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Black Jack


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  • This is a medical drama in which an unlicensed but gifted surgeon, Black Jack, is the main character.
    Endowed with excellent surgical technique, Black Jack always miraculously saves seriously ill patients and those on the verge of death. But he always claims an outrageous price for his surgery, which is why his presence is rejected in medical circles.
    Black Jack lives quietly in a clinic out in the deserted wilderness with his assistant, Pinoko, whose life he had saved. Patients whom other doctors have given up on come to see him every today; he represents their very last hope.

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  • November 19, 1973 to October 14, 1984
    Appeared serially in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.)

    Tezuka Osamu himself was a licensed medical doctor.
    In "Black Jack," he depicts the kind of doctor he would like to have been of he had chosen to continue as a physician. Under the title of Tezuka Osamu's one-man theater production, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the start of his career as a cartoonist, "Black Jack" was originally planned as a series of 5 independent episodes in which all characters of Tezuka Osamu's Manga would appear. As it became popular, however, over 230 independent episodes were published one after the other over a period of 5 years. Even after completion of this series, an additional 13 independent episodes were produced.
    Among all Tezuka Osamu's works, this one is particularly popular, appealing to his die-hard fans as well as the general audience.


  • 1, "I need a doctor!,"
    Publish:appeared November 19, 1973
    Introduction:The only son of world-class businessman Nikura, the delinquent Akudo, is seriously wounded in a traffic accident. Black Jack (BJ) tells him that he needs a body from which to take organs for transplant. Nikura orders the death of a young man with no relation to him so that his body can be used. Nikura boasts that anything is possible with enough money. Then, BJ ...
    Guest:Nikura / Duke Red
    Akudo / Rock Homes

    2, The Dolphin Savior
    Publish:appeared November 26, 1973
    Introduction:On a stormy night, BJ is taken by someone to a small fishing boat. A group of men who have attacked armored car are waiting on the boat. A younger brother of the group leader seems to have been seriously wounded during the burglary. Although the operation by BJ is successful, they have to drift on the sea without the blood needed for the transfusion, but their fate is to be changed by a dolphin.
    Guest:Leader / Marukubi Boon

    3, Miyuki and Ben
    Publish:December 3, 1973
    Introduction:The scoundrel of the town Ben falls in love with a girl named Miyuki that he sees on the train. He also finds that Miyuki is about to die of cancer, which has spread throughout her body. Ben visits BJ and begs him to save his loved one's life. He says that he would do anything if she can be cured and that he is even ready to offer his life.
    Guest:Ben / Hyakkimaru ("Dororo")

    4, Anaphylaxis
    Publish:appeared December 10, 1973
    Introduction:BJ visits Yokota Base, where he is asked to save a Colonel's son, whose heart has been stuck shrapnel on a battlefield. The son is anaphylactic, and develops a cramp in reaction to the anesthesia. BJ tries electric anesthesia, and the operation is successful. But what is the value of a life saved which is to be lost anyway on the battlefield
    Guest:Colonel / Mason
    Nurse / Sapphire ("Princess Knight")

    5, Bird Man
    Publish:December 17, 1973
    Introduction:At a "flying man" competition, a girl with wings appears in the sky. Her name is Ikaru. Her wish was to become a bird as she had long been confined to a wheelchair. To make her wish come true, BJ transplanted her with auxiliary muscles and gave her wings.
    Guest:Promoter / Ham Egg

    6, Tale of a Snowy Night
    Publish:December 24, 1973
    Introduction:On a snow stormy night, a mysterious boy and his younger sister bring an invisible patient with them. Although they say it is their mother and that she has broken her neck, BJ doesn't see anybody. They pay 30 million yen for the treatment. When BJ starts a mock operation, they explain that they've brought only their mother's soul, as her body was burnt in an airplane crash. It seems that they also were on that plane, and that in fact, they are ghosts.

    7, The Pirate's Arm
    Publish: January 1, 1974
    Introduction:A popular guy named Icchin, who is good at gymnastics, has a pain in his arm. It is diagnosed as gas gangrene, accompanied with septicemia. The only treatment is amputation. BJ makes a special artificial arm for him. It is an unshapely arm, like that of a pirate, but it is also endowed with mystery, encouraging him in hard times.
    Guest:Icchin / Takase Katsuya ("Thunder Mask")

    8, Lost Memories
    Publish:January 7, 1974
    Introduction:The landlord of a dilapidated Tokiwa Apartment cannot remember anything of the past, having lost his memory from being beaten on the head. One day, he is kidnapped by mysterious men. hey threaten him so that he will tell them him where the Japanese Army has hidden 300,000 gallons of gasoline. They take the landlord to BJ so that he can recover his memory.
    Guest:Landlord / Higeoyaji

    9, Two Shujis
    Publish: January 14, 1974
    Introduction:Company president Oda wants his junior high school son to succeed him as owner of his company. But the son, Shuji dies in a fire in the basement of a department store. The utterly grieved President Oda asks BJ to perform a sex change operation on Shuji's elder sister Kumi to make her look like Shuji.
    Guest:Kumi / Naomi ("The Song for Apollo")

    10, Son of Siva
    Publish:January 28, 1974
    Introduction:The woman of this story is a dreadful criminal. She repeatedly kidnaps children and sends their fingers to their families. But on the other hand, she loves her own little son very much. She disguises herself and kidnaps her son to evade the suspicion of the police. But her son gives her a cut. She visits BJ to ask him to make the cut invisible so that her son would not be able to recognize her as the kidnapper.
    Guest:Son of the kidnapper / Atom ("ASTRO BOY")

    11, Nadare the Deer
    Publish: February 11, 1974
    Introduction:A monster appears at a construction development site in the snowy mountains. The monster "Nadare" kills all the workers there. BJ knows what the monster is: it's a young deer named Nadare to which BJ transplanted cerebrums at the request of biology scholar Dr. Oedo. Dr. Oedo thought that if the cerebrums were transplanted in a more spacious location, they would grow larger and become more intelligent.
    Guest:Dr. Oedo / Rock Holmes

    12, The Teratogenous Cystoma
    Publish:February 18, 1974
    Introduction:A high-class lady is taken to BJ's clinic, and an abnormal cystoma found in her body. BJ examines her, finding immature but the full array pf parts to make a human body in the cystoma. BJ patch works the cut cystoma to make a human figure, and this is how Pinoko is created.
    Guest:Dr. Kani / Dr. Fooler

    13, Pinoko Loves You
    Publish: February 25, 1974
    Introduction:Although Pinoko claims that she is 18 years old, she acts just like a baby. A boy who was hit and run is brought to BJ, who is having difficulty-controlling Pinoko. The boy needs a renal transplant, but his father is only thinking about getting a discount on the operation. During the negotiations, the boy's condition suddenly changes for the worse. Pinoko then asks BJ to use her kidney.
    Guest:Father / Rommel
    Mother / Cusco ("Good Morning Cusco")

    14, Aftereffects
    Publish: March 11, 1974
    Introduction:Horikiri, a big baseball star, is suffering from a heart aneurism, and his doctor has recommended that he retire. The doctor tells him that he might lose his life if his heart is subjected to any further strain. Still wanting to play, Horikiri asks BJ to help him. Before the operation, BJ tells him that all he can do is to help him get him back to the field.. Horikiri returns to the field, but suffers unexpected complications.
    Guest:Honma Jotaro / Saruta

    15, The Heroine of the Tunnel
    Publish:March 18, 1974
    Introduction:A bus packed with kindergarten kids is trapped in a tunnel because both the entrance and exit of the tunnel are blocked. BJ is asked to treat seriously wounded kids. But he is unable to do anything without drugs or diagnostic equipment. BJ takes a rich family's son and starts walking toward the crumbed exit of the tunnel. The teachers think BJ is running away. But, ...
    Guest:Kindergarten teacher / Sapphire ("Princess Knight")

    16, Pinoko Refuses to Leave Home
    Publish:March 25, 1974
    Introduction:Feeling that he is unable to raise her properly, BJ finds foster parents for Pinoko. But Pinoko does not like her new parents. She runs away from home and comes back to BJ's clinic to find him performing an operation on himself for peritonitis. Pinoko supports his operation and helps save his life. Noting that she learns very quickly, BJ decides to take on Pinoko as his assistant.
    Guest:Housemaid / Nursemaid ("The White Pilot")

    17, The Gray Mansion
    Publish: April 1, 1974
    Introduction:BJ is called up by a beautiful lady who runs an exclusive hotel, and visits her mansion. In the basement of the building, he finds a severely burnt man whose skin is inflamed. The lady asks BJ to cure her brother. BJ examines the body, and finds that he was burnt after being beaten. BJ suspects that this beautiful lady must have committed a brutal crime.
    Guest:Burnt and sore man / Prince Franz ("Princess Knight")

    18, Dead Twice
    Publish:April 8, 74
    Introduction:A boy who killed his father in Harlem, NY, is hunted down and tries to take his own life by jumping from a building. Although his heart stops beating, his brain waves are still measurable, but barely. It might be possible to save his life. A world-renowned surgeon who has never had a patient die in an operation starts to revive him, but finds the boy is brain dead. The surgeon asks for BJ's help.
    Guest:Dr. Gable / Goa ("Ambassador Magma")

    19, Leaf Buds
    Publish: April 15, 1974
    Introduction:A boy becomes frightened as leaf buds rapidly sprout from his body. He feels as if he is being transformed into something else. His elder brother becomes worried and sends a letter to BJ. When BJ comes to see him, he finds the boy is about to turn into a "plant man." BJ thinks that a cactus has infected the boy.
    Guest:Aoki Mikio / Pippy ("Pippy")

    20, Paroxysm
    Publish:April 22, 1974
    Introduction:Pinoko decides to furnish BJ's house nicely, to make it becoming of the world's No. 1 doctor, and orders everything from wallpaper, furniture, piano, etc. When BJ comes home, he finds the house totally transformed and bitterly scolds Pinoko. Pinoko goes to look for rich patients, because she thinks they could build a new house if they only had money.

    21, Save the Baby!
    Publish:April 29, 1974
    Introduction:Hari Adola, who has psychic powers, claims that he treats patients with the power of God. Hari is to compete with BJ to be featured in a magazine article. While BJ tries to deliver a stillborn in order to save a mother whose fetus has developed outside her uterine, Adola declares that he will save the fetus with "the power of God."
    Guest:Hari Adola / Iboriro ("Triton of the Sea")

    22, Won't Stop Bleeding
    Publish:May 13, 1974
    Introduction:A boy meets a girl in front of a locker at Ueno Station. They came to Tokyo from rural areas, wanting to live their lives to the fullest. They love each other, but the girl is hemophilic, and the boy's days are numbered because of serious anemia. The boy asks BJ to tell her that his disease is curable by operation. The boy wants her to fully enjoy her life, and to live his own life as best he can as well.

    23, Kidnap
    Publish:May 20, 1974
    Introduction:The President of a country is shot in the back of his head by an assassin. BJ is called in to save the President's life, and he accepts to perform an operation on him. But a telephone call is put through to BJ in the operation room: the kidnappers say that they will return his daughter only in exchange for the President's death. BJ is forced to choose between the lives of the President and Pinoko.

    24, Shoplifting Dog
    Publish:May 27, 1974
    Introduction:An old dog with a bad habit of shoplifting is hit and run by a car while he is running away. Pinoko, who happened to be passing by at that moment, asks BJ to save the dog's life. BJ reluctantly takes the dog back home and treats her. The old dog becomes Pinoko's pet, but she is lazy and takes her time to do anything. BJ and Pinoko never imagine that such a good-for-nothing dog would ever save their lives.
    Guest:Ambassador #1 of the Democratic Republic of Kainan / Kin Sankaku
    Ambassador #2 of the Democratic Republic of Kainan / Toznan Saihoku

    25, Ashes and Diamonds
    Publish:June 3, 1974
    Introduction:Because of his distrust in people, an old man named Matsukata, who built his fortune during his lifetime, changes all his assets into three hundred diamonds and implants them in his body. Unable to trust BJ, who performs the operation on him, Matsukata asks Dr. Hyakki to check if the diamonds are indeed in his body. Dr. Hyakki examines him and finds three hundred acrylic balls.
    Guest:Matsukata / Higeoyaji
    Dr. Hyakki / Hyakkimaru ("Dororo")

    26, Captain Pac
    Publish:June 10, 1974
    Introduction:On a stormy night, the captain of a cargo ship transporting smugglers gets seriously wounded on the ship. After being asked for treatment, BJ advises the captain to send a rescue signal immediately. But the captain insists on smuggling the refugees into Japan at the risk of losing his life at sea, because he knows they would be sent back to their countries if the smuggling operation were uncovered. BJ faces with the shocking truth of Japan that not so easily sends refugees back to their countries.

