MESSAGE FOR EARTH Love "I want to protect you"

The Japanese have long believed that the mountains, rivers, grasses, and trees all have their own inherent personalities, and are a race of people who have loved these things as much as humans. This is why Japanese legends are full of stories of nature in human form, and the reason why the people were able to respond to the calls of the birds, or the murmuring of the rivers.

From The Day Astro Boy was Born: "Robot," Sankei Shuppan

Protecting nature and the environment means not only big projects like saving the forests from acid rain or cleaning up the increasingly polluted oceans. It means starting with sheltering and helping the tiniest flower in front of you, or an injured fawn. One flower produces seeds that will fly away and produce a field of blossoms, and one fawn grows up to produce a whole clan of descendants. It's important not to forget these possibilities, and to look to the future. To love nature means having this kind of mind.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Love Beyond death

If you really love someone, your feelings transcend life and death.

From "The Song for Apollo"

Do you lose your love for a person when he or she dies? No, of course you don't. People can keep on loving even after the person is gone, and the memory of your great love remains forever: love goes beyond the borders of life, because it dwells not in the body but in the spirit. Though the body may pass away, the spirit does not. The wonderful feeling that one is loved: the spirit filled with this kind of happiness may be the true, greater love that envelops the entire world.


I really hope for a lot from the children to be born in the future on space stations or on the moon. It is those children who will be endowed with a sense, from the moment they are born, of the smallness of mankind in the universe, and the need to join forces and cooperate in order to survive. And they will also be able to feel deep in their hearts that mankind is not a superior form of life, and that the animals, plants, and humans living on the earth they look down upon are all the same, that-just like us-all creatures live out their time on the earth to the fullest, producing descendants and perpetuating the circle of life.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Love takes many forms, including between man and woman, parents and children, and toward oneself, but perhaps the kind of love we should keep in minds most right now is the love we possess as living beings. As living creatures ourselves, we can give love to all forms of life. We can love and protect the plants around us, the environment that tiny creatures live in, and the earth that is home to limitless life, with feelings so deep that we may even give our own lives to do it. Perhaps self-sacrificing love is something we have neglected in our modern society.