MESSAGE FOR EARTH Discrimination Human beings are just one of species of animals on this earth

I would like to say that humans and other life forms are completely equal as living beings; my interpretation of the existence of human being that he represents just one part of a whole community of beings brought together by fate.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

The scene is a human couple trapped in a cave with a whole group of animals. Under these extreme circumstances, it is only the humans who go to the extent of killing other animals to ensure their own survival. In contrast, all the other animals begin to cooperate with each other to survive. The ones who have a true understanding of that basic equality may actually be the animals, and not man who, as self-proclaimed lord of creation, looks down upon all other beasts as inferior.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Discrimination Astro Boy is just a robot!

This is no time for human beings to be discriminating against once another. Still, it is extremely difficult to just wipe away the reality of discrimination that has been built up over our long history. For the time being though, perhaps there is no other way but to try one step at a time.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Astro Boy always fights for the welfare of human beings, but whenever there is a problem the humans always say things like, "We should have known that we couldn't trust a robot." Here, humans clearly display the discrimination they harbor against "Outsiders." Even among us, we have thoughts like, "Oh, he has had a different kind of upbringing from me," or "After all, he's a foreigner." Can you be sure that you are not hurting anyone's feelings, like Astro Boy here? You might be discriminating based on age if you have thoughts like, "You can't trust adults," or "You never know what kids these days will do." And it's also a kind of discrimination if you refuse to be friends with somebody just because they don't have the "latest" game. These acts of discrimination taking place around you can become the seeds of wars resulting from discrimination based on "race" or "religion," which still continue to occur around the world today.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Discrimination The true face of the demon...

"Humans decide on their own fate, and it is humans who incur their own suffering, irrespective of the natural world."
But humans are all the same in that we all suffer in the rain, storms and sun. If the world were to come to an end, everyone would have to die.

From "Buddha"

"We have captured a scary demon!" Shout the government officials, beaming with triumph as they escort their quarry. But the "demon" is actually a shipwrecked Russian man. Muscular and with curly blond hair and reddish skin, the peoples' image of a "demon" may be based in the appearance of this kind of foreigner. The legends of the "tengu," a goblin with a reddish face and a long nose, and others, may have originated with stranded foreigners who made their homes in the mountains, far away from human settlements. There was certainly a period in Japan where people held such prejudices, viewing foreigners, though human like us, as "devils" or "goblins" or "monsters." This was because the Japanese of the time completely lacked information about life overseas. But the story is different now: everyone knows that there are many different races of people living around the world, yet racial discrimination is still with us. While discrimination is a sad thing even without proper information, isn't it even worse now, with all the knowledge that we have at our fingertips?