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  • "Gum Gum Punch" is a Manga for small children depicting the adventures of a boy called Punch and his sister Pinko who experience many things with magic chewing gum.
    One day, the god of gum appears before Punch and Pinko and gives them magic chewing gum that is capable of producing anything. Seeing that they are trying to blow gum but can't, the god of gum sends his disciple, Gum Gum, to the children to teach them.
    But Punch is always teasing Gum Gum because he is so small. Next, another disciple called Kucha-kucha is called in to help Gum Gum. Together, they create monsters, get a powerful typhoon drunk and enjoy a variety of adventures.

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  • April 1967 to September 1969
    Appeared serially in "Shogaku-Ichinensei " and "Shogaku-Ninensei "(Shogakukan Inc.)

    "Gum Gum Punch" was first serialized in "Shogaku-Ichinensei" (Shogakukan Inc.) in April 1967. A month later, it was also serialized in "Shogaku-Ninensei" The title was written in hiragana (the Japanese cursive kana character) for the April to August issues of "Shogaku-Ichinensei" but starting with the September issue appeared in katakana (the squarish phonetic Japanese syllabary).
    The characters' roles changed a little over the various versions of the stories. In the early issues, it is the owner of a gum shop that gives the children chewing gum, but in the later issues, Dr. Gum replaces the gum shop owner, and his assistant Gamun appears. In the April issue of 1968, it is the god of gum that gives the children chewing gum, and Gamun appears under a different name, Gum Gum, as a disciple of the god, and a new character, Kucha-kucha, is added to the list of characters as Gum Gum's assistant.


  • 1. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" April 1967

    When Punch and Pinco are passing by a small chewing gum shop one day, the shopkeeper gives them some sticks of magic chewing gum that he says can turn into anything desired. But Punch and Pinco cannot manage it well enough to get what they want. Then noticing that a dump truck is about to run into the shop, Punch hurries to make a monster from the gum to stop it.

    2. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" May 1967

    Interrupted by boys while playing house, Pinco turns the magic gum into a big house in which she starts playing again. But when her guests arrive and the house is crowded, a burglar breaks in and takes away everything away.

    3. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" May 1967

    One day, a man appears before Punch and Pinco, introducing himself as Dr. Gum-gum's younger brother. He says that he is the angel of chewing gum, giving them some magic sticks. "The gum will change into anything you imagine as you chew it," he tells them. Pinco tries to make a doll, but fails. Punch tries to create a cool monster, but only a weird one turns up. Seeing what they are doing, some bad guys try to snatch the gum away from them. Punch and Pinco fight back using the power of the magic gum.

    4. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" June 1967

    As Pinco has gained the right to choose TV channels, Punch tries to make his own TV that shows monster programs. But a TV monster named "Channels" turns up instead. The monster swallows up Punch and traps him in its TV tube. Trying to save her brother, Pinco produces Goku, the hero from "Goku's Adventure," and has him fight against the monster.
    Guest Goku / Goku (from TV animation program "Goku's Adventure")

    5. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" June 1967

    A recklessly speeding car almost hits Punch and Pinco. Having heard that its driver is a car-racing champion, Punch decides to enter a race to compete against him with a car he has made using the magic chewing gum. But the champion uses all kinds of foul tricks, scattering water chestnuts to give Punch flat tires, sending a revolving saw to destroy Punch's car, etc. When the race gets really tough for Punch, Pinco arrives to support him, riding on a balloon made from the magic gum.
    Guest Car racing champion / Rock Home

    6. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" July 1967

    Punch and Pinco visit a zoo, but all the animals there look depressed. Punch produces Leo, the hero from "Jungle Emperor Leo," to have him ask the animals why they are sad. They complain that children are not interested in common animals like them any more because of the recent "monster boom." Thinking that it is easy to solve their problem, Punch tries to turn the animals into monsters by using the magic chewing gum, but ...
    Guest Leo / Leo

    7. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" July 1967

    Having seen Punch use the magic chewing gum, villains take the gum from his pocket and use it to set a bomb at the train station. When Punch and Pinco hear about the crime, they start a search for the villains by using a detective dog made from the gum. They try to sneak into a suspicious building, but the villains catch them and put them in an oil drum with a time bomb. Punch tries to use the gum for their escape, but the villains have already replaced it with ordinary gum. The time bomb is ticking and the explosion time fast approaching.

