Black Jack


1 IS THERE A DOCTOR? 1973/11/19 Shukan Shonen Champion

Akudo, the only son of the richest business man by the name of Nikura, always behaves badly. One day, he is critically injured involved in a car accident. Black Jack tells Nikura that his son's organs should be replaced with someone's to save him. Nikura orders to execute a young man entirely unrelated to the case just to take his organs out, saying he can do anything with his money.

2 STRANGERS AT SEA 1973/11/26 Shukan Shonen Champion

One stormy night, Black Jack is abducted. He is taken to a small fishing ship where a group of armored-car robbers and a younger brother of the leader seriously injured await him. Black Jack operates on the patient successfully but the ship drifts in the sea. The problem is there is no blood for transfusion. Just then a dolphin appears in front of them. The dolphin is the one that changes the destiny of the people on the ship.

3 MIYUKI AND BEN 1973/12/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

Ben is known as a rogue of the town. One day he comes across a girl by the name of Miyuki on the train. Soon he falls in love with her. He comes to know she suffers from metastatic cancer, not able to live long. Ben visits Black Jack to ask for help. He says he would do anything, even die for her if she can regain her health.

4 ANAPHYLAXIS 1973/12/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack visits Yokota base to operate on a son of the captain shot in the war. He has a fragment of a bullet stuck in the heart. The problem is he is hypersensitive. He has an anaphylaxis reaction even to anesthesia with full-body cramps.Black Jack tries electoral anesthesia instead. Though the surgery goes well, the man goes back to the battle field to die...

5 A GIRLWHO BECAME A BIRD 1973/12/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

At the aircraft competition, a girl with wings suddenly appears in the sky - Black Jack is the one who gave the girl the wings. The girl by the name of Ikaru had lived in a wheelchair for a long time. She told Black Jack that she wanted to become a bird. To realize her wish, Black Jack transplanted adjunct muscles on her to give her wings.

6 ON A SNOWY NIGHT 1973/12/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

On a snowy night, a couple brings an invisible patient to Black Jack’s clinic. The two are brother and sister, asking him to treat their mother whose neck is broken for a medical fee of 30,000,000 yen. Reluctantly Black Jack goes through the motion of surgery to fulfill their request. They tell him she was involved in a plane accident, what they brought is her soul as her body was burn out, and the two were on the same plane. It turns out they are ghost, too.

7 THE PIRATE’S ARM 1974/1/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

Icchin, good at gymnastics and popular among students, has an arm pain thesedays. He is diagnoised with gas gangrene, developing sepsis. The only way to save him is to cut the arm. Black Jack makes a special prosthetic lilmb to Icchin. The arm looks ungly like that of a pirate, but it encourages Icchin whensver he has a hard time.

8 SEALED MEMORY 1974/1/7 Shukan Shonen Champion

The old man owns an apartment house called Tokiwaso. But he suffers from amnesia caused by a blow on his head. One day, the owner is kidnapped by a group of strange men. Their purpose is to make him reveal the location of 300,000 tons of gas Japanese military hid before. To regain the owner's lost memory, the kidnappers bring the owner to Black Jack's clinic.

9 TWO SHUJIS 1974/1/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

President Oda plans to have his son by the name of Shuji, now a junior high schooler, take over all his businesses in future. But Shuji is killed in the fire on the basement of a department store. Oda, grieving of the death, asks Black Jack to perform a gender-change operation on his daughter by the name of Kumi in order to disguise her to Shuji.

10 SON OF HARITI 1974/1/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

She is a serial kidnapper. She kidnaps kids, cuts off their fingers and send them to their parents. But she has a different face as a mother who loves her son deeply. One day, she kidnaps her own son to fool the police, but is stabbed by him. If the son sees the scar, he would notice her true nature... She visits Black Jack to ask him to erase the scar.

11 NADARE 1974/2/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

Nadare, a monstrous deer, appears at the construction site in the snowy mountain to kill all the workers. Actually, Black Jack is the one who made the monster by transplanting its brain in the chest at the request of Dr. Oedo. According to his theory, a deer can be more intelligent if the brain is transplanted to a place with plenty of room so that it can develop further.

12 TERATOID CYSTOMA 1974/2/18 Shukan Shonen Champion

A noble woman suffering from teratoid cystoma is brought to Black Jack’s clinic. On examining her, he finds that several body parts and organs enough for one person, although they have not developed perfectly, are in the woman. He, then, makes up a human girl by stitching those parts and organs together. Eventually, Pinoko is brought to this world by him.

13 PINOKO LOVES YOU 1974/2/25 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pinoko behaves like a little child though she claims she is 18 years old, and Black Jack is bothered a lot by Pinoko. One day, a boy who is a victim of a hit-and-run is brought to Black Jack’s clinic. Black Jack tells the boy’s father that he is in need of a kidney transplant, but the father who just concerns about money tries to beat the medical fee. Suddenly, the boy becomes very ill while they are haggling. Pinoko offers Black Jack to give her kidney to the boy.

14 AFTEREFFECTS 1974/3/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

Horikiri, a baseball superstar, is diagnosed with heart aneurysm. The doctor suggests him to retire soon, telling the disease may kill him if he keeps playing. However, he visits Black Jack as he's not able to giving up his career. Black Jack tells him he can make him play again but that's it. After the operation, Hiroyuki finds himself suffering from unexpected aftereffects.

15 DIRTJACKED 1974/3/18 Shukan Shonen Champion

A school bus full of kindergarten children is trapped in the tunnel as the exits are collapsed due to the earthquake. Black Jack, also trapped in the tunnel, is asked to treat injured children, but he is not able to help them as he doesn’t have any medicine and medical equipment with him. Instead, he heads to the exit alone with a rich man's son. The teacher thinks Black Jack has abandoned them without knowing his true intention.

16 PINOKO IS ADOPTED 1974/3/25 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack decides to put Pinoko up for adoption against her will as he thinks he is not able to raise her properly. Soon Pinoko leaves her new family because she doesn't like them at all. On coming back home, she finds Black Jack suffering from peritonitis operating on himself and start to assist him voluntarily. Black Jack notices she has an intuitive sense of operation, considering having her as his assistant from now on.

17 THE GRAY MANSION 1974/4/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

A female owner of a luxurious hotel asks Black Jack to visit her mansion. On the basement is her older brother burned out terribly. She asks Black Jack to restore him to his original state. Black Jack examines the man to find he was burned after beaten and suspects the woman did such a cruel thing on him.

18 TWICE DEAD 1974/4/8 Shukan Shonen Champion

In Harlem in New York, a boy who killed his father jumps off the building as chased by the police. Though he is in the state of cardiopulmonary arrest, he still has slight brain waves. There may be a possibility of recovery. A world-renowned surgeon who has never failed operates on him, however, the boy becomes brain-dead. The surgeon asks Black Jack for help.

19 LEAF BUDS 1974/4/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

The boy is scared of himself as leaf buds grow from his body rapidly. He feels like he becomes something other than a human and writes a letter to Black Jack for help. On visiting the boy, Black Jack finds him almost turning into a plant, diagnosing the cause is a kind of cactus parasitizing on him.

20 FITS 1974/4/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pinoko is busy with redecorating Black Jack's house to make it a suitable place for the best surgeon in the world. She orders things one after another, from wall paper to furniture even to a piano. Black Jack, coming back home, gets mad and scold her fiercely. Then Pinoko brings a rich patient, believing she can build a new house for Black Jack if she has enough money.

21 SAVE THE BABY! 1974/4/29 Shukan Shonen Champion

One day, Black Jack comes to compete with Hari Adora in medical skills for the project planned by a magazine publisher. Hari says he has super natural powers, being able to cure any patients with God's help. The target is a woman who has an ectopic pregnancy. Black Jack insists to give birth to a stillborn baby to save the mother. On the other hand, Hari says he can save the baby with God's power.

22 THE BLEEDING WON'T STOP 1974/5/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

A boy and a girl, both from rural areas, meet together in front of coin lockers at Ueno station. They both dream to live better in Tokyo and soon come to love each other. But the reality is she is a hemophilic patient and the boy suffers from malignant anemia, having much time left. The boy asks Black Jack to tell her that he has fully recovered thanks to the operation. His last hope is the girl lives her life through instead of him.

23 KIDNAPPING 1974/5/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

President of a certain nation is shot in the back of the head by an assassin. Black Jack, called over to save his life, agrees to operate on him. On entering the operation room, Black Jack receives a phone call. The caller says he has Pinoko as a hostage and gives her back in exchange for the President’s life. Black Jack is forced to decide who to save.

24 THIEVING DOG 1974/5/27 Shukan Shonen Champion

An old dog known as a habitual thief is run over by a car. Pinoko who happens to find the dog asks Black Jack to treat it. Black Jack reluctantly brings the dog back home and save it. Eventually the old dog comes to stay with them as Pinoko’s dog. The dog is lazy and slow. He is indeed useless. But Black Jack and Pinko has no idea that they are saved by the dog later.

25 ASHES AND DIAMONDS 1974/6/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

Matsukata is an old man who made a fortune in his lifetime and never trusts others. Therefore, he converts all his money into 300 diamonds and makes Black Jack implant them into his body. But Matsutani, not able to trust even Black Jack, makes Dr. Hyakki check whether the diamonds are certainly implanted or not. What Dr. Hyakki finds are 300 acrylic beads, not the diamonds.

26 CAPTAIN PARK 1974/6/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

One stormy night, the captain of a freight ship with smuggling refugees gets seriously injured. Black Jack, asked for help, advises the captain to send a mayday call, but the captain refuses it, saying the refuges are sent back to their country if found. He also says it's his mission to send the refugees to Japan even if he loses his life. Black Jack is shocked to face the reality of Japan.

27 MISTRESS SHIRAHA 1974/6/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

Mistress Shiraha defrauds a lot of fees for her purification ceremony from patients, saying weird diseases doctors can not cure are curses of evil spirits. To disclose her hoax, Black Jack poses a challenge to her, declaring he will cure a boy Shiraha says suffering from a curse of snakes. Actually, the boy suffers from fishskin disease which has never been cured by means of operation. Is Black Jack able to cure the boy or...?

28 FINGER 1974/6/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

29 SOMETIMES LIKE PEARLS 1974/7/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

One day a scalpel scabbarded in the stone cover is sent to Black Jack. What’s written on the wrapping paper is J.H., which means it’s from Joichiro Honda, the doctor who saved Black Jack in his childhood. Black Jack goes to see his lifesaver almost dying of old age, and hears his confession by his bedside till he dies.