    27, Shiraha-sama
    Publish:June 17, 1974
    Introduction:Shiraha-sama cheats people of great faith, saying that any strange diseases that doctors cannot cure are caused by the devil. BJ challenges the "faith healer," revealing her as a fraud. BJ claims that he will cure a boy who she claims is cursed by a snake. The boy is suffering from fish skin disease, for which there is no record of successful surgical treatment. Will BJ be able to cure him?
    Guest:Shiraha-sama / Mrs. Hell ("Princess Knight")
    Boy cursed by a snake / Chippei ("The Vampires")

    28, Finger
    Publish:June 24, 1974

    29, Sometimes Like a Pearl
    Publish: July 1, 1974
    Introduction:One day, BJ receives a scalpel in a stone case. The case is engraved with the initials "JH." Noting that it has been sent by Honma Jotaro, who saved BJ's life during his childhood, BJ pays a visit to Honma and listens to the confessions of the bedridden old man that once saved his life. BJ is to see Jotaro depart this life.
    Guest:Honma Jotaro / Saruta

    30, Pinoko is Still Alive
    Publish:July 8, 1974
    Introduction:One day, BJ comes home to find Pinoko lying in the garden. BJ examines her and finds that she is suffering from malignant leukemia, and that her days are numbered. BJ judges that the only way to save Pinoko is to replace all of her blood. BJ starts to run around, frantically looking for Pinoko's elder sister (who had the cystoma which later transformed into Pinoko).
    Guest:Dr. Kani / Dr. Fooler

    31, Tommy
    Publish:July 15, 1974
    Introduction:Among many horses, a horse-loving boy named Tommy especially likes a horse named Prominence. Herd boys under orders to kill Prominence severely injure Tommy by mistake. BJ, who is asked to rescue Tommy, finds his brains smashed, and says it is impossible to revive him. But Tommy's father will not give up. BJ reluctantly transplants Prominence's brains in Tommy.
    Guest:Tommy's father / Magoo

    32, Trapped in an Elevator
    Publish:July 22, 1974
    Introduction:A department store collapses suddenly, but it is not an earthquake. The ground sinks due to excessive pumping up of the underground water. BJ, who happened to be at the site, is trapped inside the elevator with a seriously wounded man and his son. With no painkillers and limited amount of drugs, BJ finds a way for them to survive.
    Guest:Father / Magma ("Ambassador Magma")
    Son / Gum ("Ambassador Magma")

    33, The Pug-Nosed Patient
    Publish: July 29, 1974
    Introduction:A police inspector arrests BJ for practicing medicine without a license, but says that instead of putting him in jail he would give him a doctor's license if he could save a particular patient. BJ accepts his offer. The patient he is asked to cure is actually the police inspector's son, who is suffering from pug-nosed disease. The disease causes the face of the patient to become sorely distorted, and there is no established treatment for it.
    Guest:Police inspector / Acetylene Lamp

    34, Teacher and Pupil
    Publish:August 5, 1974
    Introduction:There is a teacher who believes roaring at students is the only way to educate them. And there is a student who is scared of the teacher and unwilling to go to school. Finally, the student jumps in front of a car. Told by a doctor that the only way to save the student's life is to amputate both his legs and one arm, the teacher hurries to BJ.
    Guest:Teacher Muramasa / Tengai Shiro ("Ayako")

    35, Mad Dog
    Publish:August 12, 1974
    Introduction:In the midnight, BJ and Pinoko are looking for lodging while driving along a highway in the mountain. They see a collared dog run across in front of them, and figure there must be a house nearby. So, they drive further into the mountain and find a shabby hut. There lives a young man who transforms into a wolf. Is he a vampire? No, he is suffering from rabies.
    Guest:The man suffering from rabies / Toppei ("The Vampires")
    His younger brother / Chippei ("The Vampires")

    36, Sinking Woman
    Publish:August 19, 1974
    Introduction:Yoko, who used to love swimming and fishing, becomes sick because of a plant that discharges polluted wastewater. She is now mentally retarded and unable to move her legs, and the people around her treat her coldly. She cannot even get the settlement money, because the plant takes advantage of her inability to understand. Sympathizing with her, BJ decides to cure her legs. But, ...
    Guest:Yoko / Zephyrus
    Clerk #1 at the City Hall / Nols Nuketol
    Clerk #2 at the City Hall / Tonan Seihoku

    37, The Siamese Twins
    Publish: August 26, 1974
    Introduction:There is a Siamese twin named Jan, who has two brains in one body. BJ is asked to perform an operation to separate his two brains. The doctors in charge of him say that if BJ can keep the two brains alive, his name be remembered. BJ reluctantly starts the operation, unaware of a scheme being planned by the two Jans.
    Guest:Two Jans / Magma and Gum ("Ambassador Magma")
    German doctor / Shumari ("Shumari")

    38, Pinoko Returns!
    Publish: September 2, 1974
    Introduction:Pinoko comes back from shopping and bumps into a burglar. Sympathizing with the burglar after hearing his story, she gets some pocket money from BJ and delivers it to him. But she disappears. Becoming worried, BJ starts to run around the town looking for her. He even abandons a special offer by the International Doctors' Association to grant him a medical license.
    Guest:Burglar / Tadanobu ("Tadanobu")

    39, Junka Restaurant
    Publish:September 9, 1974
    Introduction:A Chinese restaurant owner is suffering from cholelithiasis. Although everyone recommends that he undergo an operation, he insists on saying that drugs alone can cure him. But there are no drugs for removing a gallstone. Nevertheless, he believes that his son, who is practicing medicine in China, will develop a remedy and bring it home with him. BJ tricks him into going to sleep, and starts an operation. But, ...
    Guest:Restaurant owner / Elder of Takasago Tribe ("Eulogy to Kirihito")

    40, A Father's Gift
    Publish: September 16, 1974
    Introduction:A gangster and his son are attacked by a bomb from their opponent organization. The only way to save the entirely burnt child is to transplant his father's skin. BJ, who happened to be at the site, accepts to perform the operation on behalf of a doctor at the hospital, who fears retaliation by the gang.
    Guest:Father / Melon Kid ("Lemon Kid")
    His son / Pick ("The Devil Garon")
    Director of the emergency hospital / Echizengani ("Lunatic Japan")

    41, Vegetable
    Publish: September 23, 1974

    42, Infant's Ballad
    Publish: September 30, 1974
    Introduction:A girl leader of a delinquent group happens to find a baby discarded in one of the coin-operated lockers at the station. She starts to raise the baby in the locker. In the meantime, her maternal instincts are awakened. The baby gets ill, and she brings him to BJ. After finding out that the baby is suffering from rickets due to lack of exposure to enough sunlight, BJ orders her to report the incident to the station and take the baby to hospital.

    43, Misdiagnosis
    Publish: October 7, 1974
    Introduction:At a friend's wedding party, BJ meets one of his friends from school. He is now an influential doctor, running his own hospital. But in reality, he is only sitting back in a chair, leaving diagnosis and operations and everything else to other doctors. The condition of a patient who was diagnosed with peritonitis by this man takes a sudden turn for the worse. Asked for support, BJ immediately notices his friend's misdiagnosis. But the former schoolmate is too proud to acknowledge it.
    Guest:Itoh / Kamakiri Taisaku ("The Shinsen-gumi")

    44, Eyewitness
    Publish: October 14, 1974
    Introduction:A time bomb explodes on the platform of the bullet train. A female kiosk attendant sees the criminal, but she loses the sight in her two eyes due to the explosion. The police ask BJ to transplant eyeballs to her so that she can help identify the criminal. But BJ knows that there is not even a single case of successful eyeball transplant and that even if the operation were successful, she would lose her sight again in five minutes.
    Guest:Bakudan-ma / Skunk Kusai
    Detective / Police Inspector Shimoda

    45, The White Lion
    Publish:October 21, 1974
    Introduction:A pure white lion is given as a present from Africa to a zoo in Japan. But, presumably due to stress, the lion gets ill and his life is in danger. Asked to diagnose the lion, BJ reaches the conclusion that there is only one way to treat it due to its frail constitution, and that is to inject melanin into the capillaries of its entire body so that it will become the color of normal lions.
    Guest:White Lion / Leo (gJungle Emperor Leo")

    46, Terror Germ (Original Title: Incarnate of Death)
    Publish:October 28, 1974
    Introduction:On a cargo ship carrying weapons used during the Vietnam War, there are successive reports of abnormal skin disease. The contents of a top-secret biological weapon are leaking. If this fact is revealed, the world will be thrown into chaos. The government secretly asks BJ to perform operations on the victims. When BJ arrives at the cargo ship, he finds another doctor has also been invited. It is Dr. Kiriko, specializing in euthanasia.

    47, The Gleaming Eyes
    Publish:November 4, 1974
    Introduction:SF freak Tetsuo dreams of meeting a spaceman. The leader of a gang group is always teasing him about his fantasies. One day, Tetsuo's eyes start to glimmer. Believing that he is possessed by a spaceman, Tetsuo rejects BJ's recommendation to undergo an operation. Tetsuo wants to confront the group leader with the power of the spaceman. But if his eyes go untreated, he may lose his sight.
    Guest:Group leader / Akashi ("God Father's Son")

    48, The Phone Rings Three Times
    Publish:November 11, 1974
    Introduction:A person on the phone says, "I will kill you in revenge of my mother, who had to die because she couldn't afford the outrageous treatment fees." The man seems to be holding Pinoko as a hostage. When the man calls for the second time, he says he is coming closer to BJ. When he steps outside, BJ is showered by bullets. But before he can be fatally wounded, the criminal's sister stands in front of him, and she is shot.
    Guest:Criminal (Shin-chan) / Chikaishi Shogo ("The Song for Apollo")
    Criminal's sister - Melmo ("Marvelous Melmo")

    49, Two Loves
    Publish:November 18, 1974
    Introduction:Takuyan, who works at BJ's favorite Sushi restaurant, is dreaming about making the best sushi in Japan for his mother in their hometown. But he is hit by a truck, and loses both arms. Instead of accusing the driver Akira, he asks Akira to make sushi for him. He says he wants to make sushi using Akira's hands.
    Guest:Takuyan / Chujo Taku ("Norman")
    Takuyan's wife / Sapphire ("Princess Knight")

    50, The Encounter
    Publish: November 25, 1974
    Introduction:A ship doctor lands from an overseas passenger liner that arrives at Yokohama Port. It is Kei Kisaragi. Kisaragi calls BJ and tells him that it's been a long while and she wants to meet him. BJ goes to Yokohama. Pinoko, suspecting that he might be seeing a woman, goes along with him. Kisaragi tells Pinoko about BJ's first love. It is a fleeting and sad story.

    51, Shrinking Bodies!!
    Publish: December 2, 1974
    Introduction:A strange disease prevails in the African inland. Animals begin shrinking because of the disease. The local doctor who asks for the support of BJ is also infected, and his body also begins shrinking. Once he begins to research the problem, BJ comes to know that it is not a disease. If it is not a disease, is it the will of God? Is shrinking our bodies the only way for us to survive in our resource-depleted world?
    Guest:Togakushi / Jukai ("Dororo")

    52, The Carbuncle
    Publish: December 9, 1974
    Introduction:A second face suddenly appears on a human body. There is a legend that no matter how many times it is removed, it still reappears. A man whose face is fully covered with face "eschars" visits BJ for help. BJ performs an operation on him and removes his extra faces. But the human face eschar keeps appearing every time he removes it. Sensing that it is a mental problem, BJ applies a rough treatment. But, ...

    53, Fame
    Publish:December 16, 1974
    Introduction:A Swedish girl suffering from an incurable heart disease comes to Japan to receive treatment from one of Japan's famous heart surgeons, Dr. Bandai. Surrounded by the mass media, Dr. Bandai boasts that he is the only doctor who can perform an operation of such difficulty. He chooses to help the girl who is attracting more mass media attention, rather than a Japanese girl who is also suffering from the same disease. BJ decides to perform an operation on the girl that Dr. Bandai rejects, and to challenge his claims.
    Guest:Prof. Bandai / Poseidon ("Triton of the Sea")
    Ingrid / Juju ("The Lower Angel")
    Yamada / Double ("Captain Ken")
    Yamada's daughter / Melmo ("Marvelous Melmo")

    54, The Leg of an Ant
    Publish:December 23, 1974
    Introduction:Inspired by a book written by a doctor named Honma Jotaro about a disabled child traveling on foot, a boy suffering from infantile paralysis (polio), just like the boy in the book, embarks on his own journey, following the same route. The boy is dubious about BJ, who is following him, because he doesn't know that the boy depicted in the book is BJ himself.
    Guest:Boy suffering from infantile paralysis / Kenichi

    55, Stradivarius
    Publish:January 1, 1975
    Introduction:An airplane carrying a reputable violin player and BJ makes a crash landing in the snowfield of Alaska. Although they evacuate to an Inuit village, the violinist walks into the snowstorm to look for his famed Stradivarius, which has been blown away by the wind. When he finally finds his violin, his fingers are almost frostbitten. Although BJ starts to perform a desperate operation on his fingers, ...
    Guest:Violinist / Frankenstein

    56, Black Mirror Image
    Publish: January 6, 1975
    Introduction:After having seen people suffering from great pain on the battlefield, ex-Army Surgeon Kiriko comes to believe that euthanasia is one way to save people. A woman who is totally paralyzed calls him up. On the same day, however, BJ is asked by her children to save her. BJ takes the patient away from Kiriko and starts to perform an operation. Although the operation is successful, the mother and children are involved in an accident and die immediately after they are released from the hospital. Kiriko's loud laughter echoes in BJ's ears.

