Princess Knight


1 Prince and Angel 1967/04/02

Prince Sapphire of Silverland was, in fact, a girl. She was raised as a prince masquerading as a boy, since a girl would not be allowed to inherit the throne. Moreover, because of a trick played by a little angel named "Tink," she was born with a boy's mind and a girl's body. Scolded by God, Tink is supposed to return Sapphire's female mind. But under the circumstances, it seems it might be better for her to remain mentally a boy. Tink therefore decides to wait and see how Sapphire will fare for the time being. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Tezuka Osamu, Tsukioka Sadao

2 The Devil Appears 1967/04/09

Devil Mephisto is overjoyed to learn about Sapphire: a girl with a boy's mind is what he has been looking for 2,000 years. If he can deprive her of the boy's mind and transplant it into his daughter, Hekate, then she can become the grand witch. Devil Mephisto immediately starts plotting to abduct Sapphire to exchange her mind with that of Hekate. But Hekate is feeling sad, knowing that if her mind is exchanged with Sapphire's, she will no longer be herself. This is what Hekate does not want. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Ohnuki Nobuo

3 The Military Arts Meet 1967/04/16

A military arts meet is coming up in Silverland. The Duke of Duralumin employs a knight named Baron to assassinate Sapphire at the opportunity offered by the occasion of the meet. Although Sapphire becomes aware of this conspiracy, she is confident of her skill and accepts his challenge openly. However, after learning that he is being used as an assassin, Baron betrays the Duke of Duralumin, and takes sides with Sapphire. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Tomino Yoshiyuki

4 Dance, Franz 1967/04/23

There is an upcoming dance party on board a vessel. The Duke of Duralumin, who is doubtful about whether Sapphire is really a boy, asks Prince Franz of the neighboring kingdom to find out whether Sapphire is a boy or a girl. Prince Franz has no doubts about the boyhood of Sapphire, but...

5 Monster Valleys 1967/04/30

The queen happens to touch the thorn of a rose, and whoever touches such a thorn, it is said, will die in three days. Sapphire is told that an herb named "Odori-wasure-gusa" must be obtained to neutralize the poison. So, Sapphire departs for the three valleys where the herb is said to grow. Even after learning that three monsters live in the three valleys, and that she cannot obtain the herb unless she beats the three of them, she decides to bravely challenge them to save her mother. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo

6 Dwarf and Giant 1967/05/07

After saving a tiny little boy who came drifting in a shell, Sapphire and Tink depart on a journey to return him to his father. They land on a Southern island, where they are nearly killed by a mysterious giant. The giant himself turns out to be the father of this tiny little boy, and at the same time the nymph of a lamp. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Akabori Kanji

7 The Cursed Swan 1967/05/14

Once again, Devil Mephisto tries to obtain Sapphire's boy's mind to make his daughter Hekate a grand witch. He transforms Mari, the daughter of Garigori, into a swan with a curse, and tries to use her to steal the boy's mind. But Mari dies because Tink sees right through the magic. The only way to return Mari back to life is to expose Devil Mephisto's magic ball to the morning sunlight. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Kaminashi Mitsuo

8 The Phantom Horse 1967/05/21

Seeing that Tink is taking so much time to extract the boy's mind from Sapphire, God now orders Pegasus to fulfill that task. Coming to know of it, Tink struggles to prevent Pegasus from approaching Sapphire. Without knowing what Tink is thinking, Sapphire sets out to capture Pegasus as she believes that Pegasus will bring her happiness. STAFF Screenplay: Uchiyama Junichiro Rendition: Seyama Yoshifumi

9 The Broken Doll 1967/05/28

A charm doll used against evil has been decorated on the tower of Silverland for the long period of 900 years. But whoever destroys it is to be put to death under the law. Claiming that the law is unjust, Sapphire destroys the doll. Seizing this golden opportunity, the Duke of Duralumin urges the king to immediately execute Sapphire for violating the law. But as all female servants in the castle take sides with Sapphire, the king cannot execute her. In the midst of all this confusion, Devil Mephisto appears. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Tomino Yoshiyuki

10 Sapphire's Carnival 1967/06/04

Prince Franz is invited to the Carnival and visits Silverland. In the meantime, the Duke of Duralumin is conspiring to assassinate Sapphire by using a mechanical doll used in the Carnival. Discovering the conspiracy of Duke of Duralumin, Franz warns Sapphire of the impending danger. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Kamiguchi Teruhito

11 The Nymph of Sleepiness 1967/06/11

The son of Duke of Duralumin, named Plastic, enters the woods with Sapphire. Wanting to eat winterberries, he sends his soldiers into the deep woods to look for some. But the Nymph of Sleepiness rages at the destruction of the woods, and makes Plastic suffer from sleeplessness. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Ohnuki Nobuo

