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Big X


  • The original work was offered not to Mushi Production Commercial Firm but to Tokyo Movie, a newly founded animation company, as its very first work. This was the first time that one of Tezuka Osamu's original works was produced by a company other than Mushi Production. Although the original Manga incorporated serious story development involving the terror of fascism in the war against the Nazis, the storyline simplified for the animation version into one of justice prevailing over evil. In the original Manga, Big X was made more powerful when injected as a medicine. In the animation version, however, the idea pf the injection was replaced by an electromagnetic pendant, presumably in anticipation of possible objections over the visual similarity to drug abuse.




  • Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Screenplay: Tsunoda Jiro, Murano Morimi, Hirose Tadashi, Yamamoto Group and others
    Rendition and Storyboard: Shimizu Koji, Okamoto Koki, Dezaki Osamu, Kinoshita Renzo, and others
    Picture: Suzuki Eiji, Kinoshita Renzo, Horiguchi Tadahiko, Nakamura Yasuo, Fujii Tatsuro, Hashimoto Yoshio
    Art: Mukuo Takamura
    Recording Director: Shimizu Koji
    Executive Producer: Inada Nobuo
    Music: Tomita Isao
    Theme song:
    "Big X": Lyrics by Tanigawa Shuntaro, music written by Tomita Isao sung by the Kamitakada Boys' Choir


  • (C) Tezuka Productions


  • 1st Episode: Big X Appears August 3, 1964 Screenplay: Tsunoda Jiro  Rendition: Tsukioka Takeshi

    Dr. Asagumo has been hiding in his body the blueprint (in metal form) of the secret weapon Big X. His friend, Dr. Hanamaru, extracts the metal from Dr. Asagumo-now in critical condition-but it is then snatched by a Nazi. Not knowing how to use the metal, the Nazis experimentally inject it into a mouse to see what will happen. Seeing that they create a huge mouse that attacks the town, Akira volunteers to be injected with Big X.

    2nd Episode: The Attack of V3 August 10, 1964 Screenplay: Yamamoto Group (Yamamoto Keizo, Ozawa Kyo)  Rendition: Watanabe Kazuhiko

    The Nazis urge Akira-who has returned from overseas-to surrender Big X in exchange for his mother, but Akira refuses. As a last resort, the Nazi Leader has their secret weapon-the giant robot V3-attack Akira. A fierce battle then begins between Big X and V3.

    3rd Episode: Evacuation from the Fortress August 17, 1964 Screenplay: Tsunoda Jiro, Panbro  Rendition: Panbro

    Akira is sent to a concentration camp after being captured by a villain. Though he is subjected to terrible torture by the chief of the camp, named Lamp, Akira will not give them the information on where the Big X pencil is kept. Akira himself is actually no longer aware of where it might be. At the nadir of his fortunes, he senses a mysterious girl communicating with him by telepathy. The girl, named Nina, is also a captive, and tells Akira that she knows where the pencil is kept.

    4th Episode: Showdown in the Desert August 24, 1964 Screenplay: Yamamoto Group (Credited Yamamoto Keizo and Ozawa Kyo on the post recording script)  Rendition: Tsukioka Takeshi

    After having succeeded in breaking out of the concentration camp, Akira and Nina wander through a desert of boiling sand with the Nazis is at their heels. Just barely escaping from their pursuers, Akira and Nina seek refugee at a native village. A search notice has already been distributed in the village, and Akira and Nina are captured by the Nazis.

    5th Episode: The Crisis of Big X August 31, 1964 Screenplay: Tsunoda Jiro  Rendition: Sasaki Tetsuji (Art Fresh)

    Akira falls very ill upon entering a small European town. The Nazis mercilessly attack Akira to rob him of Big X, but the people in town grow angry at the tyranny of the Nazis and move to protect him. Weakened by disease, Akira needs to wait to be cured, but at the same time is obliged to use Big X as he is being pursued by the Nazi V13 robot.