    8. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" August 1967

    Punch and Pinco are having a boring summer vacation because their parents refuse to take them anywhere. One day, they talk their reluctant big brother into going on a hike in the mountains with them. There, however, their brother grumbles that he is tired, so Punch and Pinco produce a ropeway for him, which he does not want to take because it smells of chewing gum. When they get to the top of the mountain, the brother complains that it is not fun without squirrels or monkeys. So Punch tries to turn the magic gum into a monkey, but mistakenly produces a giant gorilla.

    9. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" August 1967

    Punch and Pinco go to a beach where they hear a man boasting of his adventurous sea voyaging experiences in which he fought against a giant octopus and met a mermaid. Punch and Pinco try to turn the magic gum into a giant octopus and a mermaid in order to see if the man's stories are true. But they fail again and again, and what they finally manage to produce is a monster with its upper part in the form of a fish and the lower part human. The monster buries the man in a sand mountain, and declares himself king of the beach.

    10. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" September 1967

    Punch and his buddies are playing near an island on which legend has it that Momotaro conquered demons. Punch decides to explore the island, leaving Pinco behind by herself because she is a girl. When Punch and some other boys reach the island, they encounter real demons!

    11. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" September 1967

    Visiting Punch and Pinco, Dr. Gum-gum is surprised to see them overusing the magic chewing gum. So he leaves his assistant, Gamun, at their house to watch them. But Gamun behaves arrogantly, and orders Punch and Pinco around. He tells them that if they do not do as they are ordered, they will not be allowed to have the magic chewing gum. One day, Punch and Pinco take him to a firework display where they successfully give him the slip in the crowd. Now they are very happy to be able to use the gum as much as they want. But seeing Punch and Pinco having fun, some bad boys snatch the gum away from them.

    12. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" October 1967

    Being angry at Punch and Pinco, who he thinks waste the magic chewing gum too much, Dr. Gum-gum comes down to their house to leave his assistant, Gamun, to watch them. But Gamun is so arrogant that he doesn't allow them to have the magic chewing gum unless they plead with him again and again. So Punch turns the gum into a cage to shut him up.

    13 (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" October 1967

    Punch decides to take on a bully on the school field day. The winner can get the role of the hero in the game "Zatoichi". Punch pleads with Gamun to be allowed to use the magic chewing gum in the match. Gamun says that he will agree only if he is allowed to transform himself into Punch for a day to be babied by Punch's mommy because Gamun does not have his own mother. Accepting the deal, Punch gets the gum. But he continues to lose games until he realizes that it is unfair to use the magic gum. He decides not to use it in the marathon race, which is the final game.
    Guest The teacher / Tezuka Osamu

    14. Gum Match      "Shogaku-ichinensei" November 1967

    The American "God of Gum" appears in front of Punch and his buddies, and proposes to have a match to decide which is better: the Japanese gum or the American gum. When the American God makes a monster, Gamun makes a larger one, and then the American God makes even a bigger one, and the match continues on and on this way...

    15. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" November 1967

    On the way home from her piano lesson at a later hour than usual, Pinco eavesdrops on some evil-looking men having a secret conversation. It sounds like they are conspiring against President Eure, who is scheduled to appear on TV the next day. Punch and Pinco guess that the bad men are planning to assassinate the president, and venture into the TV station with Gamun. But they have a hard time trying to let the president know about the danger.

    16. Fights between brother and sister      "Shogaku-ichinensei" December 1967

    Pinco and Punch are always fighting. Trying to put an end to it, Gamun creates a partition in the middle of their room so that each of them has their own space. But their fights never stop. Punch turns the magic gum into Pinco and makes it work hard, and Pinco does the same with the Punch she makes of gum. Then the gum Punch and the gum Pinco unexpectedly...

    17. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" December 1967

    Having snatched back the magic chewing gum from Gamun, Punch and Pinco head for Osaka to visit their grandma by a plane they have made using the gum. But the plane crashes in the mountains on their way to Osaka. When they try to turn the magic gum into a guide, a hillbilly turns up instead. He takes them to a cave in the depths of the mountains where they are treated to sweet potatoes baked in a fire, but the fire grows larger and larger, enveloping the forest.

    18. Amusement Park      "Shogaku-ichinensei" January 1968

    Punch and Pinco go to an amusement park with their mommy. But it is so crowded that they cannot get on any rides. So they create a new ride by themselves and all the children get excited about it. But the director of the park gets angry because it has been created without permission, and he takes it away from them.

    19. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" January 1968

    One day during winter vacation, a man visits Punch's house, introducing himself as the ambassador of "the State of Arumai." He explains that the bravest man of his country has died in a traffic accident. He wants them to turn the magic chewing gum into the brave man so that the people of the country will not have to know about the tragedy. Punch and Pinco hurry to the State of Arumai, and use the power of the gum to make the man appear. But because the man made of gum is not able to make a good speech, the people know instantly that he is a fake. Punch and Pinco are accused of having deceived the soldiers, and are almost boiled in a pot as a punishment.

