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Marvelous Melmo (Mamaa-chan)


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  • A fantasy story for kids featuring a girl named Melmo, who can change her age as she wishes by eating special candies.
    Melmo's mother dies in a traffic accident, leaving young Melmo and her younger brother Totoo. Anxious Melmo's mother in heaven asks God to prepare some magical candies, and hands them to Melmo.
    There are two kinds: Melmo can grow 10 years older to become any sort of adult she wishes by eating a blue candy. By eating a red one, she can become 10 years younger.
    Using these miracle candies, Melmo disguises herself as a nurse, schoolteacher, policewoman, and overcomes troubles together with her brother Totoo.

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  • September 1970 to April 1972
    Appeared serially in "Shogaku-Ichinensei", "Yoiko" (Shogakukan Inc.) and "Tezuka Magazine Leo" (Mushi Production Commercial Firm)

    The name of the heroine, Melmo, is derived from the word "metamorphose," meaning "transformation."
    "Marvelous Melmo" was first planned for TV animation, and appeared serially in the magazine "Shogaku-Ichinensei" under the title of "Mamaa-chan."
    But the name "Mamaa" was already registered and therefore not open for use, and so the series was renamed "Marvelous Melmo" starting with the October issue in 1971.
    It also subsequently appeared in the magazine "Yoiko" and "Tezuka Magazine Leo," but the "Tezuka Magazine Leo" version was managed mainly by Tezuka Productions staff.
    The TV animation version was the first TV animation series produced by Tezuka Productions. The program was also adapted as a sex education animated film by inserting a paper slide picture show for additional information.


  • 1, Episode 1
    Publish:Appeared September 1970 in Shogaku Ichinensei

    2, Episode 2
    Publish:Appeared October 1970 in Shogaku Ichinensei

    3, "The Bride,"
    Publish:appeared November 1970 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:fter transforming herself into a grown woman, Melmo slaps a reckless driver to teach him a lesson, but the driver falls in love with Melmo at first sight. He likes strong women, and obstinately asks Melmo to marry him. Melmo, though troubled, comes up with some conditions in exchange for marrying him.

    4, "The Athletic Meet,"
    Publish:appeared in December 1970 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:The woman living next door, who had planned to cheer for Melmo at an athletic meet, is unable to come due to a cold. Melmo decides to take her magic candy in order to transform herself into the woman next door, and cheer for herself.

    5, Burako in Snow Country
    Publish:appeared in January 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Burako, an elephant that has grown up in a snowy country, is not looking well. Melmo decides to let the elephant take one of her red candies to make her smaller and allow her return her to India. Melmo transforms herself into a stewardess, and goes to India with Burako. But Burako doesn't feel at home, and becomes homesick for his snow country.

    6, "Class Day,"
    Publish:appeared in February 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Melmo is given the role of Snow White in the play at the upcoming class day. But the girl who has been given the role of the Queen becomes envious and bullies her. Melmo slips a blue candy in the "Queen's" water, turning her into an old woman.

    7, "The Policewoman,"
    Publish:appeared in March 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Wanting to know why a baby won't stop crying, Melmo has the baby eat a blue candy to make it grow up. After finding out that the baby was crying because an insect got stuck in its nose, Melmo tries to make him go back to being a baby, but the person runs away saying that he doesn't want to. Getting worried that the grown-up baby may get lost, Melmo transforms herself into a policewoman and searches for him.

    8, "Miracle Candies,"
    Publish:appeared in April 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei, and in May 1971 in Yoiko
    Introduction:This introductory episode was written for first-year elementary school students. Melmo's mother goes to heaven after a traffic accident, and asks God to give her miracle candies for her children little Melmo and Totoo that she had to leave behind. But Melmo carelessly drops them somewhere at school. Her classmates and teachers eat the candies by mistake, and the school is thrown into total confusion.

    9, "Clam Digging,"
    Publish:appeared in May 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Melmo and her classmates go clam digging. While they are chasing a turtle, Melmo and some of her classmates find themselves unable to get back to the shore because the tide is coming in. Melmo tries with her candies to make the turtle grow up so that they can get back to the shore on his back. But the turtle swims even further into the open sea. Melmo then takes some candies to grow up to be a swimmer, and goes to ask for help.

    10, "The Ballerina,"
    Publish:appeared in June 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Melmo's classmate boasts to Melmo that she is going to appear in a ballet show. But being without a mother, Melmo cannot appear in the show. Melmo transforms herself into a ballerina, appearing in the show anyway, and surprises the judges.

    11, "Going Out,"
    Publish:appeared in June 1971 in Yoiko
    Introduction:Melmo lets the old woman next door take some of her candies so that she can be young again, and the two go to an amusement park together. After returning to being an old woman again, however, she is still feeling that she has not played enough, and she ...

    12, "Melmo Goes Back to Being a Baby,"
    Publish:appeared in July 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Finding out that a woman in her neighborhood is deeply saddened after losing her child, Melmo decides to take some candies to transform herself into a baby, and sets things up so that she can be discovered by that the woman. But the woman turns out to be a big troublemaker, sticking milk into Melmo's nose by mistake, bathing her in hot boiling water, etc.