    6th Episode: Slave Hunting September 7, 1964 Screenplay: Narihashi Hitoshi  Rendition: Horikawa Toyohei

    Akira departs for the Pamirs in pursuit of a famous scientist who has gone missing. Arriving there, he is mistaken as a spy of the Nazis and captured by the locals, who are treated badly by the Nazis. Akira transforms into Big X and plays a crucial role in saving the captive scientist and local people.

    7th Episode: Showdown at Death Lake September 14, 1964 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Anaguma Pro

    Dr. Michaelsky, who has been tormented by his own guilty conscience for having once cooperated in the manufacture of the atomic bomb, becomes involved in the construction of a "city of science," partly to make amends for his wrongdoings. But the Nazis plan to deprive him of the city once it is complete.

    8th Episode: The Black Aurora September 21, 1964 Screenplay: Narihashi Hitoshi  Rendition: Watanabe Kazuhiko

    A mammoth creature of previous centuries appears at the North Pole. Akira sets out to investigate, and finds out that it is actually a mammoth-shaped robot used by the North Party to expand upon their control of the land encircling the North Pole.

    9th Episode: The Lion Empire September 28, 1964 Screenplay: Tsunoda Jiro  Rendition: Unknown


    10th Episode: Sun of the Devil October 5, 1964 Screenplay: Murano Moribi, Mitsuyama Shoji  Producers: Murano Moribi, Mitsuyama Shoji


    11th Episode: Cemetery of the Sea October 26, 1964 Screenplay: Yamamoto Group (Yamamoto Keizo, Ozawa Kyo)  Rendition: Sata Makoto


    12th Episode: Showdown with "Kaiser 0" November 2, 1964 Screenplay: Hori Yoshiki  Producers: Murano Moribi, Mitsuyama Shoji

    A friendship treaty is to be signed between the Republic of Karst and Japan. But in the middle of the signing ceremony, a mysterious whirlwind arises and interferes with the proceedings. The president of the Republic of Karst mistakenly believes that the disturbances have been caused by Big X, and decides to abandon the friendship treaty with Japan. Akira finds out that the whirlwind has in fact been caused by an insect robot named Kaiser 0, and that it was manipulated by the Punch Party.

    13th Episode: The Masked Man November 9, 1964 Screenplay: Horikawa Toyohei (Tokyo Doga Pro)  Rendition: Tokyo Doga Pro


    14th Episode: The Poisonous Gas Train November 16, 1964 Screenplay: Tsunoda Jiro  Rendition: Tsukioka Takeshi

    The town where Akira and Nina have been hiding falls under Nazi control. Growing impatient with the tyranny of the Nazis, Akira petitions the enemy leader, Hans Engel, to stop torturing the people in the town in exchange for Big X. Hans chuckles to himself, and decides to challenge Akira to a showdown on the footbridge.

    15th Episode: Himmel, the Big Mysterious Bird November 23, 1964 Screenplay: Hirose Tadashi  Rendition: Sata Makoto


    16th Episode: The Spaceman Sunaruri November 30, 1964 Screenplay: Tsunoda Jiro  Rendition: Asaoka Takashi


    17th Episode: The Weightless Line December 7, 1964 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Shimizu Koji


    18th Episode: Mystery of the Dead Volcano December 14, 1964 Screenplay: Yamamoto Group (Yamamoto Keizo, Ozawa Kyo)  Rendition: Art Fresh


    19th Episode: The Spade Viking December 21, 1964 Screenplay: Takagi Hiroshi (Art Fresh)  Rendition: Takagi Kiyoshi (Art Fresh)


    20th Episode: Showdown 20 vs. 21 December 28, 1964 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Okamoto Koki


    21st Episode: Run, Big X! January 4, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Okamoto Koki


    22nd Episode: Big Mad Fountain January 11, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Producers: Okamoto Koki, Suzuki Eiji


    23rd Episode: The Phantom Pirate Ship January 18, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Okamoto Koki


    24th Episode: The Robot Bombing Order January 25, 1965 Screenplay: Ozawa Tadashi  Rendition: Okamoto Koki


