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  • He debuted as the King of Evil in the early fantasy "Magic House", marshalling various monstrous forms to have a showdown with an army of scientists. Thereafter, he made devilish characters his forte and was continuously active in such roles. The devils drawn by Tezuka Osamu were not given scrawny bodies, in many instances they were like Saturn, big, brawny, muscular men or fascinating women, which reflected the trauma of Tezuka Osamu's youth. To a bullied child, the big guy was muscle personified and appeared to be a formidable devil, whilst to men, enchanting woman always appear to be concealing a satanic snare.


List of the works

    • COMIC
    • 1948
    • Magic House (The King of Evil)
    • 1962
    • Astro Boy / Robot Land
    • 1975
    • Black Jack / Captain Satan (as Captain Kenneth)
    • 1976
    • Astro Boy / Astro Boy Fights Computer (as the worker og the scrap factory)
    • 1978
    • Futureman Kaos (as the subordinate of Hidou Kyoushin)
    • 1981
    • Rainbow Parakeet / The forest is alive
    • 1982
    • Rainbow Parakeet / 11 Cats (as the bandit)

    • ANIME
    • Astro Boy


Link to the works

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