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Black Jack Karte8 8th Episode: Thoughts for Green


  • This original video animation series were produced based on the Manga of the same title, but only the same settings were employed. Though inspired by the original Manga, each episode is a completely new story. Characters newly designed by Sugino Akio were used in place of Tezuka Osamu's drawings.

    Karte: 8   Thoughts for Green

    A boy who is gradually turning into a plant sprouts buds from his body. Appalled at the strange disease of his younger brother, Andrew asks Black Jack-who is reputed to have the ability to treat any disease with his miraculous hands-to see him. Black Jack diagnoses the case as a plant parasite that attaches to man. He looks into possible causes to find out if such phenomena have ever happened before. Then, he comes across an old man. This old man has been wagering his own flesh and blood against the construction people in order to protect a giant old tree that is about to be felled for a development project on the mountain. Black Jack begins to witness a "miracle of life" in the boy turning into a plant, and the old tree which is about to be felled. This animated version is a composite of the original two Manga - "Leaf Buds" and "The Old Man and the Tree," which was re-staged in England.





  • Original Story: Tezuka Osamu
    Director: Dezaki Osamu
    Picture Director: Sugino Akio
    Screenplay: Dezaki Osamu, Kombaru Tomoko
    Rendition: Kuwabara Satoshi
    Medical Supervision: Nagai Akira
    Planning: Matsuya Takamasa, Shimizu Yoshihiro
    Character Design: Sugino Akio
    Editing: Morita Seiji (Morita Editorial Office)
    Producer: Kubota Minoru, Udagawa Sumio
    Music Director: Suzuki Seiji
    Music Producer: Kumata Kazuo

    "Moon Shadow"
    Lyrics and song by Miyahara Manabu
    Arranged by THE ORANGE VOX
    Performed by THE ORANGE VOX

    "Black Jack"
    Lyrics and music by Miyahara Manabu
    Arranged by THE ORANGE VOX


  • (c) Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. / Columbia Edutainment

    Released by Akita Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Forte Music Entertainment and Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. / 49 - 52 minutes / In color (OVA)
    BJ Production Executive Committee of Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. / December 21, 1993 - May 21, 1996


  • There is no title for each episode.