• 5000 years ago, the Triton Family was living peacefully in Atlantis until the Poseidon Family destroyed them all. Triton, of the Triton Family line, embarks on an adventurous life in the sea fighting the Poseidon Family.



  • Triton Pipi Ruka Ippei Fin
    Poseidon Doriate Medon Proteus Marcus
    Heptaboda Minotus      


  • Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Production: Nishizaki Yoshinori, Animation Staff Room
    Production Chief and Producer: Kurokawa Kejiro
    Rendition: Tomino Yoshiyuki
    Animation Director: Hane Yoshiyuki
    Art Director: Ito Kazue, Makino Mitsunari
    Sound Director: Urakami Yasuo
    Production Chief: Suzuki Norio
    Production Assistant: Katayama Hideo
    Camera: Studio Sangosho
    Shooting Director: Sugaya Masaaki
    Music: Suzuki Hiromasa
    Theme Songs:
    "Go Go Triton": vocals by Hide Yuki, lyrics by Hayashi Haruo and music by Suzuki Hiromasa
    "Triton of the Sea": vocals by Sudo Rika and Kaguya-hime, lyrics by Ise Shozo, music by Minami Kosetsu and arrangement by Koyama Kyoji


  • (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd.

    Broadcast via Asahi Broadcasting Network / 23 minutes / In Color / 27 episodes
    Animation Staff Room / April 1, 1972 - September 30, 1972, Saturdays 7:30-8:00


  • 1st Episode: The sea is calling for the boy   Screenplay: Matsuoka Seiji   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    The boy is called Triton. He was raised by an old fisherman Ippei, who had found the infant Triton on the beach. It is rumored that Triton is a "merman" because of his green hair. One day, a dolphin appears and tells Triton the secret of his birth. Then the sea monster Saramandra attacks the fishing village. It seems to be looking for Triton. After Triton destroys the sea monster, he decides to leave for the sea to understand where he comes from.

  • 2nd Episode: Triton's secret   Screenplay: Matsuoka Seiji   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton follows the dolphin Ruka to the sea, and together they go to the great tortoise Medon. Medon lives in the center of seven whirlpools in the Pacific Ocean. Medon gives Triton a trumpet shell that is a keepsake from his parents. Triton holds the shell to his ear and hears his parents' words, "Fight for the peace of the sea."

  • 3rd Episode: Shining Oriharcon   Screenplay: Matsuoka Seiji   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Burning with the desire to know his destiny, Triton heads for the Atlantic Ocean by himself despite Ruka's warning. In the Atlantic Ocean, the Poseidon family that rules the sea is waiting for Triton. Triton is caught in their trap, and ends up in the sea graveyard fighting against one of the leaders of the family, Doriate, who is also the commander of the North Pacific Ocean. Triton has a hard fight because it is his first real battle, but Medon sacrifices his life for Triton to win. The Poseidon Family had killed the Triton Family, but there might be some survivors. Triton and Ruka head for the North Sea to look for his fellows.

  • 4th Episode: The ends of the North Sea   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton and Ruka meet the old seal Proteus in the North Sea. He is taking care of a girl from the same Triton Family. The girl is a mermaid called Pipi, and she is very temperamental. Right from the start, Triton and Pipi do not get along well. Then Demorer, who works for Minotus, the ruler of the North Sea, attacks Triton.

  • 5th Episode: Farewell the North Sea   Screenplay: Matsuoka Yuki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton is regarded as a hero by the seals for his victory over Demorer. Pipi, however, does not like that fact. Then she is kidnapped by Unicon, who works for Minotus. Triton goes to rescue her with the seals, but Minotus releases a chill, which destroys all the seals. Triton tries to kill Minotus, but Ruka stops him. Then they escape from the North Sea with Pipi, and head south.

  • 6th Episode: Go to the southern island!   Screenplay: Matsuoka Seiji   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton and his friends are heading for Dolphin Island in the South Pacific Ocean. Poseidon orders Poripeimos, commander of the South Pacific Ocean, to chase Triton and his friends. Poripeimos attacks them with a huge lantern anglerfish that uses sound waves as a weapon. Triton enlists the three dolphins Iru, Karu, and Fin for support. Their decoy plan works well, and Triton's party makes a narrow escape.

  • 7th Episode: Under the Southern Cross   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton and Pipi begin living together on Dolphin Island right on the equator, but they are always fighting. Pipi can neither get along with Triton nor forget the North Sea. She runs away from the Dolphin Island by herself, but soon the big sea serpent Ryuda attacks her. Triton comes looking for her and he stabs the big sea serpent with a short sword made from Oriharcon.

