Goku's Great Adventures


1 Goku's birth 1967/01/07

A long time ago, a stone monkey is born in Mt. Kaka of Gorai-koku on the Chinese Continent. His name is Son-Goku. He has been born rambunctious, and he thinks of taking over the castle in Gorai-koku just for fun.

2 Kinto-un is mine 1967/01/14

Goku's dream comes true: he becomes the king of Gorai-koku. Then he is invited to heaven by the celestial emperor, but he behaves violently there. He has a fight with the celestial army, and is captured once but runs away. Then Buddha captures Goku and shuts him in a rock as punishment for causing a disturbance in heaven.

3 The best monk 1967/01/21

Goku is saved by Sanzo-hoshi. He helps Goku out of Mt. Gogyo on his way to Tenjiku in order to get a sacred sutra. As soon as Goku emerges from the rocks, he runs away. When he finds Sanzo-hoshi being attacked by a monster, however, he cannot help coming back to save Sanzo.

4 The treasure map is no good 1967/01/28

The pig monster Hakkai, who drives a sports car named Kinto-un, and Sagojo, who is a treasure-hunting freak, join Goku and Sanzo on their journey. Goku becomes involved in trouble related to Sagojo's treasure map, but when the treasure they dig out turns out to be ancient currency made from stones...

5 Singing in the rain 1967/02/04

Kankara is a scorching country where everything is dried up. Just as Goku and his friends jump into a spring they have finally found, they are arrested for stealing water. The drought, in fact, has resulted from a nasty scheme of Kankara Minister and Thunder Minister, who are trying to make money by selling water.

6 The silver thread hermit (Ginshi-sennin) 1967/02/11

Sanzo's party has to go through a forest where a vampire called Ginshi-sennin lives. While Goku is away scouting, Sanzo and the others are captured by Ginshi-sennin. The vampire gives Goku, Hakkai, and Sagojo to his three sons, and tries to suck Sanzo's blood...

7 Love your garbage 1967/02/18

Goku and his friends pass a dirty village named "Flowering Village." In fact, this village has been turned ugly by a salamander that hates beautiful things.

8 What carried the doctor away? 1967/02/25

Goku and his friends get lost in the mad scientist Doctor Dokkanko's bomb experimenting facility. The doctor thinks that Sanzo is an industrial spy and captures him. Goku and others try to rescue Sanzo. They have a hard fight, but the bomb that is the doctor's last resort fails...

9 Strange? Strange? 1967/03/04

When Gilde captures Sanzo, Goku and others go around the globe following them...then Hakkai wakes up.

10 Captured by heart 1967/03/11

Goku fights against the mad scientist Plankton. Plankton takes Goku and his friends for spies, and sends beautiful Micron to them. Hakkai and Sanzo are completely fascinated by her. Goku, however, …

11 Neither is better than the other 1967/03/18

Goku and his friends come to a town where an old party and a new party are opposed to each other. They become involved in big trouble concerning the election of the village headman by the two parties. Everything depends on the last vote by Goku and his friends. Gradually the competition gets out of their control...

12 I am Kobu-Kobu 1967/03/25

Goku and his friends fight against the great king Kobu-Kobu, who lives in the mountain marsh. Kobu-Kobu is a tough enemy who can use the marsh water as he likes, and is immune to lightning. However, when Goku aggressively shakes his Kinso-bo…

13 The king is a ghost 1967/04/01

Goku and his friends are involved in a plot to assassinate the prince of Furiten. It is likely that Plankton of the Federation of Global Villains is connected to the plot. But a monster is also involved…

14 Gajibaba and the forty thieves 1967/04/08

Sanzo is being followed persistently by Okesa Monk, the leading expert of Buddhist priest's clothes. So he hides in a big safe, but then the notorious looters Gajibaba and the forty thieves take away the safe..

15 Big surprise 1967/04/15

Goku feels pity for the girl Mimi, who comes from the country of beauties, so he destroys the monster in Skeleton Castle and takes back the bomb in the golden coffin for her. However, it turns out that the country of beauties is to blame. Tatsuko is surprised to hear the truth from a monster. Then she is showered with a hail of bombs...

16 Operation 59 1967/04/22

A king who loves toys summons the evil scientist Plankton from a television to meet Goku and his friends. Although he is once defeated, Goku sneaks into the castle hidden in a wooden horse. Then he takes over the castle as planned, but one of Plankton's monsters suddenly appears and destroys the ramparts...

17 A monster wife 1967/04/29

A female monster that can transform creatures into dolls turns Hakkai, Sagojo, and Sanzo into dolls. Goku, who has been scouting, gets Tatsuko's urgent message, and heads for the amusement park on the top of the mountain, which is the monster's headquarters...

18 Perori Pero-Pero 1967/05/06

Sanzo's party goes to a fighting ring where an old woman appears and appeals against the ill treatment of bulls. However, nobody listens to her. Then the old woman, who has collected the tongues of dead bulls, brings out a monster called Berori Bero-Bero.

19 We are guard men 1967/05/13

A contest is held to choose Princess Mandolin's bodyguard because the boss of moles is trying to catch her. Goku participates in the contest and becomes her bodyguard.

