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The Phoenix
(Chapter of Egypt, Chapter of Greece, Chapter of Roma)


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  • This is a historical drama set in ancient Greek and Rome, centering on the symbol of eternal life, the Phoenix.
    Prince Club and the female slave Dia, who both gained 3,000 years of life by taking the lifeblood of the Phoenix, meet and part over and over again as different reincarnations in different places and times.
    Meanwhile, the rabbit Popo, the tortoise Noro, and the fox Yota take care of a baby Phoenix, and all gain perennial youth and immortality by also taking the lifeblood of a Phoenix.

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  • The Phoenix (Chapter of Egypt, Chapter of Greece, Chapter of Roma)
    May 1956 to December 1957
    Appeared serially in "Shojo Club" (Kodansha Ltd.)

    This is Part 2 of the story of "The Phoenix," which appeared serially in the magazine "Shojo Club" just one year after the unfinished "The Phoenix: Dawn" appeared in "Manga Shonen." The three chapters in "Shojo Club" are complete in themselves, and they have no connection in terms of content with the chapter "Dawn" in "Manga Shonen" or the subsequent stories in and after "COM."
    The setting of the story is ancient Europe. Geared toward young girls readers, it delicately depicts a love story in this spectacular historical setting.
    The rabbit Popo and the tortoise Noro, who appear in the Chapter of Dawn in "Manga Shonen," reappear with the same names. But the monkey Yota takes on a different form: he appears as a fox although he was a monkey in "Manga Shonen."
    The death and resurgence of the Phoenix is also depicted differently: in this work, the mother Phoenix burns herself to death after witnessing the growth of her child.


  • 1. Chapter of Egypt      May - October 1956

    In ancient Egypt, Prince Club and a beautiful female slave named Dia are given the lifeblood of Phoenix in a gesture of gratitude for saving the Phoenix's egg, which is about to be carried away by a flood. The Phoenix's egg hatches, and a baby Phoenix named Tyrol is born. The mother Phoenix is, however, destined to die soon after giving birth to her baby. The Phoenix lets the warmhearted rabbit Popo, the tortoise Noro and the fox Yota take her lifeblood, and before she dies asks them to take care of her baby. Meanwhile, after being enthroned as king, Club abolishes the slavery system, and marries Dia. Club is killed by his mother-in-law, however, and Dia also dies while mourning him.

    2. Chapter of Greece      November 1956 - July 1957

    Though it appears they have died, Club and Dia are actually alive. They have been washed away in a flood, and discovered by people in two enemy countries, Sparta and Troy, respectively. There, they wake up from a long sleep, and as fate would have it meet again in the palace of Sparta. Although they have lost their respective memories, they find they are attracted to each other. They think that they must have been brother and sister in a previous lifetime. Becoming envious of Dia, who is more beautiful than her own daughter Helena, the Empress of Sparta confines Dia to the dungeon of a temple. In retaliation, Prince Hector of Troy kidnaps Helena, which triggers a war between the two countries --- known as the "War of Troy". Club and Dia finally manage to meet again, but their happiness is only fleeting. This time, Dia is destined to pass away.

    3. Chapter of Roma      August - December 1957

    After 300 years after the War of Troy, Club and Dia are brought back to life again in Rome. When the Roman Empire takes over Greece, a warrior discovers the bodies of the two, who look as if they are only sleeping, and brings them back home with him. It isn't until 45 years later that they come back to life. In those days, Rome was controlled by the tyrant Neboketas. Club is captured and enslaved for his actions against Neboketas, as is Dia is for refusing Neboketas' attempts to court her. The only way they can survive is to come upon the legendary Phoenix.