:July 31, 1965
    Introduction:A passenger plane flying over the Amazon crashes. Atom, who is on board, saves a girl called Milly who has a map showing the places where treasures of the Inca Empire are hidden. But a group of men looking for the treasures are after her.

    129th Episode: Atom vs. Atom
    Publish:August 14, 1965
    Introduction:A fake Atom, equipped with 200,000 horsepower, appears. This robot has been created to beat Atom by gangs around the world who have always been beaten by him.

    130th Episode: The Storm on Mars
    Publish:August 21, 1965
    Introduction:Strange incidents occur frequently at the construction site of a base on Mars. Robots are also being demolished one after another. When Atom and his friends travel there to investigate, a gigantic army of ants attacks them.

    131th Episode: The Moon Champion
    Publish:August 28, 1965
    Introduction:Shooting, fencing, an obstacle race, and wrestling: Atom wins easily in these four games, advancing to the final league of the Moon Champion. However, war robot Goram, controlled by Ham Egg, starts to get in Atom's way.

    132th Episode: Prince Louis
    Publish:September 4, 1965
    Introduction:The mother of Prince Louis steals Shadow II, a new-style robot designed for spying. She is planning to replace her son's body with the latest robot. She does not know that ShadowIIis loaded with a time bomb...

    133th Episode: Revenge After Ten Years
    Publish:September 11, 1965
    Introduction:The ordinary robot Riboryu suddenly turns violent and lets Dr. Marus and his accomplices escape from jail. Riboryu has been preprogrammed to save Dr. Marus after ten years.

    134th Episode: Operation Escape
    Publish:September 18, 1965
    Introduction:Dr. Elite, who has succeeded in developing a high-speed rocket engine, is taken away with his daughter to a country called Dark. When Atom receives an SOS message through a carrier pigeon, he sets out to bring them back from Dark. However, the doctor is scared of flying, so they have to escape by other means.

    135th Episode: The Robot-Dog Backy
    Publish:September 25, 1965
    Introduction:Atom goes to see a robot-dog contest with Dr. Ochanomizu. There, Atom becomes aware of poor stray robot-dogs left behind in the shadow of more beautiful, more accomplished robot-dogs. He feels sorry for the forgotten dogs.

    136th Episode: Inspector Jaguar
    Publish:October 2, 1965
    Introduction:Police inspector Jaguar is the only robot that is allowed to arrest humans. A group of people, however, takes this as an insult and set a trap for the inspector.

    137th Episode: Little Cooley
    Publish:October 9, 1965
    Introduction:A sister-robot and her younger brother-robot run away from a space station and head for the Earth. The two robots are equipped with heat resistant devices that enable them to work near the sun. When their bodies touch each other, the surrounding temperature rapidly drops. If they come to the Earth, everything will freeze...

    138th Episode: A Long Day
    Publish:October 16, 1965
    Introduction:Abnormal weather suddenly hits the Earth. After an investigation, it becomes clear that the problem has been caused by Earth's orbit having gone astray. Then Atom realizes that behind this are evil aliens trying to destroy the Earth.

    139th Episode: Astro Boy Stolen
    Publish:October 23, 1965
    Introduction:It is an injustice that robots should never grow up, thinks a new scientist who has been appointed to the Science Ministry. He puts Atom's artificial intelligence into the body of an adult robot. Meanwhile someone steals Atom's body.

    140th Episode: The King and Atom
    Publish:October 30, 1965
    Introduction:Puka-Puka Island is a southern island. In its animal kingdom, however, is a white bear that cannot exist on a southern island. Atom and his friends head for Puka-Puka Island to find out why the bear is there, but an unseen enemy obstructs their way and makes it impossible for them to approach the island.

    141th Episode: The Locomotive March
    Publish:November 6, 1965
    Introduction:Children love March, an atomic-powered locomotive. Getting jealous of its popularity, Gold challenges March with another locomotive called “Horsepower." The match starts based on a rule that the loser has to be disassembled. Gold obstructs March by various means.

    142th Episode: Minya's Star
    Publish:November 13, 1965
    Introduction:There is a diary of a female soldier who never had the chance to return to Earth after her emergency landing on an ice planet. Now Atom, who is riding on a sightseeing rocket, is forced to land on the same planet, and finds the diary. Then humans begin to quarrel shamefully over the two diamonds mentioned in the diary.

    143th Episode: Bird Street Story
    Publish:November 20, 1965
    Introduction:Bird Street, is a preserved 20th century-street where robot boys and human boys confront each other in endless petty quarrels. A robot boys ask Atom to join them, but...

