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  • This is a series of short Manga centered on science fiction and suspense stories. There are no leading characters common to the respective episodes, and they are written under different themes and chronological settings.
    Tezuka Osamu's genius as a short-story teller able to shrewdly express his viewpoints is fully displayed in each story. Some examples are episodes such as "Flying Squirrel Musa" (Episode 9) which tells the life story of a strong-willed flying squirrel named Musa, and the middle-length "Hundred Stories" (Episodes 5 through 8) featuring a journey of creatures and men based on Goethe's "Faust."

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  • March 22, 1971 to February 19, 1973
    Independent episodes appeared serially in "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha, Inc.)

    In 1956, Tezuka Osamu released the "Lion Book" series, containing independent science fiction and suspense episodes, for Shueisha's Manga magazine, "Omoshiro Book."
    Over 10 years later in 1971, at the request of the editor in charge at the time, Tezuka Osamu accepted another offer for publication of a short-story series with the same title for "Weekly Shonen Jump" of Shueisha. This new "Lion Book" is the series he worked on at that time.
    During this period, the series was carried in the magazine once a month. A total of 24 episodes, surpassing even the old series in quality, were carried over a period of two years.
    Among other episodes, the "Hundred Stories" (based on Goethe's "Faust"), which was Tezuka Osamu's favorite, was serialized in 4 consecutive issues. It was well received, reflecting the writer's strong liking for and commitment to the story.


  • 1, ADACHI-GAHARA      March 22, 1971

    Young space investigator Yukei lands on a planet. A witch who lives there is luring the space ship to her and killing the crew. Yukei's task is to kill the old witch, as ordered by the government. But the old woman is, in fact, Yukei's ex-lover Annie who now looks totally changed. Many years ago, Yukei was banished to a planet for his involvement in anti-government activities. While he was frozen and sleeping some tens of years on his spaceship, the difference between his age and Annie's exploded.
    In the meantime, a revolution occurred on earth, and Yukei assumed the current job, working for the revolutionary government. But the old woman who used to be Annie tells him that the current government is not for the people either. Ironically, Annie, who waited so long to see her lover Yukei, is about to be killed by her lover.
    Guest Damokuresu / Rommel

    2, Mirage      April 26, 1971

    A student named Shinji visits his hometown fishery village to study his native place after a long while. It is a poor village where a mirage called "Shiranui" is observed. But the beach is now fully reclaimed and a large-scale development project is under way. The key person in the development project is Shinji's elder brother, who is now very influential in the area. The brothers are haunted by a girl with sorrowful-looking eyes. Her eyes are those of the sea birds lamenting over the destruction of the nature.
    Against the development, Shinji has a quarrel with his brother, and finally stabs him in the stomach, sending him to the hospital. Just then, a major tidal wave induced by a cave-in of reclaimed land strikes the village.

    3, Serenade of Pig's Navel      May 24, 1971

    When a good-for-nothing fellow called Hirata Gosuke is about to hang himself at the top of a building, a female scholar named Tomoegozen saves him.
    But Tomoegozen performs an operation on him: she implants an atomic bomb in his body and makes his navel into a switch for triggering a nuclear blast. Hirata Gosuke runs away with the pig that Tomoegozen is keeping. The government announces throughout the country on TV that Hirata Gosuke is an important person, and asks people not to arouse him. Hirata Gosuke has nothing to fear. If someone offends him even slightly, he has only to scare the person by saying that he would press his navel switch. And then, ...
    Guest Hirata Gosuke / Saboten Sam

    4, The Closed Classroom      June 21, 1971

    Hitoshi is a mysterious child. He used to get toys and snacks from somewhere ever since he was a little child. And when his elder brother Koichi or his parents scold him for doing that, a stone would come flying at them out of nowhere. The mysterious phenomena have become worse than ever since Hitoshi fell in love with Koichi's girl friend Miyuki. Stones come falling on the room; drawers open automatically; books float in the air, and so on. Scholars conclude that it is the work of poltergeists. They say that discomfort in Hitoshi's mind causes such mysterious phenomena. And then, ...
    Guest Kurama Tengu / Duke Red