    20. Gift Match      "Shogaku-ichinensei" February 1968

    Punch is really envious of the wonderful gifts that the children of a company president, who lives next door, receive every day. So he uses the power of the gum to get special gifts for himself such as a car and a lion to show off, but the next-door children get still more marvelous gifts. Punch finds out, however, that the children are actually lonely because their mother is too busy to care for them. So Punch turns the gum into a substitute mother who can spend time with the children.

    21. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" February 1968

    After a fight with nasty junior high school students, Punch catches a cold. Believing that he will get well in a warm place in the South Seas, Pinco turns the gum into a migratory bird on which they head south. They find themselves in Vietnam when it is still at war. Soldiers take Pinco as prisoner, and Punch fights against them using snakes and tanks made of gum in order to take her back. In the meantime, trying to encourage the children of the country, Punch asks them what they want him to make using the magic chewing gum. Their answer is "peace." Finding their wish beyond the ability of even the magic chewing gum, Punch is at a loss.

    22. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" March 1968

    Punch and Pinco pick up an abandoned puppy. While they are taking care of it, Gamun goes out to find the puppy's mother. While he is looking, Gamun reaches a suspicious house in the forest. Gamun transforms himself into the puppy, and succeeds to meet its mother. But the owner of the dog turns out to be a villain who is printing counterfeit bills in the basement.

    23. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" April 1968

    A cartoonist who draws ghost Manga moves in next to Punch's family. Having used up his own ideas, he tells Punch and Pinco that he will offer them 1,000 yen if they think up a unique ghost for him. They are happy to accept the deal, and go looking for a haunted mansion in the suburbs. When somebody tells them about an apartment house where ghosts live, they venture into it.

    24. The magic chewing gum      "Shogaku-ninensei" April 1968

    One day, the God of Gum appears before Punch and Pinco, and gives them the magic chewing gum. Punch tries to turn it into a car in the beginning, but changing his mind, he decides to make it a monster. As a result, a hybrid car-monster turns up. It gulps down Punch and Pinco, and goes on a rampage. Finally, the God of Gum saves them, and the god leaves his disciple, Gum-gum, to watch Punch and Pinco.

    25. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" March 1968

    26. Gum-gum and Kucha-kucha      "Shogaku-ichinensei" May 1968

    Gum-gum, who is supposed to watch Punch and Pinco, is so small that Punch always wins the magic chewing gum easily. So Gum-gum asks the God of Gum to send his servant, Kucha-kucha, to support him. Gum-gum orders Kucha-kucha to punish Punch and Pinco, but on the contrary, Kucha-kucha pleases them with his easygoing and good-natured personality. Gum-gum then turns the magic gum into a huge beetle, trying to surprise them, but...

    27. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" May 1968

    28. Gathering Shellfish      "Shogaku-ichinensei" June 1968

    As the stock of magic chewing gum has run out, Kucha-kucha goes to the magic chewing gum country to bring back some more. On his way back, however, the bag containing the gum gets torn, and the gum drops onto the sandy beach. Punch and Pinco help Kucha-kucha with the search, but after a while they start gathering shellfish instead, forgetting their original purpose. Meanwhile, the gum in question is...

    29. While the Family is Away      "Shogaku-ninensei" June 1968

    Gum-gum and Kucha-kucha stay home all by themselves. Gum-gum, who does not have real parents, turns the gum into imaginary parents who baby him as much as he wants. But then comes Punch and Pinco's grandmother. As they don't know who she is, the parents made of gum, Gum-gum and Kucha-kucha give her a hard time, saying strange things. Feeling sorry about it, they decide to be nice to the next visitor, who turns out to be a thief...

    30. Hotaru (Fireflies)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" July 1968

    A girl with a leg handicap is crying because her firefly, which somebody gave her, has flown away. Sympathizing with her, Gum-gum and Kucha-kucha walk around the town, looking for the firefly. Kucha-kucha, who has never seen a firefly, even thinks about going to Africa to find one, and mistakes "Hotel" for "hotaru (firefly)." Finally given up the search, they turn the magic chewing gum into a firefly, but...