    144th Episode: Lost Friendship
    Publish:November 27, 1965
    Introduction:Atom saves Robot Muller from villains, and a friendship develops between them. Muller plays happily with Atom and Uran, but in fact he is a robot for terrorist use, made to destroy a nuclear power plant.

    145th Episode: Atom in the Deep Sea
    Publish:December 4, 1965
    Introduction:Dr. Ochanomizu assigns Atom a new mission that requires him to find an H-bomb plane from the deep waters and to defuse it. Then Atom's mother becomes angry because he is always summoned for dangerous missions.

    146th Episode: Report from the Future
    Publish:December 11, 1965
    Introduction:Dr. Muder reports, “Tomorrow, robots will start a rebellion" when he comes back from a time machine trip to the next day. Hearing this, humans start a riot, shouting that the robots should be destroyed now. The scared robots run into a fortress.

    147th Episode: Mid-air Screen
    Publish:December 18, 1965
    Introduction:A machine for projecting pictures in the air has recently been invented. Then the owner of a theater steals it, and starts to take away energy from machines and robots in order to get enough energy for screening.

    148th Episode: Robio and Robiet
    Publish:December 25, 1965
    Introduction:The Ijio family and the Yani family have been on bad terms for generations. The robots made by the doctors in each family also hate each other. Between these enemy families, however, a fragile love begins to grow, and...

    149th Episode: The Can Capriccio
    Publish:January 1, 1966
    Introduction:A can with a parachute falls from the sky on Atom's house on New Year's Day. He tries hard to open it without success. Meanwhile, a can opener falls from the sky in a different place...

    150th Episode: Miss Magnet
    Publish:January 8, 1966
    Introduction:Miss Magnet produces strong magnetic force when she laughs. One day a group of gangs abduct Dr. Tera, the one who created her. They are planning to rob a bank using Miss Magnet's power.

    151th Episode: Lonely Atom
    Publish:January 15, 1965
    Introduction:Robot Pulse hypnotizes Dr. Ochanomizu to develop Lucky Machine, a machine that controls the human brain. Then people manipulated by its hypnotizing radio wave start to ignore Atom, leaving him all alone.

    152th Episode: The Robot Bombs
    Publish:January 22, 1966
    Introduction:Robot Bomb Wide wants to be useful to humans. So takes to attacking Atom, mistaking him for a bad robot.

    153th Episode: The Red Merry-Go-Round
    Publish:January 29, 1966
    Introduction:Uran is on a merry-go-round in an amusement park when she disappears. The merry-go-round turns out to be an electrical transmitter for sending certain substances that was made by Dr. Umazuki, who lost his daughter and horse ten years before.

    154th Episode: Blue Bird Story
    Publish:February 5, 1966
    Introduction:Whenever it hears small birds crying out for help, a robot named Blue Bird rescues them, sometimes even wrecking a building if necessary. Now Blue Bird is trying to rescue a small bird that has wandered into a nuclear power plant...

    155th Episode: The Crazed Boundary
    Publish:February 12, 1966
    Introduction:In a terrifying country called Libea, robots are under constant surveillance and are sent to an asylum if they disobey orders. Atom sneaks into the asylum to rescue the oppressed robots.

    156th Episode: Robot Mayor
    Publish:February 19, 1966
    Introduction:Atom and his friends visit a city governed by a robot mayor. The artificial intelligence of the popular mayor, however, turns out to be malfunctioning. When Atom realizes this, he thinks the mayor should not continue his work any more, but...

    157th Episode: Gypsy's Star
    Publish:February 26, 1966
    Introduction:A robot planet Kipia has drifted into space, and now it is approaching the Earth. When Atom sets out to investigate the planet, he finds that the Kipia people want to make friends with earthlings. Then, in pursuit of Kipia appears the robot planet Garoa, the destroyer of civilization.

    158th Episode: Funny Companion
    Publish:March 5, 1966
    Introduction:There is a pair of handcuffs that are impossible to take off from a villain's wrists unless he mends his ways. Atom gets handcuffed with a thief by accident, and has to go to jail with him because he cannot mend his ways.

    159th Episode: Devil and Angel
    Publish:March 19, 1966
    Introduction:Gifted botanist Leaf has created the plant people Freru and Zaboa. Freru is fair like an angel, while Zaboa is an evil monster. When Zaboa becomes violent in the city, Atom and Freru set out to stop Zaboa.

    160th Episode: The Golden Flute
    Publish:March 26, 1966
    Introduction:The flute expresses the player's feelings through its tunes. Ryuryu, who possesses the flute, comes to Japan in search of her beloved grandfather, but...

