MESSAGE FOR EARTH Friendship "We'll be a shield for him!"

If children are taught about the preciousness of life from when they are very small, and if they are carefully encouraged to consider all creatures, then the circumstances around them are sure to get better.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Children can be friends with anyone. They can talk with stuffed animals, turn their ears to the whispers of the flowers; they can even converse with the clouds as they cross the sky. But somehow, as we grow up, we lose our feelings of friendship toward the living things around us that we felt as children. If we can keep that feeling of friendship toward non-human living things that we had when we were small, to the extent that we could even become "human shields" in order to protect them, then the world would be a much nicer place. Here, the children desperately plant themselves in front of Astro Boy, a robot, to protect him from the adults, showing us a real treasure that lives inside their hearts.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Friendship "Soul Mate"

The imagination leads to big dreams, but at the same time it can be seen in everyday life; for instance, it can help us to reach the next-door neighbor who seems to be worried about something. This doesn't mean that we have to become completely involved in the affairs of our neighbors, but imagination is something we need in order to understand and feel other peoples' pain.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Is friendship between a dinosaur and a human only found in the world of Manga? There is such a thing as spirits calling each other over the vastness of time and space. This is called the "soul mate," and it means that two souls are bound together by an invisible bond. There are lots of books about looking for soul mates, but even the simple act of meeting, coming to like one another and becoming friends is already something full of mystery and magic. You may have a soul mate in the little bird that flies away in the sky outside the window, or the dog you hear howling far away. Spirits call to each other beyond the limits of form, and if we follow our intuition, listening to the voice of our spirit, we can indeed share a friendship with a dinosaur, or a tiny insect, or anything at all.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Friendship Who said we're enemies?

It appears that recently the exclusion of "outsiders," or those who are different, is surfacing in problems of bullying at schools. Kids who might look a little different from the others become the object of harassment, and this is all really a clear reflection of what adult society is like.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Cats and mice have long been pictured as enemies. We are taught that cats hurt mice and mice run away from cats, but this kind of indoctrination is called "biased education." Before we decide that somebody is our enemy, or that that person is bad, it might be better to take a really good look at that person. After all, the best way to defeat one's enemy is to become fiends with them. We can rid ourselves of all fighting if we can just acknowledge and allow for each other's different ways of thinking. It's better to think this way, isn't it?