12 The Ragged Prince 1967/06/18

Sapphire secretly ventures out into the town and meets a boy named Gem, who looks exactly like her. In the meantime, Sir Nylon, a loyal servant to the Duke of Duralumin is waiting for Sapphire's return with a medicine used to identify the sex of a person. As soon as Sapphire returns to the castle, Sir Nylon has her take the medicine. But the medicine indicates that she is a genuine male! This is no wonder, because it was Gem who took the medicine. He and Sapphire had changed places for just one day. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Uchida Yukihiko

13 Rose Mansion 1967/06/25

Sapphire goes out to the southern valley, meets Duke Blanc and Duke Rouge, and is invited to their rose mansion. The two dukes ask Sapphire to stop the Duke of Duralumin from constructing a fortress in the valley. The two dukes are in fact nymphs of the rose bush, and are worried about the plants of the valley as the construction will bring the ruin of all such plants. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Masanobe Kozo

14 The Seven Kid Goats 1967/07/02

Knowing that Prince Franz is looking for a flaxen-haired girl, Sapphire masquerades as a girl, has her picture taken, and sends it to Franz. Finding out about it, the Duke of Duralumin orders his lackeys to steal her picture. Strangely, however, the picture is delivered to a goat family in the woods. The story develops into a scramble for the picture involving the Duke of Duralumin lackeys, Sapphire trying to stop them, and the goat family. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Kaminashi Kazuya

15 Golden Fox Hunting 1967/07/09

Zuru, a golden fox capable of speaking human language, lives in the woods. The king issues an official foxhunting notice. Sapphire enters the woods, and fights a battle with the fox. But her identity as a girl is revealed during the fight. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Miwa Koki

16 Tink and Colette 1967/07/16

Tink is enthralled by a doll named Colette that ventriloquist Anthro manipulates. Anthro, however, is in fact a thief. Anthro tricks Tink into investigating the inside of the castle, and smuggles himself into it. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Hata Masami

17 Goodbye, Ghost 1967/07/23

Hearing about a haunted mansion in Urana-ru, Sapphire is unable to suppress her curiosity for mysterious things and visits the mansion. But the ghost she meets there turns out to be that of Shine Rock, who is not allowed to go to heaven because of all the evil he had done in his life. Feeling sorry for Shine Rock, Sapphire tries various means to send him to heaven. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Shindo Mitsuo

18 The Mysterious Mirror 1967/07/30

The magic mirror's reply is always consistent: "The most beautiful woman in the world is Bella," and this always satisfies Bella the queen. But one time, to the same old question, "Who is most beautiful in the world?" the mirror replies "Sapphire." Inflamed with rage at this reply, Bella thinks up a plan to protect her position as the most beautiful woman in the world by eliminating Sapphire. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo

19 The Magic Pen 1967/08/06

Prince Franz asks Sapphire to give a magic pen to a flaxen-haired girl and ask her to write a letter with it. It's a magic pen that automatically puts down the writer's thoughts. But the pen is taken away by the Duke of Duralumin, who has a scheme to have Sapphire use the pen in front of the people in order to reveal the fact that she is a girl. Finding out about the crisis Sapphire is about to face, Prince Franz rushes off to her. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Kaminashi Mitsuo

20 Monster Kagera 1967/08/13

Slug monster Kagera is a shadow eater. Sapphire challenges the monster to a fight after finding out that she must beat it to revive the shadows that have already been eaten. But only devils can beat monsters. Sapphire asks Devil Mephisto to kill the monster in exchange for her mind.

21 The Best Snack in the World 1967/08/20

The Duke of Duralumin has obtained a medicine that he can use to make others obey whatever he says. Now he plans to have Sapphire take it. Sensing this wicked plan, Sapphire steals the poisoned biscuits, and has the Duke of Duralumin's lackeys eat them. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Tomino Yoshiyuki

22 Coronation 1967/08/27

The king is missing, and Sapphire is now to ascend the throne. During the coronation, however, the Queen confesses in front of the people that Sapphire is in fact a girl. The Duke of Duralumin has made her take a poisonous drug that forces her to tell the truth. Proclaiming t that the crime of deceiving the people is grave, the Duke of Duralumin confines Sapphire in a prison called the "coffin tower." STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Tezuka Osamu

23 Princess Knight Appears 1967/09/03

Having finally succeeded in banishing Sapphire, the Duke of Duralumin proceeds to misgovern the country, and tortures the people. Learning of these circumstances, Sapphire escapes from the coffin tower with the support of mice, and challenges the Duke of Duralumin as "Princess Knight." STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Uchida Yukihiko

