"Tuberculosis" depicts the adventures of Kenichi and his uncle inside a boy's body.
After being injected with a drug called ZX that was discovered by Kenichi's uncle, Kenichi and his uncle have shrunk and become very small. When they enter the body of a boy and reach his lung, they find that tubercle bacilli (bacteria) are opening a big hole in the boy's lung. Tubercle bacilli send Mode (a tubercle bacillus), a daughter of Dr. Iyoa (also a tubercle bacillus), to Kenichi and his uncle to learn the human language. The two make friends with Mode, but a war breaks out between the tubercle bacilli and the commandos in the boy's brain, and the two become involved in the war.


October 20, 1948
Published as a book (Tokodo)

Two months before the publication of his masterpiece "Lost World," this story was published in book form in two-color printing. The dynamic pictures of the internal human body are still eye-catching even today. Tezuka Osamu seemed to particularly favor this work. In 1953, he remade it for "Monster of the 38th Parallel" (an appendix to "Shonen Gaho") without changing its central story line. Then 11 years later, Mushi Production remade it again for the animated TV program, "Mighty Atom." It was broadcast in September 1964 as the 88th episode, entitled "Bacteria Rangers." It is said that the American movie "Micro"(1966) originated from this first episode of "Mighty Atom."