1 Power Up!
Open your eyes, the world’s greatest robot!” Dr. Ochanomizu’s voice echoes over a room of the Ministry of Science. Taking in energy from all over Metro City, finally, Astro Boy is born in a bright light. Everybody is watching to find out how superior the greatest robot in the world is but Astro is just like a newborn baby, Lampaging in all innocence and pestering the people around him. Then, something happens. Geoworm, which provides energy to the city, goes out of control. It terrorizes the people in the town by repeatedly releasing energy. If this continues, it could be disastrous. Then a small figure cuts across in front of Geoworm. It is Astro Boy. He lifts the large bulk of Geoworm with his little body. Cheers break out. But Astro catches Geoworm’s voice, “I’m so full. It hurts…” Geoworm has lost balance and taken in too much energy. Astro takes the excess energy from Geoworm into his own body. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Konaka Chiaki

2 Robot Ball
Robot ball is a game played by robots and Harley is a popular robot ball player, known for his fair play. But suddenly Harley and the members of Omega Knights, which is led by him, turn into vicious players, breaking all the rules. Actually, they are manipulated by Dr. Tenma whose purpose is to show spectators a dirty fight between robots. They play an awful game full of fouls. The spectators can’t look at them. Harley challenges Astro to a game. Shinichi, a fan of Harley who became friends with Astro when they met in the town, says, “Astro, play fair!” Against these players who repeatedly foul, Astro himself plays fair and finally achieves a victory. But the players keep Lampaging and attempt to inflict violence on the spectators. Locked in the arena, the spectators panic. Then Astro realizes that the players are being manipulated by the sunglasses they are wearing. As soon as Astro takes their sunglasses away, they return to their normal selves. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Konaka Chiaki

3 Destination Deimos
Dr. Ochanomizu heads to Deimos after hearing the news that mining robots on the planet Deimos suddenly started disobeying orders from humans and now act on their own. Astro is ordered to stay at home but he sneaks onto the spaceship going to Deimos. Deimos has fallen into chaos because the mining robots keep digging on their own accord. While rescuing endangered humans, Astro notices that the mining robots have been trying to rescue the humans as they dig. Astro thinks that the mining robots are not broken but that they are taking such action for a reason. Archer, the chief of security, assumes that the robots that rebelled against humans are broken and tries to destroy them. Astro desperately searches for an explanation for the revolt and detects a living thing resting deep in the ground. That explains the robot’s actions. The robots have been trying to save it. Astro rescues the trapped living thing from the ground. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Konaka Chiaki

4 Into Thin Air
Astro, who started going to school, makes friends with Kenichi, Tamao, and Shibugaki. By chance he also gets acquainted with Denko, a wonder robot who can make himself invisible. The five cultivate a friendship through playing with toy sailing boats. But Denko is actually a thief manipulated by villainous Skunk. When the four realize this, they try to prevent Denko from doing wrong. But Denko steals hidden treasure, the crown of Solomon, believing Skunk who told him, “If this succeeds, I will let you go to school.” Now he is wanted by police and Skunk tries to explode Denko to destroy the evidence. Having a bomb on him, Denko wanders with nowhere safe to go. Is he going to explode? Then the mark of their toy sail boat catches his eye. It has been set up at the clock tower by Astro and others to find Denko. Denko heads towards it and Astro sees him. Not much time is left before the bomb will explode. Astro soars high into the sky folding Denko in his arms. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

5 Rainbow Canyon
There is a farm in a place called Rainbow Canyon. This place of unstable weather is protected by an environmental control tower created by Dr. Torineko. Here, robots called Vegita are working hard at growing giant vegetables. Then a young man named Katari appears. Dr. Torineko’s daughter Mimi gradually comes to love him like an older brother but he is actually a robot-hater, coming here to discredit robots. He takes over the tower and moves the earth’s crust to cause earthquakes. Giant vegetables fall off from branches one after another and injure Dr. Torineko. Earthquakes eventually reach close to Rainbow Canyon and induce a dam to break. Katari says to people running away, “This is all the robots’ fault!” People begin to believe what he says. But Astro, who has come in response to Mimi’s calls for help, and Vegitas stay in Rainbow Canyon to protect the farm. They risk their lives to stop the bursting dam. By watching them, people realize Katari’s lies. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

6 Atlas
Mr. Tokugawa, the head of the Tokugawa conglomerate, asks Dr. Tenma to create a robot duplicating his dead son Daichi. He intends to make this robot succeed him in his position at work. But the robot, who was born with Daichi’s hatred for his father and humans, changes his name to Atlas and attacks humans. People are terrified of the appearance of this human-attacking robot. Astro tries to persuade Atlas not to attack humans, but to no avail. At the conference to choose the successor, robot Daichi identifies himself as Atlas and destroys the Tokugawa head-office building. What makes him do such a thing? Nobody knows what is going on inside of him. Eventually, Astro comes to take on Atlas. Astro has a tough time against the superior Atlas. Then Astro notices someone watching their battle. It is Dr. Tenma. While contending with Atlas, Astro’s memory of the past when he was Tobio returns. Then Astro shows astonishing power and brings down Atlas. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

