MESSAGE FOR EARTH War Lambs of sacrifice

I have one principle that I'll never compromise; even if I have to surrender my life, and that is that I'll never condone war.

From "Tezuka Osamu Essay Collection"

War is not as simple as soldiers fighting and dying: the many wars fought during our history have produced countless child victims as well. Even in today's world, many children are hurt in wars between adults, losing their limbs or being separated from their parents or brothers, and being robbed of their lives and futures. We must not turn away from the reality, saying that it has nothing to do with us and therefore ignoring it. If we really want world peace, this is where we have to start.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH War Until the day the bombing ends...

We may indeed have taken the wrong path, but when we think of all those innocent children, it is really not an option to simply give up on the future of the world.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Crowded together in a tiny, dark bomb shelter, the trembling children suppress their screams as hard as they can, waiting for the bombers to pass overhead.
If we could see the earth looking down from the universe, all life on the planet might look like those children huddled in the bomb shelter.
Enveloped in this world of overwhelming violence and insanity, perhaps we are all huddling-you and me alike-waiting for the violence to pass.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH War The end of war

Unscrupulous politicians and men of power, while all the while suppressing their own people, will talk with a straight face about how important nature is, about the need to protect wild animals and other forms of life, and thereby avoid the issues.
But what saddens me even more is that not only the people in power, but we ordinary citizens as well, are unwittingly lending our support to this situation.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

The storm of bombs, and the war, will end only when all enemies and allies alike have been decimated. In short, war on this earth will not come to an end until humanity has been completely wiped out. This situation is beset with great sadness and indignation, in the fact that we are incapable of ridding ourselves of war as a means of solving our problems until and unless we destroy ourselves. Is humankind really that ignorant?