  • 8th Episode: The legend of a vanished island   Screenplay: Matsumoto Tsutomu   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton becomes friends with the boy Butcha who lives on an island near Dolphin Island. When Butcha brings Triton to his island, his grandfather cries out in surprise to see Triton wearing a red cloak. Then he tells Triton to leave the island. There is a legend on this island: when somebody wearing a red cloak appears, a big tsunami will strike the island. And just like the legend, a big tsunami strikes the island and sinks it into the sea. This is Doriate's way of getting at Triton.

  • 9th Episode: The mystery of a phantom ship   Screenplay: Miyata Yuki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton becomes interested in a phantom ship that appears near Dolphin Island. Then he goes on board a strange ship, ignoring Pipi's warning. There he meets Camilla, who had been turned into a vampire by Poseidon's magical powers. Camilla attacks Triton to get his blood, but the glitter of his Oriharcon sword eliminates the magical spell. Her soul is saved and she quietly goes into eternal sleep.

  • 10th Episode: Wake up Pipi!   Screenplay: Matsuoka Seiji   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    As usual, Triton and Pipi are fighting whenever they are together. Iru, Karu, and Fin are so worried about them that they guide the two to "Singing Island" to make them happy together. It is a very pleasant place, but they start fighting again. Then Pipi leaves the island earlier by herself. When Triton finds that Pipi has not returned to Dolphin Island, he rushes out to look for her. Despite their fights, he cannot leave her alone.

  • 11th Episode: Confrontation in the North Pacific Ocean   Screenplay: Miyata Yuki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton is having a hard fight against Polipeimos. However, Doriate, who does not want Polipeimos to take the credit, saves Triton. Then he again challenges Triton to a fight. They battle it out in the sea graveyard, and finally Triton kills Doriate with his sword.

  • 12th Episode: The great explosion of Dolphin Island   Screenplay: Matsuoka Seiji   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    When Poseidon learns that Doriate, the commander of the North Pacific Ocean, has lost the battle with Triton, his anger flares up. Poseidon lets out a strange beam, and it shakes the magma at the bottom, causing Dolphin Island to explode and sink into the sea.

  • 13th Episode: The chase of the giant beast Bakyura   Screenplay: Matsumoto Tsutomu   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton and Pipi barely escape the big explosion of Dolphin Island. They are washed up on a faraway desert island, but Ruka is nowhere to be seen. They are worrying about Ruka's safety when the giant sponge beast Bakyura attacks them. Finding that Bakyura has a weakness for the sun, Triton thinks he can destroy the beast with his glittering oriharcon sword.

  • 14th Episode: A journey to the Atlantic Ocean   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    On their way to look for Ruka, Triton and Pipi meet traveling dolphins. They tell Triton a rumor about people who might be his parents. Then Polipeimos, who has been eagerly waiting for a chance to defeat Triton, sends his men to attack him.

  • 15th Episode: Howling dinosaur in the fog   Screenplay: Miyata Yuki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    When Triton and Pipi are heading for the Atlantic Ocean, they hear the echoing sound of a trumpet shell. They follow the sound and find Fin blowing into a shell. Triton is very happy to see Fin again, but then there appears an ancient dinosaur. The dinosaur seems to also be drawn to the sound of the trumpet shell, which Fin is blowing. The sound reminds the dinosaur of his fellows. Triton and Pipi become friends with the dinosaur. Then Polipeimos' men appear to attack them, but Triton beats them back. Poseidon does not forgive Polipeimos for his repeated failures, and orders his execution by Markus.

  • 16th Episode: Leharl's trap   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Now that Poseidon has lost both Doriate and Polipeimos, he appoints Leharl as the commander of the whole Pacific Ocean. Leharl is able to use light and darkness in any way he likes. He creates an illusion on the sea and entices Triton and Pipi into a cave seat the bottom. However, they escape from Leharl's trap and meet Ruka again. Together they head for the Atlantic Ocean, their anger against the merciless Poseidon Family growing.

  • 17th Episode: Vanished remains of the Tritons   Screenplay: Matsumoto Tsutomu   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Suddenly a submarine volcano erupts, as if to obstruct Triton's way. Without doubt, it is Poseidon's doing. A scientist who was investigating submarine resources gets injured in the eruption. Triton saves the old scientist and takes him to a nearby island. This island was also created by the eruption of a submarine volcano long ago. In a cave, Triton and the old scientist find wall paintings depicting the history of the Triton Family. Triton gets very excited, but Poseidon comes to attack them again. He explodes the island again to destroy the remains, and he even takes the life of the old scientist.