24 The Coffin Tower during a Storm 1967/09/10

Suspecting that Sapphire and Princess Knight are one and the same, the Duke of Duralumin sends five killers to the coffin tower to assassinate her. Sapphire on the other hand disguises herself as Princess Knight and beats them up. The furious Duke of Duralumin orders Gamar, the chief guard of the coffin tower, to assassinate Sapphire. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Masanobu Kozo

25 Long Live the King! 1967/09/17

Gamar, who had planned to kill Sapphire, falls down a flight of stairs by accident and gets seriously injured. He changes his evil ways after coming in contact with the kindness of Sapphire and the Queen, who treat him. In the meantime, people start talking of the king's ghost appearing in the basement of the castle. Sapphire goes to the castle to check out the rumor. She then finds and rescues her father, the king, who had been confined in the dungeon. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo

26 Queen of the Snow 1967/09/24

Princess Tsurara of Coolland wants to take over Silverland. She draws up a plan to take over Silverland in conspiracy with the Duke of Duralumin and Sir Nylon, who have been banished from the castle, and Devil Mephisto. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Kaminashi Mitsuo

27 Hurry up! Black Cloud Island 1967/10/01

The castle is taken over by Princess Tsurara. A fake Sapphire, the brainchild of Princess Tsurara, governs the kingdom. Sapphire's parents, who have been turned into stone, are now missing; and Sapphire herself has been blinded and now wanders through an unknown land. It is Hekate and pirate Brad of the Sea Snake Island who gave her a helping hand. Recovering her sight with their help, Sapphire decides to take on the Queen of the Snow once again to win back the castle. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Kitano Hideaki

28 The Iron Lion 1967/10/08

After smuggling herself into Coolland, Sapphire is told by the captured queen's spy that Princess Tsurara has completed the mightiest of weapons, the Iron Lion. She somehow succeeds in fending off the Iron Lion, which was about to be used to invade Silverland. Then Sapphire rushes off to the evil mountain as she finds out that Devil Mephisto is planning to Sapphire's parents, who have been transformed into stone, into pieces. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Uchida Yukihiko

29 The Last Moment of the Queen of the Snow 1967/10/15

Sapphire offers her mind to Devil Mephisto, and has him transform her parents back into their original form. Now it is Devil Mephisto's turn to take away Sapphire's male mind. But his efforts are hindered by Tink. Sapphire fights against her look-alike, wins back the castle, and smuggles herself into Coolland to defeat the Queen of the Snow. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo

30 The Flying Mysterious Thief 1967/10/22

The mysterious thief Jitterbug, who flies on a huge kite, steals the crown of Silverland. Suspicious of the aerial circus troupe, Sapphire smuggles herself into the troupe as an assistant. Although Sapphire eventually identifies the criminal, she sets him free, as she sympathizes with his unfortunate circumstances. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Kitano Hideaki

31 Tink and the Princess of the Sea 1967/10/29

One day, Tink is invited to the Sea God's Palace for having saved a turtle. When he arrives there, the barbaric Sharks demands Princess Otohime for his wife. Sympathizing with Princess Otohime, Tink challenges Sharks together with Sapphire, who came to help him. Encouraged by the bravery of the two, some fish also join in the effort to ward off Sharks. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Kaminashi Mitsuo

32 Sapphire's Treasure 1967/11/05

Silverland once produced a massive amount of silver. According to legend, however, after an ugly dispute, a hero built a ship, filled it with all the silver reserve, sank it into swamp, and brought peace to the country. Working with a certain clue, Sir Nylon decodes the location of the swamp. As a result the swamp is destroyed, and the Knight of the Silver, who had been protecting the ship, comes back to life to attack the Duke of Duralumin and his party. After coming to know of Sapphire's desire to share the money with all the people, the Knight of the Silver promises to hand over the ship to her when she takes over the throne. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Takahashi Ryosuke

33 Phantom in the Pyramid 1967/11/12

At the fort of the sea, Sapphire discovers a boat with a girl drifting towards her. Her pursuers then appear, and Sapphire and nine girls are taken away to Egypt as substitutes for the girl. Sapphire is then sent to a pyramid as a sacrificial offering to Death. But this is only the superficial side of the story. Behind the scenes, the oracle Morpho is selling beautiful girls offered for sacrifice as slaves. Discovering this fact, Sapphire takes on the oracle together with the Prince of Egypt. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo

34 The Giant Moose 1967/11/19

One day, Sir Nylon tells Sapphire that if she seriously intends to take over the throne, she should show that she is as brave as the kings before her. She promises that she will prove her worth by killing a giant moose living in the woods. But it all turns out to be only a plot of Sir Nylon. He was actually conspiring to kill Sapphire by shooting a poisonous arrow at the moose to make him violent. Discovering his plot through Tink, Sapphire captures the raging moose, extracts the poisonous arrow, and sends him back into the woods. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Uchida Yukihiko

35 Follow the Airship! 1967/11/26

Witnessing a little old man, who is a friend of hers, gets hit and run by a black carriage, Sapphire pursues the culprit. The carriage disappears into the Silverland castle, and a man wearing a black mantle emerges from the carriage. He is a merchant of death who has come to sell an airship for war. Learning of this, Sapphire claims that any money there is should be used to make a better kingdom instead of buying weapons. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Nishimaki Hideo

36 The Grand Witch Returns 1967/12/03

Devil Mephisto's wife and the Grand Witch Hell return. Learning that her daughter Hekate's mind is yet to be replaced by a boy's mind, the witch departs for Silverland, saying that she herself will deprive Sapphire of her mind. Hekate rushes off to Sapphire to warn her of the approaching danger, as she doesn't want a boy's mind. Sapphire asks Franz for advice, telling him that Mrs. Hell is trying to steal her mind. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Takahashi Ryosuke

37 Rescue Sapphire! 1967/12/10

Sapphire is kidnapped in front of Franz by Mrs. Hell. Hekate encourages Franz, and the two of them start off to rescue Sapphire. But the only way to rescue her is to use the juice of a tree growing in the evil mountain Harz. Violating the rules of the devil's world, Hekate climbs Mt. Harz and obtains the juice of the tree. But she falls seriously ill under a curse for doing so. It is now Sapphire's turn to save Hekate. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Kaminashi Mitsuo

38 Rule of Knights 1967/12/17

Sapphire is challenged by Knight Jinghis of Bururu Kingdom, who desires acknowledgement as a leading knight for having beaten a famous knight. Sapphire wants to avoid useless fighting, but the Duke of Duralumin tries to use Jinghis to plan the assassination of Sapphire. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Uchida Yukihiko

39 Envy of Venus 1967/12/24

In order to save the seriously ill Queen, the "flower of resurrection" that is in the possession of Venus must be obtained. Growing envious of the beauty of Sapphire, Venus demands her beauty in exchange for the flower. To save her mother, Sapphire offers what Venus wants in exchange for the flower, and loses her beauty. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Kitano Hideaki

40 Horrifying Empire X 1968/01/07

A hunting meet is held in Silverland, to which royalty and the aristocracy from various kingdoms are invited. But Prince Franz is kidnapped by the X Allies, who conspire to conquer both Silverland and Goldland and steal them from Prince Franz at the same time. Sapphire masquerades as Princess Knight, and challenges the strongest and the most vicious X Allies. STAFF Screenplay: Kumai Hiroyuki Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo

41 Playful Teppy 1968/01/14

Sapphire and Prince Franz are writing letters to each other almost every day. The King of Charcoal, who mistakes this as a conspiracy to invade his kingdom, is approached by a messenger from the X Allies. The messenger whispers into his ears that he should make the first move if the kingdom is to start a war. King Charcoal therefore declares war against Goldland, and a war is finally started between the two countries. Sapphire begins to seek an immediate ceasefire with Teppy, daughter of King Charcoal. STAFF Screenplay: Kumai Hiroyuki Rendition: Seyama Yoshifumi

42 The Mice Catching Campaign 1968/01/21

The X Allies conspiring to conquer Silverland use a mouse manipulator to have a large pack of mice eat away the grain of Silverland. The idea is to cut off the food supply and weaken the power of Silverland. In the meantime, Prince Franz is getting ready to supply food from Goldland. In order to prevent him from doing so, the mouse manipulator sends a large pack of mice to attack Goldland. But Princess Knight and Prince Franz fight them off. STAFF Screenplay: Maruyama Masao Rendition: Nishimaki Hideo

43 Sapphire Trapped 1968/01/28

On the boat given to her by the Duke of Duralumin, Sapphire drifts with Prince Franz to a solitary island full of roses. There is a killer spider man who has been awaiting the two on the island. Sapphire masquerades as Princess Knight, and together with Prince Franz, fights desperately against the spider man. STAFF Screenplay: Hotomi Kogo Rendition: Okuda Seiji

44 The Crying White Eagle 1968/02/04

It is a belief handed down from olden times in Silverland that a white great eagle brings misfortune. One day, Sapphire discovers a white great eagle. Just as if this were some kind of sign, the X Allies suddenly attack with a huge gun. The gun looks powerful enough to blow up the castle with just one shot. In cooperation with Prince Franz, Sapphire creates a huge lens from ice, explodes the gunpowder of the gun, and saves Silverland. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Takahashi Ryosuke