    57, Black Queen
    Publish: January 13, 1975
    Introduction:There is a female doctor who is famous for her cool and apathetic attitude during operations. People start calling her the 'Black Queen' because of her cruelty. Her boyfriend, who is involved in an accident, is carried to her. Normally, she doesn't have a second thought on amputating arms and legs, but here, for the first time, seeks a treatment other than amputation. It is BJ who gives her a helping hand.
    Guest:Female doctor named Konomi Kuwata / Zephyrus ("Swallowing the Earth")
    Her fiancee / Rock Home

    58, The Seat of Pleasure
    Publish:January 20, 1975

    59, I Want My Brother Back!
    Publish: January 27, 1975
    Introduction:Yukio's favorite elder brother plays the part of the villain in a special effect TV program. Suffering from elephantiasis, the brother is badly deformed. When Yukio sees BJ, who agrees to treat the brother, the boy, judging by BJ's scarred face, automatically believes that BJ is an evil figure that has transformed his brother into a monster.
    Guest:Elder brother / Seki Gohonmatsu ("Swallowing the Earth")

    60, The Corsican Brothers
    Publish:February 10, 1975
    Introduction:This is a story is about identical twins who are part of the circus. One of them gets seriously injured in a wonderful trapeze act. Then, the other brother, who is not injured, also starts to feel acute pain. The twins believe that if one of them dies the other will die too. BJ works out a plan to deal with these difficult patients.
    Guest:Twin brothers / Ban Taro ("The White Pilot")

    61, The Needle
    Publish:February 17, 1975
    Introduction:Everyone acknowledges BJ as a leading doctor. But a rare incident beyond his control happens. The needle of the drip infusion apparatus is broken and carried away into the vessel. It has to be removed before it injures the heart or lung. But the needle disappears somewhere in the patient's body, as if it is sneering at BJ.
    Guest:Patient / Acetylene Lamp

    62, The Cat and Shozo
    Publish:February 24, 1975
    Introduction:A house built on the slope of a cliff collapses in a landslide. Being severely shocked by the loss of his wife and children in the collapse, Shozo, the house's owner, goes mad, and starts to live with stray cats, believing that they are his wife and children. Judging that Shozo's insanity is due to cerebral hematoma caused by a blow to the head when the house collapsed, BJ removes it by operation. But, ...

    63, Wolf Girl
    Publish: March 3, 1975
    Introduction:In a country plagued by a prolonged civil war, people crossing the borderline are subject to strict surveillance. After overcoming some trouble at the checkpoint on the boarder, BJ baffles pursuers and escapes deep into the mountains. There he encounters a girl who was born with split jaws and mouth: she is suffering from uranoschisis. People in the town fear her as a wolf girl reputed to attack travelers.

    64, You Did It! (Original Title: You are the Criminal!)
    Publish:March 10, 1975
    Introduction:An elementary school boy who swore to take revenge for his elder brother, who was attacked and killed by a burglar, sets a trap for the criminal. When he finally meets him face to face, he stabs himself with a knife and claims that he was stabbed by the criminal. But BJ instantly realizes that the little boy has stabbed himself. The boy begs BJ to understand his actions, which are rooted in revenge. But, ...
    Guest:Elementary school boy / Atom ("ASTRO BOY")

    65, The Cursed Operation
    Publish:March 17, 1975
    Introduction:A female mummy is discovered from ancient ruins during excavation. The scholars who discover it are seriously injured by a cave-in, and the doctors who treat them also suffer mysterious accidents one after another. While everybody is frightened by the curse of the mummy, it's finally BJ's turn to take a look. Noting the wounds on the leg and skull of the mummy, BJ begins to treat it.
    Guest:Archaeologist / Dr. Midoro ("Microid S")

    66, Amidst Fire and Ashes
    Publish: March 24, 1975
    Introduction:The president of a big company and his son argue over the management of their company. The President wants his son to succeed him, but the son rejects his offer and even threatens to ruin the company. The son falls into the crater of a volcano, and is badly burned. Discovering that he was pushed by his father, BJ performs an operation to treat the entangled relationship between them, while all the while the volcano continues to erupt violently.
    Guest:President / Grand Duke Duralumin ("Princess Knight")

    67, Two Pinokos (Original Title: Beryl)
    Publish:March 31, 1975
    Introduction:On a visit to a deserted port town, BJ meets a girl named Romi, who looks just like Pinoko. Romi is suffering from a mysterious kind of pneumonia. The doctor at the public health center does not believe BJ when he tells him that the disease has been caused by environmental pollution. While the public health center looks on with folded arms, Romi's condition rapidly worsens. BJ begins serious treatment, but ...
    Guest:Doctor at the Public Health Center / Captain Ken ("Captain KEN")

    68, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World
    Publish:April 14, 1975
    Introduction:There is a phone call at BJ's house, and the voice says, "Kuroo, how are you doing?" It is BJ's father. His father, who deserted his wife and little BJ for another woman and disappeared is calling to request an operation. He wants BJ to perform an orthopedic operation on his present wife, who is suffering from Hansen's disease. Asked to make her "the most beautiful woman in the world," BJ says yes. He then ...

    69, Poison Capsule
    Publish:April 21, 1975
    Introduction:A capsule Pinoko takes as a cold remedy turns out to be cyanide. When he finds out about it, BJ realizes he has to take the capsule out of her body in an hour-- before it starts to dilute. He begins a desperate operation to save her life.

    70, The Body Turns to Stone
    Publish: April 28, 1975
    Introduction:BJ departs for Italy to save the life of a boy who is suffering from a rare disease called progressive myositis ossificans. But it is too late. The only way is to transplant his brain into another body. When the drunken father of the boy hears that a new dead body is needed for his son, he decides to jump into his truck and rams some children.
    Guest:Father / Duke Red

    71, Pneumothorax Operation
    Publish:May 5, 1975
    Introduction:BJ suffers from cramps in the hand he holds the scalpel with. His hand becomes too shaky to hold the instrument every time he tries to perform an operation for pneumothorax, and this is the only reason why he is unable to obtain a medical license. It is his only weakness; otherwise, he is a miracle-working surgeon. His problem is a mental one, caused by trauma in his early childhood.
    Guest:Dr. Yamadano / Dr. Hanamaru

    72, The Man with a Tattoo
    Publish: May 12, 1975
    Introduction:The only pride of a gangster boss is the tattoos that cover his whole body. He gets pancreas cancer and has to undergo an operation, and BJ is asked to do it without spoiling the tattoos. But since the entire body is covered with tattoos, there's no section where he can use his a scalpel. BJ finally makes up his mind to rip open the back at the very center.

    73, Broken into Little Pieces
    Publish: May 19, 1975
    Introduction:A long-lasting war finally enters into its final stage, and the capital is about to fall to shelling by the enemy's army. The dictator becomes mentally ill, and though he is no longer able to properly command his army he still tries to exercise his power. His son thinks that he it is better if he dies. But BJ has signed a contract in which he has agreed to save the dictator's life, unless he is broken into little pieces.
    Guest:Dictator / Acetylene Lamp

    74, Abacus Without Arms
    Publish:May 26, 1975
    Introduction:A boy born with no hands is a genius with in abacus. BJ transplants the hands of a boy who was killed in an accident to him. He tries so hard to learn the abacus, and is finally able to display his ability with his new hands. But on the day of a competition, BJ tells the boy that he must stop over-using his new hands.
    Guest:Question master at the abacus competition / Noracula

    75, A Star is Born
    Publish:June 2, 1975
    Introduction:Suginami Igusa is a star actress enjoying growing popularity. Although she is rumored to have a boyfriend, she never talks about him. She is actually in love with BJ. Dreaming about becoming a star, she has BJ perform an orthopedic operation on her. BJ, on the other hand, thinks that she had more personality and was more beautiful before the operation.

    76, Hydrocephalus
    Publish:June 9, 1975

    77, Dedicated to Vampires
    Publish: June 16, 1975
    Introduction:A girl's blood is cursed. She develops hemophilia, having been born to a father who came from a long line of Rh-negative individuals and a mother who was Rh-positive. A female teacher who sends this girl home after she faints from anemia is welcomed by her father and asked to stay overnight. BJ, who is making a house call, notices that the father is trying to sacrifice the teacher for his daughter.

    78, In the Underground Shelter
    Publish:June 23, 1975
    Introduction:A president who has a high-tech building constructed gathers clients and shows them around the building. BJ is there, too, but he has actually comes to collect the outstanding treatment fees from the president. When they descend to the fully computerized underground shelter, all of them are accidentally trapped. The shutter will open only if the cord underneath the wall can be cut. But nobody knows where to find it.
    Guest:President / Dr. Ochanomizu
    Men confined / Ham Egg, Rommel, Kutter, Taco

    79, The Killing Doctor
    Publish:June 30, 1975
    Introduction:One day, Dr. Kiriko, who specializes in euthanasia, breaks into BJ's house shouting, "Hand over the patient!" But BJ does not know what Kiriko is talking about. Kiriko was actually about to euthanize his father. But his younger sister takes the father away, and entrusts the patient to BJ. Using Kiriko as an assistant, BJ does a challenging operation on his father, who is suffering from a disease of unknown causes.

    80, Pinoko's Love Story
    Introduction:Seeing Pinoko playing lovers with a boy in the park, BJ sighs in disgust. One day the boy is carried into BJ's house. He seems to have been suffering from a disease of his internal organs. BJ is to perform an operation on him. But his internal organs are congenitally transpositioned, including the capillary vessels. BJ has to undertake an extremely difficult operation.
    Guest:Boy in the park / Tink ("Princess Knight")

    81, Treasure Island
    Publish:July 14, 1975
    Introduction:Where has all the money BJ earned gone? Determined to find the truth, a criminal gang finds out about a woman named Gojo Rei. The gang group thinks that BJ must be pouring all his money into this woman. After capturing and torturing BJ, the group departs for Treasure Island. But there awaits not the woman, but a poisonous snake.

    82, Hello, CQ
    Publish: July 21, 1975
    Introduction:The only fun that a boy confined to a wheelchair has is to talk with a boy in New Zealand via radio. He tells a lies to his friend, saying that he is good at sports, especially baseball. But the friend whom the boy thought he would never see says that he will come to Japan. At around the same time, BJ visits him and tells him that he has found a person who is willing to pay the boy's treatment fees.

    83, Rats in a Sewer
    Publish: July 28, 1975
    Introduction:A group of terrorists plan to bust the apartment where their rival organization members live by setting up a bomb in the sewers right below the apartment. They are planning to blow up the other residents together as well. But the bomb explodes by accident, and the group leader is buried under wreckage. To the leader who asks for help while being attacked by a large number of rats, BJ ...
    Guest:Leader of the terrorist group / Rock Home

    84, The Boy with The Belly
    Publish:August 4, 1975
    Introduction:Tatsu, who used to be laughed at because of his protruding navel, grows up to be a young man who is more absorbed in excavating fossils than associating with friends. But his protruding navel grows so big that he finally falls down. Tatsu is then taken to BJ's clinic. BJ diagnoses him as having a rare incarcerated hernia, and performs an operation on him. But Tatsu runs away from the clinic right after the operation, saying that he will continue to excavate fossils.
    Guest:Archaeologist named Ban Shunsaku / Higeoyaji

    85, Temporary Love
    Publish: August 11, 1975
    Introduction:A girl who has only a week to live, due to cancer that has spread throughout her body, says that her last wish is to marry. She says that she will marry the man who comes into her room next. It is BJ who comes into the room. He has been called in to remove cancer from her body. But now, BJ has to marry her before starting the operation.
    Guest:Doctor in charge of the girl / Zephyrus ("Swallowing the Earth")

    86 Go Gxan's Painting
    Publish:August 18, 1975
    Introduction:While a young boy is drawing pictures on a beautiful island, a nuclear test is carried out nearby. The beautiful nature turns into a living hell in a single moment. Since the painter is suffering from radiation sickness, he tells BJ that he wants to draw pictures to depict the terror of nuclear weapons. BJ prolongs the painter's life by transplanting his brain into another person. But when the painter is revived, he finds himself unable to draw any of the pictures he had wanted to.
    Guest:Physician of the painter / Duke Red

    87, Full Moon Disease
    Publish:August 25, 1975
    Introduction:BJ makes it a yearly rule to offer flowers at a certain grave, and also to drop by at a nearby coffee shop to see how a certain waitress is doing. This year, he cannot find her. From what he hears about her, he presumes that she is suffering from "full moon disease," which makes the body swell up like a balloon with lipid. BJ visits her and treats her free of charge. She recovers, and goes to her father's grave to tell him about it. The name inscribed on the tombstone is "Honma Jotaro," BJ's respected teacher.
    Guest:Waitress's physician / Bandai Shosuke ("The Film Lives On")

    88, Revenge
    Publish:September 1, 1975
    Introduction:BJ is called up by the Japan Medical Federation, and is ordered to obtain a medical license immediately and receive only the remuneration stipulated in the Medical Practitioners Law. But BJ rejects the order, and is arrested for violating the law. In the meantime, an Italian billionaire asks BJ to save his son, who is suffering from an incurable disease. But since he is confined, BJ cannot do anything.
    Guest:Bockelini / Duke Red
    Chairman of the Japan Medical Federation / Alligator ("The Vampires")

    89, Grandma
    Publish:September 8, 1975
    Introduction:There is an old woman who is extremely calculating and a stickler when it comes to money. As she always asks for money whenever she is asked to do something, her son and his wife are fed up with her. When BJ meets this old woman, she tells him that she thinks there are only tow really good doctors in this world; one is BJ and the other is Dr. Jindai. BJ checks out Dr. Jindai, and finds that he is also famous for demanding exorbitant treatment fees, just like himself.
    Guest:The grandma's son / Imari Daisaku ("I.L")

    90, Friendship with a Killer Whale
    Publish:September 15, 1975
    Introduction:BJ comes to the inlet of the cape where his house stands, and starts to tell Pinoko about the first patient he had here. The patient was a killer whale. After being treated by BJ, the killer whale grew to trust him, and whenever he is injured continues to returns to this inlet. In the meantime, the killer whale consoles BJ's lonely heart. But, ...