    25th Episode: The King's Electricity Transmission Campaign February 1, 1965 Screenplay: Ozawa Kyo, Yamamoto Keizo  Rendition: Sata Makoto


    26th Episode: The Ant Lion Campaign February 8, 1965 Screenplay: Ozawa Tadashi  Rendition: Shimizu Koji


    27th Episode: The Aerial City February 15, 1965 Screenplay: Ozawa Kyo (Yamamoto Group)  Rendition: Shimizu Koji


    28th Episode: Big Dragon God vs. Big X February 22, 1965 Screenplay: Hirose Tadashi  Rendition: Okamoto Koki


    29th Episode: The Antique Missile March 1, 1965 Screenplay: Ozawa Tadashi  Rendition: Unknown


    30th Episode: Target that Ear March 15, 1965 Screenplay: Yamamoto Group  Rendition: Shimizu Koji


    31st Episode: The Robot Castle March 8, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Producer Ueno Hisao


    32nd Episode: The Sad Insect Doctor March 22, 1965 Screenplay: Sano Mitsuo  Rendition: Suzuki Eiji


    33rd Episode: Rebellion of a Rubber Man March 29, 1965 Screenplay: Ozawa Kyo, Yamamoto Keizo  Rendition: Shimizu Koji


    34th Episode: Salvage, the Vacuum Man, April 5, 1965 Screenplay: Ozawa Tadashi  Rendition: Imaizumi Toshiaki


    35th Episode: Door to Hell April 12, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Ueno Hisao


    36th Episode: The Secret Undersea Laboratory April 19, 1965 Screenplay: Sano Mitsuo  Rendition: Tanaka Yasuo


    37th Episode: The Space Tiger April 26, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Kaji Heitaro


    38th Episode: The Metropolis Destruction Campaign May 3, 1965 Screenplay: Okamoto Kinzo  Rendition: Imaizumi Toshiaki


    39th Episode: The Fire Horse May 10, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Ohi Hisashi


    40th Episode: From Rainbow Country May 17, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Suzuki Eiji


    41st Episode: Fountain of the Snowman May 24, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Suzuki Eiji


    42nd Episode: Toward the Galaxy May 31, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Kaji Heitaro


    43rd Episode: Dr. Pearl's Invention June 7, 1965 Screenplay: Okamoto Kinzo  Rendition: Izumi Kyuji


    44th Episode: Planet Angel ("Messenger from Planet Angel") June 14, 1965 Screenplay: Hanashima Kunihiko  Rendition: Izumi Kyuji

    The Washington International Police Office obtains information that planet Angel, an ally planet of the earth, has been attacked by planet Satan. Learning that a messenger from planet Angel has crash-landed in Africa, Akira rushes to the scene. He tries to save the messenger, who is just barely breathing. Akira then learns about the miserable circumstances of the war through telepathic communication with Nina, and fumes over the fact that planet Saturn is controlled by his archrival Hans Engel.

    45th Episode: Nina in Crisis June 21, 1965 Screenplay: Okamoto Kinzo  Rendition: Okabe Eiji

    Dr. Hanamaru, Akira and his party are caught in a severe storm while driving, and take shelter at a Western-style house. There is no one at the house but a cat. Nina reads the cat's mind, and finds out that the house is owned by a certain Dr. Science. Some days later, Akira and the party hear that the rocket that Dr. Science had developed has been stolen. As soon as they start to investigate, Nina is kidnapped and taken to a secret base floating on the sea where she witnesses Dr. Science being tortured.

    46th Episode: The Secret of St. Rosa June 28, 1965 Screenplay: Okamoto Kinzo  Rendition: Izumi Kyuji

    The bell of the St. Rosa Church in Rosaland has become a familiar symbol of peace for the people, until the bell is stolen. Akira and the party hear an episode about the bell from the church guard. They are told that the bell holds the key to hidden treasures. According to the guard, if the single bell that sounds the bell of the church is chosen from among the 108 bells in the cave, the hidden door to the treasure in the cave opens. Akira and his party set out to protect the treasure.

