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Black Jack Karte6 6th Episode: Tale of a Snowy Night: Lovelorn Princess


  • This original video animation series were produced based on the Manga of the same title, but only the same settings were employed. Though inspired by the original Manga, each episode is a completely new story. Characters newly designed by Sugino Akio were used in place of Tezuka Osamu's drawings.

    Karte: 6   Tale of a Snowy Night: the Lovelorn Princess

    The story is inspired by "A Passed Moment." In the original, Black Jack finds on a taxi driver's back a scar from an operation that indicates that the surgeon is more skillful than even Black Jack himself. In this animated version, however, Black Jack discovers an artistic scar from an operation on a young Englishman's body. Every night, the young man has a dream in which the same woman gets killed. What is the meaning of the dream? How are the scar and the dream related? And who is it who possesses surgical skills that surpass even those of Black Jack?





  • Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Director: Dezaki Osamu
    Picture Director: Sugino Akio
    Screenplay: Dezaki Osamu, Koide Katsuhiko
    Rendition: Yoshimura Fumihiro
    Music: Kawamura Eiji
    Medical Supervision: Nagai Akira
    Planning: Matsuya Takamasa, Shimizu Yoshihiro
    Character Design: Sugino Akio
    Art Director: Saito Masami
    Editing: Morita Seiji (Morita Editorial Office)
    Shooting Director: Takahasi Hirokata, Noguchi Hajime
    Sound Director: Yamada Tomoaki
    Producer: Kubota Minoru, Udagawa Sumio
    Music Director: Suzuki Seiji
    Music Producer: Kumata Kazuo

    "Moon Shadow"
    Lyrics and song by Miyahara Manabu
    Arranged by THE ORANGE VOX
    Performed by THE ORANGE VOX

    "Black Jack"
    Lyrics and music by Miyahara Manabu
    Arranged by THE ORANGE VOX


  • May 21, 1996

    (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. / Columbia Edutainment

    Released by Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Forte Music Entertainment and Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. / 49 - 52 minutes / In color (OVA)
    BJ Production Executive Committee of Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / December 21, 1993 - May 21, 1996


  • There is no title for each episode.