MESSAGE FOR EARTH Freedom Free to do whatever we wish...

The more we know of the attraction of the evil power that leads us to fall head-first into hell, and of the monstrosity of negative energy, the more we can really understand how beautiful and wonderful life is, And we become further witness to its brilliance.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

There is a novel that asserts that the insane enjoy freedom. Being "crazy" means that a person thinks it is okay to do whatever he wants, and forgives himself for his actions. This means that true freedom is something that has been expelled from our society. Man's basis instinct is to want "wings" on his heart, enabling him to freely fly anywhere he might wish. But society doesn't have room for this, bound as we are by the chains of all of our rules and what we call "common sense." It's important to be able to reach a compromise within oneself between society's rules and our desire for freedom. Finding this balance and respecting both is called

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Freedom A Happy Ending

If you really believe in your will, your beliefs, and your ideas, without a trace of doubt, you can overcome any hurdle, and you won't bend to pressure.

From "My Motto: A collection of the advice of 100 authors," National Federation of Social Education

Even if you have found yourself facing a terrible fate, if you can believe that you are never alone it will surely be a great source of strength for you, and you will be able to break all chains and find freedom. To love someone means not to bind him or her, but to let him or her be free. Indeed, if you really want to be free, you can take each other's hands to soar higher and higher into the sky.

MESSAGE FOR EARTH Freedom The spirit cannot be imprisoned

Even when faced with the ugliest truth, mankind has the power to change circumstances that seem virtually impossible to fix.

From "Save Our Mother Earth"

Robbing someone of their freedom is a truly frightening thing, because for all living beings, nothing is more painful than having their freedom taken away. And this is the reason criminals are punished for their crimes by being stripped of their freedom. In the work entitled "AYAKO," shown here, a girl is imprisoned in a tiny storehouse, where she is destined to grow up. A victim of the carryings-on of adults, this young girl loses her freedom: try to imagine the extent of her suffering. And also try to realize how lucky you are to be able to run around freely. Just by the fact that we do enjoy freedom, we should be able to see that the possibilities of life are endless.