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The Three-eyed One Comes Here


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  • This is a science fiction story in which a boy with supernatural powers, Sharaku Hohsuke, probes into circumstances surrounding events in history. He is also a descendent of the "three-eyed tribe." A second-year student in junior high school, Sharaku Hohsuke never goes without a large bandage on his forehead. He is an innocent boy, like a little child.
    But once the bandage comes off, his third eye appears and he suddenly turns into a devil-like being, displaying horrifying psychic power.
    Sharaku Hohsuke is thrown into a series of mysteries related to our ancient heritage and treasures with his classmate Wato Chiyoko, who is a tomboy.

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  • July 7, 1974 to March 19, 1978
    Appeared serially in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" (Kodansha Ltd.)

    This is a work that Tezuka Osamu wrote for "Weekly Shonen Magazine" after 19 years with that publication and, along with "Black Jack" (published in "Weekly Shonen Champion") is counted among his major works of the 1970s.
    At first, this work appeared as an independent episode on a monthly basis, but was later changed to a weekly. As "Weekly Shonen Magazine" at that time relied heavily on such story Manga as "Ore-wa-Teppei (I'm Teppei)" by Chiba Tetsuya and "Yakyukyo no Uta (Poem of the Baseball Craze)" by Mizushima Shinji, Tezuka Osamu's unique style came as a refreshing surprise to readers.
    Although "Weekly Shonen Magazine" was a boys' magazine, the appeal of the character Sharaku Hohsuke captured the attention of many female readers, as was also the case with "Black Jack."


  • 1, The Debut of the Three-Eyed One
    Publish: July 7, 1974
    Introduction:Sharaku Hosuke, who loves to play in the sand with toddlers, is too naive for a second year junior high school student. That's why he is always bullied at school. His classmate and the tomboyish Wato Chiyoko cannot ignore this and takes sides with him. Kido, the leader of a delinquent group, bullies Sharaku all the time. On his forehead, Sharaku has a third eye, which is always covered by a sticky patch. When his third eye is uncovered, Sharaku becomes a three-eyed man who creates a machine that turns brains into jelly in the schoolyard, and uses it on Kido and his group. After that, Kido and the other bullies never come to school. And Sharaku spends his school life just as before, with a sticky patch on his forehead.

    2, Mystery of the Third Eye (Title when serialized: Mystery of the Third Eye)
    Publish: August 11, 1974
    Introduction:After Sharaku's foster father, Dr. Kenmochi, leaves Sharaku in the care of Higeoyaji, who runs a Ramen shop named Rairai-ken, Sharaku stats to help in the shop. In the meantime, Wato finds a spear-like weapon with a drawing of three eyes at a science museum. Sharaku, whose bandage happens to come off, calls the spear to his side, and starts something on a business street at night. The spear proves to have been a dangerous guide to war in ancient times. Dr. Kenmochi persuades Sharaku to be calm by showing dignity as a foster father, and manages to evade a crisis.

    3, Computer Maternity Hospital
    Publish:September 15, 1974
    Introduction:A nurse is killed at a hospital where a large number of babies are raised in computerized nursing capsules. With his third eye uncovered, Sharaku enters the hospital. Then, baby after baby starts to attack Wato, who is following Sharaku, and the hospital director. Although the murderers who killed the nurse are babies, Sharaku confronts the enemy who has been manipulating them.

    4, Mysterious Tale of the Sakafuneseki
    Publish:October 13, 1974
    Introduction:Sharaku goes to Nara on a school trip, where his sticky patch is taken off and he turns into a three-eyed devilish boy. After discovering that the Sakahuneseki, excavated from ancient ruins, was used to mix various medicines together, Sharaku creates a medicine to enslave people, and tries to have the students take it. But thanks to the quick-witted Wato, the crisis is evaded.

    5, Underground Dungeon of the Jumyoin Residence
    Publish:November 10, 1974
    Introduction:A drawing of a three-eyed people is discovered in a picture scroll kept by the Jumyoin Family in Kagoshima. On Dr. Kenmochi's request, Sharaku and Wato go to examine it. They find excellent instruments and tools made by three-eyed people in the deep underground of the mansion. Jumyoin also comes from the three-eyed family. Although the company is driven into a corner by a mechanical guard doll that Sharaku activates, Wato again plays an active role in heading off a crisis.

    Custodian of the residence / Noracula

    6, Pyramid Connection
    Publish:December 8, 1974
    Introduction:One day, a group of three men who call themselves the "Pyramid Connection," come in contact with Sharaku. The group tries to obtain the secret power of the pyramid by utilizing Sharaku's ability. The Pyramid is a mechanism to gather cosmic energies on land. However, the group is ruined by the wit of Sharaku when they try to carry out a test.

