This is a historical drama set in ancient Greek and Rome, centering on the symbol of eternal life, the Phoenix.
Prince Club and the female slave Dia, who both gained 3,000 years of life by taking the lifeblood of the Phoenix, meet and part over and over again as different reincarnations in different places and times.
Meanwhile, the rabbit Popo, the tortoise Noro, and the fox Yota take care of a baby Phoenix, and all gain perennial youth and immortality by also taking the lifeblood of a Phoenix.


Phoenix: Egypt,Greece,Rome
May 1956 to December 1957
Appeared serially in "Shojo Club" (Kodansha Ltd.)

This is Part 2 of the story of "The Phoenix," which appeared serially in the magazine "Shojo Club" just one year after the unfinished "The Phoenix: Dawn" appeared in "Manga Shonen." The three chapters in "Shojo Club" are complete in themselves, and they have no connection in terms of content with the chapter "Dawn" in "Manga Shonen" or the subsequent stories in and after "COM."
The setting of the story is ancient Europe. Geared toward young girls readers, it delicately depicts a love story in this spectacular historical setting.
The rabbit Popo and the tortoise Noro, who appear in the Chapter of Dawn in "Manga Shonen," reappear with the same names. But the monkey Yota takes on a different form: he appears as a fox although he was a monkey in "Manga Shonen."
The death and resurgence of the Phoenix is also depicted differently: in this work, the mother Phoenix burns herself to death after witnessing the growth of her child.