MESSAGE FOR EARTH Animal Helping an abandoned child.

We may indeed have taken the wrong path, but when we think of all those innocent children, it is really not an option to simply give up on the future of the world.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

The human race has committed many crimes, and the deer of the world know all about it. But a deer will not leave a human baby abandoned in the woods to its own devices. And so, here she asks the spirits to change her into a human, just for the sake of the baby. This scene shows the great kindness that prevails in nature. The animals will sacrifice themselves for the sake of the humans that give them trouble. Maybe we humans, who have caused so much havoc in the world by trying to shape it in our own interests, have been protected from the beginning of our history by the selfless animals of our world. As a matter of fact, we consistently find protector deities represented as animals in the ruins of ancient civilizations. Why is it that we humans cannot in turn selflessly protecting the animal world?

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Animal The Wheel of Life

To endeavor to convey an awareness of the sanctity of life to our children through information: perhaps this is the most important stance that we adults can take in response to the "advancement of informationalization" that our society is going through at present.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Every living being is part of a great circle of life. In order for one type of being to live and prosper, another is fated to become its sustenance. Fish become the food of birds, which will be eaten by still larger birds. The carcasses of the birds are then consumed by the beasts, whose remains in turn decompose to become the nourishment of the insects. The fertile soil gives birth to flowers, and so on...
Humans alone are not part of this chain of eating and being eaten. On the other hand, it is only humans who can understand the importance of this "circle of life," and endeavor to protect the ecosystem as best he can.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Animal A barbaric enemy

Humans are just barely a new form of existence in the earth's history Yet, now we consider ourselves to be the lords of creation, thinking that everything is ours, and we continue to wreak havoc on the natural world in whatever way we wish, and to kill the animals en masse. We have come to the point where we must think very seriously about what is really important, and what is really necessary: we have come down to our last chance.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Man is a creature hard to fathom: while there are people who fight to save the whales and the dolphins, there are others who enjoy hunting just for sport. Humans thus posses the unique ability to display great cruelty as well as great kindness at the same time.
Because of this ability, mankind's actions have also resulted in a great number of animals becoming extinct. Encroaching human civilization causes environmental damage that results in the extinction of hundreds of species every year. It must be a far better choice for us to move on from being a horrible enemy of the earth's creatures, and instead to become a trustworthy ally. Don't you agree?