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Sharaku Hosuke


  • During middle school, Tezuka Osamu underwent massive culture shock when he visited the ancient ruins in the Asuka region. It was the shock of realizing that mysterious domains that cannot be explained by common knowledge or science undoubtedly exist! Tezuka Osamu attempted to reproduce this impression in the Manga "The Three-Eyed One", which is why its protagonist, Sharaku, was clothed in the military-style school uniform of a middle school student with a stand-up collar. Sharaku Hosuke: ordinarily he had the babyish, weak appearance of a bullied child, but once the Band-Aid on his forehead was peeled off and his third eye revealed, he displayed amazing supernatural powers and a glittering mind. The role is piled high with the aspirations of Tezuka Osamu's childhood days as a bullied child. Even the most unreliable children conceal surprising powers behind their individuality. If the seal can only be broken then that power could well change the world. Sharaku, who is entrusted with this dream, delights readers with his performances in famous and shady roles that demonstrate a full grasp of the intentions of his creator. He also performs the role of a boy with supernatural powers who is able to predict the future in another work, "Buddha". Sharaku personifies Tezuka Osamu's image of a person with preternatural powers. He isn't a person full of self-confidence, he's a baby who packs these powers unobtrusively into his small body. The person who emphasizes this side of his character is his partner, Wato. Although she is a spirited, tomboyish girl, she also has a strange sexiness and femininity that she displays freely and easily in her current incarnation as Princess Sapphire.


List of the works

    • COMIC
    • 1974
    • Black Jack / Junka Restaurant (as the staff at Junka Restaurant?)
    • 1975
    • Black Jack / Swindler Apprentice (as Chikara)
    • 1975
    • Astro Boy / Astro Boy II (as the passerby)
    • 1976
    • Black Jack / U-18 Knew (as the patient)
    • 1976
    • It is Difficult Though Understands
    • 1978
    • Black Jack / Move Solomon
    • 1979
    • NEC Advertisement
    • 1981
    • Rainbow Parakeet / Shuzenji Story
    • 1981
    • Rainbow Parakeet / Taluchuf (as the passenger at the airport)
    • 1983
    • This is what's going to happen in 1983

    • ANIME
    • Marine Express
    • The Three-eyed One
    • The Last Mystery of the 20th Century


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