    7, Bumpuku Appears
    Publish:February 2, 1975 - February 16, 1975

    8, Mystery of the Three-eyed Family
    Publish:February 23, 1975 - May 25, 1975
    Introduction:The hiding place of the treasure of the three-eyed people is inscribed on a bronze ball sent to Dr. Kenmochi. After finding out that it is at the bottom of the Lake Biwa, Sharaku and Wato start on an adventure, looking for the treasure with a heavenly bird locked up in the ball as their guide. After fleeing from a treasure-hunting monster named Goblin, they finally obtain a small sheet of metal. The sheet is inscribed with the will of a three-eyed person.

    9, Secret in Glebe
    Publish:January 19, 1975 - August 24, 1975
    Introduction:Ms. Agezoko, who has been transferred to Sharaku's junior high school, bullies Sharaku thoroughly. Unable to remain a mere spectator, Wato takes off the sticky patch from Sharaku's forehead so that he can make a counterattack. But it's a trap set by Ms. Agezoko. After taking the two to America, Ms. Agezoko is planning to have Sharaku elucidate the mysteries of a huge artificial mound named Glebe, which is an Indian remain, in conspiracy with her husband, who is a scholar on the Navaho, so that she could use the power to liberate Indians. But the scheme fails. Glebe is a gravity-manipulating system developed by the three-eyed people, and it generates huge energies beyond their control. Furthermore, the CIA tries to have Sharaku develop a similar system. But instead, Sharaku creates something outrageous, sends the CIA into total confusion, and escapes to Japan with Wato.

    Ms. Agezoko / Mrs. Hell ("Princess Knight")

    10, Transporting Giant Rocks
    Publish:August 31, 1975
    Introduction:A pair of giant rocks in Yamagata Prefecture stand close to each other. After an earthquake, one of them slips down, and ancient letters are revealed on the surface that used to face the other rock. Sharaku deciphers the letters and learns the secret ways to manipulate the rocks freely. He then tries to return the rocks to the original position, but ...

    11, Aura of the Snake
    Publish:September 7, 1975 - September 14, 1975
    Introduction:Girls who stays at a villa near where Sharaku and his friends are camping come to invite them to their house. There, research is being carried out on the spiritual brain waves of animals, and these girls are controlled by the spiritual brain waves of a snake. Sharaku and his friends are about to be used for an experiment.

    12, Sword of the Three-Eyed Boy
    Publish:September 28, 1975
    Introduction:A sword excavated from the Harappa Ruins in Pakistan is a relic of a three-eyed family from an ancient period. To check it out, Sharaku is handed the sword. But he starts to act violently.

    13, The Flying Saucer
    Publish: October 5, 1975
    Introduction:On a vacant piece of land near the Rairai-ken Ramen shop where Sharaku crashed, a small UFO of about 60 cm in diameter is found to have landed. Sharaku is called up by Wato to the site. He knows that it is a communicating flying saucer that has been discharged from its mother ship. After capturing the small flying saucer with s capturing method that has been handed down by the three-eyed family, Sharaku tries to think of ways to use the intense heat emitted by it

    14, Japanese Version of Lake Ness
    Publish: October 12, 1975
    Introduction:Wato becomes acquainted with Misono, a young male engraver. Misono goes to Ohaguro Swamp in Izu to find out about a Nessy-like monster. He is thinking that it might be a sculpture that his ancestors had made. Sharaku and Wato also accompany him. The identity of the monster is ...

    15, Wearied Plant Bolbocc
    Publish: October 19, 1975 - March 7, 1976
    Introduction:Sharaku goes to a beach in Tohoku to examine a mysterious earthquake-predicting bell and an uncanny underground creature excavated from a stone circle. An intelligent plant named Bolbocc is discovered from under the ground. The three-eyed family once cultivated it. Bolbocc, enraged at the three-eyed family who contaminated the natural environment, sank the continent on which the country of the ancient three-eyed family existed into the sea. Sharaku challenges Bolbocc by making full use of the wisdom handed down from the ancients.

    16, Mystery of the Shell Mound
    Publish:March 14, 1976
    Introduction:A large number of jars are excavated from the schoolyard of the junior high school where Sharaku goes. The jars were used by the three-eyed family to execute criminals. They stuck to peoples' bodies and explode when they were tempted to do evil. Now, the jars have stuck to a minister...

    17, Bumpuku's Escape
    Publish:March 21, 1976
    Introduction:Arrested for drug smuggling, mystery man Bumpuku asks for Sharaku's help. Sharaku rents the basement of Bumpuku's house, creates a mysterious machine, and helps him escape from jail.

    18, The Grave Robber (Original title: Welcome The Grave Robber)
    Publish:March 28, 1976
    Introduction:A girls' delinquent group approaches Wato and Sharaku in order to pillage the ruins and steal valuables. Turned into a three-eyed boy, Sharaku sends these delinquent girls away by staging a curse of the grave. But even Sharaku is not immune to the curse...