20 The monster in the wilderness 1967/05/20

Goku and his friends come to a town in the wilderness. On the advise of a sheriff, who happens to pass by, they stay in a house on the top of the hill. It turns out to be a trap set by bounty hunter Makarony.

21 The great demon god of the Pui-Pui Religion 1967/05/27

Sanzo's party goes fishing to a port in the country, but Sanzo eats some highly poisonous seaweed there by mistake. He is said to have only an hour to live because of the poison.

22 The Dragon's tusk 1967/06/03

A tusk-shaped rock suddenly attacks Goku and his friends. The Monster Union has incited the attack. Then Tasuko comes to rescue them.

23 Baramon's feet 1967/06/10

A huge foot suddenly appears from the sky and tries to trample Sanzo and the others down. It turns out to be a huge centipede.

24 Hercules's hands 1967/06/17

Gigantic hands? Although Goku has once broken off his friendship with Sanzo and the others, he goes to rescue captured Sanzo when he finds out what the Monster Union is up to.

25 The Hane tribe 1967/06/24

A swarm of ants attacks Goku and his friends. When they run into a windmill, they find themselves trapped by an old woman of the Hane tribe.

26 Medusa's Hair 1967/06/24

The fifth monster "Medusa's Hair," which is said to be the cruelest monster of all, torments Goku and his friends with its hair. Its weakness lies unexpectedly in a huge pot.

27 The sixth monster Hurricane 1967/07/08

In a thick fog, the sixth monster Hurricane uses his huge eyes to block Goku's magic. With Tatsuko's help, Goku escapes from jail. Hurricane suffers from a weakness in his eyes.

28 The end of the Monster Union 1967/07/15

The great monster is a combination of six big monsters that had been defeated. It is overwhelmingly strong. Sanzo and the others are captured by the Great Monster King, and Goku is also in imminent danger. However, with the help of the Buddha, he destroys the great monster and also the Great Monster King...

29 The Great Icicle King 1967/07/22

Goku and his friends step into a snow-covered mountain, where they are hit by a blizzard. When they reach a hotel, however, they find themselves trapped by a goblin with a blank face, which works under the Great Icicle King. Goku is shut inside the ice at once, and Sanzo and the others are taken away.

30 Gatsu-Gatsu, Musha-Musha 1967/07/29

The monster King Gatsu-Gatsu and Queen Musha-Musha rob a country. The prince and princess of that country are disguised as bandits who assault carriages. Goku and his friends sympathize with them, and head for the castle to destroy the monsters.

31 The valley in the haze 1967/08/05

Goku and his friends find a peaceful quiet village in the mountains as they go through a thick fog. They are welcomed, so they decide to stay in the village. That night, however, a monster attacks them. This peaceful village is in fact an illusion that the monster had created.

32 The fire ring child 1967/08/12

Rain forces Sanzo to stay on, so he takes shelter in a small shrine in a big tree. Goku, who cannot keep still, goes scouting with Tatsuko. When they find a wizard school in the mountains, Goku at once challenges the head wizard to a fight…

33 "I am outstanding" 1967/08/12

Goku fights desperately to rescue Hakkai, who has been abducted. The abductor Gidarla Minister, however, is impressed with Goku's excellent fighting, and asks him to destroy the monster that haunts the marsh in his country.

34 Man eating jungle 1967/08/26

They are forced to pass through the jungle if they want to take a short cut to Tenjiku by going beyond the mountains. Three monsters live in the jungle, the blue lion, the white elephant, and the eagle. The monsters believe that they can live longer by eating great monks.

35 The great king of inspiration 1967/09/02

Sanzo and the others come across a big river called the Tsuten River. They ask a boatman ferrying a small boat to carry them across. However, the boatman takes Sanzo away. Goku follows them hurriedly, and sneaks into the hideaway of the king, who rules the river.

36 Inside the inside of stomach 1967/09/09

Sanzo and the others are going up a river heading for Tenjiku when a mud snail monster attacks them. When Goku punishes it, it says, "It's not my fault. It's the man in my stomach." So Goku goes inside the mud snail's stomach, and finds a bear that says, "You must blame the man in my stomach."

37 The pumpkin monster, the cursed king 1967/09/16

Sanzo, Hakkai, and Sagojo drink water from a waterfall because it is unbearably hot. The village people tell them that the fall is called "Pumpkin Waterfall," and whoever drinks its water turns into a pumpkin. Moreover, the doctor only cures those who pay a lot of money...

38 Kinkaku & Ginkaku 1967/09/23

Kinkaku and Ginkaku, who live in the Renge Cave, eat a village girl as a sacrifice once a year on a night with a full moon. This year, Min-min, the daughter of the village headman, is chosen for the sacrifice. Then Goku, who happens to be staying in the village hotel, sympathizes with her, and sets out to destroy the monsters.

39 That is the light of Tenjiku 1967/09/30

Sanzo's party continues the journey to Tenjiku. Then they save an old man who is also on his way to Tenjiku. When they come to a crossroads, the old man says that Tenjiku must take the bleak road, but Goku and his friends take the road blooming with flowers. That road turns out to be a villain's trap.