This is Tezuka version of the Chinese fantasy "Hsi Yu Chi," where a stone monkey, Son-goku, possessing psychic power, goes off on an adventurous travel to India with Sanzohoshi while subjugating all kinds of creatures along the way.
2000 years ago in the inner land of China, a golden-colored monkey is born from a stone on top of the Mt. Kaka. The monkey is so wise and brave that he learns magic from a hermit, but because he goes on a rampage in front of the king of heaven, he is confined to a rock jail.
Some tens of years later, a priest of high virtue from Tong passes in front of the rock jail. The priest, Sanzohoshi, is ordered by the king to go to Tenjiku (India) to receive a valuable Buddhist Scripture. After being saved by Sanzohoshi, the monkey is re-named Son-goku, and decides to go to India accompanying Sanzohoshi.
On their way to India, Goku fights with the pig-faced Chohakkai and the Kappa creature Sagojo, and these enemies are converted to retainers of Sanzohoshi.
Sanzohoshi and the three wizards continue their strange and marvelous journey.


February 1952 to March 1959
Appeared serially in "Manga-o" (Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Son-goku the Monkey appeared serially for over 8 years in 98 issues starting with the second issue of "Mangao." Every issue featured colored opening pages.
Greatly deviating from the original story, Tezuka Osamu's jokes are applied freely in this work. The battle scene in Mt. Kaen is strongly influenced by China's first full-length animated movie, "Hsi Yu Chi or Monkey: Volume of Tetsuoh-koshu" which was released in Japan in 1942.
In 1958, Toei Animation suggested that Tezuka Osamu produce an animation version, and this marked his first animation project. The completed full-length Manga film "Hsi Yu Chi or Monkey" (1960) evolved into something different from the original. This work was followed by "Adventures of the Monkey King," produced by Mushi-Production Inc., in 1967. The work was again totally different from the original.