7 Astro vs. Atlas
When Dr. Ochanomizu learns that Astro’s memory has returned, he reveals to Astro that he was created by Dr. Tenma to replace his son Tobio but was abandoned. Meanwhile, Atlas, who was defeated by Astro, is recreated by Dr. Tenma to be more powerful. Atlas heads to the moon to destroy a space port of the Tokugawa conglomerate. Astro also heads to the moon to prevent Atlas from running out of control. Tokugawa feels responsible for creating such a monster and also heads to the moon to dig the grave of Atlas. On the moon, Tokugawa confronts Atlas. Then Atlas’s eye catches the beautiful moon. His memory of his father who used to be affectionate and once said, “Let’s go to the moon together,” comes back. The truth is, Atlas is yearning for his father’s love. Then Atlas saves his father by sacrificing his own life. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

8 Neon Express
Dr. Kato places a bomb on the first-ever completely robotic train, Neon Express. The train has many passengers, but it will explode if it goes under 70 kilometers per hour. The energy plant, Geoworm, lies ahead, so this will lead to a disaster. Astro, who happens to be on the train, desperately searches for the bomb but even a state-of-the-art scanner can’t find it. The passengers, who hear about the bomb, go berserk in panic but Neon Express does everything possible to calm them. Their panic recedes and with Astro’s help they move to another train and get over the crisis. Neon Express murmurs, “Even though it is only for today, I am happy to know you, Astro” and chooses to sacrifice himself. But Astro does not give up until the last moment and finally finds the bomb hidden in the scanner. Astro flies out through a vent with the bomb and lets it explode high in the sky. The passengers and Neon Express are saved. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Murai Sadayuki

9 Franken
There is a valley deep in the mountains where broken robots are piled up. People posing as collection traders have illegally dumped these robots that were supposed to be recycled. One of these robots rises up. It installs various discarded parts into its body as if making up for missing parts. It looks just like Frankenstein. Shouting nonsensical phrases, it heads to the town. It gets attacked by police and robot forces but sneaks away underground. It is heading to Taku who attends the same school as Astro. It used to be his robot, so it wanders, searching and calling for Taku whom it loves. Meanwhile, Taku is trying to locate robot Al whom he supposed was taken by a collection trader. When he sees the robot, he does not recognize that it is Al because it has utterly changed. He runs off and jumps in front of a car. Al gives his life to save Take. Then, for the first time, Taku realizes it is Al. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Murai Sadayuki

10 The Venus Robots
A mysterious object is plucked from the sea. Dr. Ochanomizu examines it and finds that it is a Venus Robot that was not used and dumped at the bottom of the sea 20 years ago. Astro learns that the Venus Robots, which forgot why they were made, built a town underwater and since then have been waiting to receive orders from their captain. There is, however, another person who knows about the Venus Robots. It is Dr. Tenma. He identifies himself as the captain to manipulate the Venus Robots and tries to freeze Metro City by using their freezing functions. At Tenma’s suggestion the Venus Robots make for Metro City, believing it is for the best. Astro and Dr. Ochanomizu try to stop them saying, “He is deceiving you!” But finally a freezing device of one robot is turned on. People are at risk. Astro attempts to save people selflessly. When seeing Astro, some feelings grow inside the Venus Robots. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

11 Robot Circus
While visiting the town of Bellanotte, Astro and Dr. Ochanomizu go to see a robot circus. Astro notices one of the robots is actually a human boy. That boy, Rino, is an abandoned child brought up by robots. Rino says, “If this is found out, I will be separated from the robots,” so Astro promises that he won’t tell anyone. But Gustav, a powerful local figure who sees robots as his enemy, learns Rino’s secret and makes up a story that the circus robots stole the child. He hopes this will lead to the robots being dismantled. The circus master leaves Rino, who has a talent for robotics, to Dr. Ochanomizu and the circus robots attempt to flee from the town with Astro’s help. However, they are hunted down in the end. The robots wish to put on a final circus show before being dismantled. Their splendid performance fascinates the audience and police. Even Mayor Coward, who is under the thumb of Gustav, is touched. He brings Gustav’s wrongdoings to light and announces that the town accepts these circus robots. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

12 Reviving Jumbo
There is a clapped out utterly forgotten robot named Jumbo in the corner of Marine Park. It has been there ever since Astro’s teacher, Midori, was a child. She has always liked Jumbo. One day, Jumbo restarts after being remodeled by a gangster organization. Their purpose is to help Skunk break out of prison. A system called Guardian Pulse is installed at the prison to prevent escapes using machinery but the gangsters assume this will not affect old robot Jumbo. Astro and the police try to stop raging Jumbo taking Skunk out from the prison but their efforts are blocked by Guardian Pulse. Midori, however, quick-wittedly cancels Guardian Pulse and they manage to stop Skunk from escaping. But Jumbo, remodeled into a violent robot, now heads to the town. Midori and Astro speak to Jumbo to bring gentle Jumbo back. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Konuta Kenji