    161th Episode: Dream-selling Aliens
    Publish:April 2, 1966
    Introduction:The artificial intelligence of all robots goes awry because of some strange radio waves from space. Dr. Ochanomizu, at a loss as to what to do, has to make the difficult decision of cutting the energy supply of all robots...

    162th Episode: Operation Candy
    Publish:April 9, 1966
    Introduction:Atom's friend Carl immigrates to Brazil, where he gets eaten by a dreadful monster. Carl's father sends Atom some articles left by his son, but the monster's egg is mixed among those articles.

    163th Episode: Road to Another World
    Publish:April 16, 1966
    Introduction:A flaming car disappears as if being swallowed up in another dimension, leaving behind a silver coin that was used in the ancient civilization of the Mu continent. Atom tries to solve the mystery of Mu.

    164th Episode: The Space Spider
    Publish:April 23, 1966
    Introduction:Atom and Dr. Ochanomizu investigate a UFO. Judging the empty disk dangerous, they stage an attack on it with a missile. Then a huge spider appears from the same type of disk that has landed on earth, and starts attacking humans.

    165th Episode: A Great Fuss over Babies
    Publish:April 30, 1966
    Introduction:The king and queen of Family Kingdom are distressed at not being able to have a baby. So they decide to adopt a baby robot that wins a contest. Dr. Ochanomizu also participates in the contest with his robot, but...

    166th Episode: The Jewel-Eating Monster
    Publish:May 7, 1966
    Introduction:Since the science ministries of the world refuse to stop producing war weapons, Dr. Jugemu starts to destroy the ministries with a monster figure that produces tremendous power when it consumes jewels.

    167th Episode: Plenty of Balloons
    Publish:May 14, 1966
    Introduction:Uncle Poi, who works in a toy factory, is making balloons with hydrogen gas for children. When the machine goes out of order, numerous balloons fly up in the sky. If they are left alone, the balloons may explode violently.

    168th Episode: The Island That Jumped Up
    Publish:May 21, 1966
    Introduction:Newsta Island, which had suddenly appeared, is now attracting a good number of tourists as a resort. When Atom and his friends visit the island, a big earthquake occurs. Then Atom realizes that the island, in fact, is a UFO.

    169th Episode: Gift from the Future
    Publish:May 28, 1966
    Introduction:People on a time machine from the future leave something behind on earth. It turns out to be a dinosaur that existed in ancient times on Earth. Atom and Uran love the dinosaur and keep it as a pet, but...

    170th Episode: Two Princesses
    Publish:June 4, 1966
    Introduction:Two princesses are fighting over sovereignty in a certain country. The princess of the northern castle asks Atom for his cooperation, thus involving him in their dispute.

    171th Episode: Kutcher Forever
    Publish:June 11, 1966
    Introduction:Dr. Kutcher, inventor of artificial intelligence, is dead. People become crazy trying to uncover his immense legacy. In the middle of this, Atom receives a message from the doctor who is supposed to be dead.

    172th Episode: The Herald Brothers
    Publish:June 25, 1966
    Rendition: Kataoka Chuzo
    Introduction:The Herald brothers are trying to defeat every robot in the world. Dr. Herald, disguised as a robot, is controlling them. Then he even captures Atom.

    173th Episode: Robotty
    Publish:July 2, 1966
    Introduction:Robotty is a robot of a size smaller than a tiny bean. He asks Dr. Ochanomizu to make a robot-friend for him because he feels lonely all by himself. So Dr. Ochanomizu makes a robot of the same size for him.

    174th Episode: The Great Submarine Canal
    Publish:July 9, 1966
    Introduction:Strange incidents start occurring, such as an event where a vessel that had disappeared in the Japan Sea turns up in the Pacific Ocean. Dr. Ochanomizu thinks that there could be a submarine canal right beneath Japan. So Atom goes in search of the canal, and encounters subterranean people on the ocean floor.

    175th Episode: Robot Wars (part one)
    Publish:July 23, 1966
    Introduction:Super artificial intelligence robot Logos threatens to melt the ice on the South Pole and to sink the world into the ocean unless the world surrenders. In response to this threat, Atom and his friends go off to destroy Logos.

    176th Episode: Robot Wars (part two)
    Publish:July 30, 1966
    Introduction:Super artificial intelligence robot Logos threatens to melt the ice on the South Pole and to sink the world into the ocean unless the world surrenders. In response to this threat, Atom and his friends go off to destroy Logos.

    177th Episode: The Gigantic Robot
    Publish:August 6, 1966
    Introduction:In a country called Herenia, the national budget is all used to make the world's largest robot Gorem. The robot, however, turns violent because its artificial intelligence is imperfect.

