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Lion Books [Omoshiro Book <Comic>]


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  • Each short episode of this series is complete in itself, fully incorporating science fiction themes.
    Episode 1: "The Next Human Beings"
    The exploration team witnesses a devastated earth after returning form Venus.
    (Episodes 3 and 4: "Spaceport")
    A boy stands up against the vicious criminals afflicting the spaceport, where all kinds of spacemen's lives are intertwined.
    "Lion Books" was a series ahead of its time in which Tezuka Osamu's science fiction ideas were thoroughly displayed in a range of different settings and times.

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  • Yoshio (Episode 1)

    Dorian Glay (Episode 2)

    Naruto Ushio (Episodes 3 and 4)

    Yushi Sango (Episode 5)

    Ohgaki Ryuta (Episodes 6 and 8)

    Skipper Skeleton (Episode 10)

    Friday Jimmy (Episode 11)


  • August 1956 to July 1957
    Published as a supplement to "Omoshiro Book" (Shueisha, Inc.)

    This series was published as a separate-volume supplement to a monthly magazine for a period of a year, at the request of Shueisha.
    After the death of Unno Jyuza (1897-1949), an early science fiction novelist who was active before the Pacific War, there was a period in post-war Japan where virtually no full-fledged science-fiction works appeared.
    This series was published under such circumstances.
    Although the series appeared in a children's magazine, the story was actually written for readers of higher age groups as well. Readership reaction was therefore split: some found it difficult to understand, but there were also many others who were highly inspired by the science fiction elements in this work.
    Most of the works in this series are compiled in the Complete Works of Tezuka Osamu, put out by Kodansha Ltd. However, there was a long period during which it was out of print, before the Complete Works was issued. Since only the title was famous and the work was not available for some time, this work came to be labeled as a rare masterpiece among fans.


  • 1 The Next Human Beings      August 1956

    In 19XX, experiments with new bombs devastate the earth completely. The only survivors, a Japanese expedition team to Venus, returns to the earth to witness human beings dying of radiation sickness. The crews try to save the humans, but they are not fast enough. The captain of the team thinks about moving to Venus by discarding the earth, but Kuroda and Yasuki, the crews, rise in revolt against him and aim to become the rulers of the earth by obtaining the weapons of the world.
    Guest Kusatsu / Whisky    Kuroda / Higeoyaji    Yasuki / Ham Egg    Acetylene Lamp / Acetylene Lamp

    2 The Black Space Ray      September 1956

    In a big city in the future, a man in a crowd suddenly dies in broad daylight. A boy named Bontaro, who happens to be at the site, hears from Police Inspector Geta that the man died of black radiation. In the meantime, Dr. Dorian Glay comes back from the penal colony of Mars. He is an old-time colleague of Bontaro's uncle Dr. Unazuki.
    The two were punished for performing dangerous experiments concerned with the secrets of life. While Dr. Unazuki corrected his bad conduct, Dr. Glay was banished to Mars, where he continued his research. Police Inspector Geta, who is investigating successive mysterious deaths cases, suspects Dr. Glay. But Dr. Glay is no longer a human being!
    Guest Police Inspector Geta / Police Inspector Geta

    3-4 Spaceport (Original title: Spaceport, Orion No. 137)      October 1956 - November 1956

    The spaceport is a mega space station and gateway to the earth. It is always bustling with different aliens from different planets, and the crime rate is disproportionately high. A villainous space lizard runs into the spaceport when chased by the space police, and hides under the shelter of the influential Lamp of the spaceport. A space exchange student named Eric is entangled in the incident, and hunts down the space lizard in cooperation with Ushio, the son of the spaceport chief. But for his own safety, Lamp kills the lizard and the alien who witnesses the killing. Lamp is brought to trial, but no evidence is presented. Ushio and Eric depart for the universe, looking for a machine that can deprive a person of all evil so that Lamp would confess. They want to show justice to aliens at court.
    Guest Lamp / Acetylene Lamp

    5 The Green Cat      December 1956

    Ban Shunsaku co-manages a shop with his friend Yushi in the US. One day, Yushi is killed by a gang, and Ban Shunsaku takes his bereaved son Sango over to bring him up. Ban, who is going back to Japan, witnesses a flying saucer. Immediately after that, a green cat appears before Sango.
    Sango and the cat disappear from the ship bound for Japan. Time passes, and Ban discovers the identity of the cat: it is a space creature. It takes possession of young men, and deprives them of their sense of self-reliance in exchange for fulfilling their desires.
    Sango, haunted by the cat, becomes very influential in the underworld. Ban tries to recover the sense of self-reliance in Sango by killing the cat.
    Guest Ban Shunsaku / Higeoyaji