45 Tink and a Ghost Ship 1968/02/11

Tink is captured by a ghost ship that attacks vessels in the neighboring waters of Silverland. Learning of this information, Sapphire departs to rescue Tink together with a suspected pirate named Brad. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Akabori Kanji

46 Sapphire in the Wonder Woods 1968/02/18

A fire is started in Prince Franz's Goldland. It is rumored that Princess Knight is the arsonist. Sapphire sneaks into Goldland to find out the truth, but she is captured by a mysterious old woman who manipulates moths. The old woman is actually an agent of the X Allies, and is herself the arsonist. STAFF Screenplay: Maruyama Masao Rendition: Nishimaki Hideo

47 Wandering Franz 1968/02/25

A troupe of the X Allies appears in Goldland, and urges it to surrender. Encamped in the north fort, Prince Franz fights back. However, due to the betrayal of the neighboring country, the Goldland castle is set on fire and occupied. Sapphire masquerades as Princess Knight, and rushes off to rescue Prince Franz. A loyal retainer of Franz, Grandpa Tod, who has always delivered letters between Sapphire and Franz, sacrifices himself to save them. Sapphire and Franz stand in front of Grandpa Tod's tomb, shed tears, and swear to overthrow the X Allies. STAFF Screenplay: Sakamoto Yusaku Rendition: Hikone Norio

48 Sapphire Disappears into the Sea 1968/03/03

The X Allies use scoundrels to abduct Sapphire. But the culprit is Sapphire's friend, Pirate Brad, who was actually investigating the movements of the Allies. Sir Nylon, on the side of the X Allies, starts to destroy towns, claiming that he is doing so under the official command of Sapphire. He also sets up a time bomb in the basement of the castle. Coming back to the castle with Brad, Sapphire barely succeeds in deactivating the time bomb, and in revenge destroys the enemy's island. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Uchida Yukihiko

49 The Smile of Hekate 1968/03/10

The X Allies, mercilessly trying to conquer Silverland, invade the evil mountain and capture Hekate. Although Devil Mephisto is inflamed with anger, he decides to cooperate with the X Allies after discovering their plan to create an evil world on the land. Hekate and an X Allies soldier named Garna, who falls in love with her, rescue Sapphire, who has been captured by Devil Mephisto. Coming to know of his daughter's love, Devil Mephisto goes back to square one regarding the cooperation with the X Allies, and starts to fight against them. But a witch is not allowed to fall in love with a man. Devil Mephisto and Hell's silent approval incite the Great Devil's anger. The two are transformed into a mountain and a lake, and Hekate is deprived of her magic power and transformed into a mere human. Because of this, however, her love is fulfilled. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Minamikawa Hiroshi

50 The Black Knight of the Babel Castle 1968/03/24

With the aim of building a castle as a foothold for invading Silverland, the X Allies kidnap people by using black fog. A giant Sapphire challenges the giant, but she is brought down by a poisonous fog. Finding out that the Queen was kidnapped as a substitute for Sapphire, she masquerades as Princess Knight and challenges the giant again. She destroys the castle and rescues the people. STAFF Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki Rendition: Uchida Yukihiko

51 Burning Silverland 1968/03/31

The X Allies finally launch an all-out attack against Silverland. Because of the betrayal of the Duke of Duralumin, Silverland is finally occupied by the X Allies. The king and the queen trust Sapphire with the symbol of the kingdom and let her evacuate. Then, the castle is overtaken by the Duke of Duralumin, and the king and queen are killed, throwing Sapphire into the depths of despair. The Duke of Duralumin, who has seemingly attained his ambition, however, is assassinated by Sir Nylon. Nevertheless, Sapphire is unable to get back the castle because of a great big wall the X Allies have built to block Sapphire and Franz. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo

52 Beautify Silverland 1968/04/07

In order to encourage the depressed people, Sapphire lets Tink attach the symbol of the royal family - three balls made of gold, silver, and bronze - to the bell. Then, the bell automatically starts to toll beautifully. People all over the kingdom, encouraged by the sound of the bell, decide to stand with Sapphire against the X Allies. Finally, in a man-to-man fight, Sapphire beats X, the leader of the X Allies. In fulfillment of Tink's devoted prayer, the king and queen are brought back to life. Putting an end to a long history of conspiracy and battle, Silverland is about to enter a happy and peaceful era. STAFF Screenplay: No Kahei Rendition: Sakaguchi Shozo