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Foreign travels

Tezuka Osamu in Hollywood (March 1978/Hollywood, USA)
Tezuka Osamu visited Hollywood to do a location shoot for the TV program 'World Now - the real Hollywood.'
He is standing in front of Paramount Studios.

Tezuka Osamu meets Star Wars (March 1978/Hollywood, USA)
Tezuka Osamu on a visit to the Lucas Industrial Light and Magic Studios of George Lucas.
With Richard Edland, director of special effects.

Tezuka Osamu goes to the United Nations
(March 18, 1980/New York, USA)
Standing in front of the United Nations Headquarters,
which he visited as the Manga ambassador of the Japan Foundation.
Tezuka Osamu gave a lecture on Manga culture
in modern Japan in the Dag Hammarskjold Library.

Manga ambassador (March 18, 1980/New York, USA)
As an ambassador of Manga,
Tezuka Osamu lectured at universities
throughout the US on Manga culture in modern Japan.

The latest SFX (1985/Hollywood, USA)
On a visit to ILM studios.

Tezuka Osamu in Vienna (March 27, 1987/Vienna)
Tezuka Osamu visited France at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He then traveled to Vienna.

Ludwig van Beethoven' piano (March 27, 1987/Vienna)
On a visit to the home of Beethoven.

Shanghai smiles (November 1988/China)
Tezuka Osamu was a judge at the Shanghai International Animation Festival. This was to be the last work he performed overseas.