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Don Dracula


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  • "Don Dracula" is a slapstick comedy depicting scenes caused by Dracula the vampire, who has come to modern Japan.
    Earl Dracula has moved from Transylvania to an old Western-style house on a corner of a residential area in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. Together with him are his daughter Chocola, a cute junior high school girl, and his servant Igor, who is fierce-looking but kind by nature.
    Although Earl Dracula is a proud vampire who prowls around the town seeking the blood of beautiful virgins, he is always involved in various disturbances and causes troubles for people around him. What's more, Professor Hellsing, his enemy of ten years who has been suffering from hemorrhoids, persistently follows him around. Professor Hellsing has been attempting to exterminate vampires. The Earl is also tailed by a woman named Blonda, from whom Dracula sucks blood for the first time in Japan. In modern Japan, where nobody believes in vampires, the appearance of Earl Dracula and his daughter on the streets causes a big fuss night after night.

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  • Earl Dracula


    Obayashi Nobuhiko

    Professor Hellsing




    Police Inspector Murai


  • From May 28 to December 10, 1979
    Appeared serially in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.)

    "Don Dracula" is a slapstick comedy that appeared serially in "Weekly Shonen Champion" following "Black Jack." Tezuka Osamu, who didn't want to rehash "Black Jack," aimed to write a completely different type of Manga in creating "Don Dracula." Later, Tezuka Osamu reflected that since he loved slapstick, he really enjoyed writing this work.
    At about the same time, the American comedy movie "Disco Drac" (1979) was released. Though the movie contained an episode where Dracula goes to a disco, similarly to events in Tezuka Osamu's "Don Dracula," this was pure coincidence. In 1982, the animated program was first aired as a series of 26 episodes, but only four episodes were broadcasted because the advertising agency in charge went bankrupt.


  • 1. Arrival of Dracula      May 28, 1979

    Dracula and his daughter, Chocola, move to Japan from Transylvania, Romania, and go out cheerfully on the night town, thirsting for the blood of virgins. As soon as they find a victim, however, a car hits her and runs away. Chocola follows the hit-and-run car, and finds that the driver is a famous young man who is loved by girls everywhere.
    Guest A passer-by / Tezuka Osamu

    2. Dracula Again      June 4, 1979

    Chocola is a member of the Science Fiction Club at the night junior high school she attends. She and other members of the club decide to buy a life-size plastic model of an SF hero, and gather their money together. They finally collect 90,000 yen and pay it to the company that sells the model. But the company turns out to be a fraud, and the club members can get neither the product nor their money back. Earl Dracula storms into the swindlers' company in a rage.

    3. Dracula After All      June 11, 1979

    The SF Club that Chocola belongs to is offered a house that used to be an old cram school so that they can use it for free for their activities. In the house, however, supernatural phenomena keep occurring, and Nobuhiko, one of the members, gets seriously injured. The house turns out to be haunted by vengeful ghosts of the dead students who used to study at the cram school. Feeling that Chocola is also going to be hurt, Earl Dracula hurries to the house.
    Guest A police detective / Police Inspector Tawashi

    4. Dracula Tanker      June 18, 1979

    Earl Dracula receives a letter of invitation to a dinner party from the then Prime Minister, Mr. Ohira Masayoshi. He goes to the official residence of the Prime Minister excitedly, but it turns out that he has received the invitation by mistake, having been taken for a VIP from an Arabian oil-producing country. Feeling humiliated, Earl Dracula decides to hijack an oil tanker to make the Prime Minister apologize to him.

    5. Well, I'm Dracula      June 25, 1979

    Professor Hellsing, an old enemy of Earl Dracula, comes to Japan all the way from Holland, following the Earl. Taking a teaching position at Matsutani Junior High School where Chocola attends, Professor Hellsing conspires to drive Earl Dracula into a corner until he gets a chance to pierce a stake through the Earl's chest. The professor has chronic piles, however. When he finally finds the mansion of Earl Dracula, his piles get worse again, and...

    6. Dracula One More Time      July 2, 1979

    Earl Dracula sees Yara Cenne, a porn actress, in a midnight TV program, and takes to her instantly. Thirsting for her blood, he goes to the TV station, but there he has a hard time of it: taken for an extra, he is put in a period drama, ending up in a round-table talk on constipation.
    Guest A villain in the period drama / Buku Bukku

    7. Dracula vs. Camilla      July 9, 1979

    One day, a woman appears in front of Chocola, introducing herself as a photographer for a magazine, and invites her to become a model. Accepting the invitation, Chocola goes to a small island of Izu, but finds that it is the place where several young men and women were killed just the other day. The real identity of the photographer turns out to be Camilla the female vampire. She is an ex-wife of Earl Dracula, whom he divorced 300 years ago, and the mother of Chocola.