13 Little Sister, Big Trouble
Dr. Ochanomizu creates Uran, the second robot after Astro with a “heart,” as Astro’s sister. Astro is delighted to have a sister. Uran, who has the ability to read animals’ minds, notices the presence of a spooky pterosaur flying in the night sky that birds have told her about. But Astro does not take it seriously saying, “You dreamt of it.” Uran has no choice but to go looking for the pterosaur by herself. She finds out that the pterosaur was created by paleontologist Dr. Poppotore who was tricked by anti-robot activist Katari. Uran tries to run away with captured Dr. Poppotore but Katari catches and confines her to the inside of the pterosaur robot. What Katari is trying to do is to spread fear of robots using the pterosaur robot and to stimulate the anti-robot movement. Astro tries to stop the pterosaur robot but can’t attack freely knowing that Uran is inside and is thus in a dangerous situation. But with advice from Dr. Poppotore, who got away by himself, Astro gets inside the pterosaur robot, rescues Uran, and destroys the pterosaur robot. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

14 Micro Adventure
A micro-robot invades Uran’s body. To get rid of the micro-robot, Astro creates a miniature version of himself to enter Uran’s body in an exploratory tank created by Dr. Minimini. But mini-Astro can’t quite attack the micro-robot because he doesn’t want to damage Uran’s body. Meanwhile, the micro-robot begins to attack Uran’s memory. One after another, Uran’s memories are destroyed. If this goes on, her memories of Astro being her brother will be erased. What is even worse is that not only Uran’s but also Astro’s electronic brain will be destroyed. Then, Minimini attempts to take away the real Astro’s unconscious body. The truth is that everything has been set up by Minimini. He has disguised himself as a scholar but is actually a weapons broker, plotting to steal Astro’s body, without an artificial brain, and use it to produce weapons. When mini-Astro learns this, he rallies his last bit of strength and beats the micro-robot. Getting out of Uran’s body, he reverts back to his normal self and catches Minimini. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Konaka Chiaki

15 Only a Machine
Organics is a group opposed to artificial-intelligence robots. Kane, the leader, begins to take artificial intelligence out of robots using Sakabot, an intelligence-depriving robot that Skunk gave him. Robots lose the intelligence to make decisions and become mere machines that only repeat a basic program and create chaos in the town. Kane is satisfied with this situation saying, “Now humans must believe that robots are dangerous.” But it is actually Skunk’s scheme to make money. Astro contributes to resolving the chaos occurring around the town. But Sakabot gradually goes out of control and eventually takes the intelligence of Kane’s daughter Teffe and even that of villain Skunk. Astro purposely lets Sakabot deprive him of his own intelligence in order to gain access to the robot and restore the intelligence of the others. Astro speaks to Sakabot but the robot without intelligence is unresponsive. Astro allows Sakabot to have some of his intelligence, and then Sakabot finally releases all the intelligence that he has taken. Watching this, Kane regrets what he did. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Pamela Hickey, Dennys McCoy

16 Robot Hunters
A series of incidents occur where robots are abducted by other robots. Astro and SWAT of robots, which has been formed to deal with robot-related crimes, head to an artificial island, pursuing the case. There is a huge underground robot-dismantling plant. Skunk has manipulated a group of robots called the Robot Hunters to abduct and convert robots into weapons for sale. Astro and SWAT sneak into the underground plant. Actually, Skunk has plotted all this to kill Astro. With SWAT and the Robot Hunters, Astro is trapped underground sheltered with a high-voltage electromagnetic shield. Then seawater bursts in. If immersed in the electrically charged seawater, the robots, including Astro, will get electrocuted. Astro tries to persuade the Robot Hunters to cooperate with him, saying, “You are free now. Decide on your own what you should do.” Upon hearing this, the Robot Hunters, which are supposed to be the enemy, help Astro and SWAT to rescue the robots. They join forces and manage to overcome danger and succeed in helping all the other robots to escape. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

17 The Rise of Pluto
Pluto is a robot made to fight. His purpose is to become the world’s strongest robot. For this, he challenges strong robots to a fight and defeats them. His ultimate goal is to defeat Astro. But all this is plotted by Dr. Tenma to test Astro’s ability. Astro, who does not want to fight, asks Pluto, “We are both robots. Why should we fight each other?” Pluto, who is programmed only to fight, does not understand Astro but this plunges Pluto into doubt about his fighting. Pluto goes to see Astro but on his way he encounters Uran in the forest. Uran’s song generates something inside of Pluto. Uran first fears Pluto but gradually realizes that deep inside he is gentle. But Astro incorrectly thinks that Pluto has hurt Uran, so they end up fighting each other. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