    31. Dentist      "Shogaku-ninensei" July 1968

    Punch gets a bad tooth, and his mommy tells him to go to see the dentist. As Punch doesn't want to do so, he tries to turn the magic gum into a dentist who is good at pulling teeth, but only a bizarre dentist turns up. Punch then finds the god of teeth, and asks him to cure his bad tooth. But the god feels so comfortable inside Punch's tooth that he decides to stay there.

    32. Ghost      "Shogaku-ichinensei" August 1968

    Punch gets a bad tooth, and his mommy tells him to go to see the dentist. As Punch doesn't want to do so, he tries to turn the magic gum into a dentist who is good at pulling teeth, but only a bizarre dentist turns up. Punch then finds the god of teeth, and asks him to cure his bad tooth. But the god feels so comfortable inside Punch's tooth that he decides to stay there.

    33. Getting away from summer      "Shogaku-ninensei" August 1968

    On a very hot summer day, Punch turns the magic gum into an air-conditioner, but even it melts down with the heat. So he makes a jet plane, and goes to the North Pole, but it is too cold there. Furthermore, a polar bear appears and starts chasing him. Punch hurriedly makes a mammoth to drive the bear away. But the heavy mammoth breaks the ice on which they are standing.

    34. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ichinensei" September 1968

    A mother gorilla and her child have run away from the zoo. Punch and his buddies find them and ask them why they have escaped. The mother gorilla says that she wants to take her child to Africa: born in the zoo, the child gorilla has never seen her homeland. Hearing this, Punch and his buddies try to create a jungle in a vacant lot, but it is not so easy.

    35. Typhoon      "Shogaku-ichinensei" September 1968

    Today is Punch's birthday. He has been planning to have a party and invited his friends, but unfortunately a typhoon is coming. Although Kucha-kucha tries to cheer him up by turning the magic gum into Punch痴 friends, Punch throws a tantrum, asking him to stop the typhoon by using the gum. So Gum-gum makes a powerful rocket, and shoots himself into the eye of the typhoon. The typhoon, which turns out to also have a nose and a mouth, sucks in the rocket in a second.

    36. Homework      "Shogaku-ichinensei" October 1968

    Punch's teacher writes a homework question on the blackboard. Having copied it when he was half asleep, Punch finds that the question doesn't make sense when he looks at it at home. Pinco and Gum-gum also try, but they can't solve it. Then they use the magic gum to get a lot of scholars, but even the scholars cannot do it. A homework-solution machine is produced next, but it also turns out to be useless. Kucha-kucha then resorts to...

    37. Moon-watching      "Shogaku-ichinensei" November 1968

    In Japan there is a custom of moon watching as a form of worship of the moon. People offer sweet dumplings and sake to the moon on the evening of August 15 of the old calendar. When Pinco is placing dumplings in front of her house, bullies come and tease her, yelling, "There's no way the moon eats dumplings!" So Punch turns the magic gum into a moon monster that eats them.

    38. Noise Trouble      "Shogaku-ichinensei" October 1968

    The youngsters living next door to Punch's house play musical instruments very loudly, causing trouble to all the neighbors. Using the magic chewing gum, Punch tries a variety of solutions like throwing into the youngsters' house, getting together many cats that makes even louder noise than them, etc., but everything fails. Then Punch makes a bird that eats all kinds of noises. The noise of the musical instruments vanishes, but...

    39. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" November 1968

    One day, Punch and Pinco receive an earnest invitation from Chiccha-koku(a tiny country) to visit the country, where people have heard a rumor about the magic chewing gum. The country needs their help because it is being invaded by Dekka-koku(a giant country). Punch and Pinco hurriedly turn the magic gum into their own substitutes, and head for Chiccha-koku. On their arrival in the country, they make a giant, and have it fight against the tanks of Dekka-koku, but he is no match for them. What will Punch and Pinco do?

    40. The Country of Santa Claus      "Shogaku-ichinensei" December 1968

    Punch and Pinco participate in a play staged at the Christmas party of a children's club. They both become Santa Clauses, but when they are flying on a sleigh made with the power of the magic chewing gum, a real Santa Claus appears and threatens to turn them into snowmen as punishment for playing a fake Santa. But there comes another Santa Clause, saying, "Do one good thing before midnight, and you will be forgiven." They are delighted and try to do something good, but it proves to be not so easy.

    41. School Arts Day      "Shogaku-ninensei" December 1968

    Punch's class decides to put on a drama of "A Dog of Flanders" on the school arts day. The trouble is that Punch is given the part of the dog. A bully in the class threatens to punch him unless their play wins first place. So Punch uses the power of the magic gum to summon the god of drama in order to get special training.