    8. Dracula Once Again      July 30, 1979

    A daughter of the French ambassador is kidnapped, and Earl Dracula, who happens to be away, becomes a suspect. In an effort to clear himself of the suspicion, Earl Dracula decides to search for her on his own. He first goes to a disco for young people gather, and is obliged to dance. He has a hidden talent for dancing, however, and he gets popular among the young people instantly.

    9. Dracula Meets a Cross between a Fish and Human      July 23, 1979

    Professor Hellsing hits on a unique way to kill Earl Dracula. The plan is to make a lot of beautiful women puppets with garlic gas in them, and leave them in a young woman's room: as soon as Dracula bites at one of the puppets mistakenly, the garlic gas will come out. The puppets begin to move by themselves, however. It turns out that refugees who are all half fish and half human from South East Asia are hiding in the puppets. Knowing this, Earl Dracula...

    10. Blonda, My Love      August 6, 1979

    One day, Earl Dracula receives an eerie portrait from an unknown sender. The model of the portrait comes out of the painting every night to move around the house. The person confides that he is actually a young man called Dorianglay, who has been shut in the portrait by a curse of the devil. He says that in order to break the spell, the portrait must be burnt by the hands of Blonda, whom he loved in the past.

    11. It Reminds Me of Dracula      August 13, 1979

    Earl Dracula accidentally joins the Dracula Lovers' Club, a group of fanatic vampire fans, and he participates in a tour to the limestone cave of Okutama where it is rumored that vampires live. But they all lose their way in the cave.

    12. Dracula by All Means      August 20, 1979

    Hearing about a test to be given the next day at Chocola's school, Earl Dracula makes a special pencil with a piece of paper for cheating inside it for his daughter. She does not use it during the test because she is a fair player, but Professor Hellsing finds the pencil. Although Chocola expects him to get angry, he approaches Earl Dracula with a suggestion to commercialize the pencil to make a profit on it.

    13. Dracula Lives by Night      August 27, 1979

    Nobuhiko, Chocola's boyfriend and the leader of the SF Club, transfers to a daytime school. Being a vampire, Chocola's body would fall apart if exposed to sunlight. As she does not want to be separated from him, however, she makes desperate efforts to train her body not to be affected by sunlight. But...

    14. Almost Dracula      September 3, 1979

    When Earl Dracula is searching up and down in his house for the ancestral cloak that has been handed down from generation to generation in his family, he comes across an old coffin in storage. In the coffin, a body of one of his ancestors is lying in sand. Using a secret method, Earl Dracula resurrects the ancestor to see that even though the man is subdued, he is the first Earl Dracula who was a ferocious and vicious killer known as "Spearing Prince."

    15. Transformation of Dracula      September 10, 1979

    Michio is a boy who likes to trouble adults with his lies. One day, he witnesses Chocola transforming herself into a bat. When Michio tells his parents about it, however, they do not believe him even a bit. He finally finds Chocola, and declares that if she shows his parents how she turns into a bat, he will never tell a lie again.
    Guest Michio / Dororo    A girl standing reading in the bookstore / Pinoco (Black Jack)    A passenger on the train / Tezuka Osamu

    16. Another Dracula      September 17, 1979

    Comatine, a pretty Romanian gymnast, comes to Japan from the home country of Earl Dracula. He hurriedly goes to suck her blood, but when he arrives in her bedroom, there is already another vampire who belongs to a different race from the Earl's. Thus the Earl is obliged to go home without being able to enjoy Comatine's blood. The next day, however, she falls from the parallel bars during her performance, getting injured seriously. She needs a large blood transfusion, but her blood is found to be Rah minus, which is very rare.

    17. Dracula in the Rain      October 1, 1979

    One day, a street fortune-teller gives Earl Dracula an ominous prophecy: the Earl will meet with a convulsion of nature, and if he does not lose his own life, he will lose something more precious than his own life. He cannot think of anything other than his beloved daughter, Chocola, that is "more precious than his own life." Experiencing terrible anxiety, the Earl forbids Chocola to go out, but as she does not believe in fortune telling, she goes out without being worried at all. In the meantime, however, a terrible typhoon is approaching Japan.

