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New Treasure Island


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  • "New Treasure Island" is an adventure action drama featuring a boy's adventure at sea. One day a boy named Pete finds a map of "Treasure Island" that his deceased father left behind. He starts on a voyage to find it together with "Captain," who was a friend of his father. But his ship is attacked by pirates, led by Bowarl, and the two are caught. When a storm hits the pirate ship, the two are thrown into the sea and washed up on the shore of a solitary island in the southern ocean. To their surprise, this island is the one they have been looking for. However, they experience one misfortune after another, and Pete is captured by savage indigenous people. Will Pete and Captain survive? Will they find the treasure? Their thrilling and incredible adventures continue.

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  • April 1, 1947
    Published as a book (Ikuei Publishing)

    Based on an original story written by a veteran cartoonist in Osaka, Sakai Shichima, Tezuka Osamu, who was not yet popular at the time, drew the pictures for Shichima's book, which became his debut work. Its Western-style pictures and quickly unfolding storyline attracted a lot of attention, and his work became a best seller with 400,000 copies sold, laying the groundwork for the Manga craze. The original version of "New Treasure Island" was based on Tezuka Osamu's manuscript, but substantial modifications were made by Sasaki Shichima, who cut nearly 60 pages and also changed some of the lines. When publishing "The Complete Works of Tezuka Osamu," Tezuka Osamu remade it based on his memory to make it closer to his original.


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