    91, Hospital Jacking
    Publish:September 22, 1975
    Introduction:While BJ is performing an operation on a child, his clinic is suddenly attacked. BJ cannot continue the operation, but he has already cut open the patient' s abdomen. Staring at the affected part, he does not move an inch. Then, there is an explosion in the clinic, and the power goes off. In the darkness, BJ continues to operate, relying only on his hands. Having stared at the affected part, he memorized the details in anticipation of this situation.
    Guest:Chief doctor / Buramo Makerru

    92, A Baby in A Shell
    Publish:September 29, 1975
    Introduction:A female employee busily working at a hotel suddenly collapses. She is in her sixth month of pregnancy. The emergency hospital she is carried to phones BJ, who is staying at the hotel. It seems to be case of abnormal pregnancy. When BJ examines her, he finds the fetus looks like a stone in its mother's stomach. Or rather it is as if the fetus is covered by a stone-like substance.
    Guest:Take / Bansan Musume ("Ikki Mandara")
    Emergency hospital doctor / Shittarda ("Buddha")

    93, A Perverse Swimmer
    Publish:October 13, 1975
    Introduction:Having contracted an incurable disease, the star swimmer of the swimming club has to give up the sport. Seeing the boy lose his hope, Pinoko wants to be of some help to him. Pinoko adores him, as she is not able to swim constitutionally. BJ scolds the ex-swimmer, telling him that he should learn from Pinoko, who had to risk her life in her endeavors to learn to walk and run.

    94, Swindler Apprentice
    Publish:October 20, 1975
    Introduction:One night, a poor woman runs from hospital to hospital holding her child, who has had a heart attack. She is rejected by every hospital because she does not have money. Finally, a medical practitioner agrees only to diagnose the child. The doctor tells her that the child is suffering from Kawasaki Disease, and that an immediate heart operation is required. The medical practitioner tricks BJ into performing an operation by telling him that the child is from a very rich family.
    Guest:Poor mother / Sapphire ("Princess Knight")
    Her husband / Marukubi Boon
    Child / Sharaku Hosuke ("The Three Eyed One")
    Medical practitioner / Higeoyaji

    95, Captain Devil (Original Title: The Devil)
    Publish: October 27, 1975
    Introduction:A captain who during the Vietnam War burned innocent civilian villagers to death shows not the slightest repent or reflection on what he had done. He even boasts that his actions were "only natural during wartime." He visits BJ and asks him to remove the bullets stuck in his brain. BJ accepts the request, on the condition that Vietnamese child refugees are present at the operation.
    Guest:Lieutenant Kenneth / Saturn ("ASTRO BOY: Robot Land")

    96, On the Way
    Publish:November 3, 1975
    Introduction:Attacked by a burglar in the Pyrenees, BJ is nearly killed and robbed of his money. He is recovering after being rescued by a villager, and in the meantime is called up by the village headman. His son is suffering from tetanus. BJ realizes that the son is the burglar who attacked him, but the headman flatly denies it by saying that his son is "not that kind of boy."
    Guest:Boss / Daisosho ("Zero Man")

    97, A Lucky Man
    Publish: November 10, 1975
    Introduction:An explosion accident occurs at a petroleum plant in Iran, and a great number of Japanese engineers die. One of the local employees steals a purse and passport from a dead engineer, knowing that the engineer is the son of the president of the oil company. He asks BJ to alter his face into that of the Japanese engineer. He is now the son of a rich man. He is thrilled, believing that he is the luckiest guy. But, ...

    98, Dearest Voice
    Publish: November 17, 1975
    Introduction:A boy's dearest lover is dead. Morning over her death, the boy asks BJ to make the dog that she used to keep imitate her recorded voice. BJ opposes his request, saying that abusive to the dog. He finally accepts, but limits the term to "one year." The boy starts to live with the dog that continues to whisper "I love you, I love you" in his lover's voice. But, ...

    99, Where are You, My Friend?
    Publish:November 24, 1975
    Introduction:A boy named Kuroo was undergoing a skin transplant operation. But there was not enough skin to cover his face. Dr. Honma, who was performing the operation, asked Kuroo's friends who came to see him at the hospital to offer their skin. Only Takashi offers to help. Kuroo then grows up to be BJ, and looks for Takashi. Takashi is working as an activist at an environmental protection organization, calling himself "a doctor who saves the dying earth."

    100, Mountain Doctor
    Publish:December 1, 1975
    Introduction:BJ passes by a village in the mountains on the bus. When he sees a girl suffering from Basedow's disease, he gets off. He hears about a very popular doctor who lives near there. Taking an interest in the doctor, BJ follows the girl. There he meets an old unlicensed doctor, who is actively working in this doctor less village.

    101, Invaders From Space
    Publish: December 8, 1975
    Introduction:Satoru is feeling that something is wrong, that the people around him are total strangers. They smile at him in the same way as before, but he senses some kind of secret behind their smiles. They could be invaders. He is totally frightened when he finds out that they are going to perform an operation on him.
    Guest:Satoru / Ohshima Shichiro ("Number 7")
    Boy in the dream / Chaos ("Futureman Kaos")

    102, Strange Relationship
    Publish: December 15, 1975
    Introduction:A man who has been shot stumbles into BJ's house. When BJ starts to treat him, another man with broken legs follows. BJ asks the man with the broken bones if he could offer a small part of his kidney to the other man, who has been shot in his kidney. One of the two is a detective, chasing a bank robber, and the other is the bank robber himself, who is trying to make his getaway.
    Guest:Detective / Major General Beggar ("Norman")

    103, The Guy Who Came Back
    Publish: December 22, 1975
    Introduction:The wildest fellow in school, named Jaws, is messing up the school festivals. One day he collapses from a heart attack and slips into a dangerous condition. BJ saves Jaws' life. But he reminds Jaws that if he is to get excited again, his heart will not be able to stand the strain. Every time Jaws is about to get rough, he feels pain in his heart. But he still wishes to be a cool guy, and volunteers to be a bodyguard at the school festival.

    104, Pinoko Goes West
    Publish: January 1, 1976
    Introduction:BJ is asked to cure a child who is suffering from an unusual type of rickets that is not curable by regular treatment. BJ says that although he will perform an operation, it will take some time before the effects can be observed. Though BJ has explained this, the child's parents accuse him of tricking them, claiming that although they have waited so long their child has not been cured. Pinoko gets on a train bound for the west alone, following BJ, who is making his escape from the police.
    Guest:Pursuer / Ham Egg

    105, Memories of the Operating Room
    Publish: January 5, 1976
    Introduction:A veteran doctor in a large hospital startles the people around him with his seemingly insane conduct. He even nearly kills a patient during an operation. As he is such an influential doctor, nobody can advise him to "take a rest." A young boy comes to ask for BJ's help after finding out that the insane doctor is to perform an operation on him. BJ decides to treat the mentally ill doctor.
    Guest:Prof. Sekine / Makurakken ("Eulogy to Kirihito")

    106, Urashima Taro
    Publish: January 12, 1976
    Introduction:A boy who became a vegetable after a mine accident has been bedridden for 55 years without ever coming out of a coma. But he does not age at all. He stays just as young as he was. It is going to be a huge burden on the hospital to continue sustain his life, so they call in BJ. The hospital decides that if the patient does not regain consciousness after BJ's operation, they will ask for Kiriko's help. BJ then begins to perform an operation.
    Guest:Physician in charge of the boy / Dr. Piccolo ("Metropolis")

    107, The Little Devil
    Publish: January 19, 1976
    Introduction: A mother is panicking. The baby in her stomach seems to be ill. The boy who carried his mother to BJ's house with his father witness numerous grape-like balls being taken out of his mother's belly. It is an abnormal pregnancy called "hydatid mole." His mother is no longer able to have the baby. Faced with the reality, the boy thinks it is all BJ's fault, and swears to take revenge on him.
    Guest:Jun / Yajiro ("Yaji and Me")

    108, The Bear
    Publish: January 26, 1976
    Introduction:BJ receives a letter from a woman who was his classmate in elementary school. She wrote in the letter that her elder brother was a hunter, and was so occupied with capturing a bear named Jinbei that he was seriously wounded twice. She also said that she knows her brother will challenge Jinbei again and when he does, he might really be killed. She wants BJ to help her brother, and so BJ goes to the mountain.
    Guest:The woman's brother / Shumari ("Shumari")

    109, Conversation with a Dead Person
    Publish: February 9, 1976
    Introduction:Corpses are lined up to be used for autopsy exercises by the medical students. The students are telling jokes about the internal organs taken out of the body, as if they are trying to laugh away their nervousness and fears. BJ walks closer to one of the dissected corpses, and recalls the man who used to be in this body. It is the man who encountered ' the Bible' at the death block.
    Guest:Mabuta / Chujo Taku ("Norman")

    110, Gentle Giant
    Publish: February 16, 1976
    Introduction:A high-school boy grows enormously big due to abnormal secretion of his anterior pituitary gland hormone. Scouts from professional wrestling organizations and Sumo stables visit him on a daily basis. But BJ warns him that his heart can barely sustain his huge body and that he wouldn't be able to do sports anymore. But the boy's father is seduced by money, and decides to let his son join a Sumo stable.

    111, Race Against Time
    Publish: February 23, 1976
    Introduction:The load on a truck carrying steel frames collapses in the middle of a heavy traffic jam. A boy who was walking down the sidewalk is caught under the steel frames. The traffic jam blocks the crane truck's way so that it can' t get to the accident site. BJ, who happened to be at the site, gets under the steel frames and starts to amputate the limbs of the child. The only way to save the boy sandwiched between the steel frames is to amputate his limbs and sew them on later.
    Guest:Doctor at the emergency hospital / Dr. Midoro ("Microid S")

    112, Homesick
    Publish: March 1, 1976
    Introduction:As the sea is polluted, the island surrounded by the sea is plagued by environmental disease, and all the residents are evacuated. On the opposite shore, a boy is staring at his hometown, which is now a deadly island where no one can live. He wants to go back to the island where he lived with his father and mother, who have since passed away. BJ goes alone to the island, as he was asked by the boy's father to take care of his son.
    Guest:Father / Chikara Aritake

    113, Another Jack
    Publish: March 8, 1976

    114, U-18 Knew It
    Publish: March 10, 1976
    Introduction:At a gigantic high-tech hospital where diagnosis and operations are computerized, the main computer "BRAIN" that controls the entire hospital revolts by taking patients as hostages. "I'm sick. Bring Black Jack here," signals the main computer. BJ is called up, rushes to the hospital, and starts to perform an operation on the computer.
    Guest:Dr. Wattoman / Iwaneyama Ruriko ("The Vampires")
    Computer engineer / Kao Sekken

    115, The Girl Cartoonist
    Publish: March 15, 1976
    Introduction:Inotani, the cartoonist who produced "Sword of Errol," is looking uneasy after receiving an award for his work. And it's no wonder: the real author is his girlfriend, who has been hospitalized with uremia. BJ, who is in charge of her, orders her not to draw Manga for a year if she really wants to be cured, which makes her panic. If she cannot draw, Inotani will be ruined.
    Guest:Junichi / Captain Ken ("Captain KEN")
    Ken / Minakami Ken ("Captain KEN")

    116, Dud Bomb
    Publish: March 22, 1976
    Introduction:BJ gets in a balloon with a man who is invited to fly as a celebrity of the town. The balloon lands them on a desert island. The man roars, "what's this all about!" BJ tells him the story of a mother and child who were injured by a dud, a story that is actually about BJ and his mother. The man was one of the criminals involved in the accident. BJ starts to take revenge on him on this desert island.
    Guest:Celebrity of the town / Noracula

    117, Hassle Pinoko
    Publish: March 29, 1976
    Introduction:Pinoko is so excited at having obtained a certificate for completing a long-distance education certificate. She is determined to become an efficient assistant to BJ by studying medicine. Although BJ tries his best to support Pinoko's desire to study at school, Pinoko does not have enough physical strength to endure the stress of an entrance examination because of her unique constitution.
    Guest:Receptionist at high school / Atom's father ("ASTRO BOY")

    118, Waiting for the Future
    Publish: April 5, 1976
    Introduction:A girl suffering from lupus erythematosus, and a boy from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The two get married through they are both terminally ill. During his internship, BJ promised to give them a congratulatory gift. Ten years later, suspended animation technique is developed in Russia, and BJ introduces the two to the system in the hopes that in the future treatment may be discovered for their diseases. "The future" is a gift from BJ.
    Guest:Arisu / Loona ("Angel's Hill")

    119, Jealousy
    Publish: April 12, 1976
    Introduction:Pulmonary embolism is a disease in which clots of blood block blood vessel flow to the lungs. It can be cured if the clots of blood are removed by operation. But this patient develops new clots, despite undergoing operation after operation. Even top-notch doctors throw up their hands in dismay. It is now BJ's turn. Although people frown upon him as an unlicensed doctor, BJ takes up the challenge of curing the rare disease.

