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  • This is a suspense drama depicting odd passengers that a taxi driver encounters while making his midnight rounds.
    "The night has a myriad of different faces, and there is a man who peers into them one by one. His name is Midnight."
    Starting with this prologue, each independent episode tells us about the strange passengers that the central character Midnight encounters. Midnight drives a specially built taxi: it has a fifth wheel underneath the chassis that enables him to navigate any roads. The taxi and Midnight are one being, and no one but Midnight can drive it.
    But why does he choose such a lonely occupation?
    He works as a taxi driver because at one point, when he was leading a motorcycle gang, he caused an accident while he was driving with a girl named Mari. Because of the accident, Mari went brain dead, becoming a vegetable.
    Midnight drives his taxi in the wee hours of the morning, looking for passengers that will earn him money for Mari's treatment.

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  • Part 1: May 2, 1986 to June 12, 1987
    Part 2: July 10, 1987 to September 18, 1987
    Appeared serially in "Weekly Shonen Champion" (Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.)

    Tezuka Osamu began developing the concept for this work in 1981, and it was scheduled for publication in the 1985 New Year issue, but publication had to be postponed due to his hospitalization with acute hepatitis. The work was published later on, after Tezuka Osamu worked on two serializations: "Say Hi to Bookila" (1985) and "Duke Goblin" (1985 - 1986).
    The main character's name, Shinya Mito, is derived from the characters for Shinya (night) and Mito (mid).
    The original story line involved science fiction elements, with a robot car gifted with psychic powers playing a central role. However, because there already existed a made-for-TV drama with a similar theme overseas, the plan was changed to focus on a taxi driver and the people he encountered.
    The final episode, which had a surprise ending, was not included in the book.


  • 1, Part 1, Act 1 (Volume 1, ACT 1 of "Mid Night" compiled in the Complete Manga Works of Tezuka Osamu published by Kodansha Ltd.)      May 2, 1986

    Mid Night's taxi is stopped at an emergency police checkpoint. A child is reportedly scattering poisonous chocolates around the area. Mid Night soon finds a suspicious boy and questions him. The boy confesses that he is taking revenge on the crew as his beloved seabirds died because of the heavy oil leaking from the ships. Of the five poisonous chocolates that he scattered around, the police have already collected four. But the remaining one has already been taken away by one of the crews. Mid Night takes the boy with him and tries to get back the chocolate.

    2, ACT 2 (Volume 1, Act 2)      May 9, 1986

    It's half past four in the morning. A young new employee, who is on night duty, is ordered by the president to deliver him at the airport an important document that he left at his office. The young man gets in Mid Night's taxi with the document. On their way to the airport, they come across a stalled car. A woman who was driving the car is trying to take her son to the hospital in an emergency. As the young man is in a hurry, he first declines their request to pick them up. But he cannot disregard them. He lets the mother and the child get into the taxi and starts to look for a hospital. They go from place to place, looking for a hospital to accept the boy.

    3, ACT 3 (Volume 1, Act 3)      May 16, 1986

    A taxi driver's car hits a cat. Mid Night treats the injured cat. Then, the cat is to be kept by the owner of a Ramen (Chinese noodle) shop where Mid Night often drops by. When examined carefully, however, the cat turns out to be a wildcat. Although she has lost one leg, she gets well and becomes the mascot of the Ramen shop. It is around that time that little birds and dogs in the neighborhood frequently experience attacks.

    4, ACT 4 (Volume 1, ACT 4)      1986/05/23

    One night, Mid Night picks up a wealthy-looking gentleman. But the gentleman is actually an ex-burglar. He turned over a new leaf when he was offered 100,000 yen by a poor family at a house he happened to rob. Since then, he has worked hard and finally succeeded in business. He is now visiting the house he once robbed to offer then a considerable sum of money in return for their 100,000 yen. But smelling something fishy about his story, Mid Night wiretaps the gentleman's jacket. The truth Mid Night finds is ...

    5, ACT 5 (Volume 1, ACT 5)      May 30, 1986

    In the amusement quarters, Mid Night picks up a young girl who behaves like a grown-up woman. In a rebellious reaction against her parents who impose severe discipline on her, she falls in love with a grown-up man, and meets him on her way back from school, wearing makeup and disguising herself as an adult woman. Mid Night gets really angry with this naive girl. She does not even listen to him but only asks Mid Night to drive her to the man's house. And then, ...