18 The Fall of Acheron
Uran is hurt in trying to stop the fight between Astro and Pluto. Astro, holding Uran, is vulnerable. But Pluto does not attack Astro and goes away. Some feelings growing inside Pluto make him hesitate to finish Astro off. Still, Pluto continues fighting because he has a mission to execute. Dr. Tenma abducts Dr. Ochanomizu to lure Astro who wants to avoid a fight. At Brocken volcano, the fight of the century between Astro and Pluto finally begins. Pluto should have more power than Astro but cannot bring an end to the fight. The feelings that have arisen in him have weakened his power. A mystery man called Shadow, who created Pluto, brings in a mindless robot called Acheron in the end. Acheron gets Astro cornered. To save Astro, Pluto falls into the volcano taking Acheron with him. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

19 Robot Boy
Astro’s new friend Tatsuo loves robots. He disguises himself and fantasizes about being a robot, and creates robots from junk. His mother Erika, an excellent test pilot, is not amused by her son’s behavior. She tells Tatsuo that dreams and fantasies are good for nothing. It is the day of Erika’s last flight. The dangerous job of being a test pilot will be performed by robots after today. But the rocket partly explodes at its launch. The explosion destroys the facilities and leads to disaster. Astro rescues trapped people. Erika is still in the rocket. Tatsuo heads to the rocket by himself to save his mother. Erika is in a daze and recalls her old self. When she was young, she also dreamed and fantasized like Tatsuo. She recalls how wonderful it is to dream. A building at the brink of collapse is about to fall onto Erika and Tatsuo but Astro just manages to rescue them. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Shino Hiroyuki

20 Eternal Children
Since watching a puppet show, Astro has identified himself with Peter Pan who never grows up. Then one day, an incident happens where children go missing, including Astro’s friends such as Tamao. Astro goes to find his friends together with Tommy, a boy in a wheelchair, who is also searching for his friends. Their destination is Never-Never Land. The missing children have all watched the puppet show Peter Pan, so the two are convinced that their friends have been taken to Never-Never Land just like in the story. Astro hears Tamao’s cry for help from an airship that appears. It is the Never-Never Land that Darling, who hates adults and tries to make eternal children, has created. It is exactly like wonderland. Children under mind control are about to be exposed to a ray that stops them from growing. “No, don’t let your selves be exposed to it! Otherwise you will stop growing!” Astro and Tommy join forces and stop the machine. Darling realizes his stupidity when he hears children, freed from the mind control, talk about their hopes for the future. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Kobayashi Hirotoshi

21 Dragon Lake
Astro and Yuko visit Dragon Lake, a legendary lake where a dragon is thought to live, to research environmental destruction. When going to do some research with Sarah, a forestry agent, Yuko finds evidence of illegal dumping. In fact, Sarah has often engaged in illegal dumping to make money. Yuko is caught by Sarah and her fellow conspirators because of what she has found out. Meanwhile, Astro, who goes to investigate the lake, meets and becomes friends with Numata, a young man who pursues the dragon in line with the wishes of his missing father. They go in search of the dragon but instead encounter Sarah, who has come to deal with them. A huge robot controlled by Sarah attacks them but Astro can’t act because Yuko is held hostage. Then a gigantic dragon emerges from the lake. It is a submarine made by Numata’s father. Sarah and her fellow conspirators try to run away but are caught in a net set by Numata. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

22 The Legend of Tohron
Kara, a princess of Mayura, bursts in on Astro and his friends. Rino has brought her there after helping her to run away from Gedo, who attempted to deprive her of the Tohron Seal in order to take over the Kingdom of Mayura. When Astro and his friends find out that she can’t walk freely around the town because of the fact that she is a princess, they disguise her and show her around the town. Even though it is only for a limited time, Kara is free from the constraints of being a princess for a while and appears animated and happy. Rino stares at her in fascination. They have a wonderful time together. But eventually Gedo finds her and, while trying to protect the seal, Rino is captured by Gedo. Although it is almost time for her to leave, Kara resists the requests of everyone to return home and goes with Astro to rescue Rino. Kara, Astro, and his friends free Rino with their amazing teamwork. Kara promises to meet them again some day and leaves on an airplane taking fond memories with her. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

23 Lost in Outland
Outdated artificial satellite Ashura has failed to attain orbit and starts to fall towards the Earth. Astro succeeds in preventing disaster but he is injured while dealing with Ashura, loses his memory, and ends up in a reclusive commune outside of Maple Town. Meanwhile, in outer space, the huge artificial satellite Ganymete, which is even bigger than Ashura, slowly alters its trajectory and heads towards the gravitational sphere of the Earth. After he lost his memory, Astro was saved by a man named Boon who was once famous for developing the versatile repairing machine the Boon Unit. Astro starts living with Boon in the commune without recovering his memory. In the past, Boon was considered a cheat by the public and arrested for fraud when Boon Units started to break down. However, they only started to break down because of a scheme by a company that feared that their own new products would not be sold because of the Boon Units that can repair almost anything. Boon had escaped from prison but has lost his spirit. But when Astro finds something gleaming in a heap of useless junk, it triggers Boon to remember his past. Meanwhile, artificial satellite Ganymete continues to approach the Earth. The moment that Ganymete penetrates the atmosphere, rays of light are produced, which cause Astro to freeze and again lose his memory. Dr. Ochanomizu desperately searches for Astro. Can he find Astro? Can Astro regain his memory? As Ganymete approaches the Earth, Boon regains the spirit that he had when he developed the Boon Unit and decides to fix Astro. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Kobayashi Hirotoshi

