MESSAGE FOR EARTH Nature There used to be forest and mountains here...

Trying to teach children who have not even the memory of nature about how to understand peoples' pain, or about the preciousness of life, may be unimaginably difficult.

People have cut down the forests to make way for cities: this is the "advancement" of civilization. In the world of myths, the Tower of Babylon grows higher and higher toward the sky. But the tower grew not upward, but sideways, expanding further and further to form the world we see now. And just as the Tower of Babylon crumbled and fell, this world of ours has reached a point where it can no longer keep expanding. If we keep cutting the forests as we are doing, the earth's balance will be disturbed; actually, that crucial balance is already being lost. Can you hear the death cry of the earth?

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Nature Longing for the earth...

No matter how far mankind goes in terms of the material civilization, the fact remains that he is a part of the natural world, and no matter how much science progresses, the power of nature cannot be denied. Indeed, by rejecting nature, we reject our own humanity.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

In the story of a woman who becomes stranded on a lonely star far away from the earth, she before long has children with a man from another star and creates a new civilization. But even so, in her heart she can never forget the days she spent in Earth with the people she loved. Even as humans advance into space, we will never really be able to separate ourselves from the source of our life, the earth. A true home that we can feel comfortable returning to is something everybody needs. But our home, the earth, is raising its own death cry. If we keep destroying the earth at the pace we are now, we will surely rob future generations of that special home.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Nature The mermaids are crying...

Forgetting about the natural world and our humanity, we push ahead recklessly in pursuit of natural science. But how deep will the fissures it creates in our society be, how much discrimination will it cause, and how much damage will it render to humans and other forms of life...?

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

A small child mermaid sits crying in a tub, surrounded by the press.
Humans take living beings, who have been living innocently in peace, away from their parents and loved ones just out of curiosity. And not only that, man is now working with genetics to create new forms of life through biotechnology, but what is all for? It is only to make human life more comfortable. But we might ask if our lives are really the better for causing so much suffering among living things.