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  • The victim of his father's ambitions, Hyakkimaru was born with 48 parts of his body missing, having been stolen by demons, and was destined to be discriminated against from birth. He's an outsider who was expelled from society just for being different from other people. The role that he performs was later taken over by Black Jack. When Hyakkimaru and Black Jack were vying with each other in their performances, Hyakkimaru portrayed an outsider who sacrifices his body in order to win love while opposing Black Jack. By and by however, he came to portray a congenial doctor who was kindred in spirit to Black Jack. This contest was akin to watching old and new stars exchanging yells and was quite a poignant scene.


List of the works

    • COMIC
    • 1967
    • Dororo
    • 1970
    • Gachaboi's record of one generation
    • 1973
    • Black Jack / Miyuki and Ben (as Ben)
    • 1974
    • Black Jack / Ashes and Diamonds (as Dr.Hyakki)

    • ANIME
    • Dororo


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