24 The March of the Micro Bears
Kenichi’s soccer team wins the championship thanks to his goal. As the audience goes wild, only Astro has a glum look on his face because he knows that the goal should not have been allowed. Kenichi could not bring himself to confess to the foul that he had accidentally committed when scoring the goal. When Astro points this out, Kenichi mistakenly thinks that Astro is condemning him. Then Bear-chan, a teddy bear robot, appears before Kenichi. Bear-chan comforts and soothes Kenichi. Kenichi is gradually affected by his kind words. In fact, all over the town, a large number of Bear-chans are falling from the sky and engaging people’s hearts and minds by saying “I’m your only friend.” Eventually, people start to withdraw from the world with Bear-chan as their only friend. In fact, these people have been placed under mind control through electric waves radiating from the Bear-chans. When Astro realizes this, he visits Kenichi, who had started to miss school, and tries to pull Bear-chan away from him. Then a huge monstrous Bear-chan emerges. Watching Astro fight against the huge Bear-chan for his benefit, Kenichi feels something coming back into his heart. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

25 Deep City
Astro and Dr. Ochanomizu attend the inauguration of Deep City, which is a perfect city built underground to ensure environmental sustainability on the ground. But Dr. Sebastian, the planner of Deep City, notices that the environmental system that is essential to the city is a fake. If they start operating the city in its present state, the pollution created underground may even spread across the globe. Mayor Manny built the city to boost his own reputation but begrudged the money spent on its environmental restoration system. Dr. Sebastian is held captive because he found this out. But he sprays Chemical A, a plant growth formula, to stop the city from functioning and becoming a threat to the Earth. Trees start to grow abnormally and become like monsters attacking the city. Astro helps people to escape. The trees continue to Lampage. There is no way to stop them. Then Astro picks up images sent from an old tree standing in the center of Deep City. The images contain hidden clues about how to stop the trees from growing. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Kobayashi Hirotoshi

26 The Blue Knight
Astro falls for a trick by Katari, who wants to eliminate robots. He frames Astro by making it seem that he set up a wormhole projector to transport airship Minerva. The wormhole projector is an unfinished transporting device. Once it is activated, Minerva is warped into a faraway universe. This happens when there are many people inside, including Dr. Ochanomizu. Katari’s purpose is to promote the anti-robot movement by blaming robots for the distress of Minerva. Astro wants to rescue Dr. Ochanomizu and the other passengers but he is detained and kept without energy because the authorities believe that he is to blame. Then Blue Knight, who is always on the side of the robots, appears. He has come to save Minerva together with Astro to retrieve his fellow robot’s honor. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

27 Old Dog, New Tricks
While looking for a lost kitten, Higeoyaji, a private detective, meets a boy called Sharaku in town, who asks him to help to find his missing mother. The only clue is a mysterious sphere received from his mother. While pursuing the investigation, Higeoyaji finds out that Skunk kidnapped Sharaku’s mother. Meanwhile, Skunk repeatedly steals treasure from a locked room, despite having given advanced notice that he will attempt this. Astro, who is asked to join the investigation of Skunk’s crimes, meets Higeoyaji, who is pursuing Skunk, during the course of the investigation. Somehow Astro ends up assisting him. Although Higeoyaji, who hates robots, and robot Astro make an odd couple, they gradually reveal the truth after a long investigative process of trial and error. The locked-room crimes were committed using Gadem, a special magnetic robot that can be freely assembled. It was actually Sharaku’s mother who discovered how Gadem worked. Astro and Higeoyaji confront the magnetic robot Gadem, which is controlled by Skunk, in order to catch Skunk and rescue Sharaku’s mother. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

28 Hydra-Jacked
Hydra, a power station in outer space operated only by robots, constantly produces high-quality energy thanks to the skill of the robots and sophisticated technology. President Gazette of Gazette Technology Development visits the power station and manipulates its computer to steal the technology by hacking into it. However, this causes unexpected problems. The computer goes out of control and machines start to explode all over the place. Gazette is frightened and activates the emergency destruct system, in order to put the blame on the robots, and then flees the power station. The robots are trapped in the power station, which will explode in ten minutes. Upon hearing the news, Dr. Ochanomizu requests that rescue teams are sent but is refused and told “Not for robots.” However, at the power station, the robots wait for the arrival of rescue teams. So Astro heads to the power station alone to rescue the robots. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

