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Don Dracula


  • This serialized program was made after a long interval, but unfortunately only four episodes were put on the air when its advertising agency when bankrupt. Eight episodes had been completed in film, and they were broadcast by some rural area stations. This is a horror comedy in which a Western-style house in Romania is bought and brought to Tokyo, with the inhabitants still inside. They are Don Dracula the vampire, his daughter Chocola and his servant Igor.




  • Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Producer: Ikeda Kimio
    Planning: Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., Sankyo Planning
    Story line and Screenplay: Koyama Takao
    Chief Director: Ochiai Masamune
    Rendition: Nomura Kazushi, Nikaido Toshiyuki, Hirabayashi Jun, Kasai Tatsuya
    Animation Director: Uchiyama Masayuki
    Art Director: Shimokawa Tadami
    Sound Director: Toriumi Toshiki
    Producers: Toriumi Toshiki, Tanzawa Junichi, Yui Masatoshi
    Cooperation: Green Box
    Theme Songs:
    "Paradise Dracula": lyrics by Takada Hiroo, music by Kuni Kawauchi, arrangement by Takeichi Masahisa and vocals by Utsumi Kenji, Kourogi '73
    "Daddy is a vampire": lyrics by Koyama Takao, song and arrangement by Takeichi Masahisa and vocals by Niikura Yoshimi


  • (C) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

    Broadcast via TV Tokyo network / 23 minutes / In color / 4 episodes
    Jin Production / April 5, 1982 - April 26, 1982, Mondays 7:00 - 7:30 PM


  • 1st Episode: Here Comes the Dracula Killer   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    For no apparent reason, Don Dracula, the vampire, and his beloved daughter Chocola happen to move to Japan from Romania. They live peacefully in Nerima, a remote area outside Tokyo, until Hellsing, an expert on destroying vampires, comes after them from Holland.

    2nd Episode: Risky Vampire Tour   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    Earl Dracula finds it difficult to adjust to Japanese culture, which is very different from Romanian culture. His daughter Chocola, however, looks much happier here than in the boring Romanian castle. Getting anxious about Chocola, who is going to a disco yet again, he also ventures out into the town. There, he and Chocola come into contact with the "Japan Friendship Club of Vampires," but...

    3rd Episode: The Man in a Frame Who Walks   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    Inside a parcel delivered to their house at midnight is a portrait of a terribly distorted-looking man. They hang it on the wall, but feel disgusted to look at it. When they try to take it off the wall, they find it is stuck there. Moreover, the man in the picture emerges from the frame and sneaks into Chocola's room.

    4th Episode: Where Goes the Half-fish Man?   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    Chocola and her boyfriend Nobuhiko are strolling on the beach when they find a building called "Research Institute for Exterminating Vampires." Out of curiosity, Chocola and Earl Dracula sneak into the building. Then women made of vinyl appear in front of them. What are they?

    5th Episode: Success? The Cribbing Plan   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    School examinations will begin in a few days at the school Chocola attends. She tries to study hard, but cannot concentrate at all because Earl Dracula makes such a ridiculous fuss every night. After she scolds him, Earl Dracula makes a cheating pencil to help her with her exam and puts it stealthily into her bag, but...

    6th Episode: Bizarre! Devil in the Cram School   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    The science fiction club room at the school Chocola attends is going to be used as a storeroom. So the students look for a new room. Finally they find a house that used to be a cram school, and decide to rent it. The house, however, turns out to be haunted by demons. Poltergeist phenomena occur one after another and torment them. So Earl Dracula starts to investigate the house.

    7th Episode: The panda and the tiger are also precious lives   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    A beautiful girl is lying on the road at night. Her blood has been sucked by Earl Dracula. In contemporary Japan, however, nobody would believe that she has been attacked by Dracula. So the residents who have found her take the assault to have been by an animal when they see the wounds, made by sharp teeth, on her neck. Moreover, it has been in the news that a tiger and a panda have escaped during transport and are wandering about the neighborhood. People think it is the tiger that has attacked her, and try to capture the panda and shoot the tiger. As Chocola has become friends with the animals, she gets angry with the people, wondering why they do not try to save both animals.

    8th Episode: Scared of garlic, the cross, and the dentist   Screenplay: Koyama Takao  Director: Ochiai Masamune

    Earl Dracula is craving for blood. He has not had the fresh blood of beautiful women for days. He will die of starvation. When he finally finds a beautiful woman, he sneaks into her bedroom. He is about to bite her neck when he discovers that she has had dinner garnished with plenty of garlic. Finding it more than he can bear, he runs away only to faint from hunger. Then comes an ambulance with a red-cross mark! The environment in this country is way too much for Dracula to live in.