    13, "The Stray Cat,"
    Publish:appeared in July 1971 in Yoiko
    Introduction:After coming upon some stray cats, Melmo decides to let one of them take some candies so that she can grow up to be a mother to the other kittens. But when Melmo comes back home, feeling satisfied, the now grownup cat comes to steal the candies, and runs away! Melmo follows the cat, and finds their true mother.

    14, "The Nymph in the Forest,"
    Publish:appeared August 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Trees in the forest that are the home to little birds are felled to clear the area for housing lots. Witnessing this, Melmo dissolves candies in water and pours the mix over the trees so that they can grow back every time they are cut down. Melmo transforms herself into a forest nymph, and asks the unyielding landowner to preserve half the forest.

    15, "The TV Director,"
    Publish:appeared in September 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:There is a girl who is always bullying her kindergarten-age brother. Watching the scene, Melmo turns the little brother into a child older than his sister, and follows the girl. She goes into a TV station to do an audition for a child's part. Melmo decides to transform herself into a TV director to play a trick on her.

    16, "The Bulldog,"
    Publish:appeared in September 1971 in Yoiko
    Introduction:Finding a weak-hearted bulldog puppy, who is always being bullied, Melmo makes him grow up with her candies. The bulldog starts to bully weaker dogs, but he is captured during a roundup of strays. When Melmo visits the pound following the bulldog, she finds a great number of poor homeless dogs.

    17, "The Hairy Caterpillar,"
    Publish:appeared in October 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:appeared in October 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei

    18, "The Wood Fire,"
    Publish:appeared in October 1971 in Yoiko
    Introduction:When Totoo and Mr. Waregarasu (Totoo's teacher) are making a bonfire, it accidentally spreads to a nearby tree and eventually grows into a forest fire. Melmo quickly dissolves red candies in water, pours the mix over the trees to make them smaller, and somehow manages to put out the fire. But, ...

    19, "Swan,"
    Publish:appeared in November 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:In a vacant lot, Melmo and her younger brother Totoo find a dying baby bird that has strayed from his group. When Melmo feeds the little bird and lets it take candies to become a grownup bird, it turns into a young swan. The two try everything they can think of to help the swan get back to its group.

    20 "Burako,"
    Publish:appeared in November 1971 in Tezuka Magazine LEO
    Introduction:Burako, an elephant that has grown up in a snowy country, is not looking well. Melmo decides to let the elephant take some of her red candies to make her smaller so that Melmo can take her to her home country of India. Arriving in India, Burako soon finds a handsome boyfriend, and starts to feel better.

    21, Episode 7
    Publish:appeared in November 1971 in Yoiko

    22, "The Aunt Visits,"
    Publish:appeared in December 1971 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:A woman claiming to be Melmo's aunt suddenly arrives at Melmo's house, and starts making Melmo and her brother work hard. Her intention is to get Melmo's miracle candies, which she has heard about, so that she can make herself younger. Melmo and Totoo work out a bunch of schemes to protect their candies and to expel the woman from their home.

    23, Episode 8
    Publish:Appeared in December 1971 in Yoiko

    24, "The Frog Angel,"
    Publish:appeared in January 1972 in Shogaku Ichinensei
    Introduction:Melmo and Totoo are to spend the New Year holiday by themselves. Becoming worried about them, their mother in heaven asks God to send a "frog angel" and a "mouse angel" down to the earth. But the mouse angel is taken away by a stray cat right in front of Melmo. Melmo takes a candy to grow up, and chases the cat.

    25 (Untitled)
    Publish:January 1972 in Tezuka Magazine LEO
    Introduction:Melmo finds a baby left on the roadside. She gives a candy to the baby to make him grow up, and asks him what happened. The person tells Melmo that his father was fired by his company, left him there and disappeared. Melmo rushes to the father's company and presses the president for the reason why he fired the baby's father. While Melmo is quarrelling with the president, the baby's parents are in the snowy mountains, where they are to die there together. (Tezuka Osamu and Tezuka Productions)

    26 Episode 9
    Publish:January 1972 in Yoiko

    27, Episode 18
    Publish:February 1972 in Shogaku Ichinensei

    28, Mechako's True Self
    Publish:February 1972 in Tezuka Magazine LEO
    Introduction:The spirited girl Mechako is always fighting with boys. She and her classmate Yukio are like a cat and a dog. Learning that Yukio in fact likes Mechako, Melmo tries to have them make up. (Original story by Tezuka Osamu, Manga by Tezuka Productions)

    29, Episode 10
    Publish:appeared in February 1972 in Yoiko

    30, Episode 19
    Publish:appeared in March 1972 in Shogaku Ichinensei

    31, "Find a Little Spring!,"
    Publish:appeared in March 1972 in Tezuka Magazine LEO
    Introduction:Melmo's little brother Totoo is unable to return to his human body after he turns into a frog by eating candies by mistake. On a cold winter day, when all frogs are supposed to be hibernating, Totoo is itching to play. After warming up with the electric clothing that Mr. Waregarasu had made for him, he forces hibernated animals to wake up and play with him. But because he makes a bonfire in a wooden cave, the surrounding trees catch fire.
    (Original story by Osamu Tezuka, drawings by Ikehara Shigeto)

    32, Episode 11
    Publish:appeared in March 1972 in Yoiko

    33, Episode 12
    Publish:appeared in April 1972 in Yoiko