MESSAGE FOR EARTH Dream Dreams transcend space and time.

If we could experience the view from the universe, then it might even be possible for the power of our imagination to exceed the speed of light, reaching a star hundreds and thousands of light years away in just an instant. Our imagination may be the most brilliant of all energy that humans have ever possessed.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

A man makes his bed before a painting, and dreams of the eternal travels of living beings. Some people say that man's spirit is freed from his body during the dream state. The spirit, flying free in our dreams, surely soars to the universe. Traveling to the edge of infinity, perhaps it tries to bring home all the wisdom we need for this life. If we think about this, the act of going to sleep at night seems like the beginning of an exciting adventure, doesn't it?

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Dream Our dreams are limitless, like the stars.

The children are crying out for help, in a world where they are hurting themselves as well as others. We adults must exert ourselves to the best of our abilities so that the children can really have big dreams, so that they can stand with their feet firmly on the ground, ready to take off anywhere they want to go.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Why is it that today's children lack mental fulfillment?
Take a look at this picture in thinking about this question. Tezuka Osamu is walking together with his characters, with the dreams he created and having fun with them. Perhaps it is a lack of this kind of dream that is the problem with kids today. As long as people hold dreams in their hearts, they are not likely to feel frustrated and unhappy. Tezuka Osamu brought many dreams to life, but each and every child has just as many, indeed more, dreams in his or her heart. And those dreams are more important than anything else.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Dream The Gaia Symphony

I would like to say that humans and other life forms are completely equal as living things; my interpretation of the existence of human being that he represents just one part of a whole community of beings brought together by fate.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Here, we see all kinds of animals, both meat-eaters and plant eaters, gathered together to sing a song in harmony. This represents a dream of Tezuka Osamu's that all living beings coexist together, the ideal world that he continuously depicted in his "Jungle Emperor Leo," which some people have criticized as unrealistic. But if we take a broader view, looking down at the earth from the faraway depths of the universe, we might see that indeed all beings here are singing the same song together. Each and every being has its own life rhythm, and at the same time is playing its own part in the great symphony of the "earth." If we try hard, we may be able to hear that melody.