Where the Greenery Ends

"Fancy Free" is a compilation of works depicted with various styles, sometimes in the form of manga and sometimes in the form of illustrated books, targeted for adult readers. The title, "Fancy Free" was named after "Fan and Fancy Free", one of Walt Disney's feature animation works.

Some croquetts suddenly appears in front of a farmer. No matter how many croquetts he eats they never disappear. Instead, they keep increasing. Actually the increasing croquetts are... (Inflammation)

A wrecked spaceship makes a crash landing on a planet, where the things they just imagine in their mind are materialized in front of them. (The end of the forest)

The compilation contains short but wisecracking Sci-Fi stories which bring readers joy of Sci-Fi.


01 Zensoku no Otoko (The Man with Asthma) SF Magazine Feb. 1963 (Hayakawa Shobo)
02 Ushiro no Shomen (Right Behind) SF Magazine Apr. 1963 (Hayakawa Shobo)
03 Ensho (Inflamantation) SF Magazine May 1963 (Hayakawa Shobo)
04 Soko ni Yubiga (There's a Finger There) SF Magazine Jun. 1963 (Hayakawa Shobo)
05-07 Midori no Hate (Where the Greenery Ends) SF Magazine Jul. 1963 - Sep. 1963 (Hayakawa Shobo)
08 Nanokame (The Seventh Day) SF Magazine Oct. 1963 (Hayakawa Shobo)
09 Issun no Mushi (The Tiny Insect) SF Magazine Nov. 1963 (Hayakawa Shobo)
10-11 Gariba Ryokoki (Gulliver's Travels) SF Magazine Dec. 1963 - Feb. 1964 (Hayakawa Shobo)
12 Kino to Asu no Watashi (Me, Yesterday and Tomorrow) (aka 24Jikan Mae no Otoko, A Man from 24 Hours Ago) SF Magazine Mar. 1964 (Hayakawa Shobo)

Masami Fukushima, the founder of SF magazine, was a man with a bias toward manga. He seldom had manga appear on the magazine. He, however, had this "Fancy Free" and another Tezuka's work, "Bird Man" serialized on the magazine while serving as Chief Editor of the magazine.

Tezuka was the only manga artist who belonged to the Sci-Fi writers club among other Sci-Fi writers. Together with other member, he enjoyed discussing at a Taiwan cuisine restaurant called "Sanchinkyo" in Shinjuku.