    6, ACT 6 (Volume 1, ACT 6)      June 6, 1986

    A boy who gets in Mid Night's taxi at midnight asks Mid Night to go to Shinanonogata Station. He wants to get to the station before the last train of the day arrives at the station. Although he is suspicious, he drives on since the boy has enough money with him. While driving, Mid Night finds out from the story of the boy that the passenger of the train is his mother. And the boy is hiding a Western-style bow in a big carton box he is holding.

    7, ACT 7 (Volume 1, ACT 7)      June 13, 1986

    Tonight's passenger in Mid Night's taxi is a delinquent student. He comes to see his younger brother, who is waiting for him in a deserted house. The student has asked his brother to steal money from his house's safe and bring it there. But the younger brother does not bring any money. When the student accuses his younger brother violently, the younger brother throws himself out of the window. The elder brother has been jealous of his younger brother, who is a good student at school and pleases his parents. But now, in the face of the dying brother, the elder brother finally comes to his senses and wants to save his younger brother's life from the bottom of his heart.

    8, ACT 8 (Volume 1, ACT 8)      June 20, 1986

    Mid Night picks up a detective who has been seriously injured at work. The detective is chasing a group of terrorists who are planning to assassinate a key person in the government. Moreover, the terrorist group has taken the detective's two children hostage. Albeit unwillingly, Mid Night starts to chase the terrorists' car.
    Guest Rocket Bomb / Astro Boy

    9, ACT 9 (Volume 2, ACT 6)      June 27, 1986

    Mid Night picks up a young girl who comes to Tokyo following her boyfriend, and the boyfriend who comes to see her. But for some reason, the young man tries to send her back to her hometown. He has come to Tokyo to become a boxer, but his fellow boxer was killed by a gang boss because of some trouble over a fixed match. He happened to witness the murder and his life is has now also been targeted by the gang since then. Without knowing anything about it, the girl pretends as if she is going back to home, but actually asks Mid Night to drive her to the young man's apartment.

    10, ACT 10 (Volume 2, ACT 1)      July 4, 1986

    It is rumored among the taxi drivers that a ghost of an old woman haunts the back streets of Waseda University. Mid Night, who happens to drive through the street, picks up an old woman. She wants to go to a cemetery. She intends to commit suicide by hanging herself at the cemetery. Mid Night listens to her story, and finds out that the old woman is the cause of the rumor. After losing her only son, who was working for a trading company abroad, she has lost her hope in life and is determined to kill herself.

    11, ACT 11 (Volume 2, ACT 2)      July 11, 1986

    Looking for a doctor who can revive Mari, a girl who has gone brain dead because of an accident he caused, Mid Night visits the unlicensed genius surgeon, Black Jack. Black Jack agrees to perform an operation on the condition that he can use Mari's organs for transplant if the operation fails and Mari dies. So he begins the operation. But, ...
    Guest Black Jack / Black Jack    Image of the brain-dead patient / Higeoyaji    Refused passenger / Ham Egg

    12, ACT 12      July 18, 1986

    13, ACT 13      July 25, 1986

    14, ACT.14 (Volume 2, ACT.3)      August 1, 1986

    A middle-aged man past 40 comes to Japan from a small island in South East Asia. Mid Night picks him up as a passenger, and is told that he has come to Japan to look for his father. He is a war orphan who was born between a Japanese soldier and a local woman during the Pacific War. He knows nothing about his father except that his name is Kintaro. Even the name Kintaro is dubious, as it is only part of a song called "Kintaro of Mt. Ashigara." The man soon spends all the money he has, and has to go back to his country without finding his father. Feeling sorry for him, Mid Night asks the Ramen shop owner, who happens to be named Kintaro, if he would play the man's father.

    15, ACT.15 (Volume 6, ACT.7)      August 8, 1986

    At midnight, Mid Night picks up a high school boy student. He is going to visit his friend. When he calls his friend out of his house, he suddenly hits him. They are in the same baseball club, and they both had the chance to go to the Koshien (national tournament league of the high school baseball games). But his school was forced out of the Koshien games following newspaper coverage of an incident in which the friend was taken to a hospital by ambulance due to acute alcohol poisoning. But Mid Night suspects that he must have had developed alcohol poisoning for a certain reason. And, ...