    178th Episode: Chi-tan's Nighttime Adventure
    Publish:August 20, 1966
    Introduction:Uran secretly takes the baby robot Chi-tan to a robot hospital to make it speak. A robot machine, however, remodels Chi-tan at its discretion. Chi-tan becomes huge, and turns violent in the city.

    180th Episode: The Blue Knight (part two)
    Publish:September 3, 1966
    Screenplay: Tomino Yoshiyuki
    Rendition: Tomino Yoshiyuki
    Introduction:Count Burg hates serial killer robot Blue Knight so much that he even destroys innocent robots. Atom is caught in the middle of the hatred between robots and humans.

    181th Episode: Ghost Manufacturing Machine
    Publish:September 10, 1966
    Introduction:Dictator Hiller takes Dr. Ochanomizu away, and tries to coerce the doctor into making Hiler clones on a massive scale in order to conquer the world. Atom heads to a country called Boruboa to rescue the doctor.

    182th Episode: Demented Cobalt
    Publish:September 24, 1966
    Introduction:Atom is asked to cooperate in defeating the dictator of Planet Batra, and he heads for the planet. The dictator Gammer, however, lures Cobalt out and turns him to a robot that will never disobey him. Now Atom has to fight against his own brother.

    183th Episode: Japanese People from Space
    Publish:October 1, 1966
    Introduction:58 million aliens that look exactly like Japanese people immigrate to Japan, causing a serious food shortage. An alien scientist Dohyar plans to take over Japan by making Japanese people small with cell-reducing fluid. (Remake of the 7th episode “Captain Atom")

    184th Episode: Time War
    Publish:October 8, 1966
    Introduction:People who have white blood come from the future with Robot Jijiru following them. Blood transfusion are needed to save them. When Atom and Dr. Ochanomizu fly to the future, they discover a post- nuclear war-world. Man has become extinct, and there is a continuous war between artificial men and robots.

    185th Episode: Star of Africa
    Publish:October 22, 1966
    Introduction:Due to trouble with their plane, Atom and Uran find themselves wandering in Africa. Then they find a cross that emits a mysterious voice. The cross has the power to become the god of robots when fitted with artificial intelligence.

    186th Episode: Monsters Come out at Night
    Publish:October 29, 1966
    Introduction:Due to trouble with their rocket, Atom and other passengers are forced to land on an unknown small planet. On the planet lives a huge monster that eats plants that grow during the night.

    187th Episode: Baily's Legend
    Publish:November 5, 1966
    Introduction:Atom and Uran visit the Robot Museum. There, Atom finds an empty showcase labeled “Baily." As the name sounds familiar to Atom, he sets out to investigate it and finds that Baily is an important benefactor to him.

    188th Episode: Tengu of Kurama
    Publish:November 19, 1966
    Introduction:Robot Tomson, who has the ability to see through objects, sees that most statues of Buddha in Kyoto are fake. Then Atom and his fellows go searching for the real statues, and get surrounded by a group of long-nosed goblins.

    189th Episode: Confusion at the Shooting Studio
    Publish:November 26, 1966
    Introduction:Atom and Uran go to see the shooting of a film. There, they see robots that look exactly like themselves, and take part in the filming after secretly changing places. In the shooting studio, however, stunt robots are treated as harshly as if they were objects.

    190th Episode: Miracle of Mesopotamia
    Publish:December 3, 1966
    Introduction:Atom and his friends set out on an adventure to look for the mystery capital Mesotamia. When they are hit by a sandstorm, they find a hole up in the sky that they think could lead them to the capital. It seems likely that Mesotamia is a civilization created by aliens who came to the earth 2000 years ago.

    191th Episode: Wandering Roppi
    Publish:December 17, 1966
    Introduction:Aliens attack a boy and an old man in the deep woods. After Atom saves them, he learns that the boy Roppi and the old man are also aliens. Roppi tells Atom that he is a prince and that he has run away from his planet.

    192th Episode: Medussa's mansion
    Publish:December 24, 1966
    Introduction:A doctor studying the mysteries of eternal youth has built Medussa's mansion. Atom and his friends visit the mansion and find Medussa's box, which contains the secret of eternal youth. When they open it, they find a young man named Siegfried lying inside.

    193th Episode: The Greatest Adventure on Earth
    Publish:December 31, 1966
    Introduction:As the temperature of the Earth rises due to the influence of a sunspot, all humans evacuate the Earth and head for space. Only robots are supposed to remain on the Earth, but there is one villain left, and he is trying to seize this chance to conquer the planet.