    47th Episode: The Secret of Spaceland July 5, 1965 Screenplay: Hanashima Kunihiko  Rendition: Ohi Hisashi

    Spaceland is under construction in the Sahara in Africa, and His Highness Tsuara meanwhile happens upon treasure at the construction site. The International Police obtain information that His Highness Tsuara is in fact Hans Engel. In the meantime, Akira receives an invitation to Spaceland. The moment Akira opens the envelope, he immediately takes ill due to the poison it contained. Rescued just in time with the help of an antidote, Akira flies to the Sahara to overthrow Hans.

    48th Episode: A Giant Jellyfish Appears July 12, 1965 Screenplay: Okamoto Kinzo  Rendition: Izumi Kyuji

    A large tanker is attacked by a mysterious giant jellyfish in the waters surrounding Japan. The Akatsuki, a defense warship, departs to exterminate the jellyfish, but the task is beyond its capacity. Even Akira and the party who joined to offer their support are swallowed by the jellyfish. This giant jellyfish is actually a giant robot that Hulahope, the boss of the Chinchira Party, has developed. The mammoth jellyfish unceasingly attacks oil tankers, bringing the world into a serious oil crisis.

    49th Episode: The Great 3 July 19, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Okabe Eiji

    Akira and his party happen to witness the kidnapping of the prime minister while visiting the fast-developing country of Lilly. The prime minister has been taken away by a flying saucer operated by a group of three men named the "Great Three." The prime minister surrenders after learning that the Great Three have taken over the town, and all other politicians turn to the group. Lilly is then placed under the complete control of the audacious group of three. Akira is captured, deprived of his pen, and sentenced to death as a political offender.

    50th Episode: The Earth's 5th Ice Age July 26, 1965 Screenplay: Izumi Kyuji  Rendition: Okabe Eiji

    A new island suddenly emerges in the South Pacific Ocean. But when closely examined, it is found to actually be comprised of a mass of unknown chemical substances and not an island at all. Nina receives a mysterious message on the island from a different human race, called "Hypocra," which supposedly became extinct 20,000 years ago. The Hypocras are attempting to take revenge on humans, who ruined them by using this island. Everything touched by the black smoke rising from the island freezes instantly. Monsters come forth from the island and attack the world as it freezes land by land. Akira turns into Big X and to get the crisis under control.

    51st Episode: The Magician of Samaringa August 2, 1965 Screenplay: Okamoto Kinzo  Rendition: Kinoshita Renzo

    Akira has been tricked by a magician and robbed of his pen, and it is a tenderhearted boy named Carl who takes it back for him. Akira visits Carl at his home to thank him, and meets his little sister, Clara. Clara is unable to walk as her legs are paralyzed. Learning that she believes she can recover if she takes a dewdrop of Samaringa, which blooms only once every ten years, Akira leaves for the top of the mountain where the Samaringa is found.

    52nd Episode: Zombie, the Human-Faced Beast August 9, 1965 Screenplay: Okamoto Kinzo  Rendition: Izumi Kyuji

    All the scientists who have been investigating the ruins of the Nine Empire on top of Mt. Yelv have gone missing. As the leader of the scientists was a friend of Dr. Hanamaru, the doctor departs for the site with Akira and his party. But the group is shot at by an unseen foe, and strays into the mountain. Akira and his party find out that a mysterious thief called "Dump of the Walta Group" is manipulating things behind the scenes. After a battle with them, Akira and his men succeed in rescuing the scientists. But the giant human-faced beast Zombie, protector of the ruins, stands in the way of Big X.

    53rd Episode: The Miracle of the Coral Reef August 16, 1965 Screenplay: Kimura Sanshiro  Rendition: Gotoda Nobuhiro

    Dr. Hanamaru has developed radioactive iodine in order to save coral on the verge of extinction. The coral should be able to come back to life if radioactive iodine is released in its vicinity. In the midst of his experiment, Dr. Hanamaru and Akira are caught in a violent storm, and are cast up on the shore of a coral island. The storm has actually been caused by Hans Engel. In order to deprive Akira of his magnet pencil, Hans Engel uses a fake version of the radioactive iodine developed by Dr. Hanamaru, and causes mutation among the creatures on the bottom of the sea. Enormously large lobsters, crabs, and sharks attack Akira and his party. Akira turns into Big X and takes on Hans.

