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The Legend of the Forest: Part - 1


  • Inspired by Tschaikovsky's fourth symphony Op. 36, "A Legend of the Forest", Tezuka Osamu worked through the concept for more than ten years in order to complete four episodes. Only the first and fourth installments were actually completed. The original idea was to review the entire history of animation ranging the pre-Disney, Disney, and post-Disney TV animation era in four episodes. The first installment was an animated version of the Manga "Mosa, the Flying Squirrel" which was published as one of the Lion Books series. For this work, a very primitive method of animation was used --- it employed a certain editing trick to make still drawings look as if they were moving. For the fourth installment, the story developed around forest destroyers presented in the limited made-for-TV animation style scattering forest nymphs presented in Disney-style full-animation. Tezuka Osamu thus expresses the rich "forest" of animated art being driven out by TV.



  • Musasabi (Flying squirrel) (mother) Musasabi (Flying squirrel) (child) Woodcutter Camphor tree Musasabi (Flying squirrel) (female)
    Nymph of the forest Operations manager      


  • Original story, story line, and character design: Tezuka Osamu
    Directors: Tezuka Osamu, Ui Kouji
    Art Director: Saito Masami
    Sound Director: Ui Kouji
    Music: Tschaikovsky's fourth symphony Op. 36
    Performed by: Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
    Conductor: Kobayashi Kenichiro
    Background: Ishizu Setsuko, Takato Kazushige, Chijinami Mieko
    Original pictures: Yoshimura Masaki, Kobayashi Junji, Seya Shinji, Noma Toshi, Handa Teruo, Kawajiri Yoshiaki, Kanamori Yoshinori, Suzuki Shinichi
    Motion: Kitamura Naoko, Okamura Takashi, and Ishiguro Atsushi
    Illustrations: Katori Masaki
    Picture Checker: Kano Kaoru
    Color Design: Fujita Rika
    Special Effects: Maekawa Takashi
    Shooting Director: Fujita Masaaki
    Sound Effects: Kurahashi Shizuo
    Shooting: Mushi Production
    Editing: Ogata Harutoshi
    Producer: Matsutani Takayuki
    Assistant Producer: Kubota Minoru


  • (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd.

    Shown at a lecture commemorating the Asahi Award on February 13, 1988 / 29 minutes 20 seconds / Partly in color
    Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / Completed on December 18, 1987

    The 42nd Mainichi Film Competition 1988 / The 25th Ofuji Noburo Award 1983
    CIFEJ Award (Film for the Youth Award) at the 10th Zagreb International Animation Film Festival
    Short Story Award, conferred by "young judges" at the Animation Film Festival for the Youth of Bour en Bres in France


  • There is no title for each episode.


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