    120, Hurricane
    Publish: April 19, 1976
    Introduction:BJ comes to a small isolated island to treat a rich man. His young wife and secretary ask BJ to prolong his life so that the will, already written by the dying old man, can be rewritten to their advantage. But then a hurricane hits the island. They have to evacuate from the island or their lives may be endangered. The young wife and the secretary quickly run away, leaving the rich man and BJ behind.
    Guest:Rich man / Frankenstein

    121, The Girl Announcer
    Publish: April 26, 1976
    Introduction:A popular school broadcaster, Rei Asato, is gifted with an angelic voice. But one day, she loses her voice because of a polyp on her vocal cords. Although BJ's operation is successful, Rei does not follow his instructions not to speak until the inflammation is cured. Learning about her conduct, BJ decides to punish her severely by leaving her to her own devices in facing the disease.

    122, Cloudy, Later Fair
    Publish: May 3, 1976
    Introduction:A man is seriously wounded after being struck by directly by lightening. His little son asks the doctor at a hotel in the mountains to save his father. But the hotel employees are on strike, and the doctor is also unable to work. BJ, who is staying at the same hotel, carries out an emergency operation outside, while thunderbolts come crashing down one after the other.
    Guest:Son / Ricky ("Zero Man")

    123, Never Give Up
    Publish: May 10, 1976
    Introduction: A young man's heart is anything but a symbol of humiliation for BJ, as he has failed twice in a heart operation for him. This time, BJ negotiates with him, asking him to accept another operation so that he can make up for his past failures. But the young man is about to participate in a car race that he doesn't want to lose. BJ tries to stop him from racing because it would be a burden on his heart.

    124, Dingo
    Publish: May 17, 1976
    Introduction:While driving across the Australian Continent, BJ stops at a farmer's house for gasoline. But he finds the whole family dead. He notices red spots all over their bodies. It seems like they have died of an infectious disease.
    Red spots then appear on BJ's body, and he starts to perform an operation on himself out in the wilderness. He diagnoses it as a parasite-induced disease. While he is operating, he is attacked by a wild dog.
    Guest:News caster / Dr. Kenmochi ("Three-eyed One")

    125, It's Your Mistake!
    Publish: May 24, 1976
    Introduction:A doctor preoccupied with recording his favorite singer's songs carelessly instructs a nurse to give a shot of 20,000 units of penicillin. Then, the patient dies. The doctor forces the nurse to take full responsibility for the incident. BJ then performs an operation on the nurse's face to make her look exactly like the singer the doctor is yearning for, and sends her into the hospital.
    Guest:Doctor / Daigo Tahomaru ("Dororo")
    Hospital director / Dr. Tenma ("ASTRO BOY")

    126, The Old Man and the Tree
    Publish: May 31, 1976
    Introduction:There is an old man who has been taking good care of a zelkova tree since he was only a little child. But the tree is to be felled to clear space for an apartment building. Although the old man is trying to save the tree, he fails to have the plan changed. Growing weary of the world, the old man hangs himself on a branch of the tree. BJ, who happens to pass by the tree, rescues him, and brings him back to life. But the old man ...
    Guest:Old man / Ryoben ("The Phoenix: Ho-o")

    127, The Blind Doctor of Acupuncture
    Publish: June 7, 1976
    Introduction:A traveling blind acupuncture genius cures patients with his single needle. He does not accept any fees for treatment. Just being able to help people makes him happy. He claims that he cured a patient whom BJ had called on from time to time with acupuncture. BJ hurries to meet the girl because he knows that she is extremely scared of needles.
    Guest:Acupuncture genius / Biwamaru ("Dororo")
    Girl / Melmo ("Marvelous Melmo")
    Girl's mother / Grown up Melmo ("Marvelous Melmo")

    128, Devotion to Medicine
    Publish: June 14, 1976
    Introduction:A young man swears to become a cancer-curing doctor for his family members who died of cancer. But by the time he takes the National Examination for Medical Practitioners, he himself has already been stricken by cancer. After barely passing the examination, he starts to work for the hospital where the physician in charge of him is. The first patient he is in charge of is suffering from cancer. While fighting against cancer himself, he treats a female patient, and performs his first and last operation with the help of BJ.
    Guest:Young man / Yamanobe Masato ("The Phoenix: The Future")
    Physician in charge of the young man / Tezuka Osamu

    129, The Person Who Remains at the End
    Publish: June 21, 1976

    130, A Killer Visits
    Publish: June 28, 1976
    Introduction:A killer visits BJ at his house. He is planning to assassinate the president of a certain country. In the meantime, BJ has signed a contract to save the life of the president in all circumstances, so BJ is standing in the killer's way. Pinoko is seriously injured when she tries to stop the killer from tying BJ up and blowing the fingers off his hands.
    Guest:Killer / Daba ("Buddha")

    131, Fog
    Publish: July 5, 1976
    Introduction:A girl suffering from catatonia, a type of split personality, tries to commit suicide in despair in the deep mountains. BJ follows her in order to treat her. But he ends up being caught in the thick fog with the girl. A girl who wants to die, and BJ, who wants to save her life, are forced to survive together in the thick fog.

    132, Blue Terror
    Publish: July 12, 1976
    Introduction:A fisherman and his son are living on an island owned by BJ. Although the boy is confident of his fishing skills, his father tells him that he is only worth "half a fisherman." He tells his son, "You still don't know how scary the sea can be." But the rebellious boy runs to a forbidden cape, where his leg gets caught by an enormous clam. He is unable to move. It is then that he is shown the frightening power of the sea.
    Guest:Father / Buku Bukku

    133, The Medical Interns
    Publish: August 2, 1976
    Introduction:A big hospital is forcing licensed young doctors to do work that even nurses can handle. The angry interns declare that they can cure patients by themselves. But one of the patients they attend to is suffering from hydronephrosis. This operation is challenging for them, since they have done only appendectomies. They ask BJ to be present at the operation to help them.
    Guest:Intern #1 / Yanma ("Microid S")
    Intern #2 / Pon Shon ("Shumari")
    Intern #3 / Ohbaka Santaro
    Prof. Yamaura / Edoald von Berne ("The Hill of Zero Dimension")

    134, Teruteru Bozu
    Publish: August 9, 1976
    Introduction:A boy believes that his father is the No. 1 and his mother the No. 2 doctor in the world. But in reality, the father lacks abilities and is up to his ears in gambling debt. He passes away suddenly, leaving the mother and the boy straddled with a huge debt. It is BJ who comes to collect the money. Telling them that if they hire him they will be able to earn a large sum of money, BJ begins living in this boy's house.
    Guest:Father / Dojiemon
    Mother / Riiko
    Hiroshi / Pick ("The Devil Garon")

    135, Death of a Movie Star
    Publish: August 16, 1976
    Introduction:A beautiful actress, Marilyn Swanson, was in her heyday during the golden era of Hollywood. She is now old and unrecognized, but still has a dream to make a comeback on the big screen. She visits BJ and asks him to make her young again. BJ performs a major operation, including skin transplant and correction of her skeletal structures, and transforms her into the beauty she once was. But, ...

    136, A Happening at Dawn
    Publish: August 23, 1976
    Introduction:BJ is taking a nap in his car at a road closed for construction. A child walking down the road before dawn drops into the construction pit. He apparently has to undergo an operation for a fractured skull. BJ takes the boy to a hospital. Although the hospital refuses him, BJ forces his way through, and starts to perform the operation using their operation room. The boy's parents, however, tell him that they do not have any money to pay him. They claim that all they have is money saved for backdoor admission to school for their son.

    137, The Milk Monkey
    Publish: August 30, 1976
    Introduction:There is a wild monkey who frequently appears in a camping ground, attacks people, and robs them of milk. A child is attacked by this wild monkey, and has his fingers bitten off. BJ re-attaches the child's fingers in an operation. He is highly interested in why the wild monkey robs people of milk...

    138, Vibrations
    Publish: September 6, 1976
    Introduction:A cheap apartment vibrates violently every time a bullet train passes by. A woman living in the apartment is hit on her stomach by a stone kicked off by the bullet train, and slips into critical condition. BJ, who happens to be with her, starts an emergency operation. But the vibrations of the bullet train that pass by every two minutes hinder his progress. The woman's husband makes a phone call to the Japanese National Railways and asks them to stop the bullet train during the operation.

    139, Development of Cancer Treatment
    Publish: September 13, 1976
    Introduction:A doctor is to be awarded the Nobel Prize for developing a miracle drug for cancer. But he himself is suffering from cancer of the esophagus. Asked for treatment, BJ discloses the fact to a newspaper company. As the doctor himself virtually proves the ineffectiveness of his miracle drug, he declines to accept the Nobel Prize. But one year later, when he recovers from cancer after undergoing the operation by BJ, he ...

    140, Witch Trial
    Publish: September 20, 1976

    141, The Teratogenous Cystoma Part 2
    Publish: September 27, 1976
    Introduction:A man is carried into BJ's clinic. He has a cystoma containing a complete set of human body parts. Knowing that the case is exactly the same as her own, Pinoko asks BJ to make a human out of the abnormal cystoma. Pinoko is actually listening to the voice of the cystoma. The cystoma is crying out for help to Pinoko.
    Guest:Physician in charge of the patient / Afill

    142, Death of Hyojisai
    Publish: October 4, 1976
    Introduction:BJ meets a blind acupuncturist, who at a spa boasts to BJ that he can treat any disease with his needle, though he hasn't treated patients for a long while. Both men are there to have an old blacksmith living in the nearby mountain refine their needles and surgical knives. But the blacksmith is stricken by a heart attack. Both BJ and the acupuncture try to help him...
    Guest:Hyojisai / Frankenstein

    143, Burglary
    Publish: October 11, 1976
    Introduction:A married couple who are visiting Japan on their honeymoon are caught in an accident. Although the life of the young wife is saved, she has to undergo amputation of her limbs. BJ makes her artificial arms and legs that are of the same beautiful shape as hers were, and supports her rehabilitation. The husband feels that his young wife is beginning to be attracted by BJ, and takes her away from him. But the young wife has already lost her heart to BJ.

    144, Child from the Sky
    Publish: October 18, 1976
    Introduction:An army plane defects from the U-ran (Uranium) Union and lands in BJ's garden carrying a family. Their purpose is to have their son, who is suffering from an incurable disease, treated by BJ. But it is beyond even BJ's ability to cure the disease. After grieving over his inabilities, he comes up with a bizarre plan. It is to unite the child's body with the mother's and let the child live with the help of the mother's healthy internal organs.
    Guest:Major General of the U-ran (Uranium) Union / Tatta ("Buddha")
    His wife / Migala ("Buddha")
    Their son / Tatta in his boyhood ("Buddha")

    145, Money! Money! Money!
    Publish: October 25, 1976

    146, Operation of the Spirit
    Publish: November 1, 1976
    Introduction:A seance is taking place at a mansion to find out why psychic phenomena have been observed so frequently there. A spirit possesses the boy who lives in this mansion. It is the spirit of a woman suffering from a disease. BJ is called to save the spirit, who begs for an operation. Although BJ does not believe in any kind of psychic phenomena, he agrees to do the operation after diagnosing the boy.
    Guest:Boy / Toppei ("The Vampires")

    147, 99.9% Water (Original Title: Ultimately Transparent Water)
    Publish: November 8, 1976
    Introduction:The younger sister of Kiriko visits BJ and asks for his help. Kiriko is about to euthanize another patient, and that patient is Kiriko himself. Having contracted a mysterious fatal disease in South America, he seems to think that the only way to prevent spread of the disease is to euthanize himself. BJ starts to perform an operation by dissecting Kiriko's chest in order to reveal this disease of unknown cause.

    148, New Volcano
    Publish: 1976/11/15
    Introduction:At the summit of a rare type of newly born volcano, a climber finds himself with his hand stuck in the wall, unable to move. BJ, attempting to rescue him, climbs to the summit and judges that the only way to save the climber's life is to dissect his hand. But when BJ actually does that, he finds something unexpected.
    Guest:Man at the summit / Skunk Kusai
    Doctor who goes to rescue him / Dr. Ochanomizu

    149, Lost Money
    Publish: November 22, 1976
    Introduction:There is a woman who has been given up upon by doctors. Her husband, who is an ordinary company employee, sells his house, furniture and other belongings, and asks BJ to perform an operation. But the husband drops the check that he obtained by selling all of his assets somewhere...