29 The Case of the Phantom Fowl
Uran is not amused by always being compared with her brother Astro. Then, Uran hears a rumor about a birdlike phantom that appears in a tunnel night after night. Her pride leads her to say that she can get rid of this phantom. She goes to find the phantom but meets Higeoyaji, who is looking for a lost duckling. The two hit it off well and go to exterminate the phantom together. Not surprisingly, the scary phantom emerges before them. Meanwhile, Astro, who is working on a case concerning the illegal dumping of robots, learns the terrifying fact that toxic substances dumped in another dimension will lead to time-space disruption. If this were to happen, the world would be in danger. Meanwhile, Uran and Higeoyaji beat a hasty retreat in the face of the phantom but then Uran hears the phantom’s voice. The phantom says, “The world will be destroyed! Help!” So, in fact, the two different incidents are closely connected with each other. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

30 Geo-Raider
The decision is made to undertake an expedition to a massive underground hollow on the Geo-Raider, an underground expedition vehicle. However, bugs are found in the main computer so it is hastily decided that Astro should go along as backup. Damon, the chief of the expedition, doesn’t like this. He says decisively, “I will listen to what Astro says but I’m the one who will make the decisions.” He is hostile to Astro because he is a robot. Damon drills through dangerous rocks against Astro’s advice. After surviving some crises they finally reach the massive hollow. It is another world where strange creatures live. When Extra Crystals, which are very precious resources, are spotted, Alcard, the sponsor, shows his true colors and draws a gun and points it at the others. In fact, the chance of finding such crystals was always why he wanted the expedition. But Extra Crystals are living things. They assume a battle formation and surround the members of the expedition. At the same time, a giant insect-like monster attacks them. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Kobayashi Hirotoshi

31 Gideon
The Cameron Channel is a mysterious channel where many ships have disappeared since ancient times. According to legend, the White Monster lives there. Gideon, the first deep-sea search robot that Rino developed, travels into the depths of the sea with Astro to unlock the mystery of the missing ships. But cowardly Gideon gets scared easily and runs away. In fact, Rino made Gideon that way on purpose to make it easier to sense the dangers of the sea. “I’m such a coward” says Gideon, who feels depressed. Astro and Rino, however, believe that Gideon will overcome his fear. They find many sunken ships deep in the sea. Dr. Poppotore, who has led the party, goes hunting for treasures that are said to be hidden there. Then, Gideon detects something, a sign that something enormous is coming from the seabed. It is the White Monster. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

32 Secret of the Blue Knight
A show called Robot Crush, in which robots are pitted against each other, is secretly held in outer space for human audiences. Blue Knight visits a black market where robots are sold for the show. He meets Ham Egg, the organizer of Robot Crush, and this meeting brings back old memories. He believed that he was made by Shadow but, in fact, he used to be a repair robot working in Robot Crush. Robots were crushed when fighting and repaired. However, they would then be crushed again while fighting and eventually dumped. Blue Knight had seen all this. He resisted Ham Egg’s unjust treatment of robots and attempted to liberate the robots. But he was dumped in space and then Shadow picked him up and regenerated him. Blue Knight heads to the black market again. Astro also heads there to catch Ham Egg. Three robots appear instead. The robots challenge Astro and Blue Knight to a fight, which has actually been set up by Ham Egg as part of Robot Crush. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

33 Fairy Tale
It is Nina’s birthday. Although she is buried in a mountain of gifts, she throws the gifts against the wall. She doesn’t want gifts but rather wants her father to be there for her. To comfort her, talking robot Friday goes hunting for fairies that Nina said that she wanted to see. Friday meets Astro and his friends who end up helping Friday hunt for the fairies. Meanwhile, Nina’s father gets Dr. Minimini to make a special machine to fulfill Nina’s wish to see fairies. It is a device called Fanta Maker, which can amplify and project images of what is in one’s mind. But once the device is completed, Dr. Minimini uses it to create monsters and commit robberies. Astro goes to a bank to stop Dr. Minimini but he is surrounded by a huge robot that Dr. Minimini created and monsters and fairies that pour out from the Fanta Maker. In the confusion, Nina is exposed to danger. Then her father rushes over. Images that his mind generated are … STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Kobayashi Hirotoshi

34 hape Shifter
A series of Lunalights, mysterious powerful stones from a distant universe, are stolen. Animals such as a snake and a wolf are witnessed at the crime scenes. Astro tries to solve the case but is shot by someone while chasing a suspect. Astro is badly injured but is saved by a beautiful woman named Tamami. However, she is actually a creature from outer space called the Moopie that can transform itself at will. It was Tamami that stole the Lunalights. She is being manipulated by the criminal genius Rock who has supernatural powers. In order to save her benefactor Dr. Saruta, she has no choice but to do as she is told. Rock wants the Lunalights to lure a mysterious flying object that enables humans to evolve into superhumans. He himself wants to become a superhuman. However, this requires a level of inner strength that is sufficient to accept a huge amount of energy. Rock conspires to have Astro take on this task and compels him to cooperate by holding Tamami as a hostage. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Murai Sadayuki