30 PINOKO LIVES 1974/7/8 Shukan Shonen Champion

One day, Black Jack comes back home to find Pinoko down in the front yard. Examining her closely, he finds she has leukemia and her days are numbered. The only way to save her is to replace all her blood with that of her sister (i.e., a woman who had teratoid cystoma, now the parts of Pinoko). Black Jack looks all over for the woman.

31 AVATOR 1974/7/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

Tommy loves horses. He especially loves a horse by the name of Prominence. But cowboys at the ranch trying to kill Prominence by the order of the owner seriously injure Tommy by accident. Black Jack examines Tommy to find there is no way to resuscitate him since his brain is crushed. But Tommy's father doesn't give up him. Reluctantly Black Jack transplant's Prominence's brain into Tommy.

32 THREE IN A BOX  1974/7/22  Shukan Shonen Champion

A department store is suddenly collapsed due to ground subsidence as the result of continuous groundwater pumping, not by an earthquake. Black Jack who happens to be at the site is trapped in the elevator box with an injured man and his son. To save the man and to survive with the two, Black Jack tries to look for a way. But what he has at hand are some pain killer and medicine only.

33 LION-FACE DISEASE 1974/7/29 Shukan Shonen Champion

A detective arrests Black Jack for his medical practices without a license. But the detective tells Black Jack he will pardon him, furthermore will give him a license if he can save a patient he brings. The patient is his son whose face is distorted due to lion-face disease so far. Actually, there is no treatment for the disease

34 TEACHER AND PUPIL 1974/8/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

The teacher believes verbal abuse is a way of education while the pupil, scared of the teacher, is reluctant to go to school. One day, the student runs out in front of a car after agonizing himself. The only way to save him is amputating both of his legs and one of his arms. Hearing that, the teacher scurries to Black Jack's clinic for help.

35 WHAT LURKS THE MOUNTAIN 1974/8/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

Late at night, Black Jack and Pinoko are driving on a freeway in the mountains, looking for a place to stay. Soon they see a dog with a collar running in front them, which means there is a house nearby. Heading deep into the mountain, they finally find a shack where a young man transforming into a wolf. Is he a vampire? Actually, he suffers from rabies.

36 THE SINKING WOMAN 1974/8/19 Shukan Shonen Champion

Yoko used to be good at swimming and catching fish. But now she is losing her intelligence and mobility due to poisonous substances discharged from the factory. But people are not kind to her. As she has difficulty with comprehension, she is not able to receive even a settlement package. Black Jack, feeling pity for her, treats her so that she can walk.

37 THE TWO JANS 1974/8/26 Shukan Shonen Champion

Jans are Siamese twins with two brains sharing one body. Their doctors ask Black Jack to separate them, saying it will be a historical event in the medicine if the operation goes well. Black Jack reluctantly performs the operation on them while Jans have a plan to....

38 PINOKO RETURNS 1974/9/2 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pinoko, coming back from shopping, runs into a thief sneaking in the house, but she kindly hears his life story. Feeling pity for him, she visits the thief to give her small allowance later but doesn't come back. Black Jack searches her around town, blowing an appointment with International Medical Association offering him a medical license exceptionally.

39 PURE CHINESE RESTAURANT 1974/9/9 Shukan Shonen Champion

A Chinese man who runs a Chinese cuisine restaurant suffers from gallstones. Although everybody suggests him to have an operation, he refuses it, insisting to be treated with medication. Actually, there is no medication which cures gallstones. But he believes his son who became a doctor will develop it soon. Meanwhile Black Jack fools him and puts him to sleep in order to perform the operation.

40 BURNED DOLL 1974/9/16 Shukan Shonen Champion

The car a yakuza and his son are on is blown off by a bomb set up by his opposing organization. The only way to save the son who burns his entire body is transplanting his father's skin. The doctors at the hospital are reluctant to perform the transplantation for fear of retaliation. Black Jack, who happens at the hospital, takes over the transplant operation.

41 - 1974/9/23 Shukan Shonen Champion

42 BABY BLUES 1974/9/30 Shukan Shonen Champion

The leader of a delinquent girls' group happens to find a baby left in the coin-operated locker at the station. She raises the baby at a whim but comes to be attached to the baby. Then the baby becomes sick. She brings the baby to Black Jack's clinic. Black Jack finds the baby suffers from rickets as not exposed to sunlight. He orders her to report the fact to the station and bring the baby to the hospital.

43 A WRONG DIAGNOSIS 1974/10/7 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack reunites his old class mate who is now the owner of a big hospital at his acquittance’s wedding ceremony. He is a kind of doctor who seldom examines or operates on patients by himself, just leaning back on his chair. One day one of his patients he has examined directly suddenly becomes very ill. Black Jack, asked for help, notices his friend's misdiagnosis. But the doctor never accepts his mistake.

44 EYEWITNESS  1974/10/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

A time bomb explodes on the platform of Shinkansen while a woman at the kiosk witnesses the criminal. But she loses her eyesight due to the explosion. The police ask Black jack to transplant eyes on her so that she can identify the criminal. But Black Jack knows her eyesight does not last long. She can see things only for five minutes even if the operation goes well.

45 WHITE LION  1974/10/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a white lion sent to a Japanese zoo from Africa. But the lion is in critical condition, getting sick probably from stress. Black Jack, asked to examine the lion, thinks there is only one way to cure the weakened lion, which is to inject melanin into the lion from his blood capillary to make him an ordinary lion.

46 TERROR VIRUS 1974/10/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

On the freight carrying arms used in Vietnam war, the crew suffer from unusual skin disease one by one. The cause seems a substance leaking from a secret bio weapon. If it's disclosed, people get into a panic. In order to avoid such situation, the government asks Black Jack to treat the patients. But Black Jack finds another doctor, Dr. Kiriko who is specialized in euthanasia at the site.

47 - 1974/11/4 Shukan Shonen Champion

Tetsuo, a boy who likes Sci-Fi, dreams to meet aliens. He is always laughed at and bullied by a school gang leader thanks to his absurd dream. One day Tetsuo's eyes come to glow. Black Jack recommends him to have surgery, but he refuses it as he believes he is possessed by an alien. He wants to counter the school gang leader with the alien's power. But he may become blind if he keeps refusing the surgery.

48 THE THIRD CALL 1974/11/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack receives a phone call from a strange man. He tells Black Jack he will kill him since his mother died as she could not pay the exceptionally high medical fee. It seems the criminal has held Pinoko hostage. Soon he calls Black Jack again. Upon hearing the man comes nearby, Black Jack rushes out from the house to be sprayed with bullets. But the criminal's sister gets in his way just before he delivers a conclusive shot.

49 TWO LOVES 1974/11/18 Shukan Shonen Champion

Takuyan is a chef at Black Jack's favorite sushi restaurant. His dream is to serve the best sushi to his mother in his hometown. One day he is run over by a truck, losing both of his arms. But Takuyan does not think of suing the driver by the name of Akira. Instead, he asks Akira to make sushi, saying he wants to make sushi with your arms.

50 CONFLUENCE 1974/11/25 Shukan Shonen Champion

A ship doctor by the name of Kisaragi Megumi gets off the cruise ship arriving at Yokohama port. She calls Black Jack, offering to see him for the first time in ages. Black Jack goes to Yokohama to see her, accompanied by Pinoko who doubts he meets a woman other than herself. What Pinoko hears from her is Black Jack's first love, which was a sad and faint story.

51 SHRINKING 1974/12/2 Shukan Shonen Champion

Deep in Africa, a strange disease is spreading. Animals suffering from the disease literally shrink. Now the local doctor asking Black Jack for help shows the same symptom. As studying the cases, Black Jack finds the symptom is not related to any disease. If it's not a disease, what's that? Is that the workings of God? Is shrinking the only way for all creatures to survive in the world experiencing continuous famines?

52 THE FACE SORE 1974/12/9 Shukan Shonen Champion

The second face appearing on the human body - that's called face-shaped tumor. It's believed the tumor reappears no matter how many times it's cut out. One day, Black Jack removes the face-shaped tumor from a patient visiting him. But it appears again as it's said. Black Jack considers the disease relates to mental problems of the patient and decides to do something drastic on him.

53 FROM AFAR 1974/12/16 Shukan Shonen Champion

A Swedish girl with a serious heart problem comes to Japan. Dr. Itabashi known as a famous heart surgeon boasts in front of reporters, saying he is the only doctor who can save her. He, then, operates on her, not on a Japanese girl suffering from the same disease, to attract media's attention. On the other hand, Black Jack operates on the Japanese girl to challenge Itabashi.

54 THE LEGS OF AN ANT 1974/12/23 Shukan Shonen Champion

Inspired by a story of a boy with crippled arms and legs traveling on foot authored by Dr. Honma Jotaro, a boy suffering from polio sets out a journey taking the same route in the story. The boy notices a strange man following him during the journey. Actually that's Black Jack. The boy has no idea Black Jack is the boy written in the book.

55 STRADIVARIUS 1975/1/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

An airplane Black Jack and a famous violinist are on board crashes on the snowfield in Alaska. The passengers including them go to an Inuit village for safety, but the violinist gets back to the snowfield to find his Stradivarius blown away in the wind. Later the violinist is found but all his fingers are almost dead, getting frostbitten. Black Jack treats the fingers desperately.

56 TWO DARK DOCTORS 1975/1/6 Shukan Shonen Champion

Kiriko, a former military doctor, comes to believe euthanasia is one way to help people after witnessing soldiers seriously injured on the battle field. One day, he visits a woman totally paralyzed. What she wants is to die comfortably. Meanwhile, her children ask Black Jack to save her. Black Jack takes the patient from Kiriko and operates on her. Though the operation goes well, the patient and her children die in a car accident soon. Only Kirko's loud lough echoes through Black Jack's head.

57 BLACKQUEEN 1975/1/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

The female doctor is always cool and collected, performing surgery without any emotional involvement. People call her Black Queen due to her cold-heartedness. She has no hesitation on amputating legs or arms of patients. One day her boyfriend involved in an accident is brought to her. Firstly, she asks for treatments other than amputation. Black Jack offers help to save the boyfriend.

58 SEAT OF PLEASURE 1975/1/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

59 I WANT MY BROTHER BACK 1975/1/27 Shukan Shonen Champion

Yukio likes his older brother who plays a villain for a power ranger TV show. But the brother suffers from elephantiasis and looks like a monster. Black Jack accepts to treat the brother, but Yukio, who sees Black Jack's patch-worked face, comes to believe Black Jack is the head of the villains who has transformed his brother into a monster.

60 THE CORSICAN BROTHERS 1975/2/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

The identical twins are star performers at the circus. But one of them is injured terribly while performing on the flying trapeze. Strangely, the other also begins to suffer great pain. They believe if one of them dies, the other dies, too. Black Jack makes a plan against the troublesome twin patients.