    16, ACT (Volume 2, ACT 4)      August 15, 1986

    One night, Mid Night drives off to a beach in Chiba. He finds a boy playing alone on the beach at midnight. When Mid Night talks to him, he says with a serious look on his face that he is not alone, but that he is with his mother and his little brother. Some days later, Mid Night hears from some of the people in the neighborhood that an airplane crashed on the shore of the beach three years ago and some of the passengers are still missing. Did the boy Mid Night met the other day come here to see his dead mother and brother?

    17, ACT 17 (Volume 2, ACT 5)      August 22, 1986

    Mid Night picks up a young man who wants to go deep in the mountains of Matsumoto before the dawn. When requested by Mid Night, the young man explains that he is going to excavate the wartime treasure that his deceased father had left in his land. But the land was already been sold to someone else, and construction starts tomorrow to develop the land. So, he has to discover the treasure before the morning. The young man asks Mid Night to help him, and says that Mid Night will get his share. So, the two men start excavating the mountain.

    18, ACT 18 (Volume 3, ACT 1)      August 29, 1986

    It was an old blind firework specialist that Mid Night picked up on that night. He asks Mid Night to drive him to a deserted dry riverbed. After a while arrives a rival firework specialist from his youth. The two, who meet after 50 years, want to set off their own special fireworks in a competition with each other, and ask Mid Night to be the judge.

    19, ACT 19 (Volume 2, ACT 9)      September 5, 1986

    A young woman runs every midnight at Kinuta Park. Mid Night tells her it is unsafe for a woman to run here, but she continues to practice without ever listening to him. She is the new star of the female marathon. She is preparing herself for the upcoming San Diego International Marathon Meet. But as Mid Night feared, an ill-natured motorcycle gang named Shige of Purple has been keeping an eye on her. Of all things, Shige disguises himself as Mid Night and attacks her!

    20, ACT 20      September 12, 1986

    21, ACT 21 (Volume 2, ACT 7)      September 19, 1986

    One night, a woman whom Mid Night picks up as a passenger leaves a baby in the car. Unwilling to go to the police station, Mid Night decides to go to a Ramen shop to ask the owner to take the baby to the police station on behalf of him. Just before Mid Night's car enters a crossing, the baby suddenly starts crying. Mid Night has to stop the car. In the next instance, he sees a train passing in front of him at a fearful speed. The crossing was out of order, the alarm was not functioning, and the crossing gate was not activated. If the baby had not cried, Mid Night's car would have crashed into the train. Mid Night feels an unexplainable affection for the baby, and strong anger for the mother who abandoned it. And he, ...

    22, ACT 22 (Volume 6, ACT 9)      September 26, 1986

    There is an old zelkova tree at the S curve of a road. Traffic accidents are common there, and a number of people have died. People call it a "haunted curve." After an investigation, Mid Night finds out that the road is built on privately owned land, and has been intentionally curved by the landlord so as to cause accidents. The landlord once had a wife and child, but they were killed by a reckless driver 25 years ago, and he had built the road to take revenge.
    Guest Landlord of the area of the haunted curve / Sarutahiko

    23, ACT 23 (Volume 2, ACT 8)      October 3, 1986

    Mid Night finds a raccoon dog family searching about for food in the middle of the city. He also finds that a janitor woman is taking care of them. The raccoon dogs settle themselves in a deserted building nearby, and are living on the leftover food that the janitor woman delivers them. Mid Night becomes worried when he hears from his colleagues that the building could collapse at any time. If the building should collapse when the janitor woman steps inside to feed the raccoon dogs, ... Feeling uneasy, Mid Night hurries to the deserted building. Then,...

