MESSAGE FOR EARTH Parent and child Is the shortcut always the best way?

There is something wrong with this society of ours that doesn't allow us ever to take the long way home, or to enjoy a little dallying. Extreme rationalization and the great importance placed on productivity only serves to create a sad and miserable society, because it makes it impossible to raise children to be innovative and to have a fresh outlook on the world.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Parents may think that they want their children to be a certain way, but children can betray their parents' expectations, following their own paths. Many people may lament this, but in reality the fact that a child has found his or her own path is truly a thing to be happy about. Even if that path happens to be more trying or dangerous than what the parents had intended, it is better to lend our support anyway, and not to try to sway the children into something they don't wish to do. What parents can teach their children is that there are many roads leading to happiness, and all they can do is let the children know that they must go their own ways, taking responsibility for themselves.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Parent and child The gifts which parents can leave to their children

To endeavor to convey an awareness of the sanctity of life to our children through information, freely and without being infringed upon by government regulation: perhaps this is the most important stance that we adults can take in response to the "Advancement of informationalization" that our society is undergoing at present.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Leo is faced with the death of his father, which was unimaginably shocking and painful to him. But the death also represents the "passing of the baton" from parent to child, symbolizing the passing of responsibility. Life is continuously passed through the mechanism of genetics from one generation to another, and therefore, life is perpetuated as long as the genetic line continues. Witnessing the death of a parent can also mean the "awakening" of the parent's genetic line, or indeed the very life of the parent, in the child. We have the "baton of responsibility" to live and to continue to pass on life to the generations that follow us. Just like Leo, you have received the "baton of life and responsibility," and that's why you are here, living today.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Parent and child Even if I have to die, my wish is for you to live.

I would like to emphasize the importance of bringing up our children to be able to think deeply about what it truly means to use their youthful power to the greatest extent possible, living life to the fullest, and also about the true meaning of happiness in life. And I hope that not only children but also all young people would think about these things.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

When did it this all start happening, that parents kill their own children, and children kill their parents? It seems we hear news like this every month, and we begin to think that perhaps some people who shouldn't really be parents are having children anyway.
But in fact I don't believe that there is really anyone who simply shouldn't be a parent. If there's such a thing as a "license" to have kids, then every one of us has it from the moment we are born, and it's called "love." There is no such thing as the gift of life without love: it can be said that life is love itself. But the trouble is that now many parents have become too focused on raising the kind of child that they want, a child that will be good for them.
Before trying to shift the blame for why our children don't behave properly onto something else, it might be better to try and get across to our children the idea of what is really good, what we need to protect, and so on. The mother in this picture is saying something not in words, but in her actions, and that is that she wants to protect the life of her child even at the cost of her own.