35 Firebird
Rock has wandered throughout time and space but, after being saved by the Firebird, he goes back to the Earth. The Firebird watches how Rock uses his power. When Rock goes back to Phoenix Island where there are many ancient monuments, he uses his supernatural powers to manipulate Dr. Lyon, a local scholar, to bring Astro and Dr. Ochanomizu to the island under the pretence of wanting them to help with research. Without realizing this, they come to the island and conduct research of the ruins with Prof. Atami. Suddenly, Prof. Atami locks Dr. Ochanomizu in an ancient prison. Prof. Atami is in fact Rock in disguise. Again, Rock tries to use Astro to become a superhuman. In order to save Dr. Ochanomizu, Astro has no choice but to do as he is told and help Rock. Finally, the door that can be used to become a superhuman appears before Rock. He wants superhuman power to dominate the world. If he does, the world will be in big trouble! Rock touches the door, and then … STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Murai Sadayuki

36 Space Academy
To design a space rocket, Horus II, Astro goes to Space Camp, a school for students aspiring to go into space development. There he meets a student named Roxanne. When this happens, his body temperature and voice rise, just like a human who is in love. It seems that Astro has fallen in love with Roxanne. Unaware of this, Astro’s roommate Anton, who is also in love with Roxanne, asks Astro for help. Astro agrees to Anton’s wishes, and writes a letter to Roxanne on his behalf. It expresses love in a way that describes exactly what Astro is feeling for her. Roxanne is touched by the letter and shows an interest in Anton. Then she is chosen to become a crew member of Horus II. Anton takes her onto Horus II to celebrate the occasion. Suddenly, Horus II starts moving and it is set on a collision course with the moon. Astro finds out and quickly chases after them. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Kobayashi Hirotoshi

37 Atlas Strikes Back!
The wreckage of Atlas, which has been drifting in outer space, is collected by a dishonest trader and falls into the hands of Dr. Pavlos, the former deputy chief of the Ministry of Science. Dr. Pavlos turns Atlas into a violent robot by implanting an omegachip, which can be used to control robots, into Atlas’ head. The only way to stop Atlas from committing much violence is to destroy him. Dr. Pavlos’ goal is to implant omegachips into all robots to subjugate them. Of course Astro is no exception. Atlas attacks Astro. Astro fights back but is soon tired. At this rate, they will soon be able to implant an omegachip into Astro’s brain. However, Astro keeps resisting as Atlas launches further attacks on Dr. Pavlos’ command. Astro is driven to the edge, but then, suddenly, Atlas regains his senses. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

38 Battle-Bot
Emily and her parents are a robot family that was made to test human life in a space environment. They live a happy life and love each other just like a real family. However, their residential dome is attacked by the Space Raiders. The Space Raiders, with an anti-robot activist as their leader, intend to take the artificial brains of the robots and have them work as mere manual laborers. The parents, who try to protect Emily, are captured by the Space Raiders. To get her parents back, Emily asks Blue Knight to convert her into a fighting robot. Against Astro’s advice, she insists and finally becomes a fighting robot. Then, Emily and Astro confront the Space Raiders. Can they get her parents back? What will happen to Emily now that she has been converted into a fighting robot? STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Marc Handler

39 Time Hunters
Hunters from the future are collecting high quality specimens of animals to produce stronger creatures by genetic manipulation. After collecting cheetahs, which are in danger of extinction, they travel ten thousand years into the past to collect mammoths. Astro and Uran get caught up with them and also time-travel back to ten thousand years ago. They see the ancient landscape before them. Uran, who arrived slightly before Astro, gets into a dangerous situation and is surrounded by hyenas. Then someone comes and rescues her. It is a primitive boy from this unknown world, who doesn’t speak the same language as Uran and Astro. But gradually Astro and Uran become close to the boy. The three develop a friendship that crosses the millennia. Meanwhile, the hunters continue mammoth hunting, taking along fellow monsters, Cyclops and Web. When Astro hears a cry from a baby mammoth, he decides to go and rescue the mammoths. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Marc Handler

40 Escape from Volcano Island
The event of “The Best Robot of the Year Award” is held on the luxury liner Queen Cosmos. Astro, who has been nominated, is enjoying the cruise together with Dr. Ochanomizu. But there is a person who wants to ruin the event. It is the robot-hater Lamp. He attempts to cause a volcano to erupt and sink Queen Cosmos. He hates robots relentlessly, but there is one robot that has always remained in his mind. It is Friend, who saved his life a long time ago. Without knowing of Lamp’s plot, Queen Cosmos heads to Volcano Island. In fact, the island is a place where Lamp and Friend spent time together. When the ship approaches the island, the volcano starts to erupt. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

41 Avalanche
A giant monster is seen at the Snowfield in the Sky of Mont Herve. Dr. Ochanomizu says to Astro, who will join a search party looking for the monster, that, “It’s not a monster. It’s a robot that disappeared twelve years ago at the Snowfield in the Sky.” Twelve years ago, the Chronos Project, a space observation experiment using a giant plasma wave telescope called Merchiades, was carried out at the Snowfield. But everything was buried in snow in a mysterious accident, supposedly an avalanche. So the giant monster could be the robot that went missing at the time. The robot had a close connection with Yuko, Dr. Ochanomizu’s secretary. Yuko asks to be allowed to take part in the search. Astro and Yuko join the search party and finally find the missing robot. Yuko calls out his name, “Galliver!” but he has lost his memory. What happened twelve years ago? Will the mystery be solved? STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

