Future Humans

This series is a compilation of short one-off stories developed freely based on Tezuka's science fictional ideas.

Future Humans is a story of the expedition team coming back from the Venus. What they witnessed was the Earth devastated totally.

Space Port is a story of a boy facing vicious crimes at the space port where a variety of aliens pass each other.

Thus Tezuka fully unfolded his science fictional imaginations in those pioneering works developed over different places and time.


01. Future Humans
02. The Black Spaceship
03. Space Port
04. The Green Cat
05. Terror Mountains
06. Case of the Twing Murderers
07. The Crazy Boarder
08. Compounr-Eyed Monster
09. Skelton Skipper
10. Bullet Holes on the Plains

Tezuka authored one story per month for the supplemental booklets attached to the monthly magazine, asked by Shueisha.

During the post war period in Japan, there were hardly any full-scale Sci-Fi novelists following Juzo Umino, a Sci-Fi novelist active before the Pacific War (1897-1949).

At the time, Tezuka released this series. Though it was mainly targeted for children, the stories were complicated enough to satisfy older readers. Some said they were inspired a lot while some said it's hard to understand.

Today most of the works in the series are contained in The Complete Works of Osamu Tezuka's Manga (Kodansha). But the works in the series had been known as lost masterpieces among Tezuka fan's since they were out of print for a long time till the publication of the complete works.

In the series, a geologist named Ryuta Ogaki appears in Terror Mountains, The Case of the Twin Murderers and The Crazy Border. Those three works were published under the title of Earth Theater as series within the series.