    24, ACT 24 (Volume 4, ACT 4)      October 10, 1986

    Mid Night's passenger of the day is a little girl. She talks like a grown-up man. They arrive at an old Western-style deserted mansion. Her parents and a psychic are to arrive there to meet her, and the truth is revealed. The girl says that she is the reincarnation of a soldier who had lived in the mansion 50 years ago.
    Guest Dr. Sencha / Dr. Ochanomizu    Hiruki / Chikara Aritake    Father of Iraka / Police Inspector Shimoda

    25, ACT 25 (Volume 3, ACT 2)      October 17, 1986

    Mid Night rushes to the hospital when he hears that the brain-dead Mari's heart has stopped beating. Although her heart starts beating again soon, his car, parked in front of the hospital, is stolen. Mid Night is suspicious of a thinner addict who left the hospital immediately before him, and starts to hunt for him in the amusement quarters.

    26, ACT 26 (Volume 3, ACT 3)      October 24, 1986

    Mid Night hurries to the conference venue on learning that a globally famous brain-death specialist, Dr. Risenberg, is staying Japan to participate in an international conference. But the professor flatly declines his request. The professor is a confirmed anti-Japanese. Later on, Mid Night is told by a person who is well acquainted with Dr. Risenberg why he came to hate the Japanese. The reason is ...
    Guest Dr. Risenberg / Duke Red    Doctor participated in the international conference / Police inspector Tawashi    Ex-girl friend of Dr. Risenberg / Melmo    Old woman / Hyotantsugi

    27, ACT 27 (Volume 3, ACT 4)      October 31, 1986

    Mid Night's desperate request is finally fulfilled. The authentic world-renowned brain-death specialist, Dr. Risenberg, agrees to diagnose Mari. Then, a foreigner with numerous scars on his face appears. The man says that Dr. Risenberg was an army doctor for Nazi-Germany, and performed experiments on living people at a concentration camp in Poland during the World War II. The professor admits the fact, and asks him to wait for just 5 hours while he diagnoses the patient.
    Guest Dr. Risenberg / Duke Red

    28, ACT 28 (Volume 3, ACT 5)      November 7, 1986

    The passenger of the day is a middle-aged woman who is was a Japanese orphan left behind in China during WWII, and who asks Mid Night to take her to Narita Airport. She says that she has received information about her mother's critical condition, and she is hurrying home to China. When they arrive at the airport barely in time for the departure, they find that the airplane bound for China has been mercilessly canceled. If she waits till the next day, she won't be able to see her mother alive. Mid Night comes up with an idea, and calls the news bureau of NHK TV station from the airport lobby.
    Guest News bureau staff of NHK / Chikara Aritake

    29, ACT 29 (Volume 3, ACT 6)      November 14, 1986

    Mid Night carelessly falls asleep while he is waiting for a passenger. He dreams about picking himself up as a passenger. The passenger Mid Night asks the driver to go to a cemetery in Shirigaru Village in Ibaraki Prefecture where his father is buried. Mid Night recollects his boyhood in front of the tombstone of his father. It was just the two of them, his drunken father and himself. Mid Night gradually went wrong because of this neglect, keeping bad company, playing mah-jongg all night even when his father died, etc.
    Guest Mid Night's father / Higeoyaji    Policeman at the police substation / Sir Nylon    Passenger to Shibuya / Dr. Ochanomizu

    30, ACT 30 (Volume 3, ACT 7)      November 21, 1986

    The poor-looking man that Mid Night picks up today is going to pawn his deceased wife's kimono. The man is an ex grade-school teacher, and was invited to a Nobel Prize celebration party for one of his ex-students. But he does not have a dress suit, as he is living at subsistence level after having spent all his money for his wife, who had been bedridden for a long time. He finally decides to give his wife's invaluable mourning-kimono over to a pawnshop.
    Guest Mr. Ochanomizu / Dr. Ochanomizu    Kanda Kotaro / Astro Boy    Kanda Kotaro's wife / Uran

    31 - 32, ACT 31 - 32 (Volume 3, ACT 8)      November 28, 1986 - December 5, 1986

    Mid Night happens to meet a sassy and skittish female truck driver, Kasasagi Kaede, on odd occasions. After she became the president of Kasasagi Transport, succeeding her father who passed away, its rival and wicked transport company, Hokuyo Kyubin, has repeatedly harassed her. On that day, a killer hired by Hokuyo Kyubin plays a trick to try to kill Kaede in a sham accident. Smelling foul play, Mid Night chases her truck in a hurry.