    42. Lion Masks      "Shogaku-ichinensei" January 1969

    There used to be a New Year's custom called Shishimai in Japan: men with lion masks visited houses door to door and danced to drive out evil spirits. After the dance, the residents of the houses gave the dancers money or rice cakes as tips. It was a traditional event introduced from China, and was conducted commonly in every part of Japan until 20 to 30 years ago.
    In this episode, some bad guys, who happen to get a hold of the magic chewing gum, make a lot of lion masks for the event, and start cheating children out of their money. In order to catch the bad guys, Gum-gum and Kucha-kucha also turn the gum into lion masks, and go about their investigation.
    Guest Ambassador Magma (gum puppet) / Ambassador Magma    Big X (gum puppet) / Big X    Astro Boy (gum puppet) / Astro Boy    Higeoyaji (gum puppet) / Higeoyaji    Toppei (gum puppet) / Toppei    Chippei (gum puppet) / Chippei    Hyakkimaru (gum puppet) / Hyakkimaru    Sapphire (gum puppet) / Sapphire    Pukko (gum puppet) / Pukko    Hoshi Koichi (gum puppet) / Hoshi Koichi    Leo (gum puppet) / Leo    Ben (gum puppet) / Ben    Ricky (gum puppet) / Ricky    Garon (gum puppet) / Garon    Dr. Ochanomizu (gum puppet) / Dr. Ochanomizu    Bongo (gum puppet) / Bongo

    43. An Errand      "Shogaku-ichinensei" February 1969

    Their mom asks Punch and Pinco to mail a postcard. As Punch doesn't want to go outside because it is very cold, he offers a deal to Gum-gum that he will let him into the Kotatsu (table-style heater) if he does the little errand for him. But Gum-gum turns the magic gum into a mailbox into which he mails the postcard, and places himself comfortably in the Kotatsu. Getting angry, Punch tries to force Gum-gum out of the Kotatsu, but Gum-gum fights back by making a sumo wrestler, a ghost, etc.

    44. A Doll and Treasures      "Shogaku-ichinensei" March 1969

    Punch and Pinco find a girl doll on the street. Then a witch appears and tries to take it away from them. Knowing that a secret is hidden in the doll, Gum-gum produces a device to see through the stomach, and finds a piece of paper that shows the location of hidden treasures. Gum-gum sets off on a treasure hunt in his balloon made of gum.

    45. (Untitled)      "Shogaku-ninensei" April 1969

    46. A Search in the Ditch      "Shogaku-ninensei" June 1969

    Gum-gum and Kucha-kucha mistakenly drop a girl's ball into a ditch. Gum-gum turns the magic gum into a witch to ask her to make their bodies shrink. Then they go into a bottle to travel along the ditch, where they see a number of rambunctious weasels bullying rats.

    47. A Charity Show      "Shogaku-ninensei" May 1969

    Some bullies threaten Punch and take his money. Gum-gum and others get angry and follow the bullies. Then they see the bullies go into a run-down house. As it turns out, a hit-and-run driver has injured the child of the family living in the house, and these bullies are trying to gather money to pay a doctor. So Punch decides to produce clothes worn by TV personalities, and stages a charity show in a vacant lot in order to raise money for the poor child.

    48. A School Trip      "Shogaku-ninensei" July 1969

    Punch is going on a school trip. Gum-gum says he wants to go with him, but Punch refuses. So Gum-gum becomes a teacher and takes Kucha-kucha with him as his student to force their way in on the school trip. On their way to the destination, Gum-gum makes friends with a girl who has never been out of her house. As she says she wants to see the sea, Gum-gum decides to use the power of the magic chewing gum to produce an ocean scene.

    49. A Collection of Specimens      "Shogaku-ninensei" August 1969

    Punch's teacher gives his class an assignment to make specimens during the summer holidays. Punch decides to collect teardrops such as those shed by mommy while cutting onions and the substance that comes out when Dad sneezes. Gum-gum produces a gas that hurts teeth, and collects teardrops from people who cry. One day, when the collection has finally been completed, Punch saves a girl from a car accident. The girl is saved, but his collection of teardrops gets crashed under the car!

    50. Farewell      "Shogaku-ninensei" September 1969

    One day, the God of Gum comes to tell Gum-gum and Kucha-kucha to go back to the country of gum. Punch does not want them to leave. He thinks that if they escape to a country where there is no gum, the God of Gum cannot catch them. So he looks for a country like that on the map, and finds one called "Rokusuppo Kingdom," located in far western Japan. Turning the magic chewing gum into a plane that looks like a rain cloud, Punch and his buddies fly to Rokusuppo Kingdom.