42 Battle of Steel Island
Blue Knight keeps attacking humans to save robots that are treated unfairly by humans. Astro is worried that Blue Knight will destroy the relationship between humans and robots. Then, Astro learns that Lamp and his anti-robot group are heading for Steel Island, an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean, to wipe out Blue Knight and the robots he has saved. Dr. Tenma has instigated the anti-robot group and has given them powerful weapons he has made. When Astro arrives at the island, a battle has already started and the island has fallen into a disastrous situation. Lamp persists in exterminating robots. Now Blue Knight even tries to kill the hateful humans. Torn between humans and robots, Astro tries to save both. Lamp plants bombs to annihilate the robots and has his hand on the firing button. If Lamp is not stopped, all the robots will be destroyed. Kill Lamp or let the robots be destroyed? What will Astro do? STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

43 Undercover
Klaus, a humanoid robot designed for undercover operation, removes his transmitter and runs away. But when a transmitter is removed, a robot will be automatically infected with a virus and become nonfunctional. Astro and Delta go after Klaus, taking a virus vaccine that will help him. The two learn that Klaus was going to be renewed after erasing his memory. From living as a human being, human feelings have arisen in Klaus and he has dreamed of being a human. Where does he want to go before losing his memory? Astro learns there is a song Klaus loves dearly. Klaus has run away to hear that song. The vaccine will be ineffective if Klaus is not found soon. But Cutter, who holds a grudge against Klaus, pursues Astro to stop him. Will Astro make it in time? What will happen to Klaus? STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

44 Into the Dragon’s Lair
Astro and his friends visit the Kingdom of Mayura at the invitation of Princess Kara. It is a beautiful country, richly endowed with nature. They celebrate their reunion with Princess Kara and have a good time at Mayura. But Princess Kara seems out of sorts. When asked why, she replies, “In fact, robots have hardly spoken to humans for the last month or so.” Robots started living there one year ago. Kara as well as other humans have treated the robots like their friends with respect. Kara is worried that living in Mayura is not suitable for them. Then Astro hears a rumor about a dragon seen in Tohron Forest. Astro thinks it may be linked to the robots’ behavior. So Astro and his friends go to Tohron Forest to get to the bottom of the matter. There they spot a giant dragon. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

45 The Night Before the Revolution
Ena, a human girl, loves gentle Kipp, a GP IV robot. But her father Red, who doesn’t like his daughter getting friendly with a robot, decides to get rid of Kipp. When Ena finds out about it, she accidentally falls down the stairs as she runs to protest to her father. The butler, who witnesses this, mistakenly thinks that Kipp pushed her down the stairs and tells everyone this. The news spreads rapidly that the robot found out it would be driven out of the house so it pushed the daughter down the stairs out of revenge, and is a menace to humans. Can Astro save his fellow robot? STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Ota Ai

46 Robotania
Blue Knight, who has broken with humans, rallies his robot followers on the Antarctic continent. There Blue Knight declares the foundation of a new country saying, “We will call this place Robotania.” When humans find out about this, they mistakenly assume that the robots have rebelled against humans and they even become afraid of Astro. Finally, it is decided that all AI robots including Astro are to be dismantled. Dr. Ochanomizu, who opposes the decision, ends up being considered an enemy of humans. What does the future hold for humans and robots? STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

47 Showdown at Robotania
Forces led by General Red, with Ulysses among their number, head for Robotania to subdue the robots. Ena and Rino follow them. Ena wants to tell her father, General Red, the truth - that Kipp did not hurt her - and to stop the offensive. Meanwhile, Astro goes to Robotania to stop the fighting but falls into a crevasse, running out of energy, and gets hurt. Surprisingly, the one who saves him is Dr. Tenma. He orders Astro, “Break away from humans and become the king of robots” and tries to give him a new body, but Astro blasts off, resisting him. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

48 Journey to Tomorrow
Although the extinction of Robotania is avoided thanks to Astro and Blue Knight, the hatred generated between humans and robots escalates. Ena finally makes it to General Red and tells him that the incident which caused the fight was a misunderstanding. But this does not dispel the hatred that has resulted from this conflict. Then, Astro goes to Blue Knight to stop the fight. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi

49 Astro Reborn
Astro’s desperate desire heals the relationship between humans and robots. But Astro, who has been hurt after destroying a missile to save the robots, does not regain consciousness. Will he ever come back to life again? Dr. Ochanomizu frantically keeps working to fix him. Everyone in the world, all humans and robots, earnestly hope for Astro’s recovery. Then, an unlikely person comes to see Dr. Ochanomizu. It is Dr. Tenma. He says, “I’m the only one who can fix Astro.” Dr. Ochanomizu places his last hope for Astro’s resurrection on Dr. Tenma. STAFF Director:Konaka Kazuya Script:Hasagawa Keiichi