    33, ACT 33 (Volume 4, ACT 1)      December 12, 1986

    Night to go to the place where the apartment he used to live in with would-be-juvenile literature writers, when he was still unknown, used to stand. Three of his then like-minded friends gather at the place where a fabulous building stands now. The place reminds him of the good old days, but also brings back some dark memories. Fifteen years ago, when he was first recognized as a writer, a large amount of drugs were discovered in his room, and he was sent him to prison. After listening to his story, Mid Night spots the true criminal who framed him on a false charge.

    34, ACT 34 (Volume 4, ACT 5)      January 1, 1987

    Mid Night finds a dead dog shot by a hunting gun when he is driving on the highway at midnight. Without thinking too much, Mid Night goes to a bar with the collar. He thought he would give it to the owner if he should see him or her by any chance. There, he happens to meet a middle-aged woman who works in a bar and who was the owner of the dog. She tells Mid Night that she ran away with her lover and drifted to this town after she left her husband and son. She has deep regrets for what she has done. Then, surprisingly, her son appears. He says that he was guided by the dog that should have been dead.

    35, ACT 35      January 9, 1987

    36, ACT.36(Volume 4, ACT 2)      January 16, 1987

    On Christmas night, Mid Night happens to meet a vagabond old man. After having finished eating a piece of cake he gets from Mid Night, the old man dies, saying that he would offer his body in token of his thanks. Mid Night goes to Mari's hospital right after that and is told her heart has stopped beating. Mari's body has already been carried away to Black Jack's. Black Jack says that to save Mari he needs the heart of a person who died just now. Mid Night thinks about the old man who died shortly before.
    Guest Black Jack / Black Jack

    37, ACT 37 (Volume 4, ACT 3)      January 23, 1987

    At midnight on New Year's Day, Mid Night picks up a policeman in uniform. The policeman threatens Mid Night at gunpoint, and orders him to call up a man from a pay phone. He is a fake policeman who attacked a police box, shot a policeman, and robbed him of his uniform and gun. In the meantime, the man who was called appears at the park.

    38, ACT 38 (Volume 4, ACT 6)      January 30, 1987

    When Mid Night is driving along the dry riverbed on a foggy night, he suddenly notices a car chasing him. Mid Night accelerates to get away from the chaser. But the car behind him stays close. When he talks about the incident to a passenger some days later, the man explains that it was caused by dislocation of time, called "Riemann space." He continues to explain that the car just behind Mid Night was Mid Night himself, and that he was seeing himself several seconds later due to slippage of the time.

    39, ACT 39      February 6, 1987

    40, ACT 40 (Volume 4, ACT 9)      February 13, 1987

    At the Snow Festival venue, he happens to meet the female president of Kasasagi Transport, Kasasagi Kaede. Immediately after that, Mid Night is captured by the police on the grounds that he allegedly forged banknotes. The passenger he drove from Tokyo is a habitual criminal who regularly forges banknotes. It is Kaede who saves Mid Night. Kaede offers security for him, saying that Mid Night is her company employee. And then, ...

    41, ACT 41 (Volume 6, ACT 8)      February 20, 1987

    There is a young man who buys foods at a supermarket and delivers it to his girlfriend at an apartment. Mid Night picks him up as a passenger from time to time. But on a certain occasion, Mid Night finds that his girlfriend died 5 months ago. Not being able to accept the death, the young man spends time idly in her room. But one day, the room is totally messed up by a sneak thief who robs it. To the young man who is devastated, Mid Night ...

    42, ACT 42      February 27, 1987

    43, ACT 43 (Volume 4, ACT 8)      March 6, 1987

    One day, one of Mid Night's friends in his motorcycle gang days visits him and warns him that Hirusawa, the head of their rival group, is seeking his life. Mid Night is concerned with yet another problem. A wild bird named 'white wagtail' has built a nest in the luggage compartment of his car. Not being able to send away the parent bird that is sitting on his eggs, Mid Night keeps the luggage compartment open during the day and drives safely at night. One day, when he finishes his work and returns to the parking lot, Hirusawa ambushes him.