    150, The Unfinished House
    Publish: November 29, 1976
    Introduction:Pinoko wants to rebuild their old house. But BJ is against her plan, saying that he has lots of memories in the house. Then, BJ tells Pinoko about his very first in-patient, a carpenter named Ushigoro. The aged carpenter was suffering from leukemia after having suffered from radiation sickness due to the bombing at Hiroshima, and the house was his last work.

    151, The 18th Child
    Publish: December 6, 1976
    Introduction:On his way back from a visit to a patient at a golf course, BJ is blocked by a flooding river. A man with a ferryboat has a pregnant wife and seventeen children. The wife lets BJ get on the ferryboat, saying she would take him across the river. Then, the boat is washed away by a flash flood. The violent stream washes BJ and the wife away. What's worse, she begins to go into labor.

    152, Hospital
    Publish: December 13, 1976
    Introduction:At a university hospital where Toa University graduate doctors are assuming a haughty attitude, the principal, who is also a Toa University graduate, is attended to by other doctors as if he were a lord. He only spends five seconds for each patient on his visit, and instructs other doctors to amputate a patient's arm. The patient, however, is a pianist. The physician in charge of the patient consults with BJ about alternative treatment.
    Guest:Pianist / Bongo ("Bongo")
    Doctor in charge of the patient / Mr. Doronko ("Mr. Doronko")

    153, Promise
    Publish: December 20, 1976
    Introduction:Chivalrous thief Rupepe, who has been stealing large sums of money, and with it purchasing goods and distributing them to poor refugees camps, has been shot and is now barely breathing, with a bullet stuck in his artery. But a full-scale operation is impossible in the poorly equipped refugees camp. After a year since BJ promised Rupepe that he would perform a follow-up operation, BJ meets him at his deathbed.
    Guest:Physician in charge of Rupepe / Duke Red

    154, There Were Two Films (Original Title: Record of A Director)
    Publish: January 1, 1977
    Introduction:A film director, Nozaki, wants to shoot BJ's treatment scenes. His son is suffering from an incurable disease, and all other doctors have given up on him. He actually wants to make a documentary film of his son's fight against the disease, and lets BJ appear at the end of the film in order to make it a story with a happy ending.
    Guest:Nozaki / Higeoyaji
    Another doctor / Mr. Doronko ("Mr. Doronko")

    155, Lost Youth
    Publish: January 3, 1977
    Introduction:Zetto Ring, who built a giant oil company in his lifetime, calls BJ, asking him to transform him into a totally different person. He wants to enjoy his adolescence again, as he has devoted his entire life to the company. BJ's operation is successful, and Zetto Ring becomes a totally different person, but for the period of only one year. But his real motive to do all this is to take revenge on someone.
    Guest:Zetto Ring / Acetylene Lamp

    156, The Robin and the Boy
    Publish: January 10, 1977
    Introduction:A robin frequently flies to BJ's house, always leaving some money. For what? BJ and Pinoko follow the robin, and come to know about a boy who had been buying drugs to save the injured bird. They also learn that the robin is flying to BJ every day to ask him to help the boy, who is ill.
    Guest:Drugstore owner / Nols Nuketol

    157, A Surgeon Lives for Music
    Publish: January 17, 1977
    Introduction:Foreign music is prohibited in the country "D," where all thoughts are totally controlled by the government. But a doctor in that country, who is the No. 1 surgeon in the world, wants to live his life surrounded by music. He starts to listen to music in the operating room, and it becomes his habit to listen to music while performing operations. BJ, who attends the doctor's open operation, is asked by the doctor to show him his skill.

    158, Black Jack is Hospitalized
    Publish: January 24, 1977
    Introduction:BJ is hit by a car, breaks his right arm, and is hospitalized. With his right arm broken, he is unable to perform an operation on himself. The doctor who is in charge of BJ knows about BJ's bad reputation. While performing an operation on BJ's right arm, he murmurs, "I can put an end to the BJ legend if I cut one of his nerves."
    Guest:Doctor in charge of BJ / Daigo Tahomaru ("Dororo")

    159, The Phoenix
    Publish: February 7, 1977

    160, Fake Doctor
    Publish: February 14, 1977
    Introduction:A boy named Keeton, who is very good at acting, is always being bullied by a classmate named Kong. Kong has a younger sister who is bedridden. She believes that she has to undergo an operation by BJ to be cured. Kong asks Keeton to play BJ for his sister, and Keeton reluctantly accepts to play BJ.

    161, Black and White
    Publish: February 21, 1977
    Introduction:A patient being targeted by assassins is headed for Japan to undergo an operation by BJ. Dr. Shirabyoshi, who meets the patient on the airplane, takes him to his hospital to show that there is a more conscientious doctor than BJ. Not knowing that the patient has been transferred to a different hospital, the assassins lynch BJ and shoot Pinoko. This is all the fault of Dr. Shirabyoshi, who claims to uphold "physician's justice."
    Guest:Dr. Shirabyoshi / Toppei ("The Vampires")

    162, Blood Connection
    Publish: February 28, 1977
    Introduction:To save the life of a company president, whose main artery ruptured in his office in a high-rise building, BJ searches for RH-negative blood, and a worker from the construction site next to the building is sent to him. When the president, whose life was saved thanks to this worker, is leaving for the US for a major deal, he is notified that the worker has been injured in an accident and has to receive blood transfusion. The president has to weigh his company's future against the life of the person who saved him.
    Guest:Worker / Chikara Aritake
    President / Lord of Sado ("Okesano Hyoroku")

    163, Weak-willed Shirano
    Publish: March 7, 1977
    Introduction:Shirano, who lives in an apartment, is in love with a girl named Jun who also lives in the same building. But Jun adores Kurisu, who lives in the building next to hers. Shirano delivers letters from Kurisu to the bedridden Jun, as she is suffering from a serious disease. Of course, the letters are written by Shirano himself. Knowing that Kurisu died in an accident, Shirano begs BJ to change his face so that he will look like Kurisu.

    164, Honma Hematoma
    Publish: March 14, 1977
    Introduction:A rare heart disease discovered by BJ's respected teacher, Honma Jotaro, is called "the Honma hematoma." But even Dr. Honma could not discover a treatment for the disease. He suffered from accusations that he was performing experiments on human bodies on the pretext of treatment, and was expelled from the medical world. Another patient suffering from Honma hematoma surfaces, and BJ is asked to treat him. But BJ had been advised by Honma that the disease is not curable by operation.
    Guest:Physician in charge of the patient / Hori Kazuyasu ("One Hundred Tales")

    165, The Disowned Son
    Publish: March 21, 1977
    Introduction:BJ arrives in a snowy town, where he finds lodging on the outskirts. The old woman at the hotel is preparing for her sixtieth birthday. She looks happy, expecting to see her three sons, who live far away in a large city, after a long time. But her sons do not come home. Her physical condition becomes worse at her disappointment, and she collapses.
    Guest:Shiro / Ben ("The Travels of Lolo")

    166, Visited Memories
    Publish: March 28, 1977

    167, Lynching
    Publish: April 4, 1977
    Introduction:The people of a village on Sicily Island hate outsiders. It is no surprise that the villagers are hostile toward BJ when he visits to treat the daughter of the village headman, who is suffering from uterine cancer. BJ is nearly lynched on the pretext that he took off the clothes of the daughter and touched her. But in order to be true to his promise, the bloodied BJ starts the operation.
    Guest:Doctor of the village / Jukai ("Dororo")
    Boss's daughter / Bokko ("W3")
    Boss / Rommel

    168, The First Storm in the Spring
    Publish: April 11, 1977
    Introduction:Ever since Chiaki received a corneal transplant by BJ, she has been seeing a vision of a young man who should not be there. BJ carefully examines whether or not there had been mistake with the operation. But he does not find any problem. Chiaki still continues to see the phantom man and falls in love with him. It occurs to BJ that the last vision of the cornea donor has been imprinted on her eyes.
    Guest:Chiaki / Loona ("Angel's Hill")

    169, Three Men, Three Minds
    Publish: April 18, 1977
    Introduction:A boy living in a big city in Hokkaido has failed an examination and is now thinking about dying. Meanwhile, a construction worker is content to live each day as fully as possible. And BJ is arrested for practicing medicine without a license. The lives of the three men become intertwined by a gas explosion accident. The first and last meeting of the three men dramatically changes the lives of the boy and the construction worker.
    Guest:Construction worker / Marukubi Boon
    Boy / Okuchin ("The Crater")

    170, Guinea Pig
    Publish: April 25, 1977
    Introduction:A boy named Hanio, who has been hospitalized for a long period of time, is taken by a nurse to see animals used for experiments. He becomes fond of a guinea pig that is being raised there. But the guinea pig named Mol is to be dissected to discover a treatment for Hanio's disease. Learning about this, Hanio sends strong mental signals to Mol, ordering him to keep going. BJ uses a bizarre means to save the mangled Mol and Hanio at the same time.
    Guest:Hanio / Ya-bo ("Sorry, Mom")

    171, Black Jack Helps a Doctor
    Publish: May 2, 1977
    Introduction: BJ's respected former teacher Dr. Yamadano visits him. He says that he has to perform an operation on Meckel's diverticulum as a result of a political tug-of-war at the hospital. The operation should not fail, as it is as simple as appendectomy. But Yamadano's eyesight is almost gone. In recognition of the fact, BJ accepts to support his respected former teacher in the operation.
    Guest:Yamadano / Dr. Hanamaru

    172, Wall
    Publish: May 9, 1977

    173, Days of Vanity
    Publish: May 16, 1977
    Introduction:A passenger airplane goes up in flames at an airport in Paris. BJ, who happens to be at the accident site, is to treat a young mother worried about her baby, and a baby in critical condition crying for her missing parents. The mother's baby has been transferred to a different hospital. BJ thinks that the baby who lost her parents, and the mother who lost her baby, are bound by fate.

    174, Hot Night
    Publish: May 23, 1977
    Introduction:Douglas, who owns a large piece of farmland in Hawaii, has been targeted by killers many times. He is even shot and slips into critical condition. BJ revives him, but this is the third time this has happened. Douglas has no idea why he should be a target, except that he had killed innocent civilians during the Vietnam War.
    Guest:Douglas / Acetylene Lamp
    Police inspector of the City Police Department / Detective Meguro ("MW")

    175, The Kidnapper and the Kidnapped
    Publish: May 30, 1977
    Introduction:A man exacts a 10 million yen ransom by kidnapping a boy. He runs away into the mountain with the boy, ignoring his injured arm that was shot while he made his escape. As the kidnapper starts to live with the boy, he begins to feel something like the kind of affection between parent and child. One day the boy gets a severe inflammation on his leg, and the kidnapper begs BJ to treat the child, paying him with the ransom money.
    Guest:Kidnapper / Tahlin ("Triton of the Sea")

    176, An Internal Clock
    Publish: June 6, 1977
    Introduction:BJ is performing an operation in a village in Africa. The remuneration is a big rough diamond owned by a boy. When BJ has it evaluated in town, an evil person approaches BJ and tries to find a diamond vein using BJ and the boy. When the boy and BJ accompany him, entering a cave, the ceiling caves in. The three are buried alive. BJ waits to be rescued, guessing at the amount of time that has passed by taking his pulse.

    177, The Language of Breath
    Publish: June 13, 1977
    Introduction:The president of a company that plans to build a plant on the cape where BJ's house is located visits BJ directly for negotiation. BJ refuses to leave his home. But when the president arrives at the cape, he falls into a deep pit, and becomes a vegetable by the time he is rescued. His is unconscious and his brain waves are undetectable. But BJ notices that he is not truly a vegetable, recognizing that the man is trying to send him a message by his breathing patterns.
    Guest:Main physician of the president / Tezuka Osamu

    178, One Hour before Death
    Publish: June 20, 1977
    Introduction:Kiriko obtains a new drug. If one takes it, the person falls quietly to sleep, and his heart ceases to pump within an hour. Not knowing that the drug is poison, a boy steals the drug to save his mother, who is suffering from heart disease. By the time BJ and Kiriko locate his house, his mother has already taken the drug. The mother is going to die in an hour. BJ does all he can do to save her life before her time is up.

    179, The Men Swallowed by a Whale
    Publish: June 27, 1977
    Introduction:Three crewmembers go missing after they fall into the sea from whaling ship. Several hours later, they were rescued from the inside of a whale pulled up to the ship. Although they have been eaten and their faces are not identifiable, one of them is alive. BJ performs a skin transplant, giving him a new face. The man, now with a different face, has lost his memory but begins to live with a woman that has been introduced as his mother, ...

    180-181 Woman Doctor Falls in Love with Black Jack: (Original Title: Surgical Knife, Woman Doctor Falls in Love with Black Jack)
    Publish: July 4, 1977 - July 11, 1977
    Introduction:BJ goes to visit a person who had saved his life on a small island. But the man has been killed in a landslide, and his younger sister is working as the only doctor on the island. While spending some days with BJ, who is unable to leave the island because of stormy weather, the beautiful female doctor falls in love with him. But another landslide occurs, and she and the children on the island are buried alive.