    19, Cheating
    Publish:April 4, 1976
    Introduction:A trial examination is held at Sharaku's school. But the machine used for the examination is a total fake. You can even cheat if you only pay money. Sharaku manipulates the machine with his psychic power.

    Employee dispatched from Donkey Monkey / Lord of Sado (Okesano Hyoroku)

    20, Seven Mysteries of Seven-snake Temple
    Publish:April 11, 1976

    21, Prince of the Underground World (Original title: The Underground World)
    Publish:April 18, 1976
    Introduction:Informed by the school that Sharaku goes to a nightclub in Yokohama and deals with underworld bosses in Hong Kong, Wato totally disguises herself and goes to the nightclub to investigate. She finds out that Sharaku is actually planning to disseminate dreadful weapons that he has developed, calling himself a "prince of the devil." Wato discovers the criminal who took away the sticky patch from Sharaku's forehead.

    A man of the underworld / Kin Sankaku

    22, Eternal Food
    Publish: April 25, 1976
    Introduction:Wato's pen pal disappears after writing her about going to explore the "school that has been spirited away." Sharaku and Wato go to investigate the school, located deep in the mountains, and discover a system that makes mysterious powder. The secret manufacturing method is written in an ancient document. Someone has played an ancient trick on Sharaku and Wato, who are sent away to the sea.

    23, Skeleton Show
    Publish:May 2, 1976
    Introduction:A TV station tries to produce a program featuring the unveiling of Sharaku's third eye. But with his sticky patch taken off, Sharaku makes a big fuss. He makes mischief on the TV station systems so that everyone is shown on the TV screen as skeletons.

    Producer #1 of the TV station / Ham Egg
    Producer #2 of the TV station / Nols Nuketol

    24, Towering Miracle
    Publish:May 9, 1976
    Introduction:It is rumored that a ghost appears in the high-rise building called the Twilight Tower, in the sub-center of the metropolis. The designer of the building dies an unnatural death in the patio of the building. Asked to investigate the case, Sharaku finds out that the patio forms a vacuum because of the structure of the building. But the devil is attempting to victimize Sharaku as well...

    Department Manager of the construction company / Grand Duke Duralumin ("Princess Knight")
    Section Manager of the construction company / Sir Nylon ("Princess Knight")

    25, Story of Dog
    Publish:May 16, 1976
    Introduction:Sharaku is rumored to peep into the girls' changing room. But the real criminal is a puppy named Hokusai that is being kept by a female student. Sharaku is mistaken as the peeper, as the puppy also has a sticky patch on its forehead. Sharaku uses Hokusai and creates a three-eyed dog. But he is driven into a corner when it attacks.

    26, Jar of Chaos
    Publish: May 23, 1976

    27, The Magician
    Publish:May 30, 1976 - June 6, 1976
    Introduction:Wato and Sharaku go to see Garanputta, a magician who capitalizes on his three eyes. Wato and Sharaku are to compete with Garanputta in magic skill. After a dangerous magic competition, Sharaku gets too excited and begins to act violently. Garanputta uses magic to help, putting back the sticky patch on Sharaku's forehead.

    Assistant to Garanputta / Mrs. Hell ("Princess Knight")

    28, School Lunch
    Publish:June 13, 1976

    29, Valley of Resurgence
    Publish: June 20, 1976
    Introduction:During a hiking trip, Wato slips off the cliff, faints, and has a strange dream. She strays into the three-eyed people's town, and holds a wedding ceremony with a boy named Rangiroa who looks just like Sharaku. After waking from the dream, Wato thinks that Sharaku may be a reincarnation of Rangiroa.

    30, Inoshika Junior High School
    Publish:June 27, 1976

    31, Nagamimi-zoku
    Publish:July 4, 1976

    32, Easter Island
    Publish:July 25, 1976 - December 26, 1976
    Introduction:There is a murder case in the mountains of Prefecture M. Dr. Kenmochi, Sharaku's foster father, is being targeted. These incidents are the criminal acts of a mysterious man named Pandora, who bears a grudge against the Japanese. Pandora plans to take revenge on Japan by using a lost ancestor of humans, the Poki tribe. Police inspector Unmei of the Metropolitan Police Office in charge of this case, together with Sharaku, are captured by a ship of Pandora and his company. Their abilities are examined on numerous islands, and they are forced to cooperate in a revenge scheme using the moais of the Easter Island. But the scheme is foiled with the help of Pogo, the Queen of Poki.

    33, Don't Stick out your Tongue!
    Publish: January 2, 1977

    34, Mysterious Floating Debris
    Publish:January 9, 1977
    Introduction:A sickening-smelling substance is carried by the tide of the sea to the dry riverbed. Nobody but Sharaku can approach the odor-emitting substance, and he is asked to examine it. It is a huge garbage bag discarded in the sea by the ancient three-eyed people. The debris is once again returned to the sea.