    44, ACT 44 (Volume 4, ACT 7)      March 13, 1987

    Mid Night picks up a little girl as a passenger one night. When Mid Night asks her where she wants to go, she jots down on a memo pad "Help, Nakano, Seifu Apartment, Kimura Mitsuko" and shows it to him. Feeling dubious, Mid Night goes there, and finds that a woman named Kimura Mitsuko lived there but died of a disease 7 years ago. The little girl is a daughter of Mitsuko, and is now living with another family. But why did she jot down a memo like that and go there?

    45, ACT 45 (Volume 5, ACT 1)      March 20, 1987

    The passenger Mid Night picks up tonight is a woman who wears a hat low over her eyes and a big gauze mask. She says that she is going to rob a house. She goes to the house of the owner of a nursing home. She is a nursing-care worker working at the nursing home, and the owner is planning to wreck the nursing home by embezzling its money. She says that this has made her decide to rob the money that the owner tries to embezzle. After listening to her story, Mid Night whimsically decides to help her.

    46, ACT 46 (Volume 5, ACT 5)      March 27, 1987

    Mid Night picks up a bloody gang member who has been seriously wounded. His gang leader told the innocent-looking man that he would be awarded 500,000 yen if he killed 3 or 4 top people in their rival gang. And he just did it honestly, planning to send that 500,000 yen to his mother, who lived in a rural area. Mid Night sends him to the gang office. The gang leader, however, never had nay intention of giving him 500,000 yen. And then, ...

    47, ACT 47 (Volume 6, ACT 1)      April 3, 1987

    At midnight, Mid Night picks up a man in a prison uniform outside the moat of the prison. The man says that he did not break out from the prison. He also has money. When Mid Night asks him where he wants to go, he points to one of the stars twinkling low in the night sky and says, "Go for that star." The man starts to tell Mid Night about himself. He says that he was sentenced to death for robbing a taxi but that because he succeeded the mission of his mother, who was a Christian, and saved the souls of other condemned criminals, he was forgiven by the God and was released from prison. When they arrive exactly underneath the star, the man ...

    48, Act 48 (Volume 6, ACT 2)      April 10, 1987

    A master violin craftsman collapses from a heart attack. Although the doctor prescribes rest for him, the man continues to make violins without listening to what the doctor or his family members say. He has to complete a violin that he promised to make for a noted violinist 3 years ago. On April 1, the day he promised to complete the violin, the man gets in Mid Night's taxi with the violin he completed.

    49, ACT 49 (Volume 6, ACT 3)      April 24, 1987

    Mid Night knows that the passenger who only looks like a good young man is not making an honest living. As he sees, the man is a secret agent for a certain country. He is planning to flee to America after finishing the upcoming task. But his plan has been detected, and the country orders an agent who is his boss--and his father--to kill him.

    50, ACT 50 (Volume 5, ACT 7)      May 1, 1987

    An old taxi driver decides to retire. Mid Night asks the old man if he had anything in mind that he would like to receive from his colleagues. The old man says that he wants to talk to a high school girl who works part-time at a convenience shop. The old man says that she looks just like the woman he parted with for life when he was young. Although Mid Night talks about it to the girl and she agrees to talk with the old man, her mother and grandmother appear and block his request.

    51, ACT 51 (Volume 5, ACT 2)      May 8, 1987

    Mid Night picks up a young cameraman who is working for a magazine company. He is assigned especially to covering stories about the spot bill ducks living in the artificial pond near the Imperial Palace, and continues to take pictures of them. Mid Night shows to this cameraman, who cannot take pride in what he does, a homeless cat family who desperately live their lives while being sent from place to place due to land development. When the impressed cameraman is snapping the shutter frantically at those homeless cats, a kitten gets hit by a truck in front of him.

    52, ACT 52      May 15 1987

    53, ACT 53      May 22, 1987

    54, ACT 54      May 29, 1987

    55, ACT 55 (Volume 5, ACT 8)      June 5, 1987

    On the night when Mid Night's taxi is robbed, he visits a law office guided by a note left behind by a woman whom he has never met. There, he finds the woman who left the memo: she has been killed and now has a knife stuck in her neck. When he hurries to his apartment, a young woman visits him. She is the taxi burglar who threatened Mid Night at gunpoint. She tells him that she is his aunt. She also says that Mid Night was actually born in Brazil, and the drunken man whom Mid Night believed to be his father was actually his foster parent. And ...