  • 18th Episode: The scorching giant Taros   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Giant Taros wakes from a long sleep. In fact, Poseidon awakens him to destroy Triton. Taros is the guardian angel of penguins, not a member of the Poseidon Family. However, he owes his revival to Poseidon, and has to pay back the debt. So he reluctantly stands in the way of Triton and his friends, who are heading for the Atlantic Ocean. During the fight, Pipi and Fin are taken away by Leharl.

  • 19th Episode: Revived white whale   Screenplay: Miyata Yuki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton gives up going to the Atlantic Ocean for the time being to rescue Pipi and Fin, and goes back to the Pacific Ocean. There waits a white whale that has been brought back to life by Leharl. Fortunately, Triton gets some unexpected help during his battle with the white whale from Laurence, who is proud of having killed a white whale once, and his son Guilty, who is proud of his father. The father and son challenge the revived white whale again to prove their story, because people in their village had not believed it before.

  • 20th Episode: Sea spider's jail   Screenplay: Onoya Minoru   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Pipi and Fin are confined in the sea spider's jail. There, a sea spider and Heptapoda, a member of the Poseidon Family, are waiting for Triton. Poseidon promises Heptapoda that he can live under the shining sun if he kills Triton. Heptapoda longs for the shining sun. During their fight, however, Heptapoda finds out that the real sun is not in the sky but in his own heart. Then he betrays Poseidon and helps Triton get his friends out of the sea spider's jail.

  • 21st Episode: Demon's place in the Pacific Ocean   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    After their escape from the sea spider's jail, Heptapoda and Triton have to face Guerpes' regiment, led by Leharl. Leharl creates a group of mermen by illusion, and makes them fight against Triton. Triton and his friends have a hard fight against the phantom troop. Then Leharl kills Heptapoda, but Triton burns Leharl's eyes with the glitter of his Oriharcon sword. Leharl is left to wander in the darkness of the sea forever.

  • 22nd Episode: Bizarre Armon's curse   Screenplay: Miyata Yuki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Having lost Leharl, Poseidon orders Leneus, his strategic right-hand man, to kill Triton. Leneus, instead of doing it himself, instructs Commander Bruda of the Indian Ocean to attack Triton. Then Bruda orders Armon, the god of death, to terminate Triton. Triton, on the other hand, has no idea of the hasty exchanges among the Poseidon army, and heads for the Atlantic Ocean. On the way, Triton and his friends find a strange island and land there. Soon they discover that the island is in fact the sea anemone monster Armon, the god of death. They begin a tough battle.

  • 23rd Episode: The battle in the Fossil Forest   Screenplay: Matsuoka Seiji   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    When Triton reads the notes Heptapoda has left behind, he learns that an immortal fish called Rakan has been living off the Coast of Madagascar Island since ancient times. Triton meets Rakan, who tells him that the Triton family had hardly any weapons when the Poseidon Family destroyed them. Triton's anger at the Poseidon family is fueled again when the Seinus Army of sea centipedes attacks.

  • 24th Episode: The rush of Gondowana   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Rakan advises Triton and his friends to head for the Atlantic Ocean via the Mediterranean Sea, but Poseidon and his men are already they're waiting for them. Now there is Gadaru, the self-doubling monster.

  • 25th Episode: The quicksand of Golsenos   Screenplay: Miyata Yuki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    When Triton and his friends finally arrive at the Mediterranean Sea, they must pass through Golsenos' submarine cave. Triton is swallowed up in the cave, and thrown down on an endless desert. Golsenos takes Triton's Oriharcon sword and uses its glitter to rob Triton of his eyesight. Moreover, he creates his own double with sand, and makes it attack Triton. Triton fights back desperately...

  • 26th Episode: Poseidon's demon world   Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton and his friends finally arrive at their destination on the Mediterranean Sea. However, Poseidon, who has lost his fellows one after another, mounts a fierce attack. They are swallowed up in a huge whirlpool that Poseidon had created, and are drawn into a treacherous sea. There awaits Minotus and his younger brother Mybes. With the help of traveling dolphins, Triton fights these brothers. Once winning the battle with the Minotus brothers, he has only to go to the enemy's main enclosure, the Poseidon Temple.

  • 27th Episode: The sun will rise again in the Atlantic Ocean   Screenplay: Onoya Minoru   
    Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki

    Triton ventures inside the Poseidon Temple accompanied by the many friends he has met during his journey. During the fight with Poseidon, Triton's Oriharcon sword glitters and causes the huge statue of Poseidon to move. The temple collapses and Poseidon's submarine city right beneath is crushed, too. Triton is victorious over the Poseidon family. Then he finds out what had happened in the past. The Poseidon family and the Triton family were once friends living on the same Atlantis Continent. Triton has mixed feelings when he finds the truth. Then he says goodbye to his friends and sets out on a journey.