    35, Pibagon Appears
    Publish: January 16, 1977
    Introduction:The skiing ground where Sharaku and Wato go is filled with rumors about a snowman. Wato and other skiers have a bet on the presence of a snowman. After betting, Wato tries to examine the snowman with the help of Sharaku's psychic power. But she discovers that the snowman has an unexpected identity.

    Stationed police officer in the mountain / Police Inspector Tawashi ("Astro Boy")

    36, Godal
    Publish:January 30, 1977 - April 24, 1977
    Introduction:There was a powerful three-eyed people's country on the Lemuria Continent in ancient times, and its brutal king, Godal's spirit, was confined to a jar by a secret law called Hoa Kabari Kiruma. 4,500 years later, the jar is handed to Dr. Subuta, and the spirit of Godal is revived in the body of Wato Chiyoko. But under the control of the psychic power of the three-eyed Sharaku, he is taken to Kyoto, where a summit meeting is being held. Wato, hunting a stray cat, follows the two. Godal tries to start a project to conquer the world by threatening people with the three-eyed peoples' weapon "Gomora" that he discovers in Kyoto. But suppressing Godal, Sharaku tries to take the world leaders hostage in order to establish a three-eyed people's country. But the scheme fails. Wato regains her body through the efforts of Dr. Subuta and Dr. Kenmochi, Sharaku's third eye covered, Godal is confined to the cat's body, and the case is settled.

    37, Capital in Underground
    Publish:May 1, 1977 - July 10, 1977
    Introduction:Becoming absorbed in excavating ruins, Sharaku discovers a vast ancient town under the ground. Asked by an ancient phantom to protect the treasures of the town from grave robbing, Sharaku successfully fends off grave robbers al by himself, without taking off his sticky patch or resorting to his psychic power. Although Dr. Kenmochi is planning to remove Sharaku's third eye to make him into a normal child, Wato is against the idea and persuades him that Sharaku could go on as a normal child without an operation. With his third eye uncovered, Sharaku wards off criminals who come to rob the grave again. As promised, Sharaku has Wato put the sticky patch back on his forehead, and their confidence in each other deepens even further.

    Teacher of the Inoshika Junior High School / Noracula

    38, The Father and Child Car
    Publish: July 17, 1977
    Introduction:By copying a model car that Sharaku has made with his psychic power, a man made one in actual size. It is a robot car with psychic power. But this car kills people, and reacts against the police officers that come to investigate the case. Police Inspector Unmei brings Sharaku with him to solve the case.

    Wife of the man who died / Mrs. Hell ("Princess Knight")

    39, More
    Publish:August 7, 1977 - January 15, 1978
    Introduction:Sharaku encounters a giant bird on the beach. He decides to bring the baby bird back home and fosters it. But a killer named Ketsuaru, who plans to kill the baby bird, is following him. As the bird is a survivor of the species of birds kept by the people of Torteca in ancient South America, with it they can discover hidden treasures. Sharaku goes to Mexico with zoologist Dr. Subuta Gyoza and the grown-up bird. But their lives are targeted by Nazis, who are trying to revive their movement using the treasures as their source of funding. With the help of a Mexican girl named Celina and the giant bird, Sharaku defeats the group, as well as the killer Ketsuaru who was hired by them.

    40, The Jewel
    Publish:January 29, 1978
    Introduction:A small UFO lands on a vacant land in the town where Sharaku lives. Wato tries to investigate the UFO by using Sharaku's psychic power. But Sharaku, with his third eye uncovered, tries to use the captured UFO as a destructive weapon.

    41, Mystery of Medal
    Publish:February 12, 1978

    42, Scandal
    Publish: February 19, 1978

    43, The Legacy of Urashima Taro
    Publish:February 26, 1978
    Introduction:A tortoise shell inscribed with ancient letters that Dr. Subuta received in trust from the Urashima family indicates the hiding place of the treasures of Urashima Taro. Sharaku becomes involved in a quarrel over the inheritance because he can read the ancient writing. A series of murders occurs. The treasures of Urashima Taro that Sharaku discovers are ...

    44, Mt. Ikazuchi Is Crying
    Publish:March 12, 1978
    Introduction:A strange sound from Mt. Ikazuchi makes news. Sharaku has left Wato's underwear in the rocky mountain. Wato and Sharaku go into the mountain to look for it, as it would be too embarrassing if the investigation team should find it. In the mountain, they find a power generator from an ancient period.

    45, Mother's Love
    Publish:March 19, 1978
    Introduction:Wato falls in love with Durban, a tennis player who is two years older than her, at first sight and leaves Sharaku alone. But Durban turns out to be a bad-natured playboy. Turned into the three-eyed boy, Sharaku plays a tennis game with Durban using a mysterious machine, and defeats him completely.