    56, ACT 56 (Volume 5, ACT 9)      June 12, 1987

    Mid Night drives to Mari's hospital in a hurry after being informed by telephone that Mari's heart has stopped beating. But on his way to the hospital, he is caught in a gas explosion, and gets seriously wounded. But still worried about Mari, Mid Night escapes from the hospital and hurries to her. But once again, Mid Night's life is sought. The gas explosion accident was not an accident, but an attempt by someone to kill Mid Night. The story about Mari's heart is also a lie. Mid Night loses a considerable amount of blood from big open wounds and has to receive an immediate blood transfusion. But when examined, his blood is found to be a very special type called Pk-type.

    57, Part 2, Scene 1 (Volume 5, ACT 3)      July 10, 1987

    A super star tennis player, Michael Hatton, visits Japan. Mid Night drives him to a shabby house near the US Army Base in Atsugi. There lives Hatton's younger brother. Hatton is a Vietnamese refugee, and he has caused a double burglary and injury case. But his younger brother covered up for him and got arrested instead. Later on, the older brother forgot his past, went to the US, and became successful as a professional tennis player. The real motive of Hatton's visit on this day is to seal the mouth of his younger brother, who knows his past.

    58, ACENE 2 (Volume 5, ACT 4)      July 17, 1987

    Mid Night picks up a woman and her little child, who have bought boxed cookies at the supermarket. In fact, the woman and her husband are radical terrorists, and they are planning indiscriminate murder with a bomb in the cookie box. But the next day, their child takes away the bomb-planted cookie box to town. When Mid Night sees the news on TV about a warning call of a terrorist explosion, he instantly remembers the mother and child who bought boxed cookies, and instinctively knows that the child's life is in danger. He immediately rushes out into the town to look for the child.

    59, SCENE 3 (Volume 5, ACT 6)      July 24, 1987

    Kaede of Kasasagi Transport comes to get Mid Night's advice. Kaede says that a white snake keeps appearing every night. She goes to see a doctor, and is told that she sees these things due to the stress of accumulated strain and fatigue. Mid Night works out a plan to solve her problem.

    60, SCENE 4 (Volume 6, ACT 4)      July 31, 1987

    Mid Night picks up a family who goes to the wife's home after settling details of divorce. The children don't want their parents to divorce. But their parents' relationship has become too distorted to recover. Then, Mid Night's car suddenly stops in the middle of the crossing. They cannot open the door, and there is no way to escape from the car. He checks the train schedule and finds that a train passes through the crossing in 10 minutes. Mid Night suggests that all passengers make a swing at the car to get it out of the crossing.
    Guest A passerby / Tezuka Osamu

    61, SCENE 5 (Volume 6, ACT 6)      August 7, 1987

    Mid Night picks up a young impostor who runs away from the police. The impostor tells Mid Night to go to his birthplace, Narasaki Village in Tochigi Prefecture. He says that Narasaki Village once sunk to the bottom of a dam, but has re-appeared due to the recent shortage of water. The impostor is going to gather cheap Buddhist images left under the floor of his parents' home, the temple, in another deceptive plot. But when he arrives at the dam, he sees familiar old faces of the village that have gathered because of the news.
    Guest Chin-nen (in his boyhood) / Sharaku Hosuke    Matsui / Marukubi Boon

    62, SCENE 6 (Volume 6, ACT 5)      August 14, 1987

    On a rainy night, a man gets killed at a curve on the side of a cemetery in Itabashi ward in Tokyo. It is rumored among the taxi drivers that a death candle is to be seen in that area since then. In the meantime, Mid Night happens to pick up a man who says he researches supernatural phenomena. He asserts confidently that he can elucidate the "death candle" phenomenon by scientific means. The car goes to the curve, and the man perfectly elucidates the principle of the death candle. But after he does it, ...
    Guest Supernatural phenomena researcher / Dr. Tenma

    63, SCENE 7      August 21, 1987

    64, SCENE 8      August 28, 1987

    65, SCENE 9      September 4, 1987

    66, SCENE 10      September 11, 1987

    67, SCENE 11      September 18, 1987



  • This title is not turned into animation yet.