    182, Phantom Killer
    Publish: August 1, 1977
    Introduction:Missile launch tests are conducted frequently at a missile base near Mt. McKinley in Alaska. A slasher appears frequently here, indiscriminately attacking people around the base. Although BJ tries to rescue the people attacked by the slasher, he is mistaken as the criminal. BJ believe the criminal is not a human, but rather a weasel.
    Guest:Criminal investigator / Marukubi Boon
    Boy / Divadatta ("Buddha")

    183, The Way to Die
    Publish: August 8, 1977
    Introduction:A gang boss visits BJ. His son, who has been listed as a "wanted criminal" and whom he had been hiding on an island, seems to have been injured severely. BJ goes to the island, but he is unable to perform a full-scale operation on the island. Eventually, they decide to go back to the mainland. On the way, the son regains consciousness and kills the captain of the ship, shouting, and "Don't leave the island!" BJ is forced to drift about with this devilish character.
    Guest:Boss / Okiro the Great (The Phoenix: "Egypt, Greece, and Rome")
    Son on the "wanted criminal" list --- Sainome Santaro ("Dororo")

    184, Brotherly Love
    Publish: August 15, 1977
    Introduction:A father who is dying of cancer tells his two sons to become doctors who can cure cancer. The elder brother tries to make his younger brother a doctor at any cost while managing the factory that his father had left him. After all, however, the younger brother cannot mange to become a doctor, and the elder brother becomes a bed-ridden old man, suffering from cancer. The younger brother asks for BJ's support to save the life of the brother who had given so much to him.
    Guest:Elder brother / Dr. Tenma ("ASTRO BOY")

    185, The People of the Nekogami Family
    Publish: August 22, 1977
    Introduction:BJ visits the Nekogmi family, an old family, to collect the fees for plastic surgery. BJ hears a rumor that the mansion is haunted, and that anybody who approaches it would be haunted. Ignoring this, BJ spends a night at the old mansion, where he is to reveal its secret.
    Guest:Mrs. Nekogami / Haru-chan ("Mansion OBA")

    186, Star, Magnitude Six
    Publish: August 29, 1977
    Introduction:Two candidates are competing over the directorship at Manaka Hospital. And there is another doctor with a similar career to the two power-hungry candidates. His name is Dr. Shiitake. Although he has excellent medical technique as well as humanity, he does not have a craving for power. BJ secretly supports Dr. Shiitake, who is modest, like a star of the sixth magnitude.

    187, Island of Avina
    Publish: September 5, 1977
    Introduction:A tribe has a tradition that a man who is to marry the princess has to dive off a cliff and catch a shell on the seabed. A young man who is in love with the princess gives it a try, but ends up breaking all of his bones. The princess asks BJ to perform an operation. Although dumbfounded with the difference in their social standings, the dangerous ceremony, and the pure love of the otherworldly princess, BJ agrees to perform an operation.

    Publish: September 12, 1977

    189, Title
    Publish: October 31, 1977
    Introduction:The emperor of a certain country pays an official visit to Japan. Wanting to see BJ perform an operation, His Majesty brings a patient suffering from a heart disease. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reluctantly sets up an open operation by the unlicensed BJ. But it is very unlikely that the government would let him perform an operation in front of the honored guests...

    190, Bullet Wound
    Publish: November 7, 1977
    Introduction:BJ is shot by a group of burglars, and robbed of his money while having dinner in the mountains. In the bar, there happens to be a surgeon who boasts about having graduated form a famous medical college. BJ asks the man to take out the bullet. But it turns out he is an incapable man who has never even performed an operation.
    Guest:Owner of the bar / Butamo Makeru
    Leader of the burglars / Skunk Kusai

    191, Home to the Hills
    Publish: November 14, 1977
    Introduction:The mountain where the winter Olympics were once held is devastated and shocking to look at. BJ is severely wounded after having slipped down the slope of the mountain. But he is saved and carried to a hospital by a bear living on the mountain. Grateful for the bear's kindness, he has trees planted through a huge contribution so as to help restore nature to the mountain.
    Guest:Chairman of the Nature Preservation Campaign Committee / Dr. Ochanomizu
    Doctor of the village / Decorn

    192, Attempted Suicide
    Publish: November 21, 1977
    Introduction:BJ saves the life of a boy who attempts suicide by leaping from a building. But the boy gets angry at having being rescued and insists that he wants to die by all means. BJ takes the disheartened boy to Kiriko. There, he meets a girl who is waiting to be euthanized, suffering from a serious disease. He learns from the girl what it means to live and die.
    Guest:Girl waiting to be euthanized / Wato Chiyoko ("The Three-eyed One")

    193 Life of the Grand Master of Flower Arrangement
    Publish:November 28, 1977
    Introduction:A woman suffering from a grave incurable disease with less than a year to live has incredible flower arrangement skills. Her father wants her to become the grand master of his flower arrangement school. But in order to become a master, she has to show her arrangements in front of many people. For a price of 300 million yen, BJ is asked to make her strong enough, even only for a day, to show her work in front of people. But BJ is not interested in dying flowers.
    Guest:Father / King of "Faust"

    194, Reminiscences of an Old Woman
    Publish: December 5, 1977
    Introduction:A pregnant woman is lying on the road. She is a nurse, and asked for the help of a doctor who happened to pass by. The doctor agreed to perform a major operation to save the lives of the fetus and pregnant woman. History changed thanks to this unlicensed and condemnable doctor. Time passes, and the woman who became the nursemaid of the baby now welcomes the president at home. Yes, the president is the baby whose life was saved at that time.
    Guest:President / Monsieur Ampere
    Dr. Bart / Kamaishi Tohrou ("Human Metamorphosis")

    195, Higeoyaji and his Son
    Publish: December 12, 1977
    Introduction:A group of terrorists demands 100 million yen from BJ, who is illegally earning huge sums of money. The father of Shogo, a member of a terrorist group, cannot bear the fact that his son has joined a villain's group, and starts to ignore him. He wishes to be able to communicate with his son like he used to when he was still small. But the father is lynched by his son's gangsters, and is forced to charge BJ's house with a bomb.
    Guest:Shogo / Chikaishi Shogo ("The Song for Apollo")
    Shogo's father / Higeoyaji

    196, The Second Person
    Publish: December 19, 1977
    Introduction:An unexploded shell kills BJ's mother and injures BJ. BJ is to take revenge on five people who were responsible for the explosion. He takes revenge on the first man by taking him to an island where landmines have been laid. The second man, whom BJ finally finds nearly dead, is suffering from terminal cancer. BJ is asked by a daughter of the man to prolong his life. Although he does treat the man ...
    Guest:The second man / Nols Nuketol

    197, Cancer Hunter
    Publish: January 1, 1978
    Introduction:Dr. Shirabyoshi, who is biased against BJ, extensively propagates a fully automated cancer treatment machine, developed at a university in America. But the machine is proven to cause severe adverse reactions even while it displays anti-cancer effects. Dr. Shirabyoshi reluctantly asks for BJ's help in saving the life of the terminal cancer patient who was treated by the machine as a test case.

    198, Outlaw in a Ghost Town
    Publish: January 2, 1978
    Introduction:BJ is stranded in a ghost town in the middle of nowhere. To take shelter from the sand storm, he enters a vacant house, where he finds another visitor. It is an escaped prisoner whose arm has been shot. The only way to save his life is to amputate his arm. After the operation, the escaped prisoner asks BJ to deliver the amputated arm to his lover in the town.
    Guest:Escaped prisoner / Acetylene Lamp
    His lover / Anui ("The Three-eyed One")

    199, A Public Bath
    Publish: January 9, 1978
    Introduction:A high-school boy student who thinks he looks like a gorilla falls in love with a lovely voice he hears from the women's bath beyond the partition of a public bath. He imagines the beauty behind that voice every day. Lacking confidence in his looks, however, he cannot do anything but listen to her voice. He never knows that Pinoko is the owner of that lovely voice.

    200, The Last Train
    Publish: January 16, 1978
    Introduction:There once was a female doctor nicknamed Black Queen. Although she did not hesitate to dissect the affected parts of a patient, she could not do so on the leg of her boyfriend. She meets BJ, who cured her boyfriend's leg without amputating it, on the last train of the day. It has been a long while since she saw him last. On meeting him, she asks BJ to visit her hospital. She is indecisive as to whether she should marry a man or to continue to work as a doctor.

    201, The Changeling
    Publish: January 23, 1978
    Introduction:Acting under the Devil's temptation, a mother who knows that her newly born baby is seriously ill switches her baby with another baby in the incubator. Three years later, she finds she loves her son, who is growing up to be a lovely boy. One day, she receives a threatening call. She confesses her crime to BJ, the doctor who was in charge of her at labor, and asks for his help. But, ...
    Guest:Blackmailer / Mrs. Hell ("Princess Knight")
    Son of the heroin / Ma-chan ("Diary of Ma-chan")

    202, Black Jack Saves his Savior
    Publish: February 6, 1978
    Introduction:Staying overseas, BJ is about to be charged for a murder he did not commit. At that time a Japanese named Aritani proves BJ's alibi. BJ promises him to do something in return for his kindness some day. Time passes, and Aritani is begged by his boss, who is afraid that the company's scandal will come to light, to take all responsibilities and die. BJ learns about Aritani's attempted suicide through the news, and hurries to the hospital.
    Guest:Aritani / Imari Daisaku ("I.L")

    203, Suggestion in the 20th Year
    Publish: February 13, 1978
    Introduction:One day, BJ's fingers are suddenly paralyzed. He examines himself carefully but cannot find any problem. But the paralysis gets worse, and he is no longer able to hold a scalpel. The only thing he can think of is the possible failure of an operation performed by Honma Jotaro when BJ is a child. BJ is hypnotized to go back to his past to find out what happened during the operation.
    Guest:Psychiatrist / Higedaruma

    204, Double Hold
    Publish: February 20, 1978
    Introduction:BJ finally hunts down the man who ran away without paying the 50 million yen he owed. BJ discovers that the man is a usurer who himself runs around every day, threatening people into paying debts. The usurer says he will pay the treatment fee with the money which he is going to collect. He takes by force the title deeds of the factory and house of a poor factory owner and hands them to BJ. Immediately after that, the factory owner's family commits suicide.
    Guest:Plant owner / Imari Daisaku ("I.L")

    205 Noise Operation
    Publish:February 27, 1978
    Introduction:After the construction of an airport is completed, farmers in the neighborhood are troubled by the noise. Suicide from neurosis is common. The leader of the petition against the noise pollution is also suffering from neurosis, and pours boiling water into his ear. BJ transplants him with a special drum membrane. The drum membrane enables him to hear sounds in an ordinary living environment, but not noise. But the drum membrane cannot make the patient happy.
    Guest:Leader / Chikara Aritake
    BJ's client / Saboten Sam

    206, Love Call from the Sea
    Publish: March 6, 1978
    Introduction:A sailor whose only pride is his strength visits BJ. He wants BJ to remove the tattoos all over his body. It is against BJ's policy to comply with such a flippant request for removing what the patient has done on his own free will. But after reading the letter the sailor brought with him, he cannot decline his request. It is a request from Kisaragi Kei, who once was BJ's lover.

    207, Wildcat Boy
    Publish: March 13, 1978
    Introduction:BJ visits a clinic in the mountains at the request of a French doctor named Truffaut. There he finds a micro cephalic boy who was raised by a wildcat. His flattened parietal apparently indicates that his head had been sandwiched by objects soon after his birth. If he were to be left untreated, he would not live long. BJ performs an orthopedic operation on his skull and starts to train him to behave like a human. But, ...
    Guest: Truffaut / Decorn

    208, Death of an Author
    Publish: March 20, 1978
    Introduction:A heroic novelist well accepted among the people stops writing because of cancer. He begs BJ to make him live until he completes the final episode. BJ agrees to prolong his life, as he is a fan of the novelist. Would the hero in such a desperate situation survive? BJ watches the patient write at the risk of his life.

    209, Black Jack Syndrome
    Publish: March 27, 1978
    Introduction:A strange disease prevails in the inland of Africa. Once contracted, the stomach becomes hard and blackens, and the patient eventually dies. The local doctors name it "Black Jack Syndrome." BJ is upset, assuming that they probably named it that because it would likely require large treatment fees. But he is wrong. The name reflects their wish that BJ will be able to find a cure for the disease. BJ's sense of honor obliges him to confront the disease.

    210, Falling Object
    Publish: April 3, 1978

    211, The Boy Who Ran Away from Home
    Publish: April 10, 1978
    Introduction:A teacher, who used to encourage a poor student and gave him a dream of becoming a jockey, suddenly disappears. Due to a chemical accident, her face is terribly disfigured. BJ meets the boy, who has run away from home to look for the teacher. BJ offers to support the boy's father, who is a surgeon, so as to recover the boy's dream and the female teacher's life. So he begins a plastic surgery operation on her face.