    5 - 8, A Hundred Tales      July 26, 1971 - October 25, 1971

    This is a middle-length story composed of four chapters; Chapter 1 "Wandering," Chapter 2 "Osorezan," Chapter 3 "Gold," and Chapter 4 "Usurpation."
    The stories are set in the Momoyama through early Edo periods. Ichirui Hanri is an ordinary accountant servicing his master. Though innocent, he is ordered to commit hara-kiri after being entangled in the trouble of his master's house.
    Just then, a witch named Sudama appears. She concludes a contract with Ichirui Hanri so that she can obtain his soul in exchange for fulfilling three of his wishes.
    The first wish is to lead a satisfactory life; the second is to gain the most beautiful woman in the world; and the third is to become the provincial lord. Being reborn as a handsome man named Fuwa Usuto, Ichirui Hanri tries to get the beautiful woman named Tamamonomae. After serving in a small province, he discovers buried gold, and makes the province affluent. Then he finally takes over the province and becomes the provincial lord. But Sudama has captivated his soul by the time he is satisfied.

    9, Mosa, the Flying Squirrel      November 22, 1971

    A great number of birds and animals are living under a 1,200 year-old giant camphor tree. A baby flying squirrel named Mosa, who was discarded by his parents, is saved by the camphor tree, and grows up vigorously in the severe competition for survival.
    In the meantime, Mosa encounters a formidable enemy, a human being. It is a young man, who is aspiring to be a hunter. Fearless Mosa provokes the young man. But he gets injured and dies after fighting with Mosa. Now that the enemy is dead, all Mosa's strength is gone. In the meantime, the camphor tree is to be felled by men. Although Mosa has his family members leave the tree, he does not intend to move. He is determined to stay with the camphor tree. And then,...

    10, Collapse      December 27, 1971

    On the upper stream of the ancient Tigris (currently western Turkey), influential Lydia is under the command of a tyrannous commander Nichias, who successively invades neighboring minor powers. When the army attacks the unconquerable Castle Anon, Nichias takes a farmer's daughter near the castle named Hera as a slave. Driven into a corner, the Anon Army sets fire to farmers' houses to cut the food sourcing of the Nichias Army.
    Hera's father dies, and her younger brother Saran intensely hates both the enemy and his own side, and swears to the ancestors to take revenge. Then a giant tornado whirls into the country and carries in mice. The mice proliferate furiously, start marching, and indiscriminately eat up both the Nichias Army troops and the Anon Army troops.

    11, The Moon and Wolves      January 17, 1972

    The setting of the story is in the future about 50 years ahead form now. After being reduced to poverty, two loafers named Suzuki Katsudon and Dustin Hoffman steal a private rocket and drift into the universe. Then, they are rescued by an unknown spaceship.
    But the two are separately sent into a combat drill without any explanation.
    They are being trained as warriors to fight each other for the gambling entertainment of aliens. Trained to be warriors named "Moonwolf," the two are ordered to kill each other.

    12, Mother River      February 14, 1972

    Yoshihito's mother is leading a traveling company. Their play featuring chivalrous spirits, called "Murakumo Chogoro," is popular in the country. The story was actually written by Yoshihito's father, the deceased former leader. Yoshihito travels from Tokyo to the performance venue over the weekend and watches his mother play. Yoshihito adores the gangster that his mother plays on the stage, and begins to hang around with a delinquent group at school. Following the advice of a drama company member who becomes worried about Yoshihito, the mother decides to break up the company and live with her son in Tokyo. Just when she is making up her mind, Yoshihito is swallowed by a snow-fed flash flood at a tourist site. She helps him, but is wounded in the process, hospitalized, and loses consciousness. The members of the drama company run about, looking for a TV station that would broadcast their "Murakumo Chogoro" to let Yoshihito's mother watch it from her bed.
    Guest XYZ TV station staff / Higeoyaji

    13, Mansion OBA      March 20, 1972

    The forest at the edge of Musashino is developed into a new housing site for apartments. Ghosts and nymphs who are deprived of their homes disguise themselves as human beings and live in the apartments in order to take revenge on the humans.
    The ghosts come up with the idea of letting children who run away from their homes live in their apartments, raising them into very bad children, and letting them do evil in the world so as to give people trouble. A boy named Takashi, who runs away from home, surpasses their expectations by robbing money. But a flower nymph who gives her heart to Takashi is against it.

    14, Color of Full-blown Flower in Spring      April 17, 1972

    This is a follow-up to Episode 13 "Mansion OBA." Ghosts finally locate the ringleader of the forest destruction, Danmaru, the president of a land development company, and meet Takashi there again by accident. Takashi is also defrauded of his land in his hometown by Danmaru. Ghosts create fake bills worth 100 billion yen out of tree leaves, and try to buy back all the land they've lost in cooperation with Takashi. But the plan fails; they are cheated by Danmaru. This time, the ghosts torture Danmaru with their witchcraft. But making nothing of it, the Danmaru Family storms the apartments.
    The ghosts funnel all their energy to ward off the attack. Although Danmaru's land development company has left the area,...

