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Okazaki City in 70 years


  • At the Aoi Exposition held in Okazaki City in 1987, this work was put on a 360-degree round screen with seven small screens in "slide-show" format. It depicts the daily life and environment of Okazaki City in 2056. The story begins with a girl living in this city at that time. Tezuka Osamu focuses on a particular day when her boyfriend proposes to her and they go to see fireworks together later. Here, Tezuka Osamu shows us an ideal image of our future. For instance, you can check on your account balance from your home, and every house has a greenhouse to grow plants (He seems to have predicted the current gardening boom). Cars feature voice-recognition equipment, just like our modern car navigation systems. Both accident-free traffic systems, and housing systems in which three generations live on the same compound, are nothing surprising in our modern society. Most of what Tezuka Osamu depicts as part of a far-off future has already come true. His dream of our coexistence with nature, however, is still missing from our world. This three-minute film makes us realize that we have come close to his dreams in terms of technology, but our hearts and feelings are still far from that dream.



  • Okazaki Keiko Shinichi      


  • Supervisor: Tezuka Productions
    Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Planning and Production: Executive Committee for the 80th Anniversary of Okazaki City
    Co-sponsors: Okazaki Lions Club, Okazaki Minami Lions Club, Okazaki Aoi Lions Club, Okazaki Ryujo Lions Club, Okazaki Chuo Lions Club and Sony Corp. Ltd.


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