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Jungle Emperor Leo: Hon-o-ji


  • Tezuka Osamu World is located in the Kyoto Station Building, and is equipped with a 300-inch theater that shows his original short animated films. One work filled with the essence of his major pieces, and another introducing a historical episode of Kyoto, are shown as a double feature movie with the Phoenix as narrator. "What is the kind of quality required for a king?" the Phoenix asks rhetorically. In answering, the Phoenix first introduces Leo of "Jungle Emperor Leo." When a child tiger rose by human's falls off a jeep and wanders into the jungle, she jumps on any animal because she is very lonely and needs a friend. This behavior, however, is considered very barbaric and causes uproar in the jungle. Here, Leo observes this intruder calmly. Then he accepts the child tiger as a friend on the condition that she keeps quiet in the jungle. On the other hand, Leo's uncle Bubu tries to expel Leo from the jungle, cunningly taking advantage of his gentleness. Leo always tries to trust others, while Bubu always takes advantage of everyone. The confrontation between these two is reminiscent of a fight between the ideal king and real-life kings. The Phoenix then tries to delve into the concept of "the kind of quality required of a king" drawing on the history of Kyoto by introducing Oda Nobunaga, one of the unique leaders in Japanese history.



  • Leo Paora Coco Tommy Bubu


  • Screenplay: Morita Mayumi
    Rendition and Director: Yoshimura Fumihiro
    Animation Director and original pictures: Media Vision
    Animation Check: Okamura Takashi, Tanaka Yoshimi
    Motion pictures: Beijing Sharaku Art Co., Ltd., Media Vision, Hata Asuka, Yamaguchi Fumio, Nakagawa Wataru, Kin Meichin, Yoshida Aya
    Art Director: Okada Kazuo
    Backgrounds: Ichihara Emiko
    Color Setting: Media Vision, Obari Yuko
    Finish Inspector: Media Vision, Obari Yuko, and Saito Kyoko
    Finishing: Beijing Sharaku Art Co., Ltd., Media Vision
    Digital Processing: Kawazoe Megumi, Aburaya Yumi
    Special Effects: Sakakibara Toyohiko
    Title, Risuwork: Maki Pro
    Sound Production: Arts Pro
    Recording Studio: Tabakku
    Editing: Morita Editing Room
    Video Editing: Studio Twinkle Land
    Photo finishing: Imagica
    Camera: Takahashi Production
    Producer: Kubota Minoru
    Production Manager: Yanagisawa Mitsuko


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  • There is no title for each episode.