    15 - 16, Mimigarasu (Original title: Mimigarasu --- Dendekoden)      May 15, 1972 - June 19, 1972

    Residents of Mansion OBA go on a picnic to a deserted old castle. There, the ghost of Satoimo Dengakunokami, the lord of the castle, is planning to reinstate the old castle.
    Takashi mischievously puts feathers on a crow he finds at the castle and makes them look like ears. The ghost of the lord of the castle soon publicizes it as a rare bird called "Mimigarasu," and makes it a big hit. The deserted castle soon becomes crowded with people as a sightseeing spot. But Takashi, who knows the trick of the crow, is locked up.
    Finding out about it, the ghosts of the apartments endeavor to rescue Takashi!

    17, Seven Men from Outer Space      July 17, 1972

    Sometime in the future, Mishima and Ushio are part of suicide squads of the Pan-Earth Protection Police Alliance, fighting against aliens. They have just attacked a spaceship that has landed in a desert, killed 200 aliens, and are holding 5 as prisoners.
    But by Mishima's mistake, the prison van is damaged, and the seven people have to walk to the headquarters across the desert without water or food.
    Despite Mishima's bitter treatment, some aliens slice their flesh to offer it to people as food and others offer water contained in their bodies. By doing so, they die one by one while traveling. Impressed by their willingness to serve others at the cost of their own lives, Mishima starts to realize that his hatred for the aliens is wrong.

    18, The March Covered with Mud      August 14, 1972

    19 - 21, Muse and Don      1972/09/18 - 1972/11/20

    Very strange things begin to happen as an ancient shrine is dismantled and moved during the construction of a massive dam along the Nile. A female leopard known as "Muse," the protector of the shrine, begins to kill off the workers at the site one after another with a mystical power she possesses, and people fear her as an unearthly demon.

    Nagano Tadasu, son of a Japanese involved in the construction project, is asked to conquer the muse together with his Egyptian hound, called "Don."

    Tadasu pursues Muse while all the while struggling to resist her power. He discovers something in the depths of the shrine ruins that cannot be of human origin, and the secret of the power of the muse is revealed. The muse is protecting not human remains, but the body of an alien from outer space...

    22, The Sweet Smell of Success      December 18, 1972

    In an age dominated by females, a man who has always been oppressed by his wife takes a drug that his sons develop. After that, the smell of the man's farts starts to mesmerize women. Women soon gather around him wherever he goes, each one trying to monopolize him. Eventually, even a female hijacker appears and demands that he be handed over. (Although this is nonsense gag story aimed at young people and featuring the leading character of Tenka Taihei (who appeared in "Rally Up Mankind!"), the work, in every respect, is not really suitable to a boy's magazine. Tezuka Osamu himself admitted that it was trash).
    Guest Oyaji / Tenka Taihei    Dr. Nandemo Kandemosu Wakaranusu / Notarian    Police officer of the police box / Acetylene Lamp

    23 The Distant Planet      January 22, 1973

    Akira Yamatoji is to develop Mars in the future. In order to weather the severe environment on Mars, his brain is transplanted into a robot, and his body is stored mounted with an electronic brain. But Akira's body flees to the earth. To recover it, Akira hurries back. The electronic brain that manipulates Akira's body is in love with the other electronic brain that was produced at a similar time, and it flees to the earth to look for its loved one. People stare at Akira, who apparently looks like a robot. Although he finally locates his body, ...

    24, The Strange School      February 19, 1973

    The story is set in the Edo period (1603 - 1867). Nakahama Kotaro comes to a private school named "Strange School" as a new teacher. On arriving there, he meets a strange teacher. Kotaro is then forced to take an examination as a teacher. After failing it, he has to study there as a student.
    There are no ordinary classes like reading, writing, or counting on the abacus. Students are either delinquent or idle loafers, but every one of them eagerly makes whatever they like. Students come to Strange School for its freedom. The teacher makes a hot-air balloon, and flies into the sky with students. When Kotaro sees it, he turns pale. In reality, Kotaro is a spy sent by the feudal government, tracking down people making mysterious weapons.