In the US after the Civil War, Dudley, who took to the field as a South soldier, falls into evil ways following the defeat. He is now a wanted man nicknamed Dud the Shairo.
Dud, who is chased by a garrison, disguises himself and goes back home where his parents and younger brother wait him. His younger brother Jimmy adores his elder brother. But the sheriff is beginning to figure out that Dudley is the Dud the Shairo.
Just then, Dud's wicked partner Boris shoots the sheriff to death, and the people in town try to set Dud up as the sheriff.
(When this was first published, the story ended when Dud saved Jimmy. But when it was published as a book, a different ending --- the death of Dud --- was added.
Although it was one of the old "Lion Book" Series, since this non-SF work is different from the other stories, which are SF, it is included in Volume 2 of the compiled short stories "SF Mix," in the Complete works of Tezuka Osamu published by Kodansha Ltd.


July 1957
Published as a supplement to "Omoshiro Book" (Shueisha, Inc.)