61 NEEDLE 1975/2/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack is recognized as the first-class doctor. But a rare case even he can not handle occurs - a broken drip needle is racing through the patient's vain. It has to be removed before reaching his lung or heart. As if scoffing at Black Jack, the needle disappears somewhere in the patient's body.

62 A CAT AND SHOZO 1975/2/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

Shozo goes insane after losing his wife and children involved in the landslide of the cliff his house was on. Now he lives with some stray cats, believing they are his real family. Black Jack considers his insanity is related to cerebral hematoma which was caused when he hit his head upon the landslide. Soon Black Jack takes off the hematoma by surgery, but...

63 WOLF GIRL 1975/3/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a country in the middle of a civil war where cross-border travelers are checked severely by the guards. One of them is Black Jack who has a trouble. Chased by the guards, he gets deep into the mountain where he encounters a girl whose lips and jaw are split by nature. She is scared by people as a wolf woman who attacks tourists .

64 YOU DID IT!! 1975/3/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

The elementary school boy vows revenge on the robber who killed his older brother. He lures the robber by using himself as a decoy to confront him. Then the boy stabs himself with a knife to claim the robber as the criminal. But Black Jack notices the truth. The boy asks Black Jack not to reveal the truth to others.

65 THE CURSED OPERATION 1975/3/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

A female mummy is found at an ancient ruin. But the schoolers who found the mummy are involved in a cave-in accident and seriously injured. Also doctors trying to treat them are involved in mysterious accidents one by one. All those events must be the result of the mummy's curse. Black Jack, asked to help them, gives the medical treatment to the mummy first, noticing her legs and skull injured.

66 ADMIST FIRE AND ASHES 1975/3/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

The president of a big company has a poor relationship with his son. He wants his son to take over the company but the son refuses it, furthermore, saying "I will destroy the company." Soon later, the son falls in the volcanic vent, being badly burned. Black Jack, who finds out the president was the one who pushed the son into the vent, performs surgery on him even in the middle of the eruption to sort out their love-hate relationship.

67 THE TWO PINOKOS 1975/3/31 Shukan Shonen Champion

At a rundown port town, Black Jack encounters a girl by the name of Romi. Romi who exactly looks like Pinoko suffers from a mysterious lung disease. Black Jack tells the doctor making a house call for her that she suffers from a pollution disease, but he doesn't believe it. Soon Romi becomes very ill. Black Jack begins treating her frantically.

68 THE MASK CHOSEN 1975/4/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

"How have you been, Kuroo?" - Black Jack receives a call from his father who disappeared with a woman leaving Black Jack and his mother. He asks Black Jack to perform plastic surgery on his current wife suffering from Hansen's disease. The father orders him to make her the most beautiful woman in the world.

69 GAS 1975/4/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pinoko takes a capsule containing potassium cyanide power instead of a cold pill. The cupsul will melt in an hour! Knowing the fact, Black Jack frantically performs surgery on her in order to take out the capsuel within the time limit.

70 A BODY TURNING TO STONE 1975/4/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack flies to Italy to save a boy suffering from progressive ossifying myositis - a mysterious disease hardening human muscles into stone. When he examines the boy, he notices it is too late to treat the disease. The only way left is to transplant his brain into another body. Hearing that, his drunken father jumps on the truck, driving toward a group of kids to get a new body.

71 SPASM 1975/5/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack has a cramp in the right hand he holds a scalpel with every time he has surgery for pneumothorax. That's the reason he is not able to obtain medical license officially, and is his sole weakness as the gifted doctor. The cause is a traumatic event he experienced in his childhood.

72 THE TATOOED MAN 1975/5/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

The boss of Japanese mafia is proud of his gorgeous tattoo, however, he suffers from pancreas cancer which needs to be removed by surgery. Black Jack, summoned by him, is ordered to perform surgery without damaging the tattoo. But there is no place to put a scalpel into his body as it is fully covered with tattoo. Finally, Black Jack decides to put a scalpel into his back.

73 SMITHEREENS 1975/5/19 Shukan Shonen Champion

The war is now in the final stage. The capital is almost seized by the enemy forces, and the dictator suffering from mental illness is not able to take proper command. Yet he never stops exerting power. The son believes he should die. Besides, Black Jack has a contract with the dictator to save his life whatever happens.

74 QUITE A TONGUE 1975/5/26 Shukan Shonen Champion

The boy, born without two arms, is a genius of abacus. One day, Black Jack transplants the arms of a boy killed by a car accident to him. The boy makes a bloody effort till he can use abacus with his transplanted arms and cultivates further skills. But on the day of the abacus competition, Black Jack warns the boy not to overuse his arms.

75 A STAR IS BORN 1975/6/2 Shukan Shonen Champion

Igusa Suginami, one of the hottest actresses, is rumored she is in love with someone, but she never talks about it. Actually, her secret crush is Black Jack. Igusa, dreaming of becoming a star, had cosmetic surgery performed by him before. But Black Jack thought her original face was distinctive, much more beautiful than the face after the surgery.

76 HYDROCEPHALUS 1975/6/9 Shukan Shonen Champion

77 DEDICATED TO DRACULA 1975/6/16 Shukan Shonen Champion

The girl has cursed blood. She develops hemophilia, born as a child of a man inherited Rh-negative blood and a woman inherited Rh-plus blood. One day, her school teacher escorts her home as she fainted from anemia at school. The father welcomes the teacher, persuading her to spend the night together. Black Jack who makes a house call notices the father's plan to use the teacher to save her.

78 EMERGENCY SHELTER 1975/6/30 Shukan Shonen Champion

The president is proudly giving a tour of his new high-tech building to the guests. Among them is Black Jack who visits the president to collect his unpaid medical fees. Upon entering a computerized underground shelter, all the guests, including Black Jack, is locked in it by mistake. The only way to open the shatter is to cut one of the cords embedded in the thick wall. But nobody knows whereabouts of the cord.

79 THERE WAS A VALVE! 1975/6/30 Shukan Shonen Champion

Suddenly Dr. Kiriko specialized in euthanasia rushes into Black Jack's clinic. He shouts at Black Jack, "Give me back my patient!" But Black Jack has no idea what Kiriko is talking about. Actually, Kiriko is looking for his father who he plans to euthanize. On the other hand his younger sister entrusts the father to Black Jack. Black Jack starts performing surgery on the father suffering from unknown disease, having Kiriko as his assistant.

80 PINOKO LOVE STORY 1975/7/7 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack sighs on witnessing Pinoko playing sweethearts with a boy in the park. Soon later, the boy, probably suffering from an internal problem is brought to Black Jack's clinic. Actually, the boy has a condition so-called situs inversion. All his organs, including his blood capillaries, are left-right reversal. Now Black Jack faces one of the toughest surgeries he has ever experienced.

81 TREASURE ISLAND 1975/7/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

Where does Black Jack keep the money he has earned so far? A group of criminals search the money's whereabouts and reach a woman by the name of Rei. They believe she is the one Black Jack leaves his money to. The criminals catch Black Jack and torture him, and head to Takarajima Island where Rei lives. But what they find on the island is not a human woman but a poisonous snake.

82 CALL SIGN 1975/7/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

The only enjoyment of the boy living in wheel chair is communicating with an unknown boy living in New Zealand via radio wave. He tells the boy he is good at playing baseball. One day, the New Zealand boy informs him of his visit to Japan. About the same time, Black Jack visits the wheelchair boy to tell that somebody offers to pay his medical fees.

83 THE SEWER WAY 1975/7/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

A terrorist group plans to kill a member of their opponent organization. Their plan is planting a bomb in the channel just under the apartment complex he lives in and blow it together with other tenants. But the bomb goes off accidentally, and the leader of the terrorist group is buried under the debris. He desperately asks Black Jack for help while injured and attacked by a flock of mice.

84 - 1975/8/4 Shukan Shonen Champion

Tatsu has been teased since his childhood due to his outie belly button. Now he becomes a young man interested in digging out fossils, rather than socializing. One day he is brought to Black Jack's clinic as he gets very ill due to the outie getting bigger. Black Jack, diagnosing he has an incarcerated hernia, operates on him. But Tatsu leaves Black Jack soon after the surgery, saying he has to dig fossils by himself.

85 A TANSIENT LOVE 1975/8/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

A girl who suffers from cancer spreading to the entire body is given a week to live. Her last wish is to get married, and declares she will marry a man coming into the room next. Then Black Jack, summoned to operate on her, gets into the room. Now he is asked to marry the girl before performing surgery.

86 THE PAINTING IS DEAD! 1975/8/18 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a young painter on the beautiful island. One day, a nuclear bomb test is conducted near the island, which changes the beautiful nature to hell, and the painter, exposed to radiation, faces risk of death. He asks Black Jack for help, telling he wants to draw a picture of atomic holocaust. Black Jack transplants his brain to another body to let him survive. But the survived painter is no longer able to draw a picture satisfying himself.

87 FULL-MOON DISEASE 1975/8/25 Shukan Shonen Champion

Every year Black Jack visits a certain tomb. After then, he goes to a certain cafe just to watch a waitress working there. But this year, the waitress is not there. He hears she suffers from full-moon disease which makes her body puffy with fat. Black Jack visits her to treat her for free. Then the waitress visits her father's tomb after recovering her health. Engraved on the tomb is the name of Black Jack's mentor, Honma Joichiro.

88 REVENGE 1975/9/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

Japan Medical Association summons Black Jack, ordering him to obtain a medical license and to charge his patients medifical fees in accordance with medical practioners law only. Black Jack, however, rejects the order, being arrested for violations of the laws. At the time, an Italian Billionaire comes to Japan to ask him to treat his son suffering from an interactable disease. But Black Jack is not able to do anything as being arrested.

89 GRANNY 1975/9/8 Shukan Shonen Champion

The old lady is known as a money grubber. She demands money in return for anything. Even her son and his wife are fed up with her. One day she tells Black Jack that she knows two great doctors in the world, one is Black Jack and the other is Dr. Jindai. Actually, Jindai is also known as a doctor who charges tremendous amount of medical fees as Black Jack does.

90 THE BALLAD OF THE KILLER WHALE 1975/9/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a bay under the cape Black Jack's house is located on. One day, Black Jack goes to the bay with Pinoko. He starts telling her about his first patient after moving to the house. The patient was a killer whale covered with cuts. Then, the killer whale came to visit him whenever he is injured, trusting him as his lifesaver. Soon Black Jack finds himself comforted by the shark.

