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  • "Chief Detective Kenichi" is a detective Manga in which boy detective Kenichi clears up a lot of mysteries and tricks, and settles cases. Kenichi is the chief detective of Boy Detectives' Street Society, which has 26 branches nationwide. Always with him is Donguri, a myna bird. Donguri can reproduce the voice of a person it hears only once more precisely than a tape recorder. It can also go to high or narrow places, and wins wild birds over to its side. It is a reliable "right-hand bird" for Kenichi.
    Kenichi and Donguri first face a radioactive fish case at Mount Oharai, and next search for the cursed secret treasure of Gandhara in the hinterlands of India. They also confront the Showa Shinsen-gumi, which is fighting for a bad cause. And they are facing another difficult case today.

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  • June 1954 to December 1956
    Appeared serially in "Shonen Club" (Kodansha Ltd.)

    In this Manga, chief detective Kenichi solves various mysteries every time, deciphering code, explaining clearly a trick of a murderer who was locked up in a sealed room, and so on. On top of that, it is an enjoyable adventure story that unfolds in diverse places such as the Indian hinterlands and an old German castle.
    Kenichi is one of Tezuka Osamu's oldest characters, having played the central role, Pete, in "New Treasure Island" (1947), Tezuka Osamu's first book. Tezuka Osamu loved the character so much that he wanted to put it in the limelight again because it was not initially given much attention among readers. So he created this story.
    The last story of this series, "Incident of the House Spiders" appeared as a complete story in "Boken-o," a magazine published by Akita Publishing Co. Ltd., after the serial appearance in "Shonen Club." The work also appeared serially as each complete story in "Sanwa Children's Newspaper" from 1958 to 1960.


  • 1. Tornado Bomb      June 1954

    The United States has conducted an experiment on a new type of bomb called the Tornado Bomb in the Nikibi atolls. At around the same time, a huge number of fish contaminated with radioactivity fall from the sky into a mountain of a rural district of Japan, and a local newspaper gets a scoop on the incident. Chief Detective Kenichi goes to the mountain to investigate, and gradually reveals the surprising truth behind it.

    2. Treasures of Gandhara      July 1954 to December 1954

    Sumiyoshi Tomoemon, a businessman, requests Kenichi to guard the treasure of Gandhara against the robbers who he says are waiting for a chance to take it. Soon after Kenichi arrives at the house of Sumiyoshi, a murder takes place. The weapon is a blowpipe dart. In an effort to solve the mystery of the treasure of Gandhara, Kenichi and Sumiyoshi's nephew goes to the hinterlands of India, where they encounter a clan who declare themselves to be the descendants of the royal family of Gandhara.

    3. Monster Case of the Century      August 15, 1954 Appeared in the summer special edition

    A dinosaur bone falls on the head of a janitor in a science museum, injuring the man seriously. The investigation reveals that the bone has been cut with a saw. Furthermore, Kenichi finds monkey hairs at the site. Why did the offender cut the bone? What does the presence of the monkey hairs indicate? As a result of the brilliant reasoning of Kenichi and the actions taken by Donguri, Kenichi reveals the surprising facts concerning who has done it.
    Guest Professor Ohwada / Acetylene Lamp

    4. Showa Shinsen-gumi      January 1955 to June 1955

    A boxer's mother has been shot at the venue of a boxing fight. In his investigation of the murder, Kenichi identifies a secret organization called Showa Shinsen-gumi behind the crime. It is revealed that Showa Shinsen-gumi is a group of militarists who are conspiring to overthrow the government by exploiting the physical strength of competent sportsmen, whom the group has forced one by one into joining them.

    5. Gorilla Case      January 15, 1955 Appeared in the New Year special edition

    6. Transparent Man Incident      March 1955 (appendix)

    This episode is set in the time of the Cold War when Germany is still divided into the east and west. A "transparent man" scare occurs in an old castle in West Germany. Kenichi happens to be in the country to attend an international detectives' conference held in Berlin, and gets involved in the incident. But Baeringen, a young German detective attending the conference, is not at all convinced of Kenichi's competence. In the meantime, Baeringen's father, who is a public prosecutor, disappears mysteriously.
    Guest Prosecutor Baeringen / Rommel    Police Detective Lamp / Acetylene Lamp    Dr. Schnitzel / Frankenstein

    7. Mouse Boy the Phantom Thief      September 1955 to December 1955

    Kenichi receives a written challenge from somebody who calls himself "Mouse Boy the Phantom Thief." The sender of the letter warns that he will steal jewels from an international tourist group at the crater of Mt. Aso of Kyushu, which is an active volcano. As soon as the showdown of intelligence and power starts between Kenichi and Mouse Boy, however, a bullet fired by the police injures Mouse Boy. As Kenichi's parents coincidentally live in Miyazaki, Kyushu, where he himself was born, he brings the injured man to their house.

    8. The Case of Peking Man Fossils      July 1955 to August 1955

    It is a historical fact that the bones of the prehistoric Peking man that were excavated in the suburbs of Beijing, China, went missing in the aftermath of the Pacific War.
    This episode opens on the assumption that the bones were hidden in the mountains of China during the last years of the war by Colonel Tobukuro and others of the old Japanese military.
    Tobukuro tattooed the map showing the location of the bones on the scalp of his own child just before when he returned to Japan. Somebody who has discovered the secret threatens Tobukuro's life. Who is it? Furthermore, Mouse Boy the Phantom Thief also gets involved, and the story develops with an unexpected twist.

    9. The Case of Deadly Horseflies      January 1956 to April 1956

    People are dying in pain on the streets one after another for some unknown reason. Kenichi suspects that the Kurozumi Astronomical Observatory where Dr. Kurozumi lives has something to do with these unnatural deaths. As soon as he starts an investigation of the observatory, however, Dr. Kurozumi himself dies mysteriously. But Donguri, a myna who is Kenichi's assistant, has recorded the situation with a small video camera. They find on the film that the culprit is not a man but a horsefly.

    10. The Case of President Pero's Hidden Treasure      May 1956 to October 1956

    Kasumi Kemuri, a female Olympic gymnast, vanishes from the cabin of a passenger liner like a wisp of smoke. Actually four other men and women have already disappeared in the same manner before her. Kenichi's investigation discloses the fact that all of those who have disappeared used to be in the same Nazi prison camp in Germany. In the prison, President Pero of Aronzo, a nation in South America, taught each of them a different part of a phrase, which, when put together, would indicate the location of his treasure. As Kenichi discovers the truth, the culprit reveals his identity, and puts Kenichi to sleep. Kenichi wakes up to find himself in Aronzo.

    11. The Case of Landownership on Mars      November 1956 to December 1956

    A series of murders occurs, and an investigation reveals that all of the killed possessed certificates of landownership on Mars. Kenichi first thinks that the certificates have been made only for a joke, but while he is conducting a sting operation, a real UFO and aliens appear before him. Observing the phenomenon rationally, however, Kenichi discovers what they really are.
    Guest The boss of a jewel smuggling gang / Marukubi Boon

    12. Incident of the House Spiders      March 1957 Appeared in a supplement to "Boken-o"

    A group of men and women visit a house called "spiders' mansion" where they see countless spiders spinning beautiful webs like some kind of art. Togakure, the owner of the house, loved spiders because they saved his life during the war. He has been missing for ten years, however, and now only spiders live in the house. The reason why he went missing turns out to be as follows: there was a man who wanted to have the treasures that Togakure found in a southern jungle during the war all to himself, so the man locked him up in a sealed room.
    Guest A villain who tries to take the treasures / Buku Bukku



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