    6 Earthquake Predicting Old Lady (Earth Theater 1)      January 1957

    After losing his father by an earthquake-induced landslide, Ohgaki Ryuta becomes an earthquake researcher, and visits his hometown in the mountain to investigate earthquakes. Earthquakes are particularly frequent in that area. But an old woman fortune-teller of the village named Osen accurately predicts when earthquake happen.
    Ryuta tries to get wind of the secret from Osen while proceeding with his research, but he fails. The chief of the village and Osen are actually involved in the death of Ryuta's father. Becoming afraid of Ryuta, the chief of the village is scheming to kill Ryuta just as he killed his father.

    7 Twin Murder (Earth Theater 2)      February 1957

    8 The Crazy Border (Earth Theater 3)      March 1957

    Ohgaki Ryuta is dispatched to the South Pole for a geological survey. It is a town named Frontier, a border town between Redbear and Bulljoy. He hears that the border is constantly shifting in that area. As a result of Ryuta's survey, it is discovered that Frontier is positioned on a huge iceberg and that even a minor slant of the iceberg shifts the boundary. One day, the iceberg starts to crack. People in the town escape to safer Bulljoy beyond the border in a great hurry, but under the laws of Redbear people running the border may be shot to death. Refugees and Ryuta confront the border guards, and then, ...

    9 Multiple-Eyed Devil      April 1957

    Ah-bo has his eyes damaged during a large-scale air raid of Tokyo in 1945, just before the end of the Pacific War. A doctor whom his father finally finds in the disturbed area of war transplants artificial corneas to Ah-bo. Through the operation Ah-bo is gifted with eyes that can reveal the wicked minds of human beings. It is the revenge of the doctor against wicked people that drives people into deadly war. But Ah-bo, who is capable of seeing through people's minds, is used by the special political police to interrogate spies.
    The special political police refer to an organization set up as part of the police organization that existed until immediately after the end of the Pacific War in Japan. Its major activities were to control social movements, labor disputes, speech and thoughts. Ah-bo is feared among the spies as a multi-eyed devil. Ten years after the defeat of the war, Ah-bo begins to go to school in Tokyo as an ordinary boy. But an ex-special political police staff officer named Geji, who suddenly rises to a higher position by smuggling and gambling, targets him. As other normal people also fear him, he swears to take revenge on all human beings!
    Guest Ah-bo's father / Monsieur Ampere    Major Geji / Buku Book    One of the special political police / Chikara Aritake    Sasaki Kojiro / Sasaki Kojiro    Tozai Nanboku / Tonan Saihoku    The Superintendent-General of the Metropolitan Police / Police Inspector Tawashi

    10 Skipper Skeleton      June 1957

    In a certain country in the 21st century, a specific law is devised to reduce the number of children in keeping with the available food. Children who lose a lottery system are taken to the other side of the moon and discarded there. The captain of the rocket is called Skipper Skeleton, who is the enemy of all mothers. Skipper Skeleton also has a child. One day, his child finally loses the lottery and has to be sent to the moon.
    His wife Mary disguises herself as a mail crewmember and sneaks into the rocket. When Mary and other crewmembers land on the other side of the moon, they see a totally unexpected scene.

    11 Bullet Hole in the Wilderness      July 1957

    In the US after the Civil War, Dudley, who took to the field as a South soldier, falls into evil ways following the defeat. He is now a wanted man nicknamed Dud the Shairo.
    Dud, who is chased by a garrison, disguises himself and goes back home where his parents and younger brother wait him. His younger brother Jimmy adores his elder brother. But the sheriff is beginning to figure out that Dudley is the Dud the Shairo.
    Just then, Dud's wicked partner Boris shoots the sheriff to death, and the people in town try to set Dud up as the sheriff.
    (When this was first published, the story ended when Dud saved Jimmy. But when it was published as a book, a different ending --- the death of Dud --- was added.
    Although it was one of the old "Lion Book" Series, since this non-SF work is different from the other stories, which are SF, it is included in Volume 2 of the compiled short stories "SF Mix," in the Complete works of Tezuka Osamu published by Kodansha Ltd.
    Guest Boris / Acetylene Lamp    Tyler / Heck Ben    Friday Hebo / Higeoyaji    Sheriff / Police Inspector Geta    Bad / Dr. Ochanomizu