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New Jungle Emperor, Go ahead Leo!


  • This story revolves around the grown-up Leo and his family (childhood friend Lyre as his wife, Rune who is the spitting image of Leo, and Rukkio who is the spitting image of Lyre). In the original story, the ending was quite tragic and brought tears to the eyes of the audience, but the ending was altered to a happy one for this animated film. This change emphasizes the "bonds of family."




  • Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Producer: Yamamoto Eichi
    Chief Director: Hayashi Shigeyuki
    Animation Director: Katsui Chikao
    Original Picture: Saito Hiroshi, Hikone Norio
    Art Director: Ito Nobuharu
    Backgrounds: Suzuki Morishige
    Trace: Taguchi Kazuko
    Coloring: Matsumoto Futaba, Hidaka Akiko
    Shooting Director: Misawa Katsuji
    Editing: Furukawa Masashi
    Sound Director: Tashiro Atsumi
    Sound Assistant: Aketagawa Susumu
    Effects: Aketagawa Susumu, Tsukioka Hiroshi, Urakami Yasuo, Tashiro Atsumi, (Mushi Pro group for Effect)
    Data Processing: Nozaki Yoshihiro
    Music: Tomita Isao
    Conductor: Morita Goichi
    Music Performance: MGA
    Theme Songs:
    "The Song of Jungle Emperor Leo": lyrics and music by Miki Toriro, arrangement by Tomita Isao and vocals by Happy Beans
    "Leo's Song": lyrics by Tsuji Masaki, music by Tomita Isao and vocals by Hirota Mieko


  • (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / Mushi Production
    Broadcast via Fuji TV network / 23 minutes / In Color/ 26 minutes
    Mushi Production / October 5, 1966 - March 29, 1967, Wednesdays 7:00-7:30 PM

    The 6th Nippon Tele-Film Technical Award in 1967 (the 14th episode)


  • 1st Episode: The white king October 5, 1966  

  • 2nd Episode: Confrontation on the vast plains October 12, 1966  

  • 3rd Episode: The blue-maned Zanba October 19, 1966  

  • 4th Episode: Pygmy's death fete October 26, 1966  

  • 5th Episode: Rune's adventurous trip November 2, 1966 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Katsui Chikao

    Rune goes to the savanna alone, and is astounded by nature's miracles...

  • 6th Episode: Huge beast Donbe November 9, 1966 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Kitano Hideaki

    The gorilla Donbe is in a danger, surrounded by baboons, but then Leo....

  • 7th Episode: The golden bow November 16, 1966 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Hayashi Shigeyuki

    A leopard man confronts a magician. Leo and Rune go to help...

  • 8th Episode: The secret of the moonlight stone November 23, 1966 Screenplay: Tezuka Osamu   Rendition: Tezuka Osamu

    The peoples of country A and country B confront each other over the moonlight stone at the foot of Mt. Moon....

  • 9th Episode: The bird of terror November 30, 1966 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Seyama Yoshifumi

    A big flock of peregrine falcons are carried to the jungle in a tornado, and they begin to attack the animals. The animals fight back desperately. During the fight, another tornado suddenly hits the jungle...

  • 10th Episode: Ricaons do not cry December 7, 1966 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Nagashima Shinji

    Rick loses the fight with another ricaon for the position of boss, so he tries to prove that he is the real boss by attempting to kill Leo. He wins Rune and Rukkio over to his side, and when the children are nearly swallowed up in a muddy stream, he tries to save them...

  • 11th Episode: Panja goes to town December 14, 1966 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Kitano Hideaki

    Panja's fur, which Rune had put outside, is stolen. When the boy Riander puts on the fur, a cheetah attacks him. Leo, who has been following the boy, saves him, but he is running a high fever. He recovers after an operation, and then a policeman appears chasing Leo and Rune...

  • 12th Episode: The poachers' forest December 21, 1966 Screenplay: Komiya Satoshi   Rendition: Yamamoto Eichi

    Leo and Rune try to take a round-eared elephant away from poachers and back to the jungle. Leo also brings along Bado, who is insane, but he becomes violent on the way and is captured by humans. Leo tries to be a decoy...

  • 13th Episode: The duel in Ruber Valley December 28, 1966 Screenplay: Sakamoto Yusaku   Rendition: Sakamoto Yusaku

    The Black Panther Totto is almost made sacrifice to the devil's waterfall. When he tries to eat the children, Leo, in an attempt to kill Totto, knocks down Mandy, who tries to stop Leo. Leo falls into despair...

  • 14th Episode: The howling glacier January 5, 1967  

  • 15th Episode: The lonesome tomb January 12, 1967  

  • 16th Episode: The black tusk in the jungle January 19, 1967  

  • 17th Episode: The devil's waterfall January 26, 1967  

  • 18th Episode: Confusion in the locomotive February 2, 1967 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Katsui Chikao

    Humans attack Bizo, the son of the boss elephant. Rune, who tries to help him, is also captured. The two escape chained to each other, and wait for a train in the valley...

  • 19th Episode: The stone fortress February 9, 1967 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Tsukioka Sadao

    Rune starts building a stone house, but elephants that hate humans are opposed to it. So Rune has a fight with the boss' son Bizo for the house.

  • 20th Episode: The white cliff February 16, 1967 Screenplay: Tsuji Masaki   Rendition: Hirata Toshio

    Animals are dying one after another because of a dam. Leo is furious but Kuroyon, the person in charge of the dam, persuades Leo to evacuate the animals.

  • 21st Episode: The one who sold the jungle February 23, 1967  

  • 22nd Episode: The elephants' graveyard March 1, 1967  

  • 23rd Episode: The silver wolf March 8, 1967  

  • 24th Episode: Adventure on a volcanic island March 15, 1967  

  • 25th Episode: The sun will rise again over the King's castle March 22, 1967  

  • 26th Episode: Mt. Moon is forever March 29, 1967