In this unconventional work, a boy named Toppei who can transform himself into a wolf is the main character.
The story begins when one day Toppei visits Mushi Productions, an animation production company, and persuades President Tezuka Osamu to hire him. Toppei, who actually belongs to a vampire tribe whose members transform themselves into wolves, has come to Tokyo to look for his missing father. The villain of the story, named Rock, discovers Toppei's secret, and then tries to plot against Toppei.
In the meantime, Toppei's tribe, which has long been oppressed by human beings, secretly plans a revolution against them. Toppei and Tezuka Osamu try to stop the revolution; Rock tries to use it to the advantage of his own wicked designs; and then the police get involved. Everyone's intentions got entangled, and Toppei is in danger of being cornered.


June 12, 1966 to May 7, 1967
Appeared serially in "Weekly Shonen Sunday" (Shogakukan, Inc.)

Based in Shakespeare's "Macbeth," Rock mysteriously takes on the role of an incarnation of the devil with the name "Makube Rokuro." Part 1 of the story, depicting a battle between the vampire tribe and humans, appeared in "Weekly Shonen Sunday," and Part 2, in which the character Weco appears, in "Shonen Book."