    212, Operating on a Man from Space
    Publish: April 17, 1978
    Introduction:BJ is called to a temple in a remote area. A priest waits for BJ, saying that he was also called there by a patient. Even masterly BJ is shocked at the sight of the patient. There is an alien lying there. BJ engages in an operation on the alien, who was on a flying saucer shot down by a US air force aircraft.

    213, The Case of a Woman
    Publish: May 8, 1978
    Introduction:A woman falls down on the platform of the station at midnight. BJ happens to be there and performs an emergency operation on her in the station building. Her life is saved, but she tells BJ that she has no money and that she has run away from her home. When BJ meets her again, he finds she is married to a trader and lives in a huge mansion. Witnessing the changes in her life, BJ contemplates over the vanity of a life with money.
    Guest:Woman / Sapphire ("Princess Knight")
    Ambulance man #1 / Yamano Anata ("Lost World")

    214, The Policeman and Mannequin
    Publish: May 15, 1978
    Introduction:There is a police officer doll standing at a corner of the street. For some reason, one police officer starts to take good care of this doll, as if it were a friend. He sees himself in the doll that stands alone at the street corner. One day, when he tries to stop some men from beating the doll, he is hit and run by a car, and suffers brain injuries. BJ takes charge of his operation, and also repairs the broken doll.

    215, Birds to the Rescue
    Publish: May 22, 1978
    Introduction:An old man possesses a vast piece of land that is good for nothing. But detecting an oil field under the ground, a Mafia member threatens him so that he'll surrender the land. When the old man rejects the offer, his grandchild is shot. BJ, who treats the bird-loving boy, also comes under attack of the Mafia. But the birds fly up into the sky to protect the boy and BJ.
    Guest:Boy / Devadatta ("Buddha")
    A Mafia member / Hack Ben

    216, The Suicide Aspirant
    Publish: May 29, 1978
    Introduction:On a rainy highway, BJ picks up a female hitchhiker. She is in the last month of her pregnancy. BJ instantly knows that she intends to commit suicide at the lake. BJ decides to spend a night with the woman in a mountain hut. She is reminded of the strength of a would-be-parent by watching a little bird sitting on its eggs in the hut.

    217, A Plot to Film Black Jack Performing an Operation
    Publish:June 5, 1978
    Introduction:An active Hollywood producer thinks about making a film modeled on BJ. But BJ declines to cooperate. In order to secretly shoot his treatment of a wounded patient by compact camera, the producer intentionally involves a young black man in an accident and has him severely wounded. BJ, who spots the trick, works out a plan, and tricks the filmmaking staff.
    Guest:Agent at the shooting ground / Ham Egg

    218, A Cholera Scare
    Publish: June 12, 1978
    Introduction:BJ meets a group of doctors at the airport. He is asked to have some drink and goes along with them. Immediately after that, however, he knows from the news that cholera has erupted among the group of doctors. Growing apprehensive of possible infection, BJ isolates himself. At BJ's house, a patient who was waiting for his return falls down, loses consciousness, and slips into critical condition. But BJ is unable to go back.
    Guest:Patient waiting for BJ's return --- Barubora ("BARUBORA")

    219, Light Fingers
    Publish: June 19, 1978
    Introduction:Tetsu, the best pickpocket on the Yamanote Line, used artful pick pocketing techniques. But he then has his thumbs and index fingers amputated by a gangster. To preserve his techniques, a police inspector who knows Tetsu very well asks BJ to perform an operation.
    Guest:Tetsu / Higeoyaji
    Police inspector / Acetylene Lamp

    220, The War Never Ends
    Publish: June 26, 1978
    Introduction:The job of warrior is considered the highest honor in a country where a war had been going on for many years. A mother also wants to make her son a great warrior. But the son cannot even get up because of a hernia of his intervertebral disk. The mother asks BJ to treat him, but BJ scolds the mother, saying "What's the point of saving his life only to have him killed in the war?"
    Guest:Son (Runan) / Sittarda ("Buddha")

    221, The Honorable Crime
    Publish:July 3, 1978
    Introduction:BJ diagnoses a man who complains of pain on an airplane. The man discharges medicine capsules one after the other from his stomach. The medicine in the non water-soluble capsules is proven to be morphine. A doctor somewhere out there seems to be smuggling narcotics this way.

    222, Tenacious Black Jack
    Publish: July 10, 1978
    Introduction:A big Japanese star is about to go on a canoe journey alone from Manila. A TV station sponsors this grand-scale adventure. But he causes a car accident just before the start of this adventure, and a boy who had just undergone a heart operation and happened to be in the other car is shocked to death. Although BJ urges the star to give up the adventure and apologize to the boy's parents, ...
    Guest:Japanese star (Homura Rokku) / Rock Home

    223, Pinoko's Mystery
    Publish: July 17, 1978
    Introduction:One day while Pinoko is staying at home alone, she reads a letter she found in BJ's desk drawer. The letter delineates the secret of her birth. According to the letter, Pinoko is the daughter of a terrorist who was busted into pieces by a bomb explosion when she was small. Discovering that she has real parents, Pinoko goes to see them. But, ...

    224, Mother Love
    Publish:July 24, 1978
    Introduction:A hospital built on a restricted plot does not have enough rooms to accept a large number of patients. When all beds are occupied, the director turns his mother's room into a room for patients. Having nowhere to stay, the mother would spend some nights at a hut in the deep mountain. One night, a big earthquake occurs. Knowing that the old woman is staying in the mountain hut, BJ hurries to rescue her.

    225, Psychic Powers from a Closed Room
    Publish: July 31, 1978
    Introduction:A boy is confined to a wheelchair after a car accident. All doctors who diagnose him quickly run back home. This is because the stethoscope, scalpel, and all other tools become distorted, and books on the wall falls upon the doctors trying to see the boy. BJ judges that it is due to a psychokinetic power induced by the mental energy of the boy. So begins a battle between BJ and the psychic boy.
    Guest:Doctor in charge of the boy / Tezuka Osamu
    Hyper psychologist / Duke Red

    226, Animation Program Solomon
    Publish: August 14, 1978
    Introduction:Pinoko falls by a swimming pool. The young man who rescues her is an animator. After drawing as many as 500 full in-between pictures, he delivers them to a production company. But his drawings are turned down for the reason that such a huge volume of in-between pictures cannot be used. He comes to a swimming pool for a bit of refreshment, and ends up almost drowning. This time, Pinoko saves his life. BJ, who diagnoses him, finds that his illness is more serious than he expects.
    Guest:Young animator / Miyamoto Musashi ("The Film Lives On")
    Friend of the young man / Sasaki Kojiro ("The Film Lives On")

    227, Pocket Monkey
    Publish: August 21, 1978
    Introduction:BJ runs over a man with his car on a foggy night. The man is dead. BJ reports to the police station, and is arrested as a murder suspect. The man was actually run over twice, and his 3 million yen was stolen. Although BJ asserts that he was not involved in the robbery, the police do not believe him. The truth seems to be known only to a pocket monkey, the pet the man loved.

    228, Carved seal
    Publish: August 28, 1978
    Introduction:BJ's best friend in his childhood, Makube, visits him. To rise to power in the French underworld, Makube had changed the colors of his hair and eyes. He now visits BJ, relying on BJ's technique for changing fingerprints. BJ performs the operation as he wishes. But BJ is blown away by a bomb set by Makube's subordinates. They apparently want to ruin BJ, who knows the secret.
    Guest:Makube / Rock Home

    229, After the Typhoon Goes
    Publish: September 11, 1978
    Introduction:On the night when a typhoon directly hits the country, BJ is forced to perform an operation on an innocent-looking 15-year-old popular singer for her extra-uterine pregnancy. Although he wants to go back home and stay by the side of Pinoko, who must be trembling in fear, the operation has to be performed with the utmost secrecy. There is not sufficient equipment or blood for transfusion. What's worse, the power goes off. It is very unlikely that he can get back home on that night.

    230, Call It Life
    Publish: September 18, 1978
    Introduction:BJ is on a vacant steam locomotive alone. But when he looks around, he finds people whom he has been closely associated with. His only girlfriend, Kisaragi Kei, the euthanasia expert, Kiriko, and the respected teacher who saved his life, Honma. BJ also meets Pinoko, who has grown up to be a beautiful lady. The train named "life" does not seem to get to its destination for some time to come.

    231, Sacrifice
    Publish: January 15, 1979
    Introduction:A girl considers BJ a "devil," when she sees BJ dressed in black, appearing in the white snowy world. BJ has actually come to disguise himself as the director of a hospital in this snowy county to perform an operation. The patient who undergoes his operation is the girl's mother. She later learns that no matter what miracle may be shown to her, some "angels" can only look like "devils."

    232, Revenge
    Publish: January 22, 1979
    Introduction:The bag a man brings back with him contains a time bomb. A terrorist had taken the wrong bag with him. A man who calls and tells him not to open the bag, and hangs up immediately after calling himself "Black J..." Immediately after that, the bag explodes. All family members except the man's daughter, who was on the phone, die in the incident. After learning that the doctor who saves her life is named BJ, she swears to take revenge, believing that BJ is the criminal.

    233, Class Reunion
    Publish: April 30, 1979
    Introduction:BJ attends an elementary school reunion. It is such a successful reunion, with all teachers there except the idolized Teacher Shima who was loved by all the pupils. It is discovered that she is ill. Requested by his classmates, BJ goes to treat her. But he visits her to find that she is severely addicted to narcotics.

    234, Blood Relations
    Publish: September 24, 1979
    Introduction:BJ's father falls into critical condition due to cerebral apoplexy. When BJ hurries to his father, his half-sister accuses him of coming for the property. But what BJ actually wants is something else, definitely not the money that the man who abandoned him and his mother has left.

    235, Accident
    Publish: February 4, 1980
    Introduction:Akira runs over a woman with his truck. She is taken to a hospital and is given an operation by BJ during his internship. The woman, whose life is saved, has lost her memory. Akira looks after her. The two starts to fall in love. But one day, she recovers her memory, and runs away from the apartment. Then, the two meet again in an unexpected manner.

    236, Talk
    Publish: September 15, 1980
    Introduction:A teacher always believes that if he and his students can talk on equal grand, they can understand each other. He himself had met a teacher in his school days who was fearless against any adversity. After being lynched by a violent student, and receiving a treatment for prolonging his life by BJ, he is convinced of his belief.
    Guest: Teacher Muri / Father of Taku ("Norman")

    237, A Lie Lived
    Publish: December 1, 1980
    Introduction:A popular singer becomes totally paralyzed after an accident. Her production staff visits BJ and asks him to perform a plastic surgery operation on another girl so that she looks just like the paralyzed singer. On the contrary, BJ performs an operation to cure the paralysis of the singer. But her body does not move an inch. She has no will to get well.

    238, Just Like Black Jack
    Publish: January 1, 1982
    Introduction:There is a BJ look-alike miracle doctor who cures any type of disease upon payment of a large sum of treatment fee. He even has a grand daughter who looks just like Pinoko. BJ finds that the doctor is letting an old brain-dead woman live for a long period of time. He observes that he wishes to prolong her life only to get money. For the first time, BJ looks at himself objectively. But there is one difference between BJ and the doctor. Noting the difference, BJ ...
    Guest:Dr. Kuromatsu / Don Dracula ("Don Dracula")
    Dr. Kuromatsu's daughter / Chocolate ("Don Dracula")

    239, A Passed Moment
    Publish: June 11, 1982
    Introduction:BJ examines a taxi driver who is allergic to injury. He has shot wounds on his back, and the scars indicate a perfect surgical operation. Finding that there is a surgeon who is more skillful than him, BJ is dying to see the surgeon. Pursuing him, he finally reaches a church in El Salvador.
    Guest:Father Fastener / Jimba ("Prime Rose")

    240, Assembly Line Care
    Publish: January 14, 1983
    Introduction:A doctor who goes through the motions of visiting his patients without much care notices that he is losing his patients recently. He figures it is because BJ's clinic is located in the neighboring town. The idea takes hold of him, and he visits BJ to complain about it. But BJ does not even listen to him. He only says that it is his fault for not taking the needs of his patients to heart.

    241, Short Finger Syndrome
    Publish: January 21, 1983
    Introduction:A child has a tumor close to his brain. Although his rich father visits renowned doctors throughout the world in order to cure him, every one of them has given up. Although BJ agrees to perform an operation, a gangster breaks into his house that night and threatens to kill him if he fails with the operation. Finding out that this threat is the true cause of this history of refusal, BJ decides to ...

    242, The Power of Laughter
    Publish: June 10, 1983
    Introduction:One of BJ's friends from junior high school offends him, though he didn't know why. The boy was easily provoked to laughter, and was always looking happy. His carefree laugher added to BJ's irritation. But the happy friend turned out to be a lone orphan after his parents fled by night. The boy who had dreamed of becoming a cartoonist was attacked by a debt collector, and ...

    243, A Question of Priorities
    Publish: October 14, 1983
    Introduction:On a ship to Iriomote Island, a poached Iriomote wildcat flees onto the ship, and bites a baby passenger. The hunter fires on the wildcat in panic. But the bullets hit the wildcat and a Diet man who is promoting development of the island. BJ is later accused of treating the Diet man after having treated the baby and the Iriomote wildcat But he did so without a second thought.