    18. Barely Dracula      October 8, 1979

    Earl Dracula and Chocola get involved in a fire accident in a tunnel while they are riding in the carriage that Igor drives. Escaping from the fire, they run into a room arranged for a shelter where they meet a family who have left their home in an attempt to die together, and two robbers who are on the run, having killed the leader of their yakuza group and robbed him of his jewels.
    Guest Robber No.1 / Acetylene Lamp    Robber No.2 / Heck Ben

    19. Now It's Dracula for Some Reason      October 15, 1979

    A Chinese cargo plane crashes near the house of Earl Dracula, and the cubs of panda and tiger loaded on the plane run away from the crash site. The cubs are hunted all over the mountains in vain. That is because Chocola has found them and is hiding them in her house. The pursuers say that the pandas should be caught alive because they are precious, while tigers should be shot as they are dangerous. Chocola gets angry at the adults' selfish ideas. Meanwhile, however, the pursuers are coming close to her house.

    20. Dracula Returns      October 29, 1979

    There is a beautiful woman Earl Dracula that is so attracted to that he goes to suck her blood every night. On one night, however, when he looks into the next room, he finds her brother is about to hang himself. The Earl runs quickly to stop him, and listens to his story. The brother says that he lives alone with his sister, and that he was so tired from studying for his college entrance exams that he attempted suicide. Trying to encourage him, Earl Dracula promises to tutor him, but to tell the truth, the Earl himself really hates studying.

    21. Dracula in Desperation      November 5, 1979

    Earl Dracula catches a cold and gets stuck in bed. Chocola wanders about the night amusement district, searching for the blood of virgins for her sick father. But she comes across only people like a juvenile officer and a motorcycle gang, without being able to find the beautiful women she is looking for. In desperation, Chocola approaches a female teacher, an old maid who is famous at her school for being tough on students, and invites her to her house, but...

    22. Wrong Dracula      November 12, 1979

    After his girl friend has become a victim of a vampire, a young man becomes a vampire hunter to revenge the assailant. Having heard that there is a vampire in Japan, he comes to the country all the way from the United States. Although the vampire whom his girl friend fell victim to was not Earl Dracula but the one called Manitou, the young man turns a deaf ear, and almost starving to death, he points a gun at the Earl. His gun is actually loaded with silver bullets that are supposed to be capable of killing vampires!
    Guest Priest / Frankenstein    The pilot of the passenger plane / Chikara Aritake    English teacher / Duke of Red

    23. Dracula Train      November 19, 1979

    The Japan Railways Company has revived an old-style steam locomotive to promote tourism. But the train starts moving by itself every night, running over and killing people. So it is feared and called the "Vampire Train." When Professor Hellsing goes to investigate, the unmanned locomotive starts moving again and chases him about! Then Earl Dracula arrives, and tries to find out what is really behind the train that is harming the reputation of vampires.
    Guest The railways employee / Sir Nylon (Princess Knight)    A former locomotive engineer / Dr. Ochanomizu

    24. Jaws of Dracula      November 26, 1979

    His teeth going bad, Earl Dracula is forcibly taken to a dentist by Chocola. Although he recoils first, once he knows that the dentist is a beautiful woman, he enjoys going to have his teeth treated. As the dentist accidentally finds out the secret of a jewel smuggling gang, however, the gang members kidnap her.
    Guest A delivery man for the smugglers / Ham Egg    Dr. Tanaka's husband / Rock Home

    25. Failed Dracula      December 12, 1979

    A group of four mischievous elementary school boys decide to clean up villains, acting like heroes of TV programs. Their first target is the Western-style mansion on the edge of the town, which is the house of Earl Dracula, because one of the boys was yelled at by Igor, the Earl's servant, and the boys have decided that the residents of the house are villains. When they sneak into the house, however, Chocola tells them that playing war is stupid, reveling to them how tragic real war is. Romania, the home country of Earl Dracula and Chocola, has suffered from many tragedies of wars in its history.

    26. Plagued Dracula      December 3, 1979

    The SF Club to which Chocola belongs makes a huge alien model for the school festival. On the day of the festival, however, the model is gone. At the same time, the club members who have been involved in making the alien model complain of headaches one after another. Is it a curse cast upon them by aliens? Earl Dracula, who is there to enjoy the festival, comes across an alien in the storage room of the gymnasium, and...