    54th Episode: Hans' Revenge August 23, 1965 Screenplay: Yamano Koichi  Rendition: Unknown

    Dr. Hanamaru and the party, who had been enjoying their vacation in the Republic of Biruji-a peaceful and quiet neutral country-are suddenly attacked by a flock of balls called "electric wave beasts." More powerful than Big X, the balls destroy the town. Nina telepathically communicates with the manipulator of the balls, who is a man of the subterranean culture that has built an empire under the ground of the Republic of Biruji. The man says that his people are taking revenge for the underground testing performed by humans. Who in the world is performing underground tests? Akira and the party find out later that it was Hans. Hoping to settle old scores with Big X, Hans challenges Akira by transforming himself into a cyborg.

    55th Episode: Black Cloud on the Amazon August 30, 1965 Screenplay: Uchida Kozo  Rendition: Honma Fumiyuki

    Dr. Hanamaru is visiting Rio de Janeiro to present his study results when he and his party get on a plane to go sightseeing in South America. They get caught in a block cloud and crash-land on an uncultivated island. The island is devastated by a man named Kid, who plans to conquer the world. The natives start to attack Dr. Hanamaru, Akira, and the party as they mistake them for Kid's allies.

    56th Episode: Showdown at the Grand Glacier September 6, 1965 Screenplay: Uchida Kozo  Rendition: Imaizumi Toshiaki

    A meteorite falls crashes into the South Pole. While researching the site, Dr. Hanamaru, Akira, and the party discover that destruction has occurred in the South Pole base and that the observation site staff have disappeared. Dr. Hanamaru and Nina, who had begun investigating the incidents, are kidnapped and spirited away to the secret base of Dr. Black Jaguar. Akira loses his thinking power and collapses after being exposed to a beam. It becomes clear later that the meteorite is a flying saucer from the planet Barius, and the scientist on the disc is forced to develop ultra photon energy because his daughter has been taken hostage by Black Jaguar. Rescued by the scientist from the planet Barius, Akira turns into Big X, and takes on the giant robot manipulated by Black Jaguar.

    57th - - -


    58th Episode: Showdown on the Moon September 20, 1965 Screenplay: Izumi Kyuji  Rendition: Okabe Eiji

    Dr. Hanamaru finally completes a rocket fueled by photon energy, which represents the fulfillment of a dream of human beings. Akira and Nina congratulate him from the bottom of their hearts on his outstanding accomplishment. But a man who is trying to take away the invention is monitoring every process of the test: that man is Hans Engel. Tricked by the cunning Hans, Akira is unable to rescue Dr. Hanamaru and the photon rocket, and Akira himself is shot away into space. He is just barely saved by a rescue rocket of the International Police, but Hans obstinately continues to attack Akira using a giant robot. So begins a showdown on the moon between Hans and Akira.

    59th Episode: The Final Showdown September 27, 1965 Screenplay: Izumi Kyuji  Rendition: Imaizumi Toshiaki

    The female chemist who has proposed a new use for volcanic energy, called the "Active Volcano Guiding System" at the energy chemists' conference, is named Irena Engel. The name means something to Akira; and he suspects that she could be somehow related to Hans Engel. As feared, the conference venue is suddenly thrown into chaos by an ultrasonic wave beam, and Irena is kidnapped and her research confiscated. The culprit is undoubtedly Hans. He has been planning to threaten the world by converting the new volcano energy use system, developed by his sister Irena, into a missile. Irena grieves over the actions of her brother. But Hans is doggedly determined to take revenge on Dr. Asagumo, who developed Big X, as he believes that his father was killed by the doctor. Hans challenges Akira to a final showdown, expecting to settle old scores at last. Akira, however, tries to persuade Hans not to fight a useless battle. Irena also begs him to return to being the kind brother that he used to be.