91 HOSPITAL JACK 1975/9/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

The hospital is jacked while Black Jack is performing surgery on a young patient. Black Jack, not able to keep performing surgery, stares at the patient's body on the table. Soon an explosion occurs somewhere in the hospital, and the hospital loses power. Suddenly, Black Jack re-performs surgery in the complete darkness. Now He knows every detail of the patient. He did remember it before the black out.

92 ABNORMAL PREGNANCY 1975/9/29 Shukan Shonen Champion

A 6-month pregnant hotel worker is transferred to the emergency hospital. The hospital calls Black Jack, who happens to stay at the hotel, for help as the woman has an abnormal pregnancy. Examining the woman, Black Jack finds her fetus is petrified, specifically wrapped with something hard like stone.

93 WATER AND THE BADNESS 1975/10/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

Hanagata,a star swimmer of the swimming club, has to give up his career due to his untreatable disease. He goes bad, lament his bad luck. Pinoko, who has admired him as she can not swim by nature, tries to find a way to help him somehow. Black Jack tells Hanagata off saying "You should learn from Pinoko who needs to make tremendous effort even just to walk.

94 CON MAN, ASPIRING 1975/10/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

One night, a poor mother visits hospitals one, holding her son suffering from heart attack. But she is refused by all the hospitals as she is not able to pay medical fees. Finally she finds a small clinic whose doctor accepts to examine the boy. The doctor diagnoses the boy has Kawaski disease and needs heart surgery as soon as possible. The doctor has Black Jack operate on the boy, making him believe the boy is a son of the rich .

95 CAPTAIN SATAN 1975/10/27 Shukan Shonen Champion

In the past war, the captain collected non-military villagers in the square to burn them to death. He has never regretted what he did, saying it's common practice during war time. One day, the captain visits Black Jack to ask him to remove the bullet remained in his brain. Black Jack accepts to perform the surgery in exchange for having children of Vietnam refuges witness the surgery.

96 ON THE WAY 1975/11/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

Attacked by thieves in the Pyrenees, Black Jack is critically injured and stolen all his money. The villager who saves him lets him stay till he fully recovers. One day, Black Jack is summoned by a man who rules the roost of the village to treat his son suffering from tetanus. Actually the son was the thief attacked Black Jack. But the boss denies the fact flatly, saying his son never steals money.

97 A LUCKY MAN 1975/11/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

A lot of Japanese engineers are killed involved in the explosion at the oil plant in Iran. In the confusion, one local worker at the site steals a wallet and passport from one of the dead engineers knowing the man is the son of the plant owner. He asks Black Jack to change his face to the dead man's. Hie intentions is to assume the identity of the dead. With the new face, he feels happier than ever, but...

98 THE WHISPERS OF A DOG 1975/11/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

The man has grief and sorrow losing his love. He asks Black Jack to perform surgery on her dog to make it speak with her voice recorded before her death. Black Jack is against the idea because it's abuse to the dog. But Black Jack finally agrees to perform the surgery on the condition that he restores the dog to its former state in a year. Now the boy begins a new life with the dog telling him "I love you".

99 WHERE ART THOU, FRIEND? 1975/11/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

Kuroo is undergoing skin transplantation, but there isn't enough skin for his face. Dr. Honma in charge of the operation asks Kuroo's friends visiting him to offer their skin, but none of them volunteers to do so, except a black-mixed boy by the name of Takashi. Kuroo, grown up as Black Jack, searches Takashi's whereabouts. He is an enveronmental activist, naming himself as a doctor for the dying earth.

100 COUNTRY CLINIC 1975/12/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack, riding on the bus, sees a girl suffering from Basedo disease. She gets off the bus at a bus stop in a small village in the mountains. He hears there is a clinic operated by a well-respected doctor near the stop. Interested in the doctor, Black Jack decides to follow the girl to find the doctor. Actually the doctor is an old unlicensed physician working for villagers in the doctorless village.

101 INVADOR 1975/12/8 Shukan Shonen Champion

Satoru feels something is wrong. He feels like all the people around him are strangers. They smile to him warmly but he thinks they do smile in order to hide something from him. Maybe they are invaders from outer space! Knowing they will operate on him, he is terrified to death.

102 AN ODD RELATIONSHIP 1975/12/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

A man shot by a gun flings himself into Black Jack's clinic. No sooner than Black Jack starts to treat him, another man who has broken both of his legs rolls into the clinic, too. Black Jack asks the second patient to offer a part of his lever to save the first patient. Actually the first patient is a bank robber who tries to escape till the statute of limitations coming very soon while the second patient is the detective chasing the robber franteically.

103 LOOKING GOOD 1975/12/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

Jaws, the roughest boy in the school, is feared not only by his school's students but also by other school's students. One day, Jaws comes down with heart attack to experience critical condition. Luckily he gets recover thanks to Black Jack's treatment. Black Jack warns him not to temper again otherwise he will die. Yet he never stops behaving roughly. Moreover, he volunteers to be a bouncer at the school festival.

104 PINOKO GOES WEST 1976/1/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack performs surgery on a rickety boy who has no hope of recovery under ordinary treatments. Then Black Jack tells the boy's parents it will take some time till the boy fully recovers. But the parents sue Black Jack as the boy shows no sign of recovery soon. Black Jack, chased by police as a criminal, catches a train heading to west. Soon Pinoko also take a train to west alone to follow him.

105 VISITOR IN THE SNOW 1976/1/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

Recently the experienced doctor at the big hospital behaves very strangely, which surprises people around him a lot. He even tries to kill a patient he is performing surgery on. Nevertheless, nobody can tell him directly to take a rest. At the time one young patient asks Black Jack for help on hearing the doctor is in charge of his operation. Black Jack starts to treat the doctor mentally ill.

106 URASHIMA 1976/1/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

The boy involved in a coal-mine accident has been in a vegetative coma for 55 years. Surprisingly he never gets old, maintaining his young appearance. The problem is the hospital is no longer able to have him hospitalized, and the hospital decides to summon Black Jack. Its decision is to leave the patient to Dr. Kiriko if he's still in coma even after undergoing surgery by Black Jack.

107 LITTLE DEVIL 1976/1/19 Shukan Shonen Champion

"Oh, God! The baby in Mommy's tummy is sick!" A boy brings his pregnant mother to Black Jack's clinic accompanied by his father. What he witnesses is Black Jack taking out numerous number of grapes-like spherical objects from her body. He also hears his mother is not able to have a baby anymore. Believing Black Jack did that, he promises himself to seek revenge against Black Jack.

108 THE BEAR 1976/1/26 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack receives a letter from his old classmate. In the letter she asks Black Jack to help his older brother who is obsessed with hunting a bear by the name of Jinbei. According to her he would challenge the bear again though he has been almost killed twice and may be really killed next time.

109 DIALOGUE WITH THE DEAD 1976/2/9 Shukan Shonen Champion

In the morgue are bodies lined up for practical autopsy by medical students. The students, scared and feeling creepy, try to laugh off such feeling by making a joke about organs taken out from the bodies. Black Jack walks to one body already autopsied, thinking about a man who used to the owner of the body. He was a criminal who encountered the bible in the death row for the first time in his life.

110 THE HEART OF A GIANT 1976/2/16 Shukan Shonen Champion

The high school student has grown too large due to abnormal anterior pituitary hormone, but thanks to his huge body, he is recruited by professional wrestling teams as well as sumo wrestling teams. But Black Jack tells him his heart is too weak to play sport. Yet his father, blinded by money, makes the son join a sumo wrestling team.

111 TIMEOUT 1976/2/23 Shukan Shonen Champion

Steal frames suddenly falls from the cargo truck caught in the traffic jam, and a boy who happens to be on the side walk is trapped under the frames. The boy should be saved very soon, but a crane truck is not able to reach the site due to the heavy traffic. Black Jack who is also at the site amputates the boy's limbs and puts them back in place at the site as he has no other choice.

112 HOMESICKNESS 1976/3/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

A boy is staring at his hometown island from the opposite shore alone. Now no body lives there as all the residents left the island due to the contamination caused by sea water pollution. The boy wants to go back to the island he used to live with his deceased parents. On the other hand, Black Jack, asked by the boy's deceased father to take care of him heads to the lifeless island alone.

113 ANOTHER J 1900/1/0 

"One day, Black Jack meets a man by the name of Hans who takes Black Jack for his acquaintance. Hans says his old friend by the name of Jonathan is trying to kill him. When Black Jack meets Jonathan, he finds a big scar on Jonathan's face. According Jonathan, when he found Nazi's gold bars under the Mediterranean See with Hans, Hans, blinded by greed, tried to kill him. Since then, Hans has been determined to have revenge on Jonathan. "

Special Issue U-18 KNEW 1976/3/8 Shukan Shonen Champion extra issue

"On Weekly Shonen Champion Additional Issue (1976/3/10) At the mega high-tech hospital, computers diagnose and operate on patients. One day, the main computer called ""Brain"" at the hospital suddenly revolts, taking the patients as hostages. Brain says, ""I am sick. Bring Black Jack to me"". Black Jack summoned by the hospital starts to perform surgery on the main computer soon. "

114 STOP DRAWIMG! 1976/3/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

Inotani, the writer of a mega hit manga titled "The Sword of Errol" receives an award, yet he doesn't seem excited. There is no wonder as his girlfriend, who is the real writer of the work, is now hospitalized suffering from uremia. Black Jack orders her not to write manga for a year from now if she wants to get well. Hearing that, Inotani gets panicked, afraid of losing the position as a popular writer.

115 UNEXPLODED BOMB 1976/3/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack rides on a hot-air balloon together with a local celebrity invited as a guest. Soon the balloon takes them to an isolated island. The guest shouts angrily, "What's this clap?" Black Jack tells him a story of a mother and a son victimized by a dud bomb explosion. Actually the man is one to be blamed for and Black Jack is the son involved in the explosion. Black Jack starts to take revenges against the man on the deserted island.

116 PINOKO‘S CHALLENGE 1976/3/29 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pinoko is super delighted on receiving a diploma certifying her completion of a distance learning program. Now she hopes to study at school to become a better assistant to Black Jack. Black Jack tries everything to realize her dream, but Pinoko, who is originally physically challenged, has no strength to deal with the pressure under entrance examinations.

117 GIFT TO THE FUTURE 1976/4/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

The girl suffering from lupus and the boy suffering from ALS, both with incurable diseases, got married, and young Black Jack promised them to give a wedding gift some day.10 years have passed. The Soviet Union has finally turned artificial sleeping equipment to practical use. Black Jack introduces the couple to the lab, which is the wedding gift he promised. There maybe effective treatments to their diseases in future.

118 COLD DISDAIN 1976/4/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pulmonic embolism is a disease that a blood clot is clogged in a blood vessel in the lung, which is usually treated by means of surgery. But there is one patient who has a blood clot repeatedly. Even skilled doctors don't know what to do with the case. Now the case is left to Black Jack recognized as an illegal doctor. Black Jack faces the challenge of the rare case alone.

119 HURRICANE 1976/4/19 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack visits an isolated island to treat an old rich man. His young wife and secretary ask Black Jack to make him live longer so that they can make him to rewrite his will favorable for them. At that time, a deadly hurricane hits the island. The young wife and secretary evacuate from the island, leaving the old man and Black Jack behind.

120 THE SCREAM 1976/4/26 Shukan Shonen Champion

Asato Rei, a popular narrator of a school broadcast, has a beautiful voice. One day, she loses her voice due to vocal polyp. The surgery goes well, and Black Jack orders her not to speak till the inflammation subsides. But Rei does not follow his advice. Knowing that, Black Jack gives her punishment to make her face her condition seriously.

121 CLOUDY, LATER FAIR 1976/5/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

The man, hit by a lightning bolt directly in the mountain, is cretically injured. His young son asks a doctor working at a nearby hotel for help. But the doctor says all employees including him are now on strike, not able to treat his father. Instead Black Jack who happens to be at the hotel performs surgery on the man outside despite continuous lightning.

122 THIRD TIME‘S THE CHARM 1976/5/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack feels humiliated when he thinks of the young race driver whose heart surgery he has failed twice. To recover his failure, Black Jack visits asks the driver to let him perform the heart surgery again. But the young man denies his offer as he is about to participate in another car race he must win. Black Jack tries to stop him as the race would put too much strain on his heart.

123 DINGOES 1976/5/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack, driving in the plain in Australia, stops by a farm house to ask for some gas to find all the residents dead. Examining the bodies, he finds small red spots all over them. It seems they died due to an epidemic. Soon he finds the red spots on his body, too. Black Jack starts performing surgery on his body by himself, judging the disease is caused by a parasite. But he is attacked by a wild dog while operating on himself.

124 YOUR MISTAKE! 1976/5/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

The doctor, busy with recording songs sung by his favorite singer, tells a nurse absently to inject penicillin to one of his patients. But the patient dies soon after the injection, and the doctor shifts the responsibility of the malpractice to the nurse. Later Black Jack performs plastic surgery on her to change her face to that of the doctor's favorite singer and sends her back to the hospital.

125 THE OLD MAN AND THE TREE 1976/5/31 Shukan Shonen Champion

The old man has taken care of the tree since his childhood. But the tree is to be cut soon since it's on the construction site for a condominium. He somehow tries to save the tree, yet not able to change the plan. Despairing of this world, he commits suicide by hanging himself from the tree. But Black Jack who just saw the scene resuscitates him.

126 THE BLIND ACIPUNCTURIST 1976/6/7 Shukan Shonen Champion

The blind acupuncture therapist treats patients while traveling around the country. He receives no fees, saying he is satisfied enough if he can save people. One day, the therapist treats one of Black Jack's patients. He declares she was totally cured. Hearing that, Black Jack visits the patient at a rush because he knows the patient gets frightened of needles more than anything.

127 TENACITY 1976/6/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

A young man who lost his family due to cancer promises himself to become a doctor. But on the medical exam day, he finds he has suffered from cancer, too. He somehow passes the exam and starts working at the hospital where his primary doctor works for. His first patient is a girl also suffering from cancer. Despite being a cancer victim himself, he performs his first and last surgery on her with help of Black Jack.

128 - 1976/6/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

129 A VISIT FROM A KILLER 1976/6/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

A man who plans to assassinate President of a certain nation intrudes into Black Jack's house as Black Jack, who has a contract to save the President at any cost, is an obstacle for his plan. After tying Black Jack with rope, the man aims the gun to his fingers. Just then, Pinoko blocks the man by throwing herself in front of the man and hurt herself critically.

130 FOG 1976/7/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

The girl, suffering from catatonia, a kind of mental disease, despairs of the future. She walks deep into the mountain to commit a suicide while Black Jack follows her to give her medical treatment. But they both are caught in the dense fog. The two have no choice but to struggle for survival together.

131 FEAR IN BLUE 1976/7/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

A father and his son live on the island owned by Black Jack. The son thinks he is a full-fledged fisher man while the father thinks he is half-fledged yet, saying "You don't know the true danger of the ocean." But the son, believing he can fish on his own, heads to the cape he is not allowed to go by himself, accordingly he is immobilized with his leg caught in a huge giant clam.

132 THE RESIDENTS 1976/8/2 Shukan Shonen Champion

At the big hospital, young doctors are forced to do easy jobs which nurses usually do. Angry at the hospital's policy, they declare they can cure a patient suffering from hydronephrosis by themselves. But the case is not easy for them. As they only have some experiences of surgery for appendicitis, they ask Black Jack to observe their operation.

133 SUN DOLLS 1976/8/9 Shukan Shonen Champion

The boy believes his father is the best doctor and his mother is the second best doctor. One day, the father, who actually is a sloppy gambler, suddenly dies leaving a huge deb to the family. Soon Black Jack visits the family to collect the debt. Black Jack tells the family that they can earn a great deal of money if they hire him as a live-in doctor.

134 DEATH OF AN ACTRESS 1976/8/16 Shukan Shonen Champion

Marilyn Swanson used to be a beautiful, popular actress in the golden age of Hollywood. Now she is a mere shadow of her former self. Yet she has a dream to make come back to the screen. She asks Black Jack to perform rejuvenation surgery on her. Black performs extensive surgery including skin transplant and bone deformity correction to make her beautiful again.

135 A HAPPENING AT DAWN 1976/8/23 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack spends the night on the road due to the construction ahead. Just before the dawn, a boy walking nereby falls in a hole made by the construction. He needs surgery as his scull is depressed. Accompanying the boy, Black Jack bulldozes his way to a hospital to use the operation room while the boys' father refuses to pay medical fees as he needs money for the boy's backdoor admission.

136 GORIBEI OF SENJOGAHARA 1976/8/30 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a wild monkey that attacks campers to steal milk. One day the monkey bites off a boy's finger. Black Jack who happens at the camp site puts his finger back in place. Why does the monkey steal milk? Black Jack curious about the reason of its stealing ild follows the monkey.

137 VIBRATION 1976/9/6 Shukan Shonen Champion

The cheap apartment house shudders everytime Shinkansen nearby passes. One day, a woman in the apartement gets seriouslly injured, hit by a piece of stone flicked off by Shinkansen. Black Jack performs emergency surgery on her, but the surgery is distrubed by the jolt caused by Shinkansen passing every 2 minutes. Her husband calls the railway company to stop the operation just for a while.

138 THE NEXT CHANCE 1976/9/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

The doctor is awarded Nobel Prize for his development of a specific cure for cancer despite the fact he is suffering esophagus cancer himself. Black Jack, being asked to treat the doctor, reveals the fact to a newspaper company. Accordingly the doctor is forced to decline the award as his condition is the evidence of non-efficiency of the cure. A year later, the doctor who survived thanks to Black Jack's surgery receives the award again.

139 - 1976/9/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

140 TERATOID CYSTOMA, PART 2 1976/9/27 Shukan Shonen Champion

A patient suffering from teratoid cystoma is brought to Black Jack's clinic. What Black Jack finds in his body are a set of body parts and organs enough for one person. Pinoko, knowing it's exactly the same case as her own, asks Black Jack to make a man with those parts as Pinoko hears the cystoma crying out for help.

141 TWO AT THE BATHS 1976/10/4 Shukan Shonen Champion

The acupuncture therapist boasts he can cure any disease just with his single needle. One day, Black Jack meets the therapist once in a while at a hot spring town. Both are there to meet an old blacksmith to ask him to tamper their tools. But the blacksmith drops in front of them from a heart attack. Black Jack and the therapist try to resuscitate the blacksmith by their own ways.

142 BURGLARY 1976/10/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

A newly wed couple visiting Japan on their honeymoon is involved in an accident. The wife somehow manages to survive, but she has her injured arms and legs amputated. After the surgery, Black Jack makes artificial limbs for her and helps her working on rehabilitation. The husband, noticing she is attracted to Black Jak, separates her from Black Jack. But she has already fallen for him.

143 THE BOY WHO CAME FROM THE SKY 1976/10/18 Shukan Shonen Champion

A fighter jet of Uran Union lands on Black Jack's yard, and a military man and his family deplane from it. He asks Black Jack to treat his son suffering from a fatal disease. But that's the case even Black Jack can not cure. Lamenting his lack of ability, Black Jack comes up with a crazy idea - that is unifying the son with the mother so that he can keep living with his mother's organs.

144 MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! 1976/10/25 Shukan Shonen Champion

145 OPERATION OF THE SPIRIT 1976/11/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

An evocation meeting is held at the mansion to reveal the reason of psychic phenomena often happening there. Suddenly a boy living in the mansion is possessed by a spirit of a woman suffering from decease. The spirit begs to undergo an operation. Black Jack, though he doesn't believe in any physic phenomena at all, examines the boy and accepts to perform the surgery.

146 99% WATER 1976/11/8 Shukan Shonen Champion

Kiriko's younger sister visits Black Jack to ask for his help. According to her Kiriko is planning to euthanize himself as he caught a mysterious fatal disease on his visit to South America. He thinks only way stop the epidemic is killing himself. Black Jack operates on Kiriko, cuttinig his chest with his scalpel to find the cause.

147 - 1976/11/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

A man climbs a new volcanic mountain rare in the world, but he is stuck at the top as his arm is caught in the crack of the rock surface. Black Jack who climbs up to the top to rescue the man finds there is no other way to save him other than cutting his arm off. But after amputating the arm, Black Jack finds ........

148 LOST AND FOUND 1976/11/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a female patient who all the doctors have given up performing surgery on. Her husband sells his house and all other belongings to make money to ask Black Jack for help. Finally he visits Black Jack with a check. But he finds he has lost it somewhere. Worst of all, the check is all the money he has.

149 UNFINISHED HOUSE 1976/11/29 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pinoko thinks about renovating Black Jack's old house. But Black Jack is against the idea, saying he has a memory with the house. Black Jack starts telling her about his first patient hospitalized there. The patient, by the name of Ushigoro, was an old carpenter who survived Hiroshima. Despite suffering from leukemia, Ushigoro built the house for Black Jack as his last work.

150 A RAPID CURRENT 1976/12/6 Shukan Shonen Champion

After making a house call to the golf course in the mountain, Black Jack gets stuck at a ferryman's house due to the swollen river. The nine month pregnant woman with 17 children says she will let him cross the river. But the boat is washed out by a strong current. Furthermore, the woman goes into unexpected labor in the middle of the current.

151 HOSPITAL 1976/12/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

At Toa University Hospital, only the graduates from the university dominate the hospital. Especially the director, who is of course from the university, acts like the lord always accompanied by other doctors. One day on his rounds, the director orders to amputate one patient's arm without examining him enough. Actually the patient is a pianist, and his primary doctor consults with Black Jack to find a way to save him without amputating the arm.

152 THE PROMISE 1976/12/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

Rupepe is a benevolent thief who steals money to give it away to people at the refugee's camp. Now he is almost dying due to a bullet denting in his aorta. Black Jack performs surgery on him, but not able to complete it as there is no equipment enough at the refugee's camp. He promises Rupepe to do the rest of the surgery next time. A year later, Black Jack reunites with Rupepe at a death raw in Paris.

153 THERE WERE TWO FILMS 1977/1/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

Nozaki is a movie director. His hope is to shoot a film of Black Jack treating a patient. Actually he has a son suffering from uncurable disease given up on by all the doctors, and his true intention is to make a documentary of his son finally saved by Black Jack.

154 LOST YOUTH 1977/1/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

Z. Ring, a man who established a mega oil company just in one generation calls Black Jack. He asks Black Jack to change his appearance to that of a young man, completely different from his. He says he wants to enjoy his youth again as he has devoted all his life to his company. The surgery goes well. Z Ring now has a different appearance. Actually his true purpose is to get revenge against....

155 THE ROBIN AND THE BOY 1977/1/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

A robin flies to Black Jack's house. It brings money every time it comes. Wondering why, Black Jack and Pinoko follow the robin to find a boy suffering from a disease. The boy used to buy medicines for the robin when it was injured. Now they know the robin keeps visiting Black Jack in turn to ask him for help.

156 A SURGEON LIVES FOR MUSIC 1977/1/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

D nation is known as a country controlling its citizens' thought thoroughly. Also all foreign music is strictly banned as a part of its policy. But one doctor known as the best surgeon in the world loves music. He can't live without music. Even he performs surgery, he plays music. One day Black Jack observes his surgery open to public. The doctor then asks Black Jack to show his surgery next time.

157 BLACK JACK IN HOSPITAL 1977/1/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack, hit by a car, injures his rights arm. He is hospitalized to undergo surgery as he is not able to perform surgery on himself. His primary doctor who believes Black Jack's bad rumors tells Black Jack in the operation room, "Your legend will be over if I cut one of your nerves".

158 THE PHOENIX 1977/2/7 Shukan Shonen Champion

159 PLAYING DOCTOR 1977/2/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

Keaton, a boy good at acting, is always bullied by his heavyset class mate by the name of Kong. Actually, Kong has a little sister bedridden for a long time. Kong believes she will get over if Black Jack operates on her. Kong asks Keaton to act the role of Black Jack for his sister. Keaton reluctantly accepts to do so.

160 BLACK AND WHITE 1977/2/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

The patient is the target of an assassinator. Now he is on the plane to Japan in order to undergo Black Jack's surgery. But he changes his mind and goes to Dr. Shirabayashi's hospital as convinced that Shirabayashi, who was on the same plane, is morally better than Black Jack. Meanwhile, the assasignator, not knowing the change, assaults Black Jack and shoots Pinoko. Dr. Shirabyoshi is the one to be blamed for the whole event.

161 HIGH AND LOW 1977/2/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

The president suddenly drops at his skyscraper office due to aortic rupture. Black Jack orders to find a RH negative donor. Then a construction worker working nereby is brought to him. The president survives thanks to the donor. After a while, the president is on the way to America for a critical deal for his company. He has a call that his donor is involved in an accident and needs blood transfusion. The president has to put his lifesaver and his important business on a scale.

162 TIMID CYRANO 1977/3/7 Shukan Shonen Champion

Shirano lives in a housing complex. He likes a sick girl who lives in the same building by the name of Jun. But Jun likes a man who lives in the building across from hers by the name of Kurusu. Everyday Shirano brings Kurusu's letter to Jun bedridden due to serious illness. Actually Shirano writes all those letters for her. One day Kurusu dies involved in an accident. Shirano asks Black Jack to make his face just like that of Kurusu.

163 HONMA'S HEMATOMA 1977/3/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

Honma hematoma is a rare disease that Dr. Honma Jotaro, the mentor of Black Jack, found. But even Homa could not find a cure for it, and he was expelled from the medical society, blamed his trial treatment for the patient was a human experiment. Now Black Jack is asked to treat a patient suffering from the disease. He remembers Honma told him that the disease is uncurable by means of surgery.

164 DISOWNED SON 1977/3/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack arrives on a snowy town. He finds an inn on the outskirt of the town operated by an old woman. Just then, she is preparing a feast for her own 60 years birthday. She looks happy, saying her three sons will come back from the big city. But they never show up, which disappoints her very much. Soon she gets very ill as her condition gets worse.

165 A VISITING MEMORY 1977/3/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

166 LYNCHING 1977/4/4 Shukan Shonen Champion

The villagers on Sisily island dislike people from outside the island. They are extremely hostile even to Black Jack who has come to the island to perform surgery on their leader's daughter suffering from womb cancer. They beat him half to death, saying "You bustard stripped her to the skin and touched her!" Nevertheless Black Jack, covered with blood, starts the surgery on her.

167 THE FIRST STORM OF SPRING 1977/4/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

Chiaki undergoes cornea transplant. After the surgery, she comes to see a vison of a man who does not exist. Black Jack, wondering the cause, checks her eyes closely but nothing is wong with her eyes. Yet Chiaki continues to see a vision of the man. Gradually she comes to have a crush on him. Black Jack hits on the idea that the man is the last image the cornea donor saw before he died.

168 TO EACH HIS OWN 1977/4/18 Shukan Shonen Champion

In a big city in Hokkaido, a boy who tries to commit a suicide in despair of a test failure meets a construction worker who believes life is good enough if he makes everyday count. On the other hand, Black Jack is at the police station, arrested as an unlicensed doctor. Then a gas explosion occurs. The lives of the three get crossed in the aftermath of the accident, which eventually changes the fate of the boy and the construction worker significantly.

169 GUINEA PIG 1977/4/25 Shukan Shonen Champion

Hanio, who has been hospitalized for a long time, visits a lab to see lab animals accompanied by his nurse. Soon he becomes fond of one guinea pig and name it Mol. Later Hanio hears Mol is going to be dissected to examine the cure for his disease. Furious about the news, Hanio communicates telepathically with Mol and orders him to fight. On the other hand, Black Jack exploits an unusual measure to save Mol which has become berserk as well as Hanio.

170 THE HELPER 1977/5/2 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack's mentor, Dr. Yamadano comes to hic clinic. He says he is involved in the hospital's internal politic and winds up performing surgery on a patient suffering from Meckel diverticulum. The surgery itself is not difficult at all, but Dr. Yamadano has little vision. Knowing that, Black Jack accepts to help him at the operation.

171 THE WALL 1977/5/9 Shukan Shonen Champion

172 LIFE BOND 1977/5/16 Shukan Shonen Champion

A commercial craft bursts into flame at the airport in Paris. Black Jack, who happens to be at the airport, gives medical treatment to a mother who has lost her baby and to a baby who has lost his parents in the accident. There must be a kind of bond between the two – such thought pops into Black Jack’s mind.

173 HOT NIGHT 1977/5/23 Shukan Shonen Champion

Douglas, the owner of a big farm in Hawaii has been chased after by a killer. So far, he has shot, fallen into a critical condition, and been saved by Black Jack three times. Douglas has no idea why he is targetted except the fact he killed civilians during Vietnam war.

174 RANSOM 1977/5/30 Shukan Shonen Champion

The man who has kidnapped a boy runs away with a ransom of 10 million yen. While escaping, he is shot in the arm, but gets deep into the mountain, ignoring the wound. Gradually a kind of a bond between parent and child is created between the kidnapper and the boy while spending some time together. One day, the boy has severe inflammation on his leg. The kidnapper asks Black Jack to help the boy, using up all the ransom money.

175 A CLOCK IN THE DARK 1977/6/6 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack performs surgery on a woman in a certain village in Africa, and receives a huge rough diamond from her son instead of the medical fee. Black Jack brings the diamond to a jeweler to be examined, but an evil man who has heard the value threatens Black Jack and the boy to bring him to the diamond vein. They walk deep into the cave. Just then the cave collapses to bury them alive. Black Jack measure the time by taking his pulse, waiting for a rescue.

176 SIGNAL 1977/6/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

A man plans to build his factory on the cape Black Jack's clinic is located. One day, he visits Black Jack, who has no intention to vacate, for negotiation but falls in a deep hole on his way back. Soon the man is rescued, already in a vegetive state. Black Jack, however, notices he is not totally in a coma. It seems the man is trying to deliver a signal by means of his breathing.

177 ONE HOUR TO DEATH 1977/6/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

Kiriko has obtained a new medicine which gets a patient sleep and stops the heart just an hour later. One day, a young boy steals the drug to save his mother suffering from heart disease without knowing the effect. Black Jack and Kiriko find his house, but it's too late. He has already given the medicine to her. Black Jack performs surgery on her till the last minutes to save her life.

178 THE MAN SWALLOWED BY A WHALE 1977/6/27 Shukan Shonen Champion

Three crews fall into the ocean from the whaleboat. A few hours later, they are found in the stomach of a whale lifted to the boat. Among three, one crew is alive but his identity is unknown as the face is melted by gastric fluid . Black Jack gives him a new face by means of skin transplantation. The man, who has lost his original face as well as memory, begins to live with a woman introduced as his mother.

179,180 DOWNPOUR 1977/7/4 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack visits a small island to meet his mentor. But the mentor has already dead, involved in a land slide. Now his beautiful younger sister is serving as the only doctor on the island. She then comes to have a romantic interest in Black Jack. Soon, another land slide occurs. The doctor and kids are buried alive.

181 RANDOM KILLER 1977/8/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

A missile-test is conducted on a frequent basis at the military base near the McKinley Mountains in Alaska. On the other hand, phantom assaults are happening near the base . It seems the victims are slashed by a street ripper randomly. Black Jack visits the area to help the victims and comes to consider the criminal is not a human. The sharp cuts on the victims' skin must be made by a vacuum in the air.

182 AS HE WILLS 1977/8/8 Shukan Shonen Champion

The boss of Japanese mafia visits Black Jack. He says his son now wanted has got seriously injured at his hiding spot on the isolated islands as involved in a storm. Black Jack visits the patient to find it's impossible to perform surgery there. He leaves the island with the patient. On the boat to the mainland, the patient who has recovered consciousness kills the captain, shouting, "Don't set off!". Now Black Jack is left with the killer alone on the drifting boat.

183 YOUNGER BROTHER 1977/8/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

"Be a doctor who can cure cancer." - a man dying from cancer leaves the last words to his two sons. After his death, the older son takes over the factory the father left, working hard to make his younger brother a doctor. A few decades pass. Now the older brother is a bed-bounded old man. The younger brother who could not become a doctor asks Black Jack to save the older brother who dedicated the life to make him a doctor.

184 THE NEKOGAMI CLAN 1977/8/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack visits Nekogami Family's mansion to collect unpaid medical fees for the plastic surgery he performed. Actually there is a rumor that a ghost appears in the mansion and anybody who gets close to it will be haunted. Black Jack, not interested in the rumor at all, stays a night at the mansion. He then reveals the secret hidden in the old mansion.

185 STAR, MAGNITUDE SIX 1977/8/29 Shukan Shonen Champion

At Manaka Hospital, two doctors are competing for the position of the next hospital director. The two candidates, both have the same career, are not hesitant to show their greed for power. On the other hand, there is another doctor by the name of Dr. Shitake. He has an incredible skill and a sense of humanity, but has no desire for power. He is discreet, just like a sixth-magnitude star in the sky. Black Jack gives Dr. Shitake behind-the-scenes support.

186 AVINA’S ISLE 1977/9/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

The clan has a tradition that any man who marries a princess has to dive from the cliff and catch a shell at the bottom of the sea. Now a young man who is in love with a princess dives from the cliff to break nearly every bone in his body. The princess asks Black Jack to perform surgery on him. Despite being fed up with the dangerous tradition and the naiveness of the princess, Black Jack accepts to treat him.

187 TEST OF COURAGE 1977/9/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

188 TITLES 1977/10/31 Shukan Shonen Champion

The Emperor of a certain nation officially visits Japan with a man suffering from heart disease. His purpose is to see Black Jack performing surgery on the patient. Reluctantly Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets an opportunity to fulfill the Emperor's request. But there is no way that the government allows non-licensed Black Jack to perform operation in front of the important guest.

189 GUNSHOT WOUND 1977/11/7 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack is shot and deprived of all his money by a robber while eating dinner at a certain restaurant. Among the customers is a surgeon who boasts he is a graduate from a famous medical school. Black Jack asks the man to take off the bullet from his body, however, the man is an ineffective doctor who has never performed surgery.

190 A HILL FOR ONE 1977/11/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack gets injured seriously, slipping off the run-down mountain slope which used to be a venue for the Winter Olympic Games. Soon Black Jack is helped by a bear in the mountain that takes him to the hospital. Grateful for the kindness, Black Jack donates a lot of money for frostration of the mountain.

191 A FUSSY SUISIDE 1977/11/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack saves a boy who tries to commit a suicide. But the boy gets angry, claiming he will die anyway. Black Jack, sighing in anger, takes the boy to Kiriko's clinic, where the boy sees a girl suffering from serious disease. She is waiting for being euthanized. Gradually the boy learns the meaning of life and death from her.

192 AN ARRANGEMENT OF LIFE 1977/11/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

The daughter of the flower arrangement master, suffering from uncurable disease, is given a year to live while the master wants her to be his successor. The problem is she has to perform publicly to be the master. The master asks Black Jack to make her strong enough to do it just for a day for a consideration of 300 million yen. But Black Jack is not interested in saving the woman dying soon.

193 RECOLLECTION OF A SPINSTER 1977/12/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

The nurse asks a doctor passing by to save a pregnant woman lying on the street. The doctor who accepts to perform surgery successfully saves both the mother and the infant at the same time. Actually the doctor is unlicensed, never recognized from the world. Time passes away. The nurse, who later became the nanny for the baby, greets middle-aged President at the entrance. The President is the baby saved by the unlicensed doctor then.

194 THREE-LEGGED RACE 1977/12/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

The terrorist group demands 100 million yen from Black Jack who earns huge illegal profits. Among the group is a boy by the name of Shogo. His father is distressed as Shogo comes to ignore him after joining the group. The father tries to reach out to his son as before. But he is assaulted by Shogo's group. Finally he is put in a car with a bomb hurtling into Black Jack's house.

195 THE SECOND ONE 1977/12/19 Shukan Shonen Champion

A blind shell blew Black Jack over and killed his mother. Now it's time to find and exact revenge on five men responsible for the removal of the bomb. Black Jack takes the first man to the island peppered with mines. He, then finds the second man to find he is dying for cancer. Black Jack prolongs the life of the second man, asked by his daughter.

196 CANCER HUNTER 1978/1/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

Dr. Shirabyoshi who dislikes Black Jack promotes automatic cancer therapy equipment developed by an American medical institute extensively. But it becomes clear the equipment, effective enough for killing cancer cells, produces serious side effects. To save his terminal cancer patient he treated with the equipment, Dr. Shirabayshi reluctantly asks help for Black Jack.

197 DRIFTER IN A GHOST TOWN 1978/1/2 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack is stranded at a ghost town as his car is broken. To avoid a sandstorm, he escapes to a deserted house, where he finds an escaped prisoner who has a decomposing arm with a gunshot. The only way to save the man is to amputate the arm. The man asks Black Jack who took off the arm to deliver it to his girlfriend living in the next town.

198 BATH OF THE FLOATING WORLD 1978/1/9 Shukan Shonen Champion

The high school boy who looks like a gorilla has a secret crush on a girl he has never seen. He only knows her cute voice heard from the woman's section in the public bath he often goes. "She must be very cute"- he just lets his imagination run. Of course, he has no courage to approach her as he has no confidence in his appearance. He has no idea it's Pinoko who he develops feeling for.

199 THE LAST TRAIN 1978/1/16 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Queen is a doctor famous for her no hesitancy for amputation. But when her boyfriend is injured, she is not able to cut his leg off. Instead Black Jack saves him without amputation. Several years later, Black Jack meets her in the last train by chance. She brings him to her hospital. She has a hard time to decide whether to continue her marriage life or her medical career.

200 SWAPPED 1978/1/23 Shukan Shonen Champion

The mother notices her newborn baby is very sick. Automatically she swaps her baby with another baby in the infant incubator. Three years later, the baby has grown up into an adorable boy. The mother lover him very much. One day she receives a threatening call. Then she confesses what she did to Black Jack, who was her primary doctor then, to ask for his help.

201 HELPING EACH OTHER 1978/2/6 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack is framed for a murder he is nothing to do with, but saved by a Japanese man by the name of Aritani who proved Black Jack's alibi. Black Jack promised Aritani to repay him someday. Several years pass. Aritani is cornered. His boss asks him to kill himself to take all the responsibility of their company's illegal operation. Black Jack, hearing the news of his suicide, heads to the hospital.

202 SUGGESTION IN THE 20TH YEAR 1978/2/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack's fingers are paralyzed. He examines himself but can not find the cause. But the paralysis gets worse. He barely holds a scalpel. The only cause he can think of is the surgery Dr. Honma preformed on him when he was a child. Black Jack goes under hypnosis to track down his memory to find what happened during the operation then.

203 GRASPING DUO 1978/2/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack corners a man who is on the run to avoid paying a medical fee of 50 million yen. But the man is also a loan shark collecting debts from borrowers every day. He says he will pay the fee with the money he is going to collect next. He visits a poor factory owner and seizes the deed of his house and factory to give it to Black Jack. Soon later, the factory owner commits family suicide.

204 THE VANISHED NOISE 1978/2/27 Shukan Shonen Champion

The farmers living near the airport are under constant strain from noise pollution. Some get nurotice while some commit suicide. The leader of the anti-airport group also get nurotice, pouring hot watter into his ear. Black Jack transplants special eardrums into him. The eardrums let him hear ordinary sounds in everyday life but noise.

205 THE SEA SMELLS OF ROMANCE 1978/3/6 Shukan Shonen Champion

A shipman who is proud of his muscles asks Black Jack to remove the tattoos all over his body. Under ordinary circumstances, Black Jack never accepts such selfish request. But he has no choice but to perform the surgery on him after reading a letter the man brings with him. Actually, the letter was written by Black Jack’s ex-girlfriend, Kisaragi Megumi.

206 WILDCAT BOY 1978/3/13 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack visits a clinic in the mountain summoned by a French doctor by the name of Dr. Truffault. What he sees at the clinic is a microcephalic boy raised by a wildcat. It seems he is not able to live long as the top of his skull bone is flat. Probably his head was caught between something hard shortly after birth. Black Jack performs surgery on him and teaches him to behave as a human.

207 FINISH 1978/3/20 Shukan Shonen Champion

The writer of the greatly popular hero novel decides to reach the end of the line as he suffers from cancer. He asks Black Jack to prolong his life till he finishes writing the last episode. As Black Jack himself is a fan of his novel, he accepts to do so. Whether the hero in a pinch can survive or not? Black Jack watches his passionate writing endeavor at his side.

208 BLACK JACK DISEASE 1978/3/27 Shukan Shonen Champion

Deep in Africa, a new fatal disease which turns the patient’s stomach black and hard becomes epidemic. The local doctor names it “Black Jack disease”. Black Jack gets mad at hearing that as he thinks it's a sarcasm for him as a lot of medical fees are needed to treat the disease. But it’s not. The doctor's intention is Black Jack will find a cure for the disease. Black Jack has no choice but to confront the disease to save face.

209 FALLING OBJECT 1978/4/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

210 THE DAY HE PICKED UP A RUNAWAY 1978/4/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

The teacher always encourages the less successful student, letting him to have dream for future. But the teacher suddenly disappears as her face has become dreadful due to burns from chemicals. One day, Black Jack happens to meet the student who has left home to find the teacher. Actually, the student’s father is the doctor who first treated the teacher. Black Jack offers his cooperation so that the teacher as well as the boy can return their life and dream.

211 A CHALLENGE OF THE THIRD KIND 1978/4/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack visits a temple far from town summoned by an unidentified patient. The priest who welcomed him says he’s also summoned by the patient. Looking at the patient lying in front of him, Black Jack is astonished. The patient is an alien boarded on the flying saucer downed by the US military aircraft. Black Jack has to perform surgery on the alien for the first time.

212 A WOMAN'S CASE 1978/5/8 Shukan Shonen Champion

Midnight at the station, a single woman drops. Black Jack who happens at the site performs emergency surgery on her in the station building. The saved woman later tells him she has left home penniless. A few years pass. Black Jack encounters her again. She is now a wife of a rich trader, living in a mansion. Black Jack feels the emptiness of life solely for money while looking back the transition of her life.

213 MANNEQUIN AND OFFICER 1978/5/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a figure of a traffic cop on the street. One police officer somehow treats the figure like his own friend as he sees a reflection of himself in the figure standing alone. One day the figure is kicked and hit by some men. The officer, trying to find the criminals, is hit by a car, injured his brains seriously. Black Jack preforms surgery on him, also repairs the broken figure.

214 GUYS AND BIRDS 1978/5/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

The old man owns a vast area of useless land. But a mafia who has noticed the existence of an oil field under the land threatens the old man to get it over to him. When the old man refuges it, the mafia shoots the old man's grandson who loves birds. While Black Jack is treating the grandson, the mafia tries to attack Black Jack to disturb him. Just then, a flock of birds hover in the sky to protect Black Jack and the grandson.

215 A NIGHT IN A COTTAGE 1978/5/29 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack gives a ride to a full-term pregnant hitchhiker on the rainy highway. Noticing she is to commit a suicide at the lake nearby, he decides to spend a night with her in the mountain cabin, where she learns the strength of motherhood from a bird sitting on eggs with all its strength.

216 BAD STUNT 1978/6/5 Shukan Shonen Champion

The Hollywood producer is planning to produce a film featuring Black Jack, but Black Jack refuses to provide cooperation to the project. Then the producer plans to shoot Black Jack actually treating a injured person secretly with a small camera. He intentionally causes an accident to seriously injure a young black boy. Noticing the plan, Black Jack deceives the producer and his crew in return.

217 A CHOLERA SCARE 1978/6/12 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack meets a group of doctors at the airport and has a drink with them. Soon later, he hears some of the doctors get infected with cholera. "I might be infected, too…" - with the concern, Black Jack decides to quarantine himself for a while. On the other hand, one unconscious patient in critical condition is waiting for Black Jack at his clinic.

218 TETSU OF THE YAMANOTE LINE 1978/6/19 Shukan Shonen Champion

Tetsu, the best pickpocket of Yamanote line, has an artistic skill with the fingers. But he loses both his thumbs and index fingers as a gang member cut off them. The police captain who has known Tetsu for a long time asks Black Jack to perform surgery on Tetsu so that Tetsu can keep his artistic skill.

219 THE WAR NEVER ENDS 1978/6/26 Shukan Shonen Champion

In the country in a state of war for a long time, people think joining an army is one of the most honorable things. The mother also considers making her son a solider. But the son has a serious desk hernia, not able to get up by himself. The mother asks Black Jack to treat him so that he can become a solider. Black Jack yells at her, "Why do I need to save a life to be lost in war?"

220 THE MAN WHO THREW UP CAPSULES 1978/7/3 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack examines a male passenger suffering on the airplane. He spits a water-insoluble capsule containing drug one by one. Actually, the drug encapsuled is morphine. It seems a certain doctor is trying to smuggle morphine by means of getting couriers to swallow those capsules.

221 THE KUROSHIO: MEMOIR 1978/7/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

The Japanese big name star is to set out on a canoe journey alone from Manila. The journey sponsored by a TV broadcaster is quite a show. Actually, the star caused a car crush just before the day, and a boy on the other car, who just finished heart surgery, died of shock. Black Jack puts pressure on the star to apologize the boy's parents and cancel the adventure.

222 PINOKO'S MYSTERY 1978/7/17 Shukan Shonen Champion

Pinoko, staying home alone, finds a letter kept in Black Jack's desk. What's written in the letter was a secret of her birth. According to the letter, Pinoko was a daughter of a certain terrorist, and was blown to bits involved in an accidental explosion. Knowing that she has her biological parents, she sets out to see them.

223 ASKING FOR WATER 1978/7/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

The hospital, located on a narrow land, does not have a enough medical ward. When all the hospital rooms are occupied, the director decides to use even his mother's private room. The mother, who has lost her place, has to stay at a small cabin in the mountain. At that night, a huge earthquake hits the area. Black Jack, who knows her whereabouts, heads to the cabin to save her.

224 THE BOY IN THE SEALED ROOM 1978/7/31 Shukan Shonen Champion

The boy has confined to a wheel chair since being involved in a car accident. Strangely all the doctors examines him run away as their stethoscopes, scalpels and other medical tools are distorted and the books on the shelves fly toward them. The phenomenon must be due to psychokinesis power caused by the boy's psychic energy. Black Jack faces up to the psychic boy.

225 MOVE, SOLOMON! 1978/8/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

A young animator saves Pinoko drowning in the swimming pool. One day he brings 500 sheets of his drawings to an animation studio, but the studio says they don't need such a lot of drawings. The animator, depressed very much, goes to a swimming pool to refresh himself. He nearly drowns while swimming. This time, Pinoko saves the animator. Black Jack examines the man to find he is seriously ill.

226 POCKET MONKEY 1978/8/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack runs over a man while driving on a foggy night. It seems the man has already been dead. Black Jack reports the accident to the police, but is arrested on murder charges. Actually the man was run over twice, stolen 3 million yen he had with him. Black Jack claims his innocence, but the police doesn't believe him. It seems only a pocket monkey owned by the dead man knows the truth.

227 IMPRINT 1978/8/28 Shukan Shonen Champion

Makube, who used to be Black Jack's close friend, looks different from what he was. He has changed his hair and eye colors to push his way to the top in the underworld of France. Makube, now, asks Black Jack to transplant new finger prints on him. Soon Black Jack is blown over by a bomb planted by Makube's man as Black Jack knows the secret of his boss's finger prints.

228 AFTER THE TYPHOON 1978/9/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

One stormy night, Black Jack has to perform secret surgery on a 15 years old idol who has an ectopic pregnancy. He wants to go back home as soon as possible to be with Pinoko who must be sacred of the typhoon. But there is not enough equipment as well as blood for transfusion. Even worse, the electricity goes off. It seems there is no way to go back home early.

229 THE SL CALLED LIFE 1978/9/18 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack is daydreaming alone on the train. When he comes to his senses, he finds people memorable for him are in the same car. His first and last girlfriend, Kisaraki Megumi, an euthanasia specialist, Dr. Kiriko and his mentor, Dr. Honma Joichiro... He also finds Pinoko who has grown up to a beautiful young lady. The next moment he catches himself on the airplane. It seems his life is not finished yet.

230 THE SUBSTITUTE 1979/1/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

On a snowy day, Black Jack dressed all in black meets a young girl. The girl thinks Black Jack must be a devil due to his appearance. Actually Black Jack has come to the town to perform surgery on her mother instead of a hospital director. The girl learns there is an angel which is like a devil whatever miracle he makes.

231 REVENGE IS MY LIFE 1979/1/22 Shukan Shonen Champion

A terrorist mistakes his bag for a different bag, and his bag, actually with a time bomb, is taken by a man to his house. The terrorist warns on the phone not to open the bag, and tells "I am Black…". But before he finishes telling his name, the bag explodes to kill all the family members except the daughter. Later the daughter hears a doctor by the name of Black Jack saved her. She believes Black Jack is the criminal who killed her family.

232 FALSE IMAGE 1979/4/30 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack attends an elementary-school reunion. All the teachers and students have a good time together, except Mr. Shima, the teacher liked by every his student. It seems he is sick. Asked by his classmates, Black Jack visits the teacher to treat him. But the respected teacher has changed completely. Now he is a severe drug addict.

233 FLESH AND BLOOD 1979/9/24 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack heads to his father's house on hearing he is in a critical condition due to brain stroke. His half-sister blames him, "You are here for money". But Black Jack is not interested in money of the man who left him and his mother behind. What he really want is...

234 ACCIDENT 1980/2/4 Shukan Shonen Champion

Akira hits a woman by his truck by accident, and Black Jack still an intern performs surgery on her. The woman survives thanks to Black Jack, but has lost her memory. Akira lives with her to support her. Soon they come to love each other. One day, she gets her memory back, leaving Akira's apartment. A few year later, the two meet each other in an unexpected way.

235 TALK 1980/9/15 Shukan Shonen Champion

The teacher believes he can understand his students if he can communicate with them as equals. The belief is based on his own experience during his school days when he met a teacher who never gave up no matter how bad he was harmed. Now the teacher is tortured by his rough students. Yet he believes his brief is correct though receiving Black Jack's medical treatment.

236 YET FALSE THE DAYS 1980/12/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

The popular idol is completely paralyzed after involved in an accident. Her agency brings a different girl to Black Jack's clinic and asks him to change her face to that of the idol. Instead Black Jack performs surgery on the idol to heal her paralyzed body. Yet she remains paralyzed as she has no intention to get better.

237 JUST LIKE B.J. 1982/1/1 Shukan Shonen Champion

There is a doctor who is similar to Black Jack. He accepts to treat patients in exchange for fortune. Hearing the doctor keeps an old woman in a vegetive state living just for money, Black Jack firstly looks at himself objectively. And he finds one clear difference between the doctor and himself, which is.....

238 A PASSED MOMENT 1982/6/11 Shukan Shonen Champion

Black Jack examines a taxi driver who seems to have a kind of allergy and finds a perfectly treated bullet wound on his back. There must be a surgeon skilled better than him. Black Jack starts to find the surgeon, hardly sit still for the fact. Finally, he reaches the doctor's whereabouts. It is a church in El Salvador.

239 ASSEMBLY LINE 1983/1/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

The doctor who examines his patients without closely interviewing them notices the number of his patients is decreasing recently. He assumes it's due to Black Jack practicing nearby, blaming everything on Black Jack. But Black Jack dismisses his claim, saying it's all his fault as he is not empathetic to his patients.

240 BRACHYDACTYLY 1983/1/21 Shukan Shonen Champion

The child has a tumor just beside his brain. His rich father visits all the good doctors in the world to ask them to treat the child, but none of them accepts to perform surgery, saying it's impposible to cure. Eventually Black Jack accepts the patinet. On that night, a gang breaks into Black Jack's clinic to threaten him to miss the operation intentionally. That's the reason why all the good doctors have refused the patient.

241 PRONE TO LAUGHTER 1983/6/10 Shukan Shonen Champion

During his junior high school days, Black Jack had one classmate who somehow irritated him. The boy always laughed happily, which irritated him further. Actually the boy was lonely as his parents fled by night leaving him. Yet he had a dream to become a manga artist. One day, the boy was attacked by a debt collector.

242 A QUESTION OF PRIORITY 1983/10/14 Shukan Shonen Champion

On the ship to Iriomote Island, a poached Iriomote cat escapes from the cage. The cat strikes its fangs on a baby while the cat poacher fires a gun on impulse. The bullets hit the cat and an assemblyman who promotes the development of the island. Among